A former elite Enclave soldier who fled after the destruction of Raven Rock, eventually travelling west. She ended up in Ely, Nevada after a few years and in the year 2291, Ashley was abducted after she came across a crashed satellite in the middle of the desert after she barely touched it. She was teleported and was put under anesthetic before her were organs forcibly removed and replaced with advanced technologies. After the ordeal, she managed to escape, she trekked south, to New Vegas, in the hopes of starting a new life.


Ashley Marie Weyland was born to Declan and Lara Weyland on March 18th, 2260. Her father was a Master Sergeant in the Raven Rock patrol teams that were sent out into the wasteland, and her mother a FEV researcher. Ashley was born with a mutated DNA strain of Albinism that strictly affected her hair, but not her skin and eyes, giving her pearl white hair. Researchers quarantined and studied Ashley for a long period of time on the effects of her unique albinism, coming to the conclusion that it was her father who accidentally exposed radiation to Ashley in the womb by actively patrolling the wasteland and bringing home trace amounts of radiation, even after they were decontaminated. The group of researchers and Ashley's parents both made a pact to keep the true findings of Ashley's quarantine secret. After eight years in quarantine, she was released in 2268 into the school system that was within Raven Rock’s civilian block. She was picked on by her classmates because of her unique mutation, even getting into physical and verbal fights along the way. She was often excluded from the majority of kids and took to reading books instead of trying to make friends. By doing this, she learned much more than they did.

In the year 2277, after graduating early, Ashley expressed interest to her father in becoming apart of the patrol teams that go out into the Wasteland. Her father, albeit begrudgingly, pulled some strings and got her a position in Boot camp. She excelled in it, even impressing the drill instructors who rose her to position of the barracks CO during her time in Boot camp. After she graduated boot camp, she was placed into Dagger Squad, acting as their XO with the rank of Sergeant. Her father gifted her grandfather’s suit of power armor to her and was designated as a designated marksman of a Dagger Squad. The destruction of Raven Rock hit her hard. The Brotherhood hunted down her family and killed them, while she was indirectly spared as she was on a patrol mission in the western part of the Capital Wasteland. Scared and shook to the core, Ashley deserted her team and ran out west to hide from the Brotherhood of Steel. Along the way, she earned a few scars from raiders and mutated critters alike, subsequently learning how to defend herself against certain animals to avoid getting more scars. She got as far west as Ely, Nevada. She took up residence in a near mountain named Huesser Mountain.

After a year of living off the land, she saw a streaking ball of fire light up the sky and touch down near Ibapah Peak in Utah. She grabbed her suit of X-01 and made a trek out toward the crash sight. She encountered a few Legionnaires from Caesar's Legion but quickly killed them with her plasma rifle and sluggish ceramic and metal power armor. She turned her interest back into the device and as soon as she made contact with it, she was teleported from Ibapah Peak to the Big Mountain Research and Development Center. Before she awoke, her brain, heart, spine and eyes were surgically removed and replaced with cybernetics that were vastly superior. Though, after a week of running around the pre-war research facility, she had successfully obtained all of her organs back. She only reinserted her brain, keeping the organs safely in reinforced glass jars for future use.

After making a hasty escape from the scientific nightmare of a place, she made her way to New Vegas after hearing stories of a man simply known as the Courier, or Shepherd. After three weeks, she made it to the outer gates of Vegas and just by her luck happened across this Courier. After striking up a conversation with him, he realized that she had gone through the same hardships as he did during his trip to Big Mountain and brought her to the attention of Robert House. He was interested, but cautious at first, as any businessman would be. After a series of proving tests, whether it was collecting a hefty loan from a shady character or broker a new deal with the Boomers to the northeast for full control of their airstrip, she was finally dubbed an Operative of the Free Economic Zone of New Vegas.


Ashley is a quiet, reserved woman who often takes the diplomatic approach rather than violence. This doesn't mean she resorts to violence first, however, as she as killed countless Legionaries without even exchanging a letter to them. 


Enclave x-01

Advanced Power Armor Mark 1: A family heirloom from her grandfather who was an Enclave lieutenant that was based at Camp Navarro, one of the Enclave's former base of operations. It sports the East Coast standard ebony paint job and has the Enclave symbol painted on the left breastplate.

Plasma Rifle: Standard issue for East Coast Enclave troops. Ashley has modified it to shoot a singular shot and to be more accurate with a longer barrel and a x6 scope, similar to the Commonwealth's modifications on Plasma weaponry. 


Assassin Suit: Ashley obtained the first working prototype of the stealth suit, which was developed in the Big MT X-13 research facility, after searching through The Sink's bedroom lockers. It was left behind by the Courier accidentally, who had forgotten about it entirely. Unlike its successor, the stealth suit Mk II, it is not computerized in any way and functions as a regular suit of armor. 


  • Cybernetic Eyes: Ashley's eyes have been replaced with advanced technologies. She can no longer be blinded,  as well as being able to see in the dark. She can also locate weak spots within a target. Her Perception (PE) has been increased (+1).
  • Cybernetic Heart: Ashley's heart has been replaced with advanced technologies. She cannot be poisoned, and the filters in her heart will also regulate bleeding and healing, allowing all healing items (chems) to function at a higher level. Robots are now confused by her and are 50% less likely to score a critical hit.
  • Cybernetic Spine: Ashley's spine has been replaced with advanced technologies. Her torso can no longer be crippled and her Strength (STR) and Damage Threshold (DT) have been increased (+1).
  • Leftover technology from cybernetic brain: Ashley's brain is back in her body, but some of the advanced technologies remain. Her head still cannot be crippled, but is only 10% more resistant to addiction now. Surprisingly, her Damage Threshold has improved by 10% (minimum +1 DT).


Strength - 5 (4) [Average Joe]

Perception - 9 (8) [Sniper Hawk]

Endurance - 9 [Bullet Proof]

Charisma - 5 [Substitute Teacher]

Intelligence - 8 [Know-It-All]

Agility - 6 [Catlike]

Luck - 5 [Coin Flip]

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