Act 1Edit


27 year old Bren Tenkage with his Full Grown Yao Gui Ryo is walking down the streets of what used to be Wall Street, looking for his next employer

"HELLO!!" He shouts out

"ANYONE HERE?!" He shouts around with his voice echoing

"I don't think anyone is here Ryo" HE says to Ryo

Ryo just nods

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Alexander was walking along wall streat he had been asked by his commander to come hear to reestablish contact with the MOS and BOS outcast's but so far new york was deserted.up ahead he saw a young man walking with a yao-guai "hey boy get away from that thing"

Brengarrett 19:08, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren just looks at the man and laughs

"He is tame, his name is Ryo, don't worry" He says back as we walks near the guy.

"Names Bren Tenkage, I'm looking for a guy who hired me, he contacted me over a com link to help with something important"

//--Teh Krush 20:16, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Zach, sitting, waiting for Bren, "Where the hell is this guy..?", "I swear I told him to meet me in York..". "Wait, is that him?" He says to himself as he is looking through the scope of his rifle, "a Guai? Better be tamed.."

Brengarrett 20:49, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren after talking to Alex sees Zach

"Maybe he is the guy Ryo" Bren syas to Ryo

Ryo seems to nod and they walk to the Man

"You theemployer?" Bren asks

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Jackal watched the gathering group through his gunsights. This could be his lucky day, or his worst nightmare, depending on how he handled this.

"Shoot, or watch?" Jackal thought to himself.

"Neither." He decided as he clipped his shotgun back across his shoulder and walked out of his hiding spot toward the small gathering. He kept a wary eye on the Yao Guai, but didn't draw a weapon. These kids might just be his ticket to Kill-Frederick-Thomas-City.

KuHB1aM (i'm gonna use thomas, after all i did create him)

Captain Thomas shuffled around York, studying the various stalls and markets, ghouls scampering out of his way and into their homes and the dark alleyways of York. Disgusting vermin. He slot the bloody lot of them, if it wasn't for Aaron and Zach stopping him. Thomas took a moment to adjust his armor, and kept moving, Sgt. Emmett and another Crusade soldier flanking him. "What I wouldn't give to just take a crow bar to those flappy skins..." Emmett murmured. "All in good time, Sergeant, all in good time." Captain Thomas said in reply. All in good time. He would persuade Aaron one way or another. Of course, all in good time. 04:55, 1 March 2009 (UTC) "So you the employer, I was hired to kill somthing?" Bren asks Zach, unaware that it is Thomas who wanted Bren as his assisin (I hope I'm not pushing it too far)


Jackal froze. He hadn't seen the uniforms before. These guys didn't want to be recognized. Even with his sense of smell long gone, Jackal reckoned that these degenerates smelled something like a corpse left in a dumpster in the middle of July, metaphorically, of course. It was poor old Howard that smelled like a corpse in a dumpster after what those low-lifes did to him.

He slowly drew his machete, trying not to be noticed, he wanted to see a look of horrified surprise on this bastards face as he put him down like the dog he was. Then, with the machete halfway out of its sheath, he thought better, and put it away.

Brengarrett 10:35, 1 March 2009 (UTC) (I will take over Zach for this next part)

"So you hired me?" Bren asks ZAch

"Well yeah, I hear you are a good shot and my friend is hunting a special Ghoul by the name of JAckal" Zach replys

"I see, so I kill him and I get the caps right?" Bren says

"YEs yes, you are a merc, now be warned he is a deady force he already took out 3 assisins at him so be careful" Zach Adds as Bren pulls out his Rfile and heads into an Ally t hunt for his prey


This kid didn't look like a Crusader, and that guy had just said he was a Merc. A merc hired by the Crusade, ergo his enemy. He didn't look like much, he'd just walked into the wrong alley, ignoring his Yao Guai's curiosity with the one Jackal was actually in completely. Jackal started to back up to where the two alleys intersected at a ruined fruit market. Even if the kid had just wandered off like a moron, Jackal did not want to have misjudged the boy and get shot just as he was about to irradiate "Captain" Thomas.

Brengarrett 10:48, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

As Bren gets into the Ally he looks at Ryo

"So Ryo you found the scent?" He asks him and Ryo seems to nod

"Then lets get him, I wouldl ike to Talk to my target before I kill him, I heard some things baout him and I want my facts straight, not like last year" Bren says as he refers to when he made the mistake of pissing off the Outcasts

Ryo begins to the follow the Scent and soon they are getting close to where the Ally Jackal is in (Bren has holstered his rifle to show he isn't a threat to Jackal)

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"One more inch and you're dogmeat boy!" Jackal snarled.

He had his machete to Bren's throat, and his shotgun trained on Ryo's head. He had kept Bren between himself and the hulking Yao Guai just in case he wasn't quick enough to hollow out its skull.

"Rifle stowed. I'm guessing you're either naive in thinking I won't kill you anyway, or you're just a moron who hunts without his gun." Jackal.

Brengarrett 11:14, 1 March 2009 (UTC) "I'm not here to kill you, at least not until I have answers" Bren says

"I was hired to kill you, and I know you were watching, the reason why I didn't alert your presence to my "friend" is so I could meet you" He add hoping Jackal believes that he isn't a threat

"Umm could you move the sword please, it is kinda hard to breath with it on my neck" he says


Jackal revesred his grip on the machete and rotated it to point end-down toward Bren's chest, ready to slide into his ribcage and every vital organ except his brain.

"So you're here to kill me but don't want to.You're with the Crusade, so I want to kill you but won't. For now. One false move and you and your housepet are dead." Jackal growled. He was in no mood to humour a Crusade sympathizer.


Thomas finished his rounds at the front gate, noting the tension between the security guards and his own men. He waved Sergeant Emmett foward. "Gather 1st Platoon; I haven't seen any action all day long." Emmett gave a salute, ran off, and returned with 20 or so men, all very restless. Thomas walked up and down the line. "I have a propoisiton. Whoever kills that bloody ghoul who shot PFC Sonny yesterday gets a weeks pay. Understood?" The men gave an ooh-rah, and then Thomas motioned for the gate guard to open the front entrance, Thomas and the men shuffling out the front.


Jackal sat down. Bren's hands were tied to either side of a generator, just in case he had something to cut himself freeif his hands were tied together. The Yao Guai was charging around the bank vault Jackal had lured and then locked it into.

"So, Bren, is it?" Jackal said. "What brings you here. I know you're here to kill me, but why did you take the job. Other than the caps, I mean. What made you ant to take a contract from a crowd of cowards and murderers?"

He casually turned his machete over and over in his hands as he looked at the Merc, wondering whether or not he should just kill him and his circus freak pet. He started sharpening the machete. That looked like another wastelander Bren had known, about a year ago. But this wasn't an excuse to have a weapon at hand, this was just having a heavy blade in his hand, wondering if he should use it or not.

Brengarrett 19:30, 1 March 2009 (UTC) " Well I took the Contract becuase I want to bring Honor to the Wasteland, for starters, I thought you might be a nice guy,er Ghoul, that I think about it, how do you want to be clasified, because I don't see a GHoul in front of me holding the sharp sword" He says


"Bull Shit! You're talking about honour, and you sided with the Crusade. Do you know what they did in York? They walked straight into the sewers and wiped out an unarmed Ghoul community. They killed a street vendor just because he was a Ghoul. I'm a Ghoul. But you can call me sir. Why? Because you are unarmed, and tied to a generator. I, on the other hand, am armed and not tied to a generator. Understood?" Jackal.

To emphasize his point, he held up Deathclaw Bane, Bren's scalpel, and his frag grenades. He was still going through the merc's tattered Vault-Tech bag.

"Lets see, iguana bits, squirrel skewers. My my my, what have we here? Dogtags. Oh, even better, Enclave dogtags. Friend or relative? And a copy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Now thats impressive. And here I thought I had the only intact copy in the city." Jackal

Brengarrett 19:50, 1 March 2009 (UTC) "So Sir, you had a rough life too, look in the front inside cover of the Book, as for the Dog tags, they were my father's You see I'm alone i nthis world, Ryo is all I have" Bren says looking down "And I never sided with the Crusade, in fact I was never told he is apart of the crusade, I was supposed to collect a bounty.....but I guess I should leave and say Iever met you, but I'm guessing that road can't be taken" HE says


"You think our lives are in any way comparable? I don't mean to sound self-pitying, but your hard life is a candle next to a fucking bonfire when you compare it to mine." Jackal.

He read the note inside the book, and then he looked at his machete. The blood-soaked option was looking more and more inviting. The kid's self-pity was embarrasing to see. At least he was still human.

Then Jackal heard something rattle outside the room. He growled as he walked over to check what the hell it was.

Brengarrett 20:49, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

"So what are you going to do to me?" Bren asks


"I'll have to think about that. Might set you free, might leave you to starve. Might toss you into the cage with your Guai and see who kills and eats who first. Any preferences? Setting you free would mean cutting out your eyes and tongue, of course. Can't have you messing around with me and getting off scot-free" Jackal.

He slid his machete back into its sheathe and left the merc to think for a while. The noises outside had died down, so either the visitor had left, or was playing coy. Jackal drew his custom shotgun to be safe.

Brengarrett 22:54, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

"Well if it will help you trust me, I know a safe place where you could be" HE says , Bren hen procedes to explain the Location of the NEw Yourk Safe House that Jacob Tld Him about

"...So that is where to be if you need a hide Out, of coourse JAcob told me there may be some animals so you may have some trouble" he says as he finsihes explain to JAckal the information

After a pause Jackal Untied the Ropes but then Bounds them again so at LEast I can walk


"Jacob Vaughton? Big fella, doesn't say much? Ran into him once, set off a Mexican Standoff with a bunch of slavers. Is he still alive?" Jackal

He let Ryo out of the vault. The second the door opened Ryo lunged at him.

"STOP!" Jackal roared at Ryo. The massive Yao Guai froze. Jackal turned to Bren and said "The trick to that is you have to make 'em believe you're gonna hurt 'em."

Brengarrett 23:07, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

"Didn't think of that, then again Ryo thinks I'm his parent or somthing after I resuced him from some Deathclaws, as for JAcob, yeah met him a year back after we kileld some Death Claws in the DC area, after that he became an honorary member to my new group the Claws" He says stil ltied up


"The Claws? That have anything to do with the Deathclaw hand tied to your rifle? And stop trying to untie yourself, I put some cheesewire in through the cord. You'll wind up cutting your hands off if you keep struggling." Jackal

Jackal kept his gun to the back of Bren's head as they moved out of the wrecked building, not quite sure what was waiting for them outside.

Brengarrett 23:19, 1 March 2009 (UTC) " Umm could you untiemy hands, it is hard to wlak with them tied, I won't run and you can hold onto my weapons, just becareful with the frags in the bag" HE say

"As for the name, yeah it is named after the Death Claws, which I am known for killing often...that one is from the first that I killed when I was 16" HE adds


- Thomas continued to walk among the broken ruins of Manhattan, his platoon following at his heels. Thomas was going to continue walking, but stopped, much to the puzzlement of Sergeabt Taylor and the platoon. "Did you hear that?" Thomas asked. Someone talking about death claws. Thomas motioned Emmett and two men foward to investigate.


More movement. Jackal knew they'd been talking too loud, and now they were going to either have to run, or suffer the consequences. He aimed at a moving object as he shoved Bren into cover.He wasn't going to fire until he knew what it was, but he was hoping against hope that it would be Frederick Thomas.

"Stay down" Jackal snarled at Bren as he tried to stick his head up over the wreckage. "Aww shit. I guess we're just gonna need to work together on this then won't we." He handed bren's rifle back to him, and untied his hands. Then he shot a furious glare at Ryo just in case the Yao Guai tried to break cover.

Brengarrett 23:33, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

"Hold on" Bren wispered as he pulls out a frag but it was marked with a symbol of a cloud

"This is a special frag, it will create a smoke screen, so when yougive the signal, I throw it, and we either retreat or you fight, it is your choice" HE says explaininghis plan

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"We get the hell outta here. Unless you'relying, Vaughton's Safehouse should have some serious firepower we can get a hold of. And if you're lying, I'm gonna make a human mask outta your head." Jackal

Brengarrett 23:50, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

"I'm not lying about this, but I don't know what he put in the safe house, so either way you will have to trust me on this one" He whispers and as the people walk int othe area Beren tosses the Smoke Grenade and it creates an inky black smoke that smells pretty bad

"note to self lay off the Molerat meat, bad smell" He thought as the 3 head off into the direction of the safe house


Thomas watched as a smoke screen flew into view, distorting Emmett's view of the alley. Thomas motioned the platoon foward through the smoke screen. Thomas himself charged through it, and to his surpise, he saw a ghoul and another human turn right around a corner before he could raise his rifle. "Follow them!!!" Thomas said angrily, and Crusade soldiers poured through the alley, following the ghoul and the human. Thomas could've sworn he saw a massive badger, but it was probably just a mirage.


Jackal was running full pelt now. That rat-arsed Captain Thomas had sent a platoon after him! Bastard didn't have the stones to go toe-to-toe with someone who could actually defend themselves.

"If he had a spine I'd rip it out and beat his rotten carcass with it. I'm gonna play ping-pong with his eyes. Fuck it! I'll make balloon animals with his guts!" Jackal thought to himself, incensed at the fact that Thomas didn't have the courage to try and kill him in person. It was either fear or common sense that kept people from attacking the likes of Jackal.

"And it ain't common sense thats keeping this gutterslime away. If it'd been that, he wouldn't have gone after me at all." Jackal muttered below his breath as they ran further into the city.


Thomas strode through the smoke screen, came around the corner, and to his surpise, foun Sergeant Emmett waiting for him. "We've got three fourths of the men searching right now. The bad thing is we've got to recall them soon. It's getting dark, and I don't like it. The last thing we need is a band of ferals comin' after us, Captain." Thomas nodded. "Give the men ten more minutes, then get on the COM and recall them." At that moment, a Templar burst from an alley, and ran towards them, his armor smoking and his helmet half blown away. "The damned bugger laced the alley with mines!!!" He said, holding his assault rifle. Thomas pushed the Templar out of the way, and motioned for the Templar, Emmett, and the remaining soldiers to follow him. "Your scared of a couple of mines?" Thomas said. "Unless you went the wrong way, he's here. Spread out; 3-meter line."


Jackal laughed as he heard the mines he'd stolen from the crusade armory going off behind them.

"Not so much fun when it you getting blown up now is it, Captain Thomas?" Jackal thought to himself. If these idiots kept following them they were going to run right into MOS territory. Death Guard patrol zones, specifically. Even Thomas and his whole platoon wouldn't stand up for long against Kruger and his gang of psychopaths. He knew Thomas wouldn't risk running into the back garden of the most dangerous unit in New York. All Jackal could do now was hope that Thomas knew that the Death Guard used this area for long range recon training out of Vault-Tech HQ.


The search continued. "I'm telling you, Thomas, this is a bad idea. We're getting awfully close to MoS territory. The last thing we need is another fire fight. The last time that happened, we had to call in air support, and then Greg got his head blown off. We might even run into those damn ghoul squads again." Emmett said. Thomas brushed off the notion, and continued onward. Emmett broke off the silence again, listening to his COM. "1st Squad just got engaged with an MoS patrol. They're trying to disengage, but they say these guys look like those crazy lunatics who fight with Kruger. Corporal Jansen wants permission to position his squad and hold." Thomas thought about it for a second. "Tell them to disengage, and to head for Bregrod. Have em' hold there; if those crazy brotherhood bastard follow, hit em' with some ordnance. No mini nukes, though. Enough radiation as it is." Emmett nodded, and turned for a second, his power armor's joints glowing slightly in the sunset.


Jackal sat down on a chunk of concrete. His usual holdout in this area would have been dangerous to bring Bren and the Guai into, with its radiation levels. So he had to make do with this wreckage of an office building. On the upside, there was only one door leading onto this floor, in case Thomas and his spitlicker goons did follow them. He doubted Kruger would let an entire platoon wander into MOS territory, even if it was part of the so-called York Settlement Neutrality Zone. He could hear gunfire in the distance. Apparently Kruger wouldn't let a Crusade Platoon through.

He knew Thomas wouldn't give up on an enemy of society like himself, so it'd be commandos next time. Either that or an airborne attack. He shuddered at the thought of an air strike. There was no way they'd survive that unless they were on board that ship at the Collapsed Pathway.


"Hey sir, should we investigate?" A Templar asked Thomas, pointing towards an office building. "We're too far out now." Thomas said, leaning towards the option of withdrawing. Then it happened. "Mortars!!!" Emmett yelled. "Into the building, let's move!!!" Thomas yelled, the ground shaking and the world exploding in tremors. He was the first in, clearing the main room with his weapon. Clear. He checked the next room, and to his surpise, found a gun to his face, along with the angry faces a ghoul, another human, and some massive badger. "Well, look who it is. The asshole commander from York. Looks like I've got you by myself." The ghoul said, sneering. "I'd think a minute before you fire. Choose carefully." Thomas said in a stern tone. Much to the ghoul's dissappointment, Thomas' men had appeared behind him, their guns trained at the trio through the spaces next to Thomas. "Lower the weapon." Thomas said.

