Act 1Edit

Location: Fort Independence Courtyard


Defender Hughes couldn't believe the recent string of success that he has had recently. After participating in a patrol near Fort Constantine his luck changed. His partner was a higher ranked Outcast then he was. They were ambushed by a group of Raiders. The Raiders wounded Hughes' superior and Hughes fought them off. He dragged his superior all the way back to Fort