Dorian Jackal
Date of birth:October 14, 2243


At the age of 9, Dorian Jackal was shown a sniper rifle. The first impression of the rifle wasn't too much, Dorian didn't care. He asked why he should care about a sniper rifle. Then his father Perch replied that he has been watching Dorian's nimble fingers,and keen eye since he was born. Then Perch fired the rifle at a crossing mole rat. The smoke pouring out off the rifle,the hole the shot made into the molerat,the kickback of the rifle, everything amazed him. Soon Dorian began marksman training.

After the age of 12, Perch also trained Dorian in basic first aid and survival. But even though his training had also trained his patience and perception, Dorian is not always the brightest of the brothers.

At 15, Dorian and his brother Seine were sent to Save the Wastelands camp which served as their school, going to this camp was a academical achievement even though Dorian wasn't too smart, perhaps because of his financials?

Dorian was sent back to his home at 17 and witnessed his fathers dead body. See The Jackal Bros.-Creation for more information.

Early yearsEdit

In the earlier years, Dorian and his brother Seine traveled the wastes and found a large settlement. The settlement was in disrepair and due to Dorian's almost perfect repair skill, he fixed the town's leaky pipes, water purification system, and other things that we're in awful need of repair. After he and his brother we're done, a strange man they simply called "The man with no name." commented that they "Looked deadly with a weapon." and offered them a chance to win big money. Of course, Dorian had accepted the chance to win "BIG MONEY!!!!" But Seine had questioned his intentions. With the ending reply to the offer they said yes.

Equipment and SkillsEdit

Dorian is skilled mostly in scoped weapons, but he is also good in some Assault Rifles.

  • S75 Sniper Rifle
  • 10mm Pistol (Sidearm)
  • Trench Knife
  • Fragmentation grenades
  • Smoke grenades
  • Combat Armor (Sand-colored and covered in fishnet.)
  • First aid pack
  • Purified water
  • Stealth boy (Rarely used.)

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