--Fniff1 19:12, 2 March 2009 (UTC) Timmy was going though new york when he saw a group of people with guns and armor."Hmm..I think that armor would look good on me!" He went over and said a short prayer then aimed


"What?!? Thats just twisted. You're due some serious bad karma, and here you are with the upper hand a-fucking-gain!!!" Jackal roared. "Is it too much to hope that your knuckle-dragging rednecks will lose faith in and abandon you if you refuse to fight me one on one?" He added, stowing his weapon and raising his hands.

--Fniff1 19:19, 2 March 2009 (UTC) "Jesus This ghoul's asking for it!He's even putting up his gun!"Timmy thought. A laser came out his gun


"What in the fuck? Glowing ones?" Jackal whispered. Captain Thomas had turned his head for a second, and Jackal grabbed his chance with both hands. Taking a fistfull of Thomas' hair, he grabbed him in a chokehold and put one of his Desert Eagles to the base of his skull. "Well well, Freddy, hasn't this standoff gone into a nosedive for you. How about I show you what the Devil looks like." He snarled right into Thomas' ear.

--Fniff1 19:35, 2 March 2009 (UTC) "A desert eagle?That'll fetch a pretty penny.Better kill those guys too" Several lasers,Aimed preciously,Hit all of the team.Except the ghoul


"Damn it to hell." Thomas said, back in his former position. Emmett ducked as a laser poured from the glowing one's rifle. "What in the..." Emmett started to say, stunned by what had just happened. Half of the power armored soldiers trained their guns on the glowing one, half on the ghoul holding Thomas hostage. "Jesus christ!!!" Emmett said, pissed off, and fired at the ghoul holding Thomas, who ducked as the ghoul instinctively moved to the side. Thomas dove for cover as the ghoul's pistols went off, cracking the irridated concrete of the office building.

--Fniff1 19:50, 2 March 2009 (UTC) Timmy ducked behind a fire hydrant."Bye Bye!"Timmy said as he threw a plasma grenade at the sqaud.They didn't have much of a chance to get out of the way.


"Bollocks! Did not see that coming!" Jackal shouted.

Whoever that Glowing one was, he'd just saved the day and then ruined it in less than thirty seconds. Jackal Spotted a hole in the rubble that hadn't been there before. He motioned Bren and Ryo towards it, and then sprinted for it himself.

"Another time then Freddy. Maybe you'll have the balls to face me man-to-man next time" Jackal

--Fniff1 20:02, 2 March 2009 (UTC) Later that day,Timmy was back at beta gamma.He was Talking to his tame feral."You know,I really think up brilliant ways to confuse people.I guess he deserved it after calling me a stupid tribal when I was 12.No one gets away with that"Behind him, Timmy heard a voice say,With a irish accent "You really are a stupid tribal"


Thomas kept his head down as he crawled, searching for friendlies. He found Laurell and Bojar, both dead, their power armor sparking and blood seeping out. He moved on, only pausing to grab their tags. Eventually, he found Emmett, along with two other soldiers. "I found Laurell and Bjar. Both dead." Emmett slammed hist fist against the wall. "We can't go back to York. Too far away. We'll have to try for Bregrod. Heaven knows where that damn ghoul will be waiting for us on the route." Thomas said. With that, he grabbed his weapons, which Emmett had found for him. Then they set out for the settlement.

Brengarrett 20:14, 2 March 2009 (UTC) Bren was silent so they don't betray their postintion, but he let Jackal play the leader of the team, while they run to the Safe House (Run you can take over if you want)


Finally they were within sight of Jacob's ship-bound Safehouse. The sun was just coming up now, and Jackal was looking around for 'Lurks.

"The swim had better be worth it" Jackal thought to himself as he dropped into the water and took off. It would take a few minutes of wading to get to the ship. Bren was still in pretty bad shape, so Jackal had tied him over Ryo's back, and the Guai was proving willing and able to act as a makeshift gurney.

Brengarrett 20:20, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

"Ok if I remember correctly, the code into the door is 5835" Bren says remmebering the code givin to him

"Oh man, I'm gonna need some rad away after this" He thinks to himself

--Fniff1 20:27, 2 March 2009 (UTC) "Damn it"Timmy said."I'm not going to be Paranoid!"Timmy got on his vetibird and remembered his flight lessons.He put it on auto pilot and aimed at the ghoul "I'll never be afraid.Never again"


Jackal banged the access code into the maintenace terminal mounted next to the command bridge's door. With a metallic clang and a low hiss, the door's hydraulics came to life, shifting the heavy blast door aside. Jackal led Ryo into the room, and then lifted Bren off his back, and dropped him on one of the beds. Then he closed and re-locked the door. He'd heard 'Lurks further down in the ship, and he didn't want any of them coming along to check what just made all that noise.

This wasn't a safehouse, it was an armory with some beds and three cart cages. The windows had their blast sheilds down, and bolted to the blast shields were gun racks, lots of gun racks. The walls had gun racks and sword racks and fireaxes and pretty much anything that could be used to commit murder. Jackal couldn't resist the urge to check what was inside the cabinet with a note written on it:

Do not touch!! I'll be coming back for this stuff sometime and if its gone, you're a dead man.
Regards, Jacob Vaughton

As the cabinet creaked open, Jackal's jaw dropped. There, on a rack was a genuine Japanese Katana. And not just any katana, a Wujian War Katana. These things were only rumors, as far as Jackal knew, allegedly made for Pre-War Japanese Special Forces. They were made so sharp that their edge was measured in atoms, and they used similar energy-storing technology to a super sledge, if on a slightly more sophisticated level. This thing could cut a power armored soldier in half, if the rumors were true.

Jackal closed the cabinet to resist the urge to take the sword. Instead, he took a Chinese Assault Rifle, in pristine condition, from one of the guns and stocked up on some sort of HEI bullets. Whatever that meant.

--Fniff1 21:18, 2 March 2009 (UTC) Timmy knew he couldn't even hit a full grown deathclaw from here.He knew he had to get down on the ground but not without the enclave.He'd sent for a enclave squad to hep him.He went down and his friends soon came."All right,I may be a ghoul,But a Boat with guns is the best!I went on this boat!Weapons everywhere.And a perfect place for superiority.He saw a ghoul coming out."Hello"

--Madude 21:20, 2 March 2009 (UTC)(my internet whent funny recently that's why nither me or vegas adict have been on) Alex had been folowing bren and that yao-guri of his all day he had wanted to help him earlier but he had his own work to do .Now the stupid kid was unconsious.Im sory" he hit jackel round the head and he fell unconsious"he had his own agenda here"he grabed the katana slung bren over his sholder and pulled out his comlink "Andrew's this is alexander package is sucured requesting evac ive picked up an old friend as well"He looked at his feat bren's yao guri was there"alright fallow me"

--Vegas adict 21:24, 2 March 2009 (UTC) "well done alex are you sure"a mufled voice said "yes"" bring them back to the HQ "yes sir alex said


Jackal woke up. Clearly he hadn't locked the door properly, or Bren had just played him. He looked at the now empty sword cabinet. Bren was Half-Japanese, or so he had claimed. And the Japanese marvel of technology was missing. Even that nut-job Glowing One with the laser could see that he'd been screwed.

"Son of a bitch. Never should have dragged you outta that building. Now you just went and got the two of us killed." Jackal snarled. If Jacob showed up, he was gonna be pissed beyond belief, and him and Jackal hadn't exactly parted on good terms last time they met.

--Vegas adict 21:38, 2 March 2009 (UTC) Paladin Marcus Andrews walked through the door"it was all very well alex coming in and taking the katana and bren but such a large store of pre war tech had to be retrived by the Brotherhood.AS well as sucuring any threat to there operation that was why he was heer now"2 scribes walked in "you 2 he called take the weapons catalog them and ship them back to vegas"he heared talking it was coming from the man jackle alexander had called him "hay you shut up if you want to live your coming with me your choice life or death"

Timmy realized this was a bit weird of him.Then suddnenly bangs went.Oh nuts

--- Run4urLife!

"I'm with you, but trust me, you don't want to nab all this gear. The fella that owns it will be mighty pissed, and as far as I can tell, you mess with him, you get messed up. This is just the tip of the iceberg for him too. Vegas Brotherhood of Steel, yea? What Brings you to New York? Other than jumping me and robbing a psychopath blind?" Jackal said. He knew Jacob would be pissed over this.

He stood up, and looked at the Paladin.

"As a prisoner of war, Idemand to be treated with dignity. And I give you my word as an Irishman that I won't feck around with you." Jackal wasn't surprised that the man looked satisfied. It all sounded very impressive, but this pigheaded tinman had no idea that one Irishman's word was not the same as anothers.

Then the explosions started.

--Vegas adict 21:56, 2 March 2009 (UTC)(loging of now Run4urlife feal free to use my character's to continue it) "oh shit i don't like you irishman and im sure you don't like me but i Know what that explosion was.the enclave are hear and if we don't stop them they'l find me and you rearly don't want that to happen"he pulled jackle up and drew his pulse sword "hay kid now run"

Brengarrett 21:52, 2 March 2009 (UTC) (We need a page 2)

" Sorry I had to look at i don't worry I was gonna put it back when I was done" He says as he puts it back, but then he notices a note to him

The note: Bren if you are reading this, then you took the swoprd out, ok I knew you couldn't resisist so I'm gonna spare you, now put it back, shut the door and if I find it missing, you will wish you died in Old Onley

After Bren was done reading the note he shivers as he shuts the door

--Madude 21:59, 2 March 2009 (UTC)(loging of now bren feal free to use my character's to continue it)

"Bren hand over the sword"im not going to hurt you but now the enclave are hear and my pulse sword is out of power""so we need to fight back"he took the sword from bren and started runing to the ship's Bridge.


"Put the freakin sword back goddamnit! Jacob Vaughton owns this place. He will find you, me, Bren and your groupies and kill us all! I don't think you grasp the gravity of the situation! And don't call me kid! I'm a Pre-War Ghoul, son, I was killing from before you were a bubble in your dads balls" Jackal shouted over the roar of explosions, genuinely worried that this LVBoS asshole was going to get them all killed.

He drew his shotgun and shot an Enclave soldier in the face as he came around the corner.

"Looks like its too late to run tinman" Jackal laughed. "Now put the sword back. Bren, reason with the man!"


"Andrews, he's not bullshitting you. I know Jacob, he will kill us if he finds that sword's gone." Bren

Ryo groaned. Bren assumed he was agreeing with them.

Brengarrett 00:49, 3 March 2009 (UTC)(We may need a2nd page for this RP)

"It is on" Bren saiddrawing his Rifle then he looks around and sees a Locked door and the sound of some groaning and some clicking and such

"Mirluiks... GUYS STAND BACK AND SHUT THE DOOR WHEN I OPEN THIS ONE" HE shouts and when they get the idea he opens the door and runs back and lock the dor sending out 3 Mirluik hunters and they look hungry

--Vegas adict 16:37, 4 March 2009 (UTC) Marcus grabed the katana"run" he yelled.2 enclave trouper's were apearing behind the mirelurk's he shot one in the head and cut the second's leg off he saw bren and that arsehole Jackle shut the door on him "oh fuck bren!,Alex,jackle let me in now"An enclave oficer was aproaching flanked by 4 bodyguards the bodyguard's shot the mirelurk's down and aproached him"oh shit this is it the last stand" he thought but they ignored him instead the oficer walked up to him as he drew closer marcus began to recognise the man it was commander wright of the enclave."hello wright i knew i'd find you one day this your idea" he guestured to the carnage around them"how about it old friend you and me one on one if you beat me you get to do whatever you want plus you get the pleasure of finaly beating me but if i win you leave now! so how about it?"

Brengarrett 17:57, 4 March 2009 (UTC) Bren turns to JAckal

"so you think we should let him in?" Bren asks JAckal


"Can't leave him to die out there, much as I hate to say it." Jackal. "Open the door, lets give him a hand"

Jackal raised his shotgun and expected the worstas the door cracked open.

Act 2Edit

Brengarrett 18:27, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Bren opens the door to let the man in and then he shuts the door just as quickly as he hears the screaming of Enclave soliders

"Damn, they are wimps" he says

--Vegas adict 21:29, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

"thank's bren I don't think i could of beaten wright" he handed the katana back to bren "i think that stupid blades not worth all this hey you jackel your a pre war ghoul right how much do you know about the crusade"

Brengarrett 21:38, 4 March 2009 (UTC) "Yeah what is it that you know?" BRen asks putting the Katana at his side (he is equiping it for the time being)


"Zealots. They're in over their heads trying to clean up the Wastes by killing anything they don't like the look of. Can't wait to see 'em run into Kruger or Vaughton. Either of those two'd make a mess of any of those rats Moore could send. They, the Crusade, I mean, have no sense of common humanity. Now, I don't mind 'em killing Ferals, hell, even I put those poor souls outta their misery, but Thomas and his knuckle-dragger cronies don't understand that, fundamentally, a Ghoul is still a human with human thoughts and emotions. And I think I just got in a little too deep for my own good when I killed one of their nancy-boy soldier-wannabe's." Jackal.

Even talking about the Crusade made him angry. He felt like a stock character from an old holomovie, never able to forgive his mortal enemy, Frederick Thomas.

Brengarrett 21:45, 4 March 2009 (UTC) "Jackal....hey Jackal I'm starting a Group called the Claws, I have 2 members already and I think you would be perfect, you could kill the Crusades, Talons, and other people who hate you for who you are" Bren says to Jackal


"I'd be on board for killing Crusaders, and I'm pretty sure Talon Company hate everybody, so killing them is a no-brainer. We'll talk if we survive this bullshit with the Enclave. Well, if you survive this Enclave stuff, I'm too crazy to die." Jackal growled as the Enclave tried to break through the door with a power fist or super sledge. Or maybe it was just some big 'Lurk trying to get at them. Jackal hoped it was a 'Lurk.

"At least those things have the dignity to die when you shoot 'em in the head." Jackal thought to himself. He made sure his shotgun and its coaxial SMG were fully loaded, lossened his machete in its sheath and put Jacobs sword back in the cabinet, noting that it didn't have its power cell activated.

Brengarrett 22:01, 4 March 2009 (UTC) Bren draws his Rifle

" So 20 caps says it's an Enclave Member" He says joking like to Jackal

Ryo just groans a bit but before we could tell what happens the door slams open and it is an Enclave Solider and we see some Lurks dead i nthe back ground

"Shit, there goes my 20 caps" He shouts

The Enclave solider fires at Bren but Ryo jumps in the way and takes the blow and flies back

"RYO!!!" Bren shouts as his only pet takes a bad blast


"What the hell? Most Ghouls I know wouldn't do that for me, and your circus bear takes a plasma blast for you? Thats just twisted man." Jackal muttered.

He fired at the soldier, who hadn't noticed him yet.He blew the unfortunate man's kneecaps away and followed up with a headshot, splattering the soldier's meagre brains across the floor. He strode over to Bren, and the wheezing Ryo. He looked down. Ordinarily, if he saw an animal this close to death, with no way to help it, he'd just put it out of its misery. But he didn't think Bren would take too kindly to that, and Jackal knew all too well what a man was capable of when someone kills their friends.

Brengarrett 23:04, 4 March 2009 (UTC) Bren is crying and Ryo seems sad

"JAckal, you can put him to sleep if you want, I don't have the heart to do it" HE says between sobs

"Ryo...Im sorry" he says softly


Thomas had some research to do. Not only had half of his 1st Platoon been wiped off the face of the earth by some flappy skinned freak with a fancy laser rifle that completely bypassed the armored effects of power armor, but he was cut off from York, stuck in it's sister settlement of Bregrod. Thomas walked past Turner's diner, signed some autographs for the various children admiring Thomas and his outfit, and walked into Town Hall, passing the meeting room and heading straight for the command room. He immediatly walked towards the nearest intelligence officer, pulling him by the collar. "Name, soldier." Thomas said. "Crusade Dignitary Marquis Jegeyy, sir." The officer said. "Dignitary, I want every reserve soldier in this settlement mobilized in one hour. Do you understand?" The nervous officer nodded quickly, and burst out the room, grabbing his overcoat and sidearm.


Jackal wasn't exactly sure how to go about this, he'd killed Yao Guai before, but never someone's pet. He walked over to the rapidly expiring Ryo, put his shotgun to the Guai's chin and fired. It's laboured breathing came to an abrupt stop. Jackal muttered a quick prayer to the dead, reloaded and sat down against the wall. That was a little too "heavy" for his liking.

