Joseph the Indomitable is exactly as his name suggests, an indomitable, i.e, unstoppable, vigilante. However, because he has sworn to not to take a life for unknown reasons, Joseph has to resort to non-fatal means to punish wrongdoers. However, as the name says, Joseph always gets his man.

Joseph the Unstoppable
Date of birth:Unknown
Age:Estimated early 40s
Occupation:Wasteland Vigilante
Status:Serving up piping hot justice



Joseph's origins vary with who you ask. Some think he is an escaped Enclave experiment due to Joseph's previous connections to them. Others, mostly fools, believe he is some type of pre-War avenging ghost. Still others think Joseph is just a very disturbed man who tries to feel morally superior to others by making himself judge, jury, and executioner (kind of). Also, origins of his oath of non-fatal punishment are unknown. What is known about Joseph is that he has had prior dealing with many factions in the American wasteland such as the NCR, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Enclave, and the March.

If you ask Joseph himself about his origins, he'll just tell you to fuck off.

Work with the Brotherhood OutcastsEdit

Joseph worked with the Outcasts for a bit. That did not work out.

Vigilante WorkEdit

Ever since leaving the Outcasts in DC, Joseph was thrived in self employment as a vigilante. From coast to coast, he brings his brand of non-fatal justice to the lawless wasteland. Some of grateful for this, some less so.


In order to keep on being a vigilante and protect himself, Joseph the Indomitable carries a variety of weapons. His favored weapon is a chalkboard, which he uses to great effect against his enemies.


Joseph the Indomitable is gruff, unpleasant character who basically has a stick up his ass at all times. He has an intense hatred for all things he calls "soft and stupid": the Japanese, kittens, Cat Paw magazines, the NCR, and most of all Enclave Power Armor.



"I think I hate you the most."
―Joseph to a certain someone
"Don't make me use this!"
―Joseph brandishing his chalkboard


"Oh, the horror! Someone, save me, please!"
―A raider being "dealt with" by Joseph
"That's just not humane, even here."
―A wastelander watching Joseph dealing with a target

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