"I just want to help everyone!"
―Honda to Sarah Lyons
Ben Honda aka Lone Wanderer Jr.
Date of birth:2259
Age:Late teens, always
Gender:Surprisingly male
Occupation:Adventurer in the wasteland, Brotherhood of Steel paladin
Status:Wandering the wasteland looking for a good challenge

Ben Honda is a drifter and an honorary paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel. The older forgotten brother of the Lone Wanderer, Honda was abducted by the Enclave as a child and was experimented on. In 2276, Ben managed to escape and has since assisted the Brotherhood of Steel but prefers to wander the wasteland alone.


The illegitimate half-brother of the Lone Wanderer by his father James in Vault 101, Ben and his jet-addicted mother were exiled from the Vault and lived in an Irradiated Metro. Ben led a hard life and had many hardships as a child.

Ben was abducted by the Enclave at the tender age of five for his unmutated genes. His mother was killed.

Ben was taken to Raven Rock and injected with the MS-strain of the FEV virus, givning him the longevity of a ghoul without the rotting skin. From there, he was experimented on for the next several years. The Enclave scientist in charge of the project, Dr. Bren Honda, adopted Ben as his own son, teaching him of the superiority of Japanese culture. In 2276, they escaped Raven Rock. Dr. Honda died saving Ben.

In the wasteland, Ben was inexperienced and was almost killed several times. However, his natural combat skills saved him. Arriving at Megaton, Ben managed to scrap a living working as a hired gun for a little before leaving in late 2276.

After that, Ben ran into Brotherhood patrols near the Citadel and asked if he could join up. They accepted, and he has worked loosely with the Brotherhood of Steel ever since. Later, Ben Honda led Brotherhood forces in repelling barbarians from the north.

By 2287, Ben has left the Capital Wasteland and is now working his way north, spreading Brotherhood justice to the wasteland, looking for a new challenge to overcome after the war against the Enclave.


Ben Honda is an FEV mutant but does have a visible signs of mutation except for his multicolored hair and charming personality.


Ben Honda is big lady's man and his attractiveness aids him in this. Ben is not as intelligent as he would like, but he is still a good leader.


Ben carries a Chinese officer's sword that he acts like is a katana and a large arsenal of long range weapons.


Ben companions include a ghoul named Jackal, a raider named Maria, and a immature Yao Guai named Ryo.

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