Brengarrett 15:20, 5 March 2009 (UTC) Bren wipes his tears away

"He have to go, the Crusades will be back, and in bigger numbers. Since no one sent back a report there going to send some more soliders, we have to move out" He says

--Vegas adict 18:52, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

"who cares about the crusade.the enclave are much more trouble"pulling out his rifle he turned toward's the door"well all ashore who's going ashore now run.Paladin michell take your squad and secure this ship arm the canons and defend this ship from the enclave"He started runing towards the exit


"No, Andrews, you get your men ashore. Stay off this ship, all the Enclave have to do is pierce the hull, which is already weak, and she'll roll right over. That power armor can't filter the oxygen out of water, so you and your men can either suffocate inside their helmets, or drown in the water. This ship will be nothing more than a coffin for you and your men. But by all means, don't listen to a Ghoul like me, after all, I only have a Master's degree in engineering." Jackal.

Jackal walked to the door, and turned around, not sure whether or not that Paladin would listen to him. Andrews mumbled something.

"Sorry, I can't hear you with your head so far up your own ass." Jackal said, genuinely angry that this man was willing to put his soldier's lives at risk.

Brengarrett 19:30, 5 March 2009 (UTC) Bren is is shaking mad at he death of a friend

"I say we prepare for battle, how abouta bait, we get the enclave in here, then peirce the hul land have them drown in this, of course if we do that Jacob will be pissed" Bren says, "Eitrher way Jackal is in charge for this mission"

--Vegas adict 19:44, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

"all right Jackal il get my men of the ship.And shut up about the bos hating ghouls were not all bigots.But bren there is no way im leting some stufed up irishmen tell me what to do il order my men around not him and there is no way i would let the enclave get there hands on this tech it's way to valuble.Il order my men of the ship to engage the enclave one on one with my rienforcement's caching them from behind we should get of this ship now though"


"Ordinarily, I'd agree with a plan like that, but breaching the hull from the inside'll get us all killed, and we don't have the firepower to breach it from the outside and cause it to roll. It'd just flood and sink another few metres into the harbour bed, and that'll just piss off the 'Lurks. Again, that'd be a good thing, ecept that the Enclave can toast them without breaking sweat. And you don't have the numbers to beat the Northeast Enclave's experience. I know you've fought the Enclave before, but these guys got the worst the world could give. These guys are what you could call The Enclave Etcetera." Jackal

He motioned for them to follow as he led the way to the far side of the bridge tower. This place was less than a third the size of the aircraft carrier sunken on the far side, where they were headed. All they had to do was drop down onto the deck of that carrier and they'd be safe home. As long as they didn't drop in where the carrier's bridge tower used to be.

--Vegas adict 20:11, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

"oh i think we do have the firepower jackal"Outside the ship there was a roar of a rocket launcher and the suden rush of heat normaly atributed to mini nukes as well as the snap crackle of lazer rifles and the screams of enclave troupers.A voice crackled through his comlink "sir this is alex we have eliminated the enclave rearguard and are aproaching the ship permision to come abord"he called to jackal "it's your choice can this boat take any more people"


"You just don't get it, mini-nukes will not do it! And my thanks go to whatever idiot fired that thing, because we've got about five minutes untill an air strike! Like I said, these guys are the Enclave you knew on steroids! Your genius firepower strategy just got your men killed. Did it not occur to you that when the air strike hits, the ship's reactor will probably explode!?! It's got very little fuel left, but its still enough to rattle Collapsed Pathway." Jackal

Jackal was sprinting now, heading straight towards the carrier. He vaulted their ships guard rail and dropped into the knee deep water ten feet below, narrowly avoiding sinking into where the carrier's bridge tower used to be.

"Can't believe those pricks in DC built a city on one of these things." Jackal thought to himself as he straightened up and checked that he hadn'tdropped anything.

--Vegas adict 20:45, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

"you don't get it either jackal i know there's going to be an airstrike that's what i was hoping for you arsehole.theres a enclave comander on this ship when they hit it theyl kill him as well"as the vertibird's came in there was a burst of chater along the lines of stop were in heer"see what i mean just trust me I have been planing battles for a lot longer than you boy"


Thomas had always admired the airborne. They were the equivalent of Kruger's Death Guard times two with larger numbers, and since Thomas had never considered the Enclave a threat, he figured the airborne could pretty much beat their asses too. He stodd in front of the men. A full company of standard Templars, Sergeants, and Exemplars, and an entire platoon of airborne soldiers. Behind them, VTOLs stood ready to transport Thomas' men into battle. Thomas motioned his hand, and the men immediatly spread into action, the airborne loading into their Verti-birds, while the men on the ground assembled into fire teams near the gate. Thomas gave another motion from his hand, the group moved out, the VTOLs up top, and the foot soldiers moving on the ground.

The trip was relatively uneventful until they came within a mile of the gun-fire. Instead of having the airborne drop directly into what they figured was the base, a run-down freighter, Thomas had them drop directly into the surrounding ruins and dispatch the various Enclave support teams firing down on the ship. The fighting continued for at least several hours. By this time, all of Thomas' men had been positioned, completely occupying the various ruins, while the VTOLs remained in reserve in case of Thomas calling in an airstrike. Thomas moved towards the front, flanked by Emmett and several Templars. "Situation, soldier?" Thomas asked the sniper, who turned around, saluting. "Welp, the BoS or MoS or tin cans are pretty much beating the crap out of the Enclave, and it seems they've got some pre-war aircraft. How they got them up and running, I'll never know, but the Enclave shot them down fairly easy, so no trouble with those things. The big problem is the ship's defenses. They've got cannons and sandbags and a whole load of bull shit on that freighter." Thomas nodded, and waved the sniper back towards his post. "Emmett, call in an airstrike on the remaining Enclave." He didn't feel like waiting. Afterwards, maybe he could negotiate with the MoS about the release of that ghoul. If not, he could just call another airstrike for emphasis and try again.


"I saw him. He's a captain. It'll be a blow to this area, but not to the Enclave as a whole. The planning thing may be true man, but its starting to look like you learned from holomovies. And call me boy one more time and I'll rip your head off and use your neck as a urinal." Jackal growled.

The small troupe started moving out along the sunken carrier's deck, towards the relative safety of the city.


Thomas stepped through the dead bodies, passing the various body parts of former enclave soldiers. "No resistance over here, Chief." Emmett yelled. Wherever his prey had been, they were gone with the souls of the dead that his men had killed. "Emmett, get our birds into the air. Keep them searching until sun-down. We've need to find them. I think I've got an idea, but it's a long shot." With that, he motioned for the airborne and the others to follow him. There were two places they could go. Either the enemy was heading towards the aircraft carrier, or they were heading deeper into the city towards MoS territory. Eitherway, Thomas had to find them before they reached either.

--Vegas adict 21:35, 5 March 2009 (UTC) "oh fuck crusade airborne my troup's can't stand up to them do you think they'l negotiate with us jackal"he switched on his comm "alex get your men out of there retreat to the HQ"runing to cach up with jackal he yeled"jackal see that group of tents over there across the river.That's my Hq we've got boats and hevy weapons there we should be able to hold out until my "surprise" arives"on the river there was a PT boat coming towards them with the LVBOS emblem emblazened on the side"jackal jump on il folow you"


"The Crusade won't negotiate with you, and definitely won't negotiate with me. And I don't like surprises. I want in on what you've got planned. You are NOT screwing up my city for some tech." Jacakl yelled as he jumped into the boat. "You'll need to relocate your HQ. I didn't think the Crusade had that kind of air power. Maybe they're bigger then I thought. I never believed they were a nationwide till now."

Jackal sat down in the boat and started cleaning his gun down, to stop the saltwater eating away at it.

Brengarrett 21:40, 5 March 2009 (UTC) Hey Vegas you cancontrol me if I'm not around

"So what should I do?" Bren asks JAckal


"Get on board and keep your head down. You're sticking with us for now." Jackal barked as the boat heaved.


Thomas had just realized his mistake. He hadn't noticed the small speed boat rushing away from the freighter. It was no use now. Emmett took a couple pot shots, and then cursed under his breath. The VTOLs were too far out. By the time they even got back to Thomas' position, the ghoul and his friends would already be at an MoS safe zone. "Dammit." Thomas said.

Brengarrett 21:49, 5 March 2009 (UTC) Bren nods and he locks his rifle and is ready for some action

"Note to self, get more ammo back at the base, sure wish Dejan was here or even Jason" Bren thinks to himsel;f

--Vegas adict 21:52, 5 March 2009 (UTC) "it's not your city arsehole its the MOS's Even i don't know my suprise all i know is that Senji Kento promised me that if we needed help he'd come hear he's already in new york and has a large force near providence base he should help us and is sending some of his copters to evac us"He ran across to the bow and yelled at the captain to speed up.The crusade were folowing them now

Brengarrett 21:54, 5 March 2009 (UTC) "Kento? Iworked with him in Japan, that was almopst 11 years ago" Bren says ooutloud ":I could use some help right now" HE adds


"What is with you Brotherhood types and thinking you own everywhere you have an outpost? Ah hell, I'm not in the mood for this. And who the hell is Senji Kento? He the guy that got on the wrong end of a Death Guard attack?" Jackal grumbled.

Jackal considered going overboard, but decided against it as he saw Crusade sharpshooters lining up on the bow of the ship. He wouldn't last six seconds in the water.

Brengarrett 22:13, 5 March 2009 (UTC) "I helped him in Japan 11 years ago, he is part of my family, but I decided to stay in America after that" He replys then he pulls out a frag

"FIRE IN THE HOLE" He shouts as he tosses it to the Sharpshooters and they jump off off the boat but the grenade doesn't explode

"Got Ya, didn't pull the pin" Bren says picking it up

Twentyfists 23:39, 5 March 2009 (UTC) Silas Webb pulled The Divider's trigger and watched another Enclave soldier's blood decorate the dockside streets. "I'll be damned if there ain't a lot of them power-armored psychos around right now." Silas reloaded and ran through a gap in a building and out onto the dock. He looked out and saw MORE power-armored psychos on a huge ship taking shots at a small group of fighters on boats. These fighters were being followed by even more power troopers on boats. "Wow," Silas said. "Those fellas got balls, takin' on testosterone-hyped maniacs in power armor." Silas aimed the Divider and took a shot, taking out a "maniac" on one of the pursuing boats. He began waving his arms above his head, hoping that the pursued group would see him and come to him.

Brengarrett 23:45, 5 March 2009 (UTC) Because of the hevy amrer the Sharpshooters are having a little trouble swiming so Bren with a bit of cruelity shoots them while they can't fioght bakl

"THATS FOR RYO YOU BASTARDS" He shout s at them

Twentyfists 23:51, 5 March 2009 (UTC) Silas saw on of them mercenary types on the fleeing boat fire upon what he thought were just pieces of metal in the water, but upon closer inspection were actually soldiers. The mercenary screamed something too. "Jesus have mercy," Silas said. He kept waving, hoping they'd see him.

Brengarrett 23:52, 5 March 2009 (UTC) BRen sees him

"FRIEND OR FOE?" Bren shouts to him, if friend he would head to shore to help him, if not well, the Mirluiks get somthing that isn't Enclave crap

Twentyfists 00:14, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Silas just heard him. He yelled back, "Boy, I'm just 'bout as much of a friend as yer gonna git right now!"

Brengarrett 00:20, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Jackal and Bren jumped off the boat and they make it to shore

Bren: What are you doing here

JAckal: Bren I don't trust him, for all we know he could be a Crusade member

Bren: Yeah

Bren keeps his rifle pointed at his head


Thomas was sick and tired of this duck hunt. If he really wanted to, he could ask for permission to nuke the entire New York area with the warheads inside the Crusade's main base at Jerusalem. Of course, that would require a full brigade to successfully defend and arm the warhead once it was in place. No doubt it would take weeks, since there was no-existing aircraft capable to move the warhead. Frustrated once again, Thomas called for VTOLs to extract him and his men. Thomas then recalled his hunter teams. It was enough fighting for one day.

Twentyfists 00:32, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Silas saw that the mercenary was pointing a hunting rifle at his head. Silas laughed and said, "Oh, I get it. You think I'm with those maniac zealots that were just huntin' you. Obviously you haven't taken the time to notice that I'm wearin' a duster and holdin' a huntin' rifle. Now that we've established that, I don't appreciate people aimin' weapons at me. That usually puts them on my bad list, and you don't wanna see what happens to the boys on my bad list. Point that thing the other way 'afore I break it."

Brengarrett 00:34, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "Sorry bad day, so knwo a place where we could hide?" He aks

Twentyfists 00:37, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "'pology accepted, boy. If it's hidin' you want, I got me a house in the city. Security is tight, 'cause no one fucks with Silas Webb. That's me, by the way. If you want, I can lead you there."

Brengarrett 00:40, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "Silas Webb....yeah I heard of you, you have a bounty fro mthe Talons, names Bren Tenkage of the Claws, maybe you heard our radio broadcasts" HE says

Jackal: Kid, might want to save the intro for later because Enclave soliders don't wait

Bren: Good point

Twentyfists 00:44, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "Sorry, can't say I heard of you fellers, but that ain't surprisin'. I wander around. I ain't surprised that them Talon assholes got a bounty on me. Anyway, like yer friend said, though, we got a house to go to."

Brengarrett 00:50, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "LEad the way" he said and they run off

Twentyfists 00:57, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

About an hour or two later Silas reflected. Getting through the Enclave forces to his house wasn't so bad. They had to fight their way through, yes, but, between that mercenary Bren's rifle and that psycho Irish ghoul's weird shotgun-SMG thing and his heavy pistols, Silas didn't have to fire a whole lot. Now they were just outside his house, which, to anyone who wouldn't know, looked just like any other boarded up home. Silas fiddled with the lock and the door swung open, revealing a relatively clean, if somewhat unused, home.

"Gentlemen," Silas said, sweeping back his hands, "welcome to the north home of Mr. Silas Webb."

Brengarrett 01:01, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "Nice place, so got a radio?" Bren asks

Twentyfists 01:04, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

"Yeah, it's in the kitchen 'round back. You'll probably have to fiddle with it. I don't listen to it much." Silas replied. "While you're there, I got beer and water in the fridge. I figger you fellers deserve it." Brengarrett 01:11, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Bren head s int otheback and dials the station to his

Jason:...and then Theisus slew the Minotor and tommorw we shall see what happens, and rmember the Claws look out for you, this is Jason signing off

Bren: Thisis Jason, my Super Mutant Friend

Bren heads into the fridge and pulls outt he beer and purified water and hands HJackal the beer and begins to drink the water

Bren: So howl ong you been here?

Twentyfists 01:15, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Silas says, "How long I been? I'm a wanderer, Bren. I've had this house for a good few years here, and I stay in it while I'm in the area, but I don't live out of it. I ain't surprised I ain't heard of you fellers 'afore, I usually don't stick around to collect from the rumor mill. Thanks for that tip-off about the Talons too, boy. Don't want none of them assholes sneakin' up on me while I'm on my quest."

Brengarrett 01:25, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "HE ywe got to sticktogathe, and speaking fo sticking togather I'm wonderfing, would youlike to jointthe Claws, your pay would be a cut o anything you find on any mission, the rest would go to our funds and to help those in need" Bren says

Twentyfists 01:34, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Silas jumped on the last thing Bren said. "Those in need? This ain't one of them morality-based groups, is it? 'Cause if it is, I ain't havin' no part of it. If I'm thinkin' correctly, you think that everything's black an' white, right? I was like that once, but now I dunno. To me, good and evil don't exist. You probably haven't noticed this yet, but them fellers on the one side, them fellers always talkin' 'bout "the good of the people," them fellers are liars. They're just as bad as the Talons, the Raiders, and the slavers. They kill and eradicate settlements just because they can. You probably haven't met the AWA yet, but they're like that, wipin' out whole settlements for the "good of the Wasteland.""

Brengarrett 01:38, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "I understand the reasoning, but we are in the DC area so we help the nearbye town with some donations and they help supplie us with ammo and such" HE replys

"I can understand why you wouldn't join, we are Mercs so we do jobs that some would think is evil" he adds

Twentyfists 01:43, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Silas begins to lapse into self-reflection. "You know, I was a vigilante merc once too. I fought against "evil," thinkin' I was helpin' people. That all changed when I met the widow of a Talon merc. She was on her last legs 'cause her husband, her baby, her soulmate and her life died, an' here I was thinkin' that he was the scum of the earth. That shook me to my core, and, from that day on, good an' evil no longer existed. O' course, that probably don't seem so bad to you. But to me, that division was my life. Without it, my life don't mean nothin'. I aim to change that, to find out what is meanin'ful in life, and I ain't gonna stop 'till I do."

Brengarrett 01:47, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Bren is silent as the story touches him

"Wow" he says

"That is pretty sad" he adds

Twentyfists 01:51, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

The moment passes. Silas' eyes seem to shift back into focus from whatever scene from his past he was watching. He stood up abruptly. "Right. Y'all've had a busy day, and I think you need some sleepin' time. I'll take first watch, since I need to eat anyway, and you and your ghoul friend can decide which watch you want, second or third."

Brengarrett 15:20, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Jackal: Guess I will take the 2nd watch, wake me when it's time

Jackal heads to the beds leaving Bren and Silas alone to chat

Bren: So Silas, you had a rough life huh? Yeah seems the Wasteland is full of it...that is partly the reason why I made the Claws, so that we can keep people's hope up

--Vegas adict 18:54, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Andrew's walked into silas's main room "Silas webb your reputation precead's you but i don't rearly take kindly to vigilantes like you and vaughton especaily ones who have atacked the Brotherhood in the past.So would you kindly tell me what the fuck is going on before i shoot your fucking arm's off"

Brengarrett 18:56, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Bren draws his rifle and aims it at Andrew

"This is his house, show a little respect for the kind host' Bren says

--Vegas adict 21:00, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

"you think i'd back down for you bren are you out of your mind im in power armor and have a automatic lazer rifle in my hand.Secondly before he "rescued" us we were on our way to a well fortified LVBOS Camp about to be evaqed now my men probable think im dead do you think i should be gratefull"he point's his rifle at bren and disengages the saftey

Brengarrett 21:03, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "True, but we out number you, didn't Ranik once tell me that I have the guts but he has the numbers?" He says and he holds u a good point

"I can escort you to the landing Zone, besides I need a ride back to DC, so I can tell the claws we have a new member" He points to Jackal

--Vegas adict 21:10, 6 March 2009 (UTC)(loging of now wont be on again until 8:00 GMT

"sory bren if your going back to DC this is where we part im not leaving until the enclave are gone im just relocating also ithink jackal would want to stay hear this is his city after all but if you want to go im sure kento will take yu"

Brengarrett 21:15, 6 March 2009 (UTC) "Very wel lthen, guess Iwill be looking for Kento" He steps out of the house and begins to hike West to an abondened base, because he thinks Kento will be there

Twentyfists 23:01, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

"Shit," Silas grunted. "Look what you gone done now, you tin-can gorilla. Y'all need some rest, and now you gone and sent that boy out, possibly to his doom. I hope your fuckin' proud of yerself."

"Alright, Jackal, we're gonna be chasin' him. Let's get this show on the road."

Jackal replied, "Alrighty, then. Let's go get that stupid feck before those assholes in the Crusade or those Enclave fucks do."

Brengarrett 23:21, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Bren is walking through some ruins and he makes it inside the area, but instead of Enclave or even Crusades he meets some Raiders, Female ones

Female Raider: Hey Boss, we got a mman here

The Boss: hmmm he doesn't look like a crusader...or an enclave, who are you?

Bren: Umm BrenTenkage, uhh mam

Boss: Names MAria, and you are in the teriory of the Amazon Raidors

Bren: Umm we arn';t in South America

MAria: The Amazonians were warrior woman, men were the bitches and the woman were the master, so guess what you are

Bren: Out of here

Before he could even turn a bullet wizzes past his head and one of the guards is holding a smoking 10MM

Maria: Don't think yo ca leave, and don't worry we won't bite, we could use a slave, you know someone who will clean us, cook for us, maybe clean the place up

Twentyfists 23:31, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Silas and Jackal were hot on Bren's heels. Just like Bren, Silas was VERY surprised to find women in this base.

"Well, well, well, ain't it my lucky day, provided y'all ain't psychos."

Maria turned to Silas. "We're Amazons, and men are our slaves."

Silas shot back, "Respectfully, ma'am, if you lay one hand on me that I don't think is for my enjoyment, I'm gonna rip three of its dainty fingers off."

Brengarrett 23:35, 6 March 2009 (UTC) MAria: Bring in the prisinoner

A sexy owman brings Bren in and he is wearing a spiked collar and some leather raidor armer, all his stuff has been confisscated

Maria: So want this boy to die, stay, if not, then leave

Twentyfists 23:40, 6 March 2009 (UTC) (Going offline after this for a little while)

Silas didn't break and sweat. He barely moved except to say, "Now ma'am, that ain't gonna happen. I came here to save his ass, and I don't plan on leavin' unless he's alive and kickin' with me. Now you can let him go and stay on my good side, or you can refuse and get on my bad list."

Brengarrett 23:49, 6 March 2009 (UTC) Maria draws a hunting rifle

"When I kill you he will die, want to know how we kill men like him, we shove red hot metal robs into his ass until he dies" She says

Bren is freaked out by this statement

"Hey don't do anything, just go, it is ok...." He says ] Maria:most men are stupid stupid but he is prettsmart, so why don't you leave, we feed out slaves

Bren looks at the ground but he seems to giving off an expression syaing he has a plan to escape


Thomas was depressed. Here he was, sitting in a Bregrod bar drinking beer, while he could be catching that ghoul and his band of jolly rogers. Instead, he failed to complete the chance given to him several different times. Thomas finished off his bottle, threw it at the bar tender, and then grabbed his over-coat, throwing it over his uniform, his power armor having been left at the barracks. Thomas was still pondering the earlier incursion against the MoS at that broekn ship. He'd forced them to retreat and wupped the Enclave, but some how, he had still failed to capture the ghoul and that human. Thomas finally decided he couldn't capture them on his own. He needed outside help. With that, Thomas motioned for the guards waiting outside the bar to follow him, a platoon of airborne troopers following suite.

Virgil Deacon usually didn't get visitors. More often that not, they were dead before they stepped on his small front porch. But this was different. A knock on the door, followed by his commander's voice, automatically caused Virgil to open the door. "Well, what do you know, if it ain't Thomas and the tin-can brigade." Virgil said, Rick waiting behind him. "Hera, keep Mitch and Luke upstairs. Rick, pull out some chairs." He uneasily welcomed Thomas inside, the troopers waiting outside in various defensive positions. "I'll be frank, Virgil." Thomas said, sitting down. "I need you to do some jobs for me. I know your not usually inclined to fight with your old pals anymore, after that incident in the York St. Sewers, but there's a thousand caps and some ammo for that mini-gun of yours in it for you, should you choose to accept." Virgil leaned against the wall. "Fred, you know that part of my life is over. I'm done with both the Crusade and the Talon Company." Thomas looked bored. "If you want the money, take the job. It's straightfoward. All you need to know is that they're fugitives, and that if need be, you'll have the support of an airborne platoon if neccessary." Virgil was hesistant, but he did need the money, as they were low on supplies. "Give me a minute." Virgil walked upstairs, where Thomas could ear him reasoning with his wife. He heard an argument, and then Virgil walked back down the stairs. "I'll need a fresh laser rifle, and a week's worth of rations. I've got enough ammo downstairs." Thomas nodded in delight, and motioned for Virgil to sit down as he pulled out dossiers and documents from his overcoat.

Brengarrett 00:04, 7 March 2009 (UTC) Silas leeft leaving Maria with Bren

Maria: smart man, I like that

Bren: Ummm

Maria: Oh come on I was jokeing, I heard of you, Bren tenkage of the claws, hate the Talons, you think we havn' heard of them, they come somtimes and in exchange to not kill us, sthey rape us....the bastards

Bren: But why am I liek this right now?

Maria: Oh I like a man in leather

The girls begin to laugh

Maria: But I want to say that you do look cute like that

Her lips get close to Brens then a scout runs in promtping them to move back

Scout: We have a problem, some Crusadors are at the door, they are looking for Bren, they say they have a reward for hsi capture

Maria: Tel lthem... we never heard of him, and that if we see him, we will let them know

Scout: Ok, but they don't seem like gullible ones (they arn't, they want to kill anyway)

Twentyfists 01:44, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

"Damn boy!" Silas grunted. "Doesn't know what he's getting into."

Jackal looked at Silas. "Hey, calm down. Bren's a smart kid, even if he doesn't seem that way. I don't tell him that, since he works better when he thinks that he's got something to prove. He'll get out of this yet, just give him time."

Silas looked Jackal over, then said, "Alright. He has two days. If he ain't out in two days, then I'm goin' in with the Divider in my hands and my magnum by my side, and if any Amazons get in my way, they're gonna be eatin' a mouthful of 5.56 ammunition. Although, if them Crusaders go in there, everyone save you, Bren, and myself is as good as dead."


Virgil shifted into his new military overcoat, the grey Crusade symbol on it's front making him uneasy. He hadn't fought for a faction in five years. Virgil shifted his hand through his black hair, and placed his new military cap onto his head to complete the new outfit. Virgil hadn't worn one of these since back when he was eighteen. Virgil looked toward the airborne Exemplar in charge. "The name is Crusade Airborne Exemplar Velez, as your service. Captain Thomas has instructed us that we are under your command until this operations is deemed concluded." Virgil nodded, and slung his laser rifle over his back while holstering his .44 Magnum. First off, he needed information. Time to pay a visit to the Amazons. Virgil had done dealing with them before, but now it was official. Virgil took some time to ask Velez about forces in the area. "We've got a patrol investigating that area as we speak. It might be beneficial to join up with them temporarily. A much larger show of force might be in our best interest." Virgil nodded, and they headed out.

Twentyfists 02:20, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

"Dammit, I hate waiting!" Silas groused. "I want to be able to do something! You can go if you want," he said to Jackal.

"No, I'm fine," Jackal replied. "I'll stick around for Bren even if you won't."

"Which doesn't seem likely, unfortunately," Jackal muttered to himself.


They stepped in front of the building, meeting a junior officer and a small platoon outside the building. "We've been investigating reports that this local group is harboring refugees, sir." Virgil nodded. "You are dismissed, Dignitary." The officer nodded, and his men departed after him, their overcoats floating over their power armor. Virgil wasn't wearing armor underneath his overcoat having chose to leave his old set of armor behind. Virgil stepped towards the door, knocking. A woman opened the door panel, her eyes appearing. The panel closed, and Virgil stepped inside. A gun immediatly appeared to his face, causing the airborne to instinctievly raise their weapons. However, Virgil waved them off. The airborne obeyed the order, and Virgil dissappeared from sight. He quickly felt the hands of a woman search him, confiscating his weapons and sidearm, aswell as his ammunition. He was then handcuffed, and led into a room, where several women and a few men could be found. "Hmm. It seems I've found my quarry." A man stepped up to him. "One of Thomas' hunters, I presume. You look like a member of the Crusade, but you don't have the stench of power armor." The man said. "I was hired. A former crusade soldier, if your curious. Anyway, that is not why I am here." Virgil said, walking around, still handcuffed. "The Crusade is prepared to pay you all in full, should you turn over that ghoul outside in free will. In addition", Virgil said, "you will all be granted full amnesty for your association with him." Virgil finished. The first reply was simple: "Bullshit." said the man who had first talked to Virgil. "Let me put it to you this way, buddy. Either you agree, or my airborne outside this storm the building, take everyone prisoner, and execute you one by one."

Twentyfists 03:06, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

"Ya know what?" Silas said. "One of them Crusaders just went inside, an important lookin' one too. We're goin' in there and savin' Bren's ass. That there vent'll make a fine entry point."

"Right behind you," Jackal replied.

Silas and Jackal snuck out from their cover and went to the vent in question. Silas fiddled with it for a second, then entered and crawled through, with Jackal following suit. They wound up in a sleeping area. Once there, they snuck out into the main room. Bren was there, along with the Amazons and a man in an overcoat. No one noticed them. The man in the overcoat just said, "...and execute you one by one."

Silas stood up and pointed his magnum at the man, while Jackal unstrapped his shotgun.

"'Fraid that ain't gonna happen, my friend. You so much as move, and you won't be executin' anyone, oh no. You'll just be sayin' howdy to the Devil with a lot less weight on your shoulders, if you catch my drift. Ladies, if y'all don't stay real quite and get out the way, y'all're gonna be filled with lead, y'all hear me?"

Brengarrett 04:17, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

Bren gets up and he grabs Virgil by his nack almost threatoning to crush him

(it also impresses MAria)

"You will leave this area, or so help me, the Claws will make your liofe misiable for the res tof your life" He says almost through his teeth, and his eyes are doing a glare that coul scare a Super MutantMaster

--Vegas adict 07:17, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

What the hell was bren doing you don't mess with the crusade unless your very very dangerous.He snuk into the room behind jackal and drew his lazer rifle pointing it at the crusader.


Virgil yawned. "You must think your a tough guy, impressing Maria over there." Bren was suprised. "I've been here before; in fact, I live a mile from here. I mean, it's never been on good terms, but the people here have known me longer than you, buddy. I went out with Maria for awhile, before she tried to make a slave of me like you, of course. I suggest you let go of me, before everyone in here suffers a most tragic death. I can guarnatee you, if you so much as try to shoot me, I will make your life living hell... Bren." The man automatically looked even more suprised. At that point, he wanted exactly what he waiting for: the two men and entered the building. Now he had leverage. "Look at them, Bren. Do you want to risk the lives of your precious gang of bravados and your fancy hunting rifle for two fugitives who won't make it past alive tomorrow?" The man looked unswayed. "Maria, if you could pull up some chairs. I assure you, I can't guarantee it, but this won't take long." Virgil should've just stormed the building. This was taking way too long.

Twentyfists 13:39, 7 March 2009 (UTC) (Going Offline)

"Boy, you got spirit," Silas said. "I suppose we could be friends under better circumstances. However, we can't, so I suggest you just let us leave in peace."


Virgil turned his head to the older man who was threatening him. "You should know you are not in control, here. No really, if you value your head, pipe down. I myself will not harm you, but I cannot say otherwise for the airborne waiting outside who rip everyone in here to shreds should you fire on me. Besides, shooting a handcuffed man isn't very honorable. But then again, no one will hold you back." Virgil waited patiently, and when no gunshots resounded, he yawned once again. "Your starting to make me impatient, Mr. Webb. Yes, I know your name. IN fact, I have dossiers on everyone in this room. I also have twnety armed troops in power armor and air support waiting to level this building should I not come out... alive, anyway. Of course, I hope that can be avoided."

Twentyfists 16:48, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

Silas replied, "Appealin' to my sense of honor ain't gettin' you nowhere. But I do see yer point." Silas looked the young man over. "Yer a little young to be leadin' a Crusade squad, ain't ya? What'd ya do, suck up to the big men in charge or somethin'? Honestly, you ain't in a position to threaten me either, seein' as yer Crusade hounds are behind a locked door. My guess is that their probably packin' Missile Launchers, correct? Blowin' down these fine ladies' door, " he motioned to the Amazons, "is probably not gonna go over so well with them. Now I'm convinced that those armored bears outside will tear them to shreds, but that'd buy me and my friends the time we need to escape. Why'm I tellin' you this? I believe that one handcuffed man, who has the balls to threaten three heavily armed men, needs a little somethin', don't you? I just want to get the boy. That's all I'm here for. Now, if you want him too, that makes for a problem. Now I could kill you, but I like yer attitude. O' course, if you insist on bringin' them in here, or tryin' to level the buildin', I will kill you."

Twentyfists 18:16, 7 March 2009 (UTC) (Adding on because I'm impatient, and because no one else is)

Virgil began to reply, "I'm afraid that you can't leave with Bren or the ghoul..."

Silas cut him off. "Son, I'm tired of hearin' you talk," he said. Silas stepped forward and pulled out three Psycho needles. "Say goodnight," he said, stabbing the needles into Virgil and pumping their contents into him. The massive overdose of the adrenal stimulant caused Virgil's heartbeat to speed up tremendously, and he passed out. Silas turned and struck Maria across the temple, felling her in one hit. He fired upon the others with his magnum, while Jackal sprayed bullets from his SMG into the other women. They all fell.

Loud thumping came from outside. "Them Crusaders are tryin' to knock down the door. They must have heard the firing. Come on, fellers, let's get out of here."

Bren, Silas, Jackal and Andrew all entered the room where Silas had entered earlier. Silas began moving the beds and desks up against the door. "Bren, get yer shit together so we can leave," Silas said while Jackal snapped his cuffs off. Bren found his stuff in a locker and put it on, then slung his rifle over his back. The Crusaders were at the door, trying to knock it down, but Silas and Jackal had piled most of the stuff in the room against the door to form a barricade. Silas hoisted Andrew, Bren, and Jackal into the vent, then crawled up after them. They emerged and began to flee the building. The Crusaders exiting with the body of Virgil did not see them, but Silas did see some Crusade Vertibirds on the horizon.

Brengarrett 18:47, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

"So whats the plan? Where should we go, because I'm willing tobe a a distraction while you 2 run another way" He syas to them

User:KuHB1aM (time to spice things up a bit)

Virgil was quite pissed and dazed from the pyscho in his blood stream, considering the fact that he was thirty and had been called a boy. Virgil, injected with stimpaks, immediatly ordered the men set him down, and started back as fast as possible towards the building, kicking down the door. Inside, several dead and wounded women lay on the floor. "Velez, gather the wounded and Maria. Execute the wounded; Maria and her lieutenants are to be escorted back to Bregrod." Velez nodded, and ordered his men to gather the wounded, lining them up and shooting them down the line with a mini-gun. Virgil then moved eeper inside the compound, coming across a barricaded door. He shot the hinges, pulled the door in the opposite direction, and ordered his men to follow him through, past the barricades. He then started crawling into the vent, coming across an opening to the outside. Gathering distance, the fugitives could be seen running. "Stop, or I'll blow your brains out!!!" Virgil yelled, as he and his men raised their weapons. The men stopped, turning with weapons raised. "Did you think you could run from me, Silas!!!" Virgil yelled, as both sides had weapons raised. VTEOLs began landing, and more troops joined Virgil. "Hand over Jackal, Bren." Virgil said politely. "Why the hell should I do that?" Bren yelled back. "Because your friend didn't kill Maria thorughly enough." Virgil said, motioning for the men to bring Maria foward. "I know you like her. In fact, I liked her at one time. But ow, she is bartering chip, nothing more. Turn over Silas and Jackal, or she gets a round to the head!!!" Virgil said angrily, pointing his magnum at Maria's head. "Don't fuck with me, Tenkage!!! Give me Jackal and Silas!!!" Virgil said once again.

Brengarrett 19:03, 7 March 2009 (UTC) "How about the elader of the Claws, take me, and give them a 10 minute head start, you get the leader of the bane of your gang" Bren says and he holds up his hands

"If I get captured at least the Claws are i ngood hands, Dejan was always a good leader" he thinks to himself

"So is it a deal, you take me prisiner to give them a head start" He says

User:KuHB1aM (going offline, plz dont inject me with lethal drugs again, lol)

"Tenkage, didn't I just say don't fuck with me? I'm done with playing Mr. Honorable. I tried to do this with money, and now I'll do it with guns and hostages. You know you can't trust me. I am certainly not as hell gonna trust you. Two things are going to happen. Either you give them up to save your own hide, or we get into a fire fight where I call a fucking airstrike down on your head. Either way, Thomas doesn't care. He just wants them out of the picture."

Brengarrett 19:11, 7 March 2009 (UTC) Bren walks to him to "exchange the negoation"

"Alright I have a better idea, hold this for me" He says giving him a grenade but Bren is holding the pin in such a way that if he pulls back or if Bren is shot he will move back and the pin will be taken out

"I think this is a better hostage, now then, take me and give them time to play hide and seek or we both get take n out, either way I save a ghoul who deserves better" Bren says

"So what is your choice?" Bren says

--Vegas adict 21:33, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

"Fuck this Thomas.put the boy down and let the ghoul go.or you and your crusaders will find yourself in a world of hurt.Im not kiding the BOS could wipe you out if we wanted to" he lit up a fag and turned on his comm"alex is the petrol i asked you to pour around the camp in place a mufled voice came back "yes" he droped the fag hey crusader watch this"the area around the camp went up in flames "goodbye thomas"

Twentyfists 23:29, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

"Ya know what? I fuckin' hate you people!" Silas shouted at Andrew. "I wasn't tryin' to burn down no buildin's, I wasn't tryin' to kill Maria, and I wasn't tryin' to kill the boy, 'cause he got spunk. But he's sure as hell fucked now, asshole! And even if he ain't, the Crusade got Bren as a hostage! That boy deserves better."

Silas turned to Jackal, "You stick with Andrew and Bren when he gets back. They got lives ahead of them, and I ain't got nothin'. I done too much wrong to be worth anythin' now."

He turned and purposefully strode towards the burning Crusade lines, his arms above his head. "Alright boy, let Bren go. I ain't got nothin' goin' for me now. Take me hostage, kill me, I don't give a fuck. Just let the boy go."

User:KuHB1aM (you cant kill thomas, vegas, not without the controlling person's permission, in this case, me. also, you cant destroy an entire settlement with an article on itself. nice try though.)

"Of course, Silas. I will release Bren in exchange for you." Silas continued walking towards Virgil, who grabbed him. "Now let Bren go." Silas said, acting calm. "I never promised I'd release him. Mister Brotherood of Steel, I can assure you that with just this single platoon behind me, I could single handely destroy every single BoS patrol and detachment in a ten mile radius within the hour. Let me remind you, soldier, that you just hit an entire settlement full of innocents. You are no better than the dogs who are under my command." Velez ran up to Virgil, who was still waiting. "Thomas is fine. They hit Bregrod, but it's nothing major, just a few dead civilians." Virgil nodded, and turned back to the ghoul and the tin can. "I'll see you later." Virgil turned away, with Maria and Bren. "One more thing, tin can. If you so much as threaten to attack any settlement under crusade protection, I will have the entire airborne legion in New York descend upon the Cloisters and blow it to smitherines. After that, the Museum and Vault-Tech Hq will burn aswell. Do not fuck with me. I think I've said that enough today." With that, he snapped his fingers, and the airborne opened fire, dropping the brotherhood soldiers who had appeared. "Make no mistake of that. Your hardly a threat to the Crusade. We have more men than you could muster in several years ready to mobilize within a day." Virgil grabbed Bren and Silas, punched Bren, and then grabbed Maria aswell, stepping onboard the VTOL and flying away.

The trip back was uneventful. Thomas greeted him at the landing pad in Bregrod. "How did it go?" Thomas said, happily. "Well, not as planned. We took three high level hostages, killed about a company's worth of civlians and brotherhood soldiers, and I got OD'd on pyscho by that bastard Silas Webb. All in all, not good enough." Virgil said, and shoved Bren, Silas and Maria off the VTOL. "Meet your leverage for capturing the ghoul." Virgil looked at the pissed Silas. "I never promised I'd give up Bren, Silas." Virgil said, smiling.

Twentyfists 03:16, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Silas was steaming with fury. "Jackal won't bend for you, bastard. I hope yer proud of yerself. I could have killed you back there. You were tied up, and I could have killed you without firin' a shot. Yer family owes me. You hunted me down, and I spared you. Remember that while I'm rottin' in a cage in this hellhole. If the MoS or the AWA hears of this, yer all fucked."


"Thomas, a moment with Silas here." Thomas nodded, and proceeded to take Bren and Maria to the prison near the metro station. Virgil nodded for his airborne guards to to "persuade" Silas to follow him. They walked into the Gangreed hotel, much to the astonishment of Bregrod's wealthier residents. After walking into a small cafe, Virgil notioned for Silas to sit down. "Silas, I could really care less if the AWA or the MoS hears about this. They don't conerne me, and if it did, there's a full company of airborne and other troops to stem the supposed assault. As for you, it does concern me. If you wish to avoid prison for the next several years, you'll find your new airborne gear inside the barracks. If you choose to accept, you'll complete a specific job for me, and then your free to go. No charges will be pressed, and there will be full amnesty. If not, you can shoot me now and try to fight your way out of Bregrod, or you can report to your pirson cell and wait to roam free." Virgil said, sliding his .44 Magnum across the table.

Twentyfists 03:38, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

"You don't know as much about me as you think, do you, boy?" Silas asked. "I'm tired of working with groups with agendas. I've quit the Regulators, the AWA, the BoS, the Raiders, the Enclave, and Talon Company. The only reason I'm involved in this at all is because I wanted to help Bren and Jackal out of a tough spot, you get my drift? This has all spiralled out of control, and I'm tired of it. I just want to go home and read my books again, but I can't let that boy fester here in this damned camp. It wouldn't do him right...just like it wouldn't have done you right to kill you in that Amazon base. Y'all've got destinies ahead of you, and I don't think that anyone should try and change that. You just might want to know your enemy before you do something stupid. Also, if you break the Divider, my baby, you're gonna be Satan's new playmate, you understand? Just so we're clear."


"Well, Mr. Webb, your not leaving this room without a straight answer. That can be a gunshot, a yes, a hell no, or simple silence. If you want, I might have Bren released as a little extra incentive. Of course, there's still the matter of your answer." Virgil said. "The Divider will be released to you should you accept. Otherwise, prepare to shoot me and several hundred crusade troops over a single rifle. Then there's the choice of waiting several years and finding it waiting rusty and beaten."

Twentyfists 03:49, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

"You might? My friend, you're really not offering much of an incentive for me."

User:KuHB1aM (going offline)

"On the contrary, Mr.Webb, I am hardly your friend. Think of us as acquaintances. If you like, I'll put it as 50% likely he'll be released instead of "maybe". You might even get Maria released aswell. They are just pawns for bartering with the MoS for Jackal, after all.. Maybe I am wasting my time? Of course, you could say yes to that also." Virgil said.

Twentyfists 03:56, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Silas replied, "Alright, my 'friend.' I'll take a chance on 50%, but I don't give a damn about the girl. She can rot for all I care. What's your offer?"

--Vegas adict 09:07, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

"im rearley pised of with you crusaders i tried playing nicely and then i tried to kill you but i might have somthing that is worth jackal's life how much would the crusade pay for pristine pre war tech more specificly a pre war japanese fighter jet" he turned on his craidio "alex get kento to bring one of his get's over hear" he placed a photo of the craft on the table so how about it crusader


Jackal was sat down on an overturned crate, looking at the Brotherhood Paldin guarding him. he felt somewhere between prisoner and dignitary. Like a guest nobody wanted to look at the wrong way. He'd considered tearing off after Silas, trying to get him out of Bregrod, but he knew that he'd get shot down the second he came within sight of the town.

It would only be the small action of killing the guard, and then he'd be home free. There were at least a hundred ferals within easy reach of this spot. One howl, a trick he'd learned from observing ferals, and they'd come running to him like a glowing one. Sure, the attack wouldn't destroy Bregrod, or wipe out the garrison, but the confusion would allow him to slip in and get Silas, Bren and that little raider girl out. On the off chance that the Ferals did kill the occupants of Bregrod, all the better. He might even be able to finally rip Frederick Thomas' throat out. Or, better, take him captive. Jackal's research into Ghoulification was finally beginning to get results. All he had to do now, was snap that tinman's neck. No problem since he had his helmet off.

"Don't do it Jackal, this is someone's son, or brother, or father or boyfriend or husband. This is someone's someone. Is it worth killing an ally for the sake of a few others who are probably dead." Jackal thought to himself. Sentiment, he had a habit of going soft in the head at the worst times. This was going to take some serious consideration.

--Vegas adict 20:40, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

"Jackal Don't even think about it there is no way in hell your geting anyware near my neck.If you want to get bren out it would be a good idea to just sit tight and pray to god that the crusader's don't think of bypasing me and just kill you.I think you should just come with me tell me where to find the MOS and then we can let them deal with it unless you have got any beter ideas"he pulled out a cigar and lit it."want one jackal"


"Already took one flyboy. What was you said about getting near you?" Jackal held up a cigar and lit it with a Pre-War zippo lighter. "My plan would be a Feral attack. I can call them, but you'd want to be on the far side of Bregrod from me, just in case you come between me and the stampede."

He moved to the side, leaving space for Andrews on his crate and motioned for him to sit down.

"The thing is,there isn't a snowflake's chance in hell of me getting near that town. You'd need to be the one to break in through the confusion" Jackal grunted. "If you approve of the plan, point me towards the tallest building within a mile of Bregrod."

--Vegas adict 21:00, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

He let out a breath of smoke"you do realise if you call the feral's and i break through to rescue them lot's of ferals will get killed and theres a fair chance that if you cant control them bren could for the the tallest building theres a semi-permenant radio mast at our camp about 500 meters south of heer"He took a swig of Balma and pulled on his helmet."well what do you thing jackal"


"Much as I hate to use Ferals as gun fodder, they don't know any better. They aren't even sentient any more. Anyway, Bren's in Crusade custody, i.e. in the Crusade's barracks, it'll be well enough defended to keep the worst of the Ferals out. That just leaves you to take out the doormen, let the Ferals in, and beat them to Bren, Silas, and the Raider chick." Jackal stated.

"I'd be wide open at the top of the mast, hell, you could shoot me down if I was that exposed." Jackal joked. "But in all seriousness, I'll need a lot more cover than a mast can offer, because there will be sharpshooters with orders to kill me on sight. When the Ferals take hold, I'll be able to make a move, but the weight's on your shoulders till I get that chance, Paladin. Any input?"

--Vegas adict 21:18, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

"on the second to last level of the mast theres a protected area where you can hide take this"he tossed a commlink to jackal"tell me with that when your done.and if you want there's some paladins there who could give you power armor just give them this note and they'l let you in"he passed another packet to jackal"you might want to take an fag this might be your last chance just signle me with the comm when you want me to move"


"Sounds ok. I'll leave the power armor out, though. I'd rather be missed, instead of being able to take a bullet." Jackal said. "I guess I'd better get going so!" He took off in the direction of the mast at a run, darting from cover spot to cover spot as he went.

Wait for KuHB1aM before starting the attack, its his town, and this is a pretty serious incident, we should definitely clear it with him first

--Vegas adict 21:33, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

"good luck jackal keep on touch" he sat down took out a fag and began to eat the rations that any LVBOS member carried folowed by a swig of balma.He began to check and reaemble his weapon.

Brengarrett 00:04, 9 March 2009 (UTC) Bren was tied up in the barracks talking to MAria

Bren: So Maria, you know about the Claws?

MAria: Yeah, we had a radio and we would listen to JAson tell his storys, pretty enjoyable if you ask me

Bren: Yeah., his a nice guy

Maria: So what do we do?:

Crusade Guard: Shut up you 2, you are here as prisoniers not chatters

Bren: Chill, sheese can't you guys smile

The Crusade Solider points his gun at Bren's head threationing to shoot him when Virgil walks in pretty annoyed by the events happening

Bren: Mr Virgil AKA monster

Vgrabs Bren by his throat

Virgil: Boy, you have been the thorn in my side, but guess what I have a propistion for you

He lets go

Virgil: if you help me kil lthese fools, I will make everyone of your cClaw mebers become a devision of the Crusaders, think about it, you will be rich, well armed and a powerful group

Bren: So the Cost is my Honor, screw you With that Brren spits on his shoes pissing Virgil off

User:KuHB1aM (im might be going offline again after this post. as for bregrod, you can storm the walls, and maybe kill off Velez as he's swarmed, but Thomas andd Virgil hole up inside the Town Hall, and the HQ and barracks don't get completely destroyed.)

Virgil walked back out of of the barrack room once again, and turned to Silas. "You may have developed a fondness for your Brotherhood friends, but I need you to eliminate one of their own. Specifically, Commander Andrew. His forces are a nuisance, but it is annoying Captain Thomas to hell. You will eliminate him, and upon your return with proof, such as his head or holotags, you will be awarded monetary compensation in addition to the previous awards. I want his helmet as well." Virgil said, and turned on his radio, after listening to Andrew trying to presuade him. "Commander Andrew, I'm afriad I have to turn down your compensation. I was half expecting you to announce that your tin can unit was going to attack Bregrod. Good bye." Virgil said, and ended the conversation abruptly. "Silas note that I will condone betrayal. Betray me, and you find your head in the disposal and your rifle in the museum." Virgil walked out of the room,and headed towards Town Hall, his revolver at his side. Behind him, Velez and another airborne guard followed at his heels, Silas heading towards the intermost part of the barracks.

Brengarrett 01:27, 9 March 2009 (UTC) Maria: Wow Bren, you are crazy

Bren: Well I can't sell out the people who care for the down trotten, so I think we need to figure out how to escape

Maria: I have an idea

She wisper a plan into Bren's ear and he smiles and agrees to it

"Hey big boy come here" She says in the most seductive tone to the Guard and he wlaks to her

"Come on, unzip them pants let me show you that I can be a good prisoner" She says

The guard being a guiy does as he is asked but instead of pleasure he is bitten by MAria who takes his LAser Rifle and plasma Grenades and even his combat knife who she hands to Bren

Bren: Goiod one

MAria: Had to do anything to get out

They both use the knife to Cut the bonds and they B reak out Shooting some Soliders down


Virgil spun around as he saw Bren and Maria making a run for the gate, shooting down Dignitary Marquis and two other soldiers. Virgil drew his .44 Magnum, and motioned for the gate guard to close the gate, who obliged. Virgil raised his revolver at the stunned Maria and Bren. "You didn't think you could waltz out of this settlement arm in arm did you?" Virgil said in an angry tone. As he said this, Virgil's airborne platoon surrounded the pair. Virgil pushed through them, grabbed Maria, and threw her to the ground. "Bren, this is what happens when you mess with me." Virgil said, and raised his weapon to Maria's head. "Unless you want to reconsider my offer."

Brengarrett 01:38, 9 March 2009 (UTC) Bren looks down at Maria and then Looks at Virgil

"Fine...I will do what you say...let MAria go, and I will help you win this Battle" Bren says to Virgil with Tears in his Eyes

"I...will Kill this Bastard even if it will cost me my life" HE to himself


Virgil smiled, and ordered Velez and the airborne to escort Bren and Maria to the barracks. Virgil pushed the duo into the room with Silas. "I suppose you'll be working with Silas. He can explain to you the rewards and the consequences of failure." Virgil said, and walked out once again, hoping he wouldn't be deterred once again from going to the Town Hall.

Brengarrett 01:52, 9 March 2009 (UTC)(I will wait for his reply Kay) Bren looksl ike he is about to cry but he seems to have the strength to hold them back

"Silas what do you want me to do?" HE says "I joined as well so I will need some Power Armer" HE adds (it isn't to protect him but to keep people from knowing who he is)

Act 3Edit

Twentyfists 02:17, 9 March 2009 (UTC) (I probably will not be on much between now and Wednesday or Thursday)

"Alright, boy," Silas said, "I'm really not startin' to like these Crusade fellers. We're supposed to kill Commander Andrew and get monetary compensation. I'm gonna get my freedom, and you two may get yers. If we fuck up or betray him, that angry little man with the bat-shit crazy power soldiers is gonna have us fer breakfast, and he's gonna put my baby on display. We've got a bit of a predicament, wouldn't you say?"

Twentyfists 02:25, 9 March 2009 (UTC) (Just thought of something) "Give me a second," Silas said.

He got up and ran after Virgil. "Hey, boy!" he yelled. "How the hell'm I supposed to kill the man if I ain't got my rifle or my revolver? You expect me to punch straight through power armor? I ain't Superman, boy!"


Jackal stood at the shielded platform on the mast. That flimsy scrapmetal wouldn't even slow a bullt down, much less stop it, if he was spotted.He had to do this quickly, and then get the hell out of here. He took a deep breath, and warmed up his throat with a few grunts and hacking coughs. Then, after another deep breath, he let out a bone-chilling howl. It carried out over Bregrod, mere hundreds of yards away. It sounded like a caged Yao Guai being tortured by a Deathclaw, which was in turn in the worst pain imaginable.Areal life Banshee scream. Ferals on the surface started gurgling, and the dozens in the sewers began to take notice asthesurface dwellers began a mad dash towards Bregrod after a second howl.

"Shit" I never herded that many before." Jackal muttered as he watched his small battalion of Ferals rush onwards to their slaughter. Hefelt sorry for them. Then he saw several Glowing Ones in their midst. "Oh shit. It never wored for them before." Jackal muttered. This was about to spiral out of control. Due to the darkness and the rain, the Ferals couldn't be seen from Bregrod yet, but Jackal still heard gunfire.

"Andrews, you crazy bastard, I told you to wait until the defenders were occupied with the Ferals. You just got those prisoners killed." Jackal thought to himself. Then he climbed down the mast and took off toward Bregrod at a run,blending in with the heaving crowd of Ferals, which was constantly growing, as if some herd mentality connected every Feral in the area. Something to do with the Glowing Ones. He shuddered to think why.

He looked left and right at his Feral brethren charging onward. It felt good, he felt powerful. If his brain ever started to devolve, he felt he could be quite happy as a Feral, if this was what it was like. All he could do now was hope that his rapidly snowballing attack force wouldn't inflict too much harm on the civilians.

Brengarrett 14:21, 9 March 2009 (UTC) Bren had himself equiped with some combat power armor along with a helmet, MAria deciced on basic power armer

"This is or die" Bren thought as he takes a supply of frags and a combat shot gun, and for good measure he even took a Ripper just in case

"Bren...." Maria said to him but Bren seems to be in a daze so she silently picks out a 10mm Submachien gun and ammo

Bren then walks out to prepare for battle and he is ready to fight

Run4urLife! sorry for the long post, but if we're finishing up soon, we might as well go out with a bang (literally)

Jackal was charging full-on, head down towards Bregrod's barricades. The Ferals were being slaughtered, but more just came from nowhere to take their places. He lobbed a grenade at one of the cars at the bottom of the barricade, blowing its reactor and taking out the nearest tower, as well as the two Crusaders inside. He rushed into the town after the first wave of Ferals. They were mobbing and beating the Crusade soldiers to death, but at heavy cost to themseves. For every soldier to fall, at least a dozen Ferals were cut down.

Jackal nodded to himself, and then shuddered as he saw Bren coming out of the barracks in a suit of power armor, and then put on a helmet. He was attempting a disguised breakout. Even Bren couldn't make him hate those colors less. Then Jackal howled as he saw Bren take a ripper to a Feral that was about to finish off a Crusade officer. This wasn't the howl he had made from that mast. Nor was it the howl of a greived man. This was the roar of a man betrayed by those he was risking his life for. No excuses. No mercy, no respite. No pity, no remorse. Bren Tankage was as good as dead. The howl cut through the sound of battle like a knife, chilling Frederick Thomas to the core. The Crusade commander couldn't help but shudder and look to the door. But this howl wasn't for him.

Jackal sprinted across the burning courtyard through the rapidly dwindling Feral Ghoul force. They were being slaughtered. But Jackal didn't care any more. All he wanted now was Bren's throat in his hands. The raider bitch spun towards him, but he clubbed her with his shotgun, slamming the steel stock into her helmet with such force he shattered the vision lenses. She crumpled and fell, unconscious. There was no chance she was getting up to stab Jackal while he took Bren apart. Who knew, maybe he'd even broken her neck. Bren swung for him desperately, but Jackal swayed back, using his superior agility and experience. He baited Bren onwards, and then struck, driving his machete up behind the breastplate and severing the suit's hydraulic lines. Bren collapsed, and Jackal reached down, pulling Bren's helmet off.

"You picked the wrong man to betray, Bren Tenkage. Look at you, down in the dirt like a spineless worm. It suits you. Now I could give you the dignity of a quick end, but you went and stuck with the Crusade, even when I gave you a second chance." Jackal growled, unable to cover the anger in his voice. He'd probably give up the pleasure of torturing Bren, just for the joy of killing a traitor now.

"Its the machete you're going by son, you should have listened when I told you the first time. Never give an Irishman good cause for revenge." Jackal snarled. He spat and moved forward. He was a terrifying sight, drenched in blood, both human and Feral Ghoul, silhouetted by the flames of burning car wrecks, and a flaming common house, machete in his hand, and murder in his eyes.

Brengarrett 17:00, 9 March 2009 (UTC) "Jackal...heh, good show, now then if you predend to kill me I can get Virgil" Bren says almost as a whisper and then JAckal begins to relize Bren was the traitor he thought he was

"Understand Jackal?" Bren asks coughing a bit of blood

(The plan was to fake his death then when they find the bodys and take the armer for the next recruits Bren would strike at irgil, that or Virgil gets to close)


Jackal had no idea what Bren was on about. But he knew he wanted Virgil dead. The Ferals were all but wiped out now, just a few dozen being herded about and mopped up outside the barracks. Jackal sheathed his machete and lashed out. He had a feeling Bren was up to something against the Crusade, but he was still infuriated at not being in on it. The blow smashed into Bren's face, knocking him out cold and slamming him hard into the concrete with what Jackal hoped wasn't bonecrushing force. Then he drew a knife and superficially slashed Bren's throat. Or at least he hoped it was superficial.

He spotted Thomas moving about in front of the barracks. One shot was all it would take. Jackal didn't have the heart. He'd be shot dead before Thomas' carcass hit the concrete, and then these Ferals would have died for nothing more than a vendetta. Even they deserved better. He sprinted for the gap in the wall and managed to make it through before being noticed. Thomas took a shot with his Paulsen Shotgun, but Jackal was too far off. The buckshot only clipped him as he disappeared into the rain and wind.

Brengarrett 17:27, 9 March 2009 (UTC) Bren layed there silent, the Ferals passed him either by luck or some unseen force but soon The Soliders begin to push the Ghouls back, Virgil was killing the most

Twentyfists 18:28, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

During the attack, Silas seized his chance. He suddenly sprinted forward and broke into the town's jail. Once there, he sprinted to the location of the confiscated items, quickly knocked out the guards there, took his gear, and escaped.

Silas ran into the town's streets and disappeared. "I still got it," he said.

--Vegas adict 19:28, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Andrew's ran forward towards vigil he took a punch at him "that's for regecting my offer you've made a huge emamy today the brotherhood will make you pay for this but i won't kill you.You can run away leave new york and the BOS will forget all about it.Il just take the kid and you leave jackal alone"he left virgil and becan to push toward's jackal."jackal virgils unconsious get up and run." 2 crusader's were aproaching "die scum" he shot them both through the head.High above him a EMAA VTOL was circling and a number of white spots apeared in the sky."jackal looks like we've got rienforcement's RUN"

--Madude 19:36, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Colonel andrew looked around the crusade were pushing the ferals and some LVBOS idiot's back"men fan out provide covering fire for the LVBOS to retreat when your done we'l pull out with them."the LVBOS and a ghoul were pulling out he ducked and shot 3 crusaders in a row.another 2 of his men fell "pull back!" a judicator came up to him "sir why are we pulling out we can win heer"andrew looked at him in suprise "are you stupid the crusade are mutch beter equiped than us Pull Out!"

User:KuHB1aM (thanks for attacking without me, guys. and seriously, dont knock me out every time i get punched. you dont see me knocking you twelve feet through a wall of concrete, do you?)

"Fuck you, Andrew. Honestly, your threats aren't scaring me. This is, what, the fifth time you've said that?!" Virgil yelled after Andrew as he got back up, studying the situation. He noticed and laughed as two enemy Verti-birds were hit with several launchers and air support. Virgil drew his weapon, fired into the helmets of two EMAA soldiers, killed another with his combat knife, and motioned for Velez to mop up the remaining Ferals, who had been herded to a position outside the barracks. He watched as Andrew and Jackal disappeared into the wasteland, moving through the now open and destroyed gate. Worse was the fact that Silas had left. "Velez, status report!!!" Virgil yelled amidst the gunfire exchanging between attacking EMAA troops and airborne soldiers, while standard Crusade infantry had been pulled back with VTOL support to the inter-city buildings. Velez met him behind a barricade. "These EMAA bros can't shoot for beans. Judging by the VTOLs they have, it's probably captured Enclave tech. As for casualities and kills, we're estimating around 400 ferals dead, twice our number. We lost Marquis pretty early when Bren killed him. The EMAA is looking like they sent a whole damn brigade after our little abode, but we've got it covered" Velez said, keeping his head down. "Round up the survivors. The brotherhood men get executed slowly, and the EMAA dudes get fed to the ferals." Virgil said.

The battle lasted another hour, with Virgil's orders being carried out. The brotherhood survivors who had stayed behind were executed brutally, and the EMAA men were stripped and fed to the captured ferals, who savagelly mauled and ate them. Virgil sat down on top of a dead brotherhood soldier. He needed a day's rest. Virgil was sick to his stomach of all this fighting. He had even forgotten to visit his family and his friend Rick. Virgil looked around town. Dead bodies were everywhere, an enemy VTOL was lodged into the roof of a common house, and the town hall had a maassive hole in it's wall. Virgil started back towards the armory, holstering his .44 Magnum, when he thought he spotted something familiar. Bren.

(going offline, dont kill virgil or mortally wound him or knock him unconscious plz)

--Vegas adict 20:06, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

"oh great plan jackal i lost over 100 men in that atack and andrew lost 100 normal trouper's and 20 Elite drop troup's i don't think he knew what he was geting in to.But i think it's time i made good on that promise i made to virgil.The MOS,BOS and EMAA Won't stand for this we will push the crusade out of new york and into the wastes"he lit a smoke and handed the pack around "jackal im sory to say this we leave bren for now i say we find Stigma get rienforcement's from vegas and calafornia and then rescue him unless you think Eldar lyons or the outcast's would help us" (don't wory i won't nock him unconsious again)

Brengarrett 20:18, 9 March 2009 (UTC) (I sugest we wait for Virgil, I think we can do that)

Bren is up and glaring at Virgil and Holding up his Rifle, he took it in all the confusion that no one even noticed him take his Vault-Tec Bag of stuff

"Not so Tough unless you have soliders backing you up, you want to know somthing Virgil, Ghouls fight alone against bastards like you who kill them for no good reason, now do non feral Ghouls attack you for no reason?": Bren asks walking closer to Virgil then he holds the Gun to Virgil's Head

"Give me a reason not to blow your fucking head back to 1923 and I will leave" Bren says glaring at him

Maria is watching the scene making sure she doesn't get killed

User:KuHB1aM (lol dont kill me)

"Other than the guns pointing at your head aswell? Besides that, I can't really think of anything." Bren was waiting for Virgil, the airborne were waiting for Bren, and Thomas, who had suddenly appeared, was waiting for Virgil. "I'm waiting, Bren. Take your shot. I won't move." Bren was still silent. "I'm waiting, Bren." Virgil said, and threw off his overcoat. "I was never fond of ghouls, Bren. In fact, I thought they were disgusting." Virgil said once again. Around him, eager children watched, as their mothers covered their eyes and the fathers motioned for them to go back to their homes. "I bet these people would love to see my brains all over the wall. Go for it. Unless your chicken, you son of a bitch."

Brengarrett 22:09, 9 March 2009 (UTC) Bren drops the gun and puts up his fists

"IF you have a shred of honor, you will fight me like this, the game is simple, who ever is knocked over first dies" Bren says

"Maria should be leaving by now, then I have to just beat him" He thinks to himself and sure enough Maria runs out to Meet the Ghouls and Jackal

Run4urLife! sorry KuHB1aM bout the attack, everyone else was going on, so,like a damn sheep I assumed you'd given the go ahead and launched the assault

Jackal looked back at Bregrod. The attack had been a failure. Thomas was still alive, but Bren had been let loose, the raider girl was free, and Silas, wherever the hell he'd gone, was away too. He stood up as he saw raider girl running towards them. What was her name? Mary? Marion? Miriam? Mark? Hope not. He was feeling more and more apologetic towards her for clubbing her that hard with his gun, but then, she did have an SMG pointed at his face. Now she couldn't even run in a straight line from the concussion. When she reached them, Jackal noticed that Bren wasn't following her.

"Eh, where's Bren?" Jackal queried. Maria! That was her name. "And yeah, sorry about the pat on the head there, Maria, thought you and Bren had taken a leave from your senses."

Brengarrett 22:28, 9 March 2009 (UTC) "He, stayed to Kill Virgil, he is giving me the chance to escape" She replys

"The only reason he even is helping them, was to save me, me a raidor, why did he save me?" She asks


"He's thinking with his testes instead of his head, Maria. And now he's a deadman for it. Virgil could beat him on his worst day, and fired up after the battle like that, today was one of his best." Jackal rumbled. He grabbed Maria as she turned back toward Bregrod.

"Don't even think of it. You can't even run in a straight line, much less bust Bren out of a Crusade garrison town. Besides, with all this buckshot in me, I can't come along, and there's no way you're going on a rescue without me." Jackal stated as he indicated his blood-caked left arm and thigh.

Twentyfists 23:12, 9 March 2009 (UTC) (Sorry 'bout the long post, but I got a paper to write and wanting to get some work done)

Silas watched Bren and Virgil. "Fer fuck's sake!" he said.

Silas pumped his legs and sprinted out. Not thinking of the consequences, he came up behind Bren, grabbed a fistful of his hair, and yanked back. Bren's head shot back, and his body followed suit. While Bren staggered backwards, Silas punched him in the base of the neck. Bren's legs gave out, and he fell to the ground. Silas punched him twice in the chest, then looked down at him.

"Boy, you seen me deal with this feller before. I ain't lettin' him die," he said to Bren. "Come on, boy, we're leavin'."

Silas turned to Virgil. "You owe me twice now, my friend. After what you gone done, I should have let him kill you. But I didn't. An' with that, good day to you, my friend."

Silas hefted Bren up onto his shoulders and carried him out of Bregrod. Silas expected to be shot down while he walked, but no one fired a shot. They just stood and stared.

Outside of town, Silas walked up to Jackal and Maria and unceremoniously dumped Bren at their feet. "There ya go," he said. "Hope we meet again under better circumstances." Silas turned and walked away.


"What?!? Did he just?!? What the hell?!? Well blow a bubble up my ass and call me Shirley. I did not see that one coming." Jackal murmured as he stared blankly at the departing Silas. He waved half-heartedly with his good hand and then reached down to heft Bren to his feet.

"That bubble up the ass thing was a figure of speech. Don't even think of going near my ass unless I say otherwise." Jackal said resignedly to Maria as she took the unconscious Bren by the other arm and helped drag him away. He guessed that she wouldn't try to blow a bubble up his ass, but he wasn't taking any chances with a raider boss.


"Velez, I want you to punch me in the gut right now. Son of a bitch." Virgil said, and stopped Velez, who took the order literally. "Velez, clear the bodies off from the square, or get the Templars to do it, I don't care." Virgil said, kicking over a dead BoS soldier. He stared at the man's neck stump, wiped off the man's blood from his boots. He then proceeded to find Thomas. There was the matter of permanent re-enlistment and a leave of abscence to visit his family to discuss.

Twentyfists 23:51, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Silas sat in his house, his head in his hands. "This is how I remain neutral? Son'va bitch!" he said. "Neither one of them boys realize that I done them some good. Now either one 'r the other'll come knockin' at my door."

Silas got up and began installing traps. He trapped the fridge, the door, several doorways, the radio, the stairs, his gun cabinet, and his library. He looked them over. "Good. Now none o' them people'll be knockin' on my door without a nasty surprise."

Brengarrett 00:12, 10 March 2009 (UTC) MAria smiles a they head back to the base of operation, Bren was out cold buthe is pissed, due to rememebr who knocked him out


Virgil took a look at himself in the mirror of the barracks bathroom, shaving his beard stuble alittle more, and coming his hair. He then grabbed his overcoat, holster, and cap, walked out of the bathroom, and proceeded to grab his power armor, connecting the joints. It was the day ater the battle, and outside, Bregrod was still a mess. Wounded soldiers walked the streets, and in the alleys the poor feasted on dead feral meat. Virgil liked his power armor; after all this, he hadn't worn power armor since he had originally quit the Crusade. The green and black power amor reminded him of the soldiers of his childhood. Virgil continued down the street, pausing to greet Velez and his men. Thomas greeted him during his walk. "You did one hell of a job. I'm having that original payment sent to your family outside of Bregrod. I'm also having a small airborne troup dedicated to your little home. Rest assured, your family is in good hands." Thomas said. Virgil nodded, smiling, and broke off again, this time towards the bar. Hopefully, he could get a drink without some brotherhood assasin lurking behind him.

Brengarrett 14:21, 10 March 2009 (UTC) (Introducing a new Character, or at least a cameo of him)

When Virgil went in he saw a man with peircing red eyes and in a large overcoat (similer to a regulator uniform) drinking some scotch from a bottle, the man was a named Skyler and he was looking for someone


Bren was waking up in an infirmery and he looks at Jackal and Maria who are looking at him, Jackal looks pissed, and Maria looks worried

"Hwo long have I been out?" Bren asks

--Vegas adict 18:01, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

"hey bren your awake youv'e been out more than a day" he turned to jackal "you know i never thought id say this to a ghoul but how would you like to become a member of the Las Vegas BOS seeing that i have no choice but to make the crusade our number 1 priority for now and i need someone who know's how to fight them.we tried my way but it cost me over 100 men so how about we try your way"

Brengarrett 18:31, 10 March 2009 (UTC) Bren is silent as he gets up and takes his stuff " MAria head to the Super Duper Mart in the DC Area, tel lthem Bren sent you" He says without turning back

"Bren...." Maria says but he already left the area and begins to Head Weswt towards some new destination

"I have to get stronger, I need to able to fight stronger....everyone forgive me" He thinks to himself as he begins to walk away


"Not so fast buddy. I'm sure we can discuss this somewhere in private. Of course, if your looking for me, I can arrange to have your body flown back to the area of your choice." Virgil said, unimpressed. The man spoke up. "The name is Skyler."

Brengarrett 20:32, 10 March 2009 (UTC) "I'm not looking for you, I'm looking for this man" He replys and holds up an old tattered photo of Jacob "Know himm? If so you better tell me or your body will become Radraoch food" HE says coldly


"Your not scaring me that much. Still sleepy, Mr. Skyler. If your thinking you'll get any info from me, you'll have to kill me first. Literally." Virgil said. Civilians, noting the two argue, stepped outside, scared of what might insue.

Brengarrett 20:47, 10 March 2009 (UTC) He signs and pulls out a combat shot gun but before he fires he grins a devil like grin that scares most of the other soliders away

"Too bad, you seemed like a smart fighter" He says then he throws a combat knife into Virgil's shoulder (Virgil was too busy watching the shotgun that he didn't notice Skyler pulling a hidden combat knife to throw)

User:KuHB1aM (your not the almighty k, that means you cant just scare away airborne. im going offline)

The combat knife went through Virgil's overcoat, and bounced off his power armor underneath. "Bad move, buddy." Virgil said, drawing his .44 Magnum. In unison, Velez and the airborne drew their weapons also. "This is a garrison town. I suggest that you leave at once before I call a friggin' airstrike down on both our heads. This is a crusade settlement, not some panzy settlement where you can get away with that stuff." Virgil said. "By the way, I am rather smart. Smarter than you, considering I didn't draw my weapon when I was vastly outnumbered. Don't fuck with me." Virgil said, and walked out of the bar. Velez and the airborne followed, leaving Skyler inside. He didn't have time for someone with the bad kind of red in his eye.

Brengarrett 21:04, 10 March 2009 (UTC) (Ok sorry, see ya later)

Skyler leaves the money on the table and looks at the edge

"Smart defense, he can't be Jacob, but if Jacob was here they would be dead, better leave for now" HE thinks and begins his trek to another Area, the DC area where Jacob is currenty being (I think)

--Vegas adict 21:27, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

Andrew turned his raidio on and tuned it to virgil's comm."virgil im rearly fed up with you but i'm going to give you one last chance if you fight me man to man like a man or you just hide in there with your airborne and wait for the BOS,AWA and EMAA to storm in hear with thier APC's And powered armored shock troup's and hang you and every other crusader in this goddamm town on a pole"


"I told you for the last time, Andrew. We're not leaving. You know aswell as I do that we even have more men than you in this area, and I doubt that you would withdraw men from your positions around New York in other areas and leave the bases unprotected. You haven't succeeded in scaring me. In fact, no one has, at least for awhile. By the way, your APCs are pieces of shit." Virgil said over his COM, and walked towards Thomas. "Andrew made another death threat. I have no doubt we can hold him to another attack, but with the current state of the wall and our defenses, a third attack will force us to withdraw." Thomas nodded, and motioned for Virgil to follow him. "I've requested more airborne. They'll be dropping in today. It will raise airborne strength here to almost two-hundred, more than enough. Add that to air support and artillery, and this settlement is impregnable. Andrew knows aswell as I do that in urban combat the airborne are at their best. He'd be a fool to attack as planned."


"I don't want to seem snarky here, Andrews, but it'll take at least three more pushes like the last one to force the Airborne out of Bregrod. We just don't have the numbers to land a knockout blow straight away. In all honesty, the only people that can go toe to toe with the Crusade are the real Enclave, and the California Brotherhood. If we try to take 'em on like this, they'll beat us into a paste for the Ferals to eat. And I, for one, don't fancy winding up on the business end of a Crusade public execution, I enjoy having my entrails on the inside." Jackal grunted. He wasn't about to lie to these people just to save their ego. He knew better than that.

Brengarrett 22:44, 10 March 2009 (UTC) Maria has alreadyu packed her stuff since the other Raiders were killed by Virgil's men she decided it was best to head to the Claws HQ

"Thanks for the help Jackal, yoy sure you don't want to come along" She asks him before leaving


"No girl, not for now, anyway. My place is here, with folk like me. Consider me a member, but I'll take a leave of abscence. I was around here long before you all, and I'll be around long after, I'll be sure not to let the world forget the Claws." Jackal said, shaking her hand.

Brengarrett 22:54, 10 March 2009 (UTC) MAria gives the ghoul a small peck on the cheek (she regreted that after she left ) then leaves the blushing Jackal to win his war, it was a long walk to the DC area so she had to get started

(And now Maria and Bren are off the boarD)

--Vegas adict 17:22, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

"you make a good point but there is no way i'm leaving hear while the crusade gain a competent new commander and a foothold against the BOS in this city.What do you know about virgil does he have a family we could take hostage or kill"


"A wife, his best friend, and two sons. They'll be under heavy guard. And I want nothing to do with anything that happens to them. The Crusade kills people who can't defend themselves. I don't. And I thought you wouldn't either. I don't track with people who think mercy is weakness, and lack of it is strength." Jackal growled.

As if to emphasize his point, he sat down, folded his arms and stared into the middle distance.

--Vegas adict 18:16, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

"i hapen to agree with you but if we have to deal with virgil and the crusade we need some sort of leaverage against them"

KuHB1aM20:31, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Virgil had been granted a leave of abscene from Thomas, and happily walked out of Bregrod, Velez and the airborne following him. "Velez, exactly how many men did Thomas put at my house?" Virgil said, curious. "A platoon of airborne. They're under Airborne Sergeant Leroy Jenkin's NPC (leroy!!!) command. Jenkins is a good soldier. I fought with him at Capitol Hill. Good fella, sir." Velez said. Virgil nodded, and continued his march through the rubble filled city. Then it hit him. "Velez, contact Jenkins. Dammit, I should have seen it coming. We need to get Rick and my family out of there, pronto." Virgil knew that he should have relocated the family to York or Bregrod. It was much too likely that they brotherhood would try and get at them. Virgil immediatly started running, the airborne at his heels.

--Vegas adict 19:14, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

"Briliant virgil is doing just what i want him to do"he turned to jackal "you see once i knew he had a family i positioned my men near there house when he comes through hear he'l be traped between my force hear and the EMAA near his house he'l probably escape but it will slow him down".

Run4urLife!19:26, 12 March 2009 (UTC) 

"I'll have no hand in hurting these people. My fight is against the Crusade, not their women and children. My cause is a righteous one, and I plan on it staying that way. I'll stick with you, but you got a better chance of getting a Deathclaw into a wedding dress than me into that house." Jackal grunted, utterly disgusted that the Brotherhood would sink so low. If it was for the sake of tech, he could see such things happening, but not for the sake of a vendetta. This was despicable, and Jackal was making no effort to hide his feelings on the matter.

He lit up another cigar, again, pickpocketted from Andrews. He was not happy for what his allies were about to do. --Vegas adict 19:32, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

"are you deaf there not at his house there near the path there going to ambush virgil there forbiden to go near his family.Were not savage now folow me i have something to show you" he turned around and started walking back to the camp.

KuHB1aM20:31, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Virgil continued running, Velez following him with the airborne. "Jenkins says he's seen some activity about two-hundred yards out behind various buildings and such, but he says it's nothing. Wait a second." Velez said. Virgil continued his running, nearing within a mile of the house. Satisified that there was no immediate danger, Virgil slowed to a fast walk. "Jenkins says... crap!!!" Velez said, and pushed down Virgil. Immediatly, the entire airborne platoon hit the ground, as lasers and bullets criscrossed the air. "Jenkins never finished his sentence, sir. The EMAA is jamming us. We should be able to extract your family though." Velez yelled, returning fire and striking an enemy sniper on a building roof. The platoon's own sniper fired back, killing two ground-level EMAA troopers. Not far away, the airborne at Virgil's house could be heard firing at targets of their own.

--Vegas adict 19:00, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

"jackal this is what i wanted to show you" in the center of the camp was a set of Tb-60a power armor and a necropolis pulse emiter."count yourself lucky to see this most vegasites would kill to see this.and now it's yours it's given to people who have saved a BOS member and now your 1 of them so ware it with pride"

Run4urLife!19:09, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackal scratched his head. This was all very sudden. He wasn't going to refuse this, but he wasn't exactly happy to be carrying a suit of power armor with himself until he got the chance to get back to Ghoul Stadium. He considered taking his leave now. This suit would look fantastic in a display case, and the pulse emitter just looked plain nifty.

--Vegas adict 20:02, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

"we'l keep it hear for now if you want" a mesage came through on the comm "the crusade there heer at the camp" he turned to jackal "follow me look's like we'v got a job to do"

Run4urLife!20:10, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Jeezis, these pricks just don't give up do they." Jackal grumbled as he followed Andrews through the darkening alleyway

He drew his shotgun and loaded a fresh clip into the SMG section. This was going to be a long night.

KuHB1aM20:38, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

Virgil raised his revolver again, and put another round into an EMAA trooper clad in combat armor. The round made a crack as it pierced the armor and struck the man in the chest. Virgil turned around again to see more EMAA troops, joined by BoS soldiers, rushing the airborne behind him and engaging in hand to hand combat. Virgil killed another soldier, and watched as Velez put down another EMAA troop with his combat knife, slicing at the power armored soldier's unprotected neck. Velez turned to him, wiping off the blood from his visor. "I think this might be an appropriate time to leave, sir, with all due respect." Velez said. Virgil nodded, and motioned for the platoon to form up on him. Virgil then leaped over the car he had been using for cover, and made a mad dash for the house, the airborne inside covering him.

--Vegas adict 20:50, 13 March 2009 (UTC)(we might need a page 3 what do you think)

He shot two crusaders in the head and tried to push toward's the retreating the crusade reached the house he yelled "stop!! we can't hurt civilian's even crusade one's mop up the survivor's and imprison them"

Run4urLife!21:13, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

This is Page 3

Jackal shotgunned a Crusader, then blasted another with his SMG. The both went down, their heads reduced to bloody stumps.Another Crusader slammed into his back,powering him into the concrete.Jackal rolled over, avoiding a stamp for his head, and blasted upwards into the soldier's groin, hollowing out his entire torso. With a wordless roar, he jumped up and fired into a fourth man's face, just as number five winged him with assault rifle fire. Jackal scrambled for cover, waiting for the fool to come by and confirm the kill.

Vegas adict21:17, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 
(sory ment page 4)

He sliced a crusaders head of and pushed toward's jackal choping the atacker's head off extending a hand he grined and said "sure you don't want that power armor"

//-- Teh Krush22:43, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Just a reminder not to attack the Crusade controlled York, thats MY settlement, just saying cus it looks like you might.
KuHB1aM20:38, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

As incoming reinforcements came in, as luck would have it Jackal and Andrew showed up, to Virgil's dismay. "Son of a bitch!!!" Virgil said as he dove into the house as he finished his year long sprint. The soldier in front idenitified himself while firing from a ground floor window. "Airborne Sergeant Leroy Jenkins, at your service." The soldier said, his assault rifle blazing. Virgil nodded, and pushed himself up against a wall, his own airborne platoon following him in as standard crusade infantry and and BoS/EMAA troops clashed. Virgil ran to the basement door, where another airborne could be seen with a shotgun. "They're downstairs, chief. Safe as can be. Rick is upstairs with a sniper rifle on the second floor." Virgil nodded, and ran down the stairs into the waiting arms of his wife. His sons running to him, Virgil wiped the blood from his head and hugged them too. He then motioned for them to follow him, Velez waiting. "Velez, call in a Verti-bird and get my family out of here. I want another airborne platoon out here from Bregrod aswell." Velez nodded, and ran off. "Leroy!!!" Virgil called. The sergeant ran to him. "We're leaving. Contact the infantry commander, and tell him to draw them off." Leroy nodded.

--Vegas adict08:42, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

"god damit virgils inside the house and were traped out heer" in the background a faint rumble could be hear folowed by opressor trundled into view incinerating crusader's with it's plasma canon "mount up jackal we'v got a job to do"

KuHB1aM20:38, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

"What in the hell..." Virgil said, staring as a massive plasma cannon swiveled towards Virgil inside the house. "Everybody down!!!" Virgil yelled, and pushed down Velez as the cannon dis-charged, destroying the wall in front of him. "Return fire!!!" Velez yelled. Virgil scrambled to get to his family,grabbing them, and smashing the back door open, airborne piling out of the opening. "Captain Samson says he can buy you some time Virgil, but not alot. He says that thing is tearing through flesh and bone like paper, and it just bypasses the power armor the men are wearing." Velez said, who turned off his inter-helmet COM channel. Virgil nodded, and would remember to make a plaque for Samson once they escaped to Bregrod. "Captain Thomas says he can't spare any VTOLs right now. They're in really short supply, and HighCom just contacted him and wants them out of here and back to D.C." Virgil spat on the ground. With two airborne platoons with him, Virgil could stave of an infantry attack forever, but with that vehicle in the fray, and with no air-support, they'd be dead in seconds. "Velez, we're moving towards MoS territory right now. No way we'll make it back to Bregrod or York in time. Tell Samson if he's not dead already to rendevous at Alpha Bravo Oscar Zulu Seven-Five-Nine if he can make it." Velez nodded, and the men moved into formation, with Virgil at the front.

Run4urLife!13:37, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackal sat down on the rear of the tank, and shifted to avoid its swivelling turret.

"Where did they get this thing?" Jackal thought to himself as the cannon fired again. Then he dismounted as he saw Virgil running from the house with his family. He knew the EMAA would have an ambush. If they hurt those kids, there'd be hell to pay for every Ghoul in New York.


EMAA squad Theta were waiting in ambush for Virgil and his formation, flashbangs ready. The Crusade infantry were fair game, but Virgil and his family were to be taken unharmed. They set off a grenade as the fisrt man came into view, and their sergeant lunged at Virgil's staggering wife. Virgil's vision cleared. He had dropped his .44 but the man going for his wife was suddenly pitched backwards by a shotgun blast. Jackal stepped over his body, and looked at Virgil.

"One last chance boy, take your family and leave. Fuck the Crusade, get the hell outta this city, because I sure as hell won't save your sorry ass, or your wife's, again." Jackal growled as he stalked off into the firefight at the house. He blasted a Crusader in the chest, and plunged his machete down through the unprotected gap between the chest and shoulder plating of another Crusader's armor, piercing his heart, and both lungs.

--Vegas adict 19:03, 14 March 2009 (UTC)

He followed jackal down to virgils house as he aproached he called out to virgil "why.why did you join the crusade again you could have fled and joined the Bos they would have taken you or some other organisation instead you joined up again and came hunting a ghoul who's only crime is to be efected by radiation im guna say this one last time flee and the BOS can make it worth your time stay and you and your family will pay for all the damage you caused"

KuHB1aM19:21, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

(lol srry jackal we still enemies)

Virgil brushed himself off, and stood between his family and Andrew. Behind his family, the airborne, who had been firing from the house, stodd patiently, wanting to move foward but staying put, as EMAA Squad Theta still had their weapons raised. "I'm Virgil, in case you haven't noticed. I may be be a wee bit nervous here, but I ain't scared enough to run from a gun barrel yet." He turned to Velez, who was still several feet back. "Get back to the battle, Velez." Velez immediatly spoke up, but Virgil silenced him. "I said BACK to the battle, soldier." Virgil said. Velez, unhappy, saluted, and motioned for both platoons to stop and go back into the house. "Andrew, I don't give a damn how many times you've told me to flee. You might want to try a new tactic. Guns and bullets work rather well. As for Jackal, he was only a bounty. That's how I got reinvolved. Jackal has probably saved my ass a couple times, but we're still enemies. Shoot or leave, cause' I'll still be waiting to hunt him." Virgil said. Virgil knew he owed Jackal a couple times, but they were still rivals in the strictest sense, and Virgil always finished his jobs. Then Andrew did something unexpected. He pulled out his pistol and shot Virgil twice in the chest. Virgil, who's armor had long since been removed because of the common problem of being riddled bullets, felt the impact of the bullets as they slammed into his body. Virgil's stomach imploded in pain, and as he fell on his back, he could hear his children screaming, aswell as his wife. His hearing faded, as he weakly watched the airborne, who had been watching, engaged in a fierce firefight with Theta Squad, who grabbed Virgil's family and ran off, half with his family and the others fighting with the airborne. Then he felt hands grab him and pull him back, and his vision became blurry.

Run4urLife!20:32, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

Wasn't aiming for friends, just just an act of personal heroism in a background of moral ambiguity

Jackal nailed another Crusader and watched as Theta squad rushed past carrying Virgil's family.

"Just coulnd't take advice from a Ghoul then. Jackass." Jackal sighed as he watched them sprint through friendly lines and back to basecamp.

He grunted as another Crusader hit him from behind. He staggered and felt blood drip from his shoulder. The prick had torn Thomas' shotgun blast from Bregrod back open. With a wordless snarl, Jackal wheeled around and powered the stock of his shotgun into the man's helmet, cracking his head back with such force he bit clean through his tongue. Jackal blasted him in the throat, sending his head spinning off into the darkness. Jackal limped off to the side, heading back towards the tank, which was still happily vaporizing anything that came into its crosshairs.

--Vegas adict21:10, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

andrew pushed his way back to the opressor shouting out to jackal "sory i lost controll for a sec there." a crusader made an atempt to plant a plasma mine on the tank's side but he grabed the man's head and crushed it."pull out!!"

KuHB1aM00:55, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

are you jesus? cause i sure as hell as hell cant grab a man's head and crush it, lol

Virgil was resisting all forms of attempt to give him medical attention. It came to the point where Velez and three other Airbrone had to hold Virgil down while a medic applied RadAway and some stimpaks to his wounds. Virgil finally calmed down, his mouth dripping blood. "Let me go!!!" He shouted once again. Velez punched him in the face. "Virgil calm down. We'll get your family back in no time. However, right now is the time to think, not be reckless." Velez said. Virgil stopped squirming, his heart rate slowing. When he saw Andrew again he was gonna rip him a new one.

Run4urLife!01:12, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Andrews has mechanical arms, based off power armor. And I know its irrelevant and off topic, even if Jesus could crush a man's head, I don't think he would

Jackal grumbled as he limped into the EMAA basecamp. He sat down in a tent, unwittingly sitting down next to Virgil's wife and kids. They were all crying, but nobody recognized him as the Ghoul that had killed Theta Squad's Sergeant in a blatantly dangerous attempt to convince Virgil to take his family and leave New York.

"Hey, we won't hurt you, it's OK." Jackal said to one of the children. The child only wailed louder. Clearly the sight of his father being shot and the sight of a Ghoul up close was extremely stressful.

"Think, Liam, think!" Jackal thought to himself. A magic trick! That'd solve things. He used to do them all the time. He crouched in front of the children and showed them a bottlecap. He was about to do the classic "coin out of the nose" trick, until Virgil's wife grabbed him, and shoved him away, screaming something about getting away from her children, in between sobs.

Jackal was starting to regret killing a man for the sake of her safety. He stood up and looked at her.

"If your husband isn't dead already, darlin', he'll be coming after me with both barrels. I'll be sure to keep him alive long enough so I can slash his throat right in front of you and your boys here." Jackal growled. It was an empty threat, but it shut her up, and there was no way in hell she was going to try manhandling him again.

--Vegas adict08:55, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Andrews looked around for jackal.He was in the tent with virgil's wife "jackal it's gone way over my head now and the EMAA have called in someone to take charge iv been sent to bring you to him and our "council" of war"

--Madude09:16, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Lord commander matthew rodular surveyed the map's in front of him.the crusade had fallen back after one of the rider apc's had diverted to the battle but in infantry and air suport terms the crusade were both numericly supiror and beter trained.He made a note to have one of the opressor's converted to a anti air battery as well as repurseing another to replace its plasma canon and minigun with flamers.

He looked up as andrew's and jackal entered the room."good to see you both back on your feet.Take a look at this" he showed them the map of the crusade and EMAA/LVBOS troups in new york."as you can see the crusade infantry are mainly holed up in bergod with about 200-300 airborne heer at a small camp about 2 kilomiters from virgils house.We cant use opressors for anything but artilery as theres not enoth space near either camp.So the only cause of action would be an infantry assult.You 2 will lead a squad of LVBOS elite round the back to trap the crusade between an advancing APC and EMAA infantry any questions"

KuHB1aM19:21, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

erm, just a question. how are you guys going to fly over the camp unopposed? I shall post later. ive got some stuff to do, and i wont be back for at least a couple hours, if im delayed

--Madude12:51, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

the liberator's helicopters are incredibly well armored and why will they be looking if there geting shelled by artilery varient opressor's (rocket launchers and a fat-man as well as the plasma canon)

Run4urLife!13:37, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Madude, you're talkin Enclave Tech. And Enclave only tech.

KuHB1aM19:21, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

yah, thats kinda out of hand. helicopters that can withstand just about anything? that stuff is all enclave tech, Run4Urlife is right. tone it down a bit, maybe back to the infantry assault idea you mentioned. cause no way in hell are the airborne gonna let 20 or so power armored troops just drop into their base and plant nukes. they are Professional soldiers, and would notice multiple fronts of attack. lets continue this discussion in the talk area

The trip back to Bregrod was a short one. Captain Thomas was already withdrawing troops from the camps outside Bregrod and York back into the settlements. Virgil couldn't agree more with the plan. Why let them attack with those damned APCs out in the open? Of course, Virgil didn't have time to think of this. He had to rescue his family. He looked towards Velez, who was waiting with him near the front gates to Bregrod, which had just been repaired from the previous attack. Virgil motioned his hand once again, and the platoon, reinforced with Jenkin's own airborne platoon, moved out, in search of Andrew's camp.

--Vegas adict15:16, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

"just one thing the crusade are profesional's and they do know what there doing how do you know they won't suspect a trap other than that it seams a good plan what do you think jackal" just as he said this alarms blaered and Rodular spoke up"the crusade there heer" andrew smiled rodular might be the best planner in the EMAA but this was his show now "jackal follow me to the opressor's lets see how the crusade deal with them"

Run4urLife!16:28, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Wait, wait, wait wait. You want me to get into a chopper, that'll probably get shot at, and fly over a camp full of people who want to turn me inside-out?" Jackal yelped. Then he sighed resignedly and finished. "Wait till I get my Power Armor on."

In spite of finishing on a grumble, Jackal pulled on his Power Armor, ad gradually got used to letting the hydraulics do all the work. Then he enthusiastically climbed into one of the opressors with Andrews. He loaded his Shotgun up again, checked the clip on the underslung SMG. Fully loaded. He was getting jitters. He'd never been part of an aerial assault before.

KuHB1aM17:28, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Virgil watched the irony. Being part of the airborne, being attacked from the air. Plus the numerous APCs that the LVBoS and EMAA had really served to make Virgil have a smirk on his face. Velez crald over to him from another barricade they had just taken from EMAA troops. "One of our boys figured out how to blow those things up. The bastard tanks have weak spots in their treads where it exposes a small part of the engine. The guy actually blew the thing up, but as he was telling us how to kill the things he got vaporized, so we don't exactly know where to shoot the treads. We could try to call in a VTOL, but Thomas is still holding our last few in reserve." Virgil nodded. So those things could be killed. "Have Jenkins and his platoon move east and take the positions the EMAA is firing from inside those buildings. I want you and your platoon to concentrate all your fire on those tanks." Virgil said, and instinctively dove as a sea-king helicopter fired missiles down on Jenkins and his men. "Ok, scratch that." Virgil said as Jenkin's head landed in front of him and Velez. "Maybe we should return fire, sir?" Velez said. Virgil liked the idea, and popped out from cover, firing his revolver.

Vegas adict20:49, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

"down the hatch boy's" he droped on to the ground with jackal just behind him.the sea-king was still unleashing its misiles on the crusade.He landed in front of a startaled crusader and crushed the man's head in his fist he called out to the EMAA troupers carying the bomb's "you ok there" he pushed through the crusaders until he reached jackal "we have to get to virgil soon before they start to put up a good fight"

Run4urLife!18:53, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackal didn't care about Virgil. He didn't care about the bombs. He didn't care about the objectives of the mission. Thomas was here. And Jackal would see him dead, even if it meant the two of them fighting to the death as the camp burned down around them.

Jackal was going psycho on these Crusade pricks, even flourishing his shotgun as he blasted the soldiers as they came. This power armor was great. He could fire the shotgun one handed. He spun it through his hand and pumped another shot into another Crusader, turning his head to a fine mist.

KuHB1aM20:33, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

i dont want to seem rude or anything, but real life soldiers would never attack and charge from their barricades unless they were running low on ammo. that includes commanders with superman robotic arms

Virgil fired two more shots, catching both soldiers in the head. To think these boys could actually shoot a weapon astounded Virgil. In fact, the only thing killing either the airborne or standard crusade infantry was Andrew, Jackal, and the vehicles. Virgil spun, shoved his combat knife up an EMAA soldier's throat, and dove as a sniper round went past his head. Virgil motioned his hand, and the sniper's positions was quickly smashed with small arms fire, the sniper falling dead from his position. The airborne worked as one, concentrating on a single target at a time and dropping them extremely quickly. Virgil pushed himself back up to his barricade, popped out from cover, and shot again, hitting another EMAA soldier and causing his armor to fail. The man's power fusion cells inside the armor malfunctioned, and he exploded in a shower of grizzly bits and pieces.

Run4urLife!20:44, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

It seems you misunderestimate us

Jackal dropped another Crusader, and spotted Virgil at the barricades. He was going to leave him to the EMAA and the LVBoS. He still flipped him off for good measure, though.

"Thomas, get the hell out here and die like a man!" Jackal roared. Still no sign of old Freddie. Maybe he wasn't here after all.

KuHB1aM20:33, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

we'll see, brosef, lol

"Fuck you too, Jackal!!!" Virgil yelled back, and dove as Jackal pulled a pistol with his left hand and fired at Virgil, causing him to duck instantly. "Dammit!!!" Virgil said. "Velez, get Captain Thomas over from the east side. His old rival is here, or his old enemy, or whatever the fuck you want to call it." Velez nodded.

retaking control of thomas again, will use both.

Thomas ducked, smashed the power fist into the man's head, and dove for cover at a missile raked his position and hit the Dignitary and two Templars behind him, showering him in body parts. In front of him, he could see Velez, Virgil's airborne assistant, running to him. "Virgil needs you over on the west side!!! He says that ghoul that almost took your head off earlier is over there, and boy is he pissed." Thomas nodded, dropped the power fist, and drew his Crusade .357 Desert Eagle, running towards the west side of fighting.

it seems we'll have a desrt eagle duel, then, eh?

Run4urLife!21:17, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

Mine's a .44. Feel the overkill! Muwahahahahaha!!! But seriously, watch the last scene from Equilibrium for what I have in mind:

Jackal looked up as he saw Thomas sprinting up with a squad of Airborne Templars in tow. Then, all of a sudden, Thomas signalled for the Templars to move off to shore up a gap in the lines, and came after Jackal himself.

Jackal was shocked. Maybe Thomas had a spine after all.

Vegas adict21:35, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

if jackal wanted to kill thomas that was up to him but virgil would pay for what he ha done.he pushed through the baricade shoting 2 crusaders in the head and crushing the another "fight like a man virgil"

KuHB1aM20:33, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

i really hope that the equilibrium scene here doesn't end the wrong way for me, Run. prepare to face my .357 slug in your flappy skinned face

"I've been doing that all day long, Andrew, in case you haven't noticed all the dead bodies on the ground. Virgil drew his revolver once again, and fired two shots, one missing. The other hit Andrew in the corner of his power armor, causing ihim to recoil. "C'mon, Andrew. I figured you'd gotten better since that last real fight at the safe house. " Andrew made good on his promise. He took his arms, grabbed an airborne soldier, who was squirming for a grenade, and threw him at Virgil, Virgil caught the man, but fell off balance, giving Andrew enough time to grab a pulse rifle from the ground. "Shit!!!" Virgil said, and both he and the airborne who had been thrown squirmed as the rifle discharged, scorching the area where Virgil had formerly been lying.

Thomas fired three times, Jackal diving for cover. Each time Thomas fired, Jackal would move out of the way, and try to get closer, and engage Thomas up close. This time, it worked. Jackal pushed his .44 Deagle in Thomas' face, who fired his own .357 at Jackal, who pushed his pistol away as the Deagle discharged, the sound smashing against Thomas' eardrums.

Run4urLife!22:13, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackal and Thomas were busily knocking each other's aim off, while trying to get a clear shot themselves. Jackal had a plan though. He stopped firing his weapon after eight shots, like a .44 desert eagle should, and knocked Thomas' aim off as he fired his ninth and last shot, from his standard .375.

"Both empty asshole." Thomas growled.

"Extended clip, asshole!" Jackal snarled, and put a bullet in each of Thomas' limbs. He fell to the ground. Jackal started dragging him away while no one noticed.

"You're gonna love what I have in store for you, prick features." Jackal said. Thomas looked at him, puzzled. "It meas your face looks like a penis. Christ, you wouldn't get a job mopping floors before the war. How did you manage to make captain?"

KuHB1aM20:33, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

hey wait a sec!!!

Fuck Thomas thought. Just great. His arms were bleeding,, he was being pulled to who knows where, and Jackal was probably gonna make him into mince meat, or even worse, ghoulify him. Of course, Thomas would commit suicide before it came to that. Fuck.

Virgil jumped again, as the pulse rifle discharged, scorhing his former spot once again. The airborne had already tried to intervene and support, but several scorches from the rifle served to make them think better. Virgil drew his revolver, fired another shot into Andrew's other shoulder, who backed off, growling in pain. "Dammit!!!" Andrew snarled, and fired the last few shots in his pulse rifle. Empty, Andrew threw the rifle at Virgil, who caught the expensive piece of hardware in two hands. Andrew shoved Velez out of the way, throwing him into a barricade, and ran back towards his own defensive line. Velez brushed himself off. "Hey. wait a second. Where the hell is Thomas?" Velez asked. Fuck, Virgil thought.

Run4urLife!23:27, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackal was whistling a happy little tune by now. Everything was going to plan for once. Then he remembered the one bit of useful bullshit his father had passed on. When everything seems to be going better than expected, you've fucked up and didn't notice. Ghoul Stadium! All of his Ghoulification equipment was in Ghoul Stadium. The radiation outside the Stadium would be too brad-spectrum to garuantee Ghoulification.

"FUCK!! Fuckitty fuck FUCK!!" Jackal roared. This was beyond annoying. He vented his fury on a passing Mirelurk, his shotgun hollowing out its shell as he blasted through its face.

"Hang on. What the fuck are Mirelurk Hunters doing here?" Jackal thought.

Vegas adict16:34, 17 March 2009 (UTC) 
i wont be on after about 5 run could you take over

as he reached his own line he stoped to think "oh shit jackal.You riders get your apc up and runing were going on a ghoul hunt"

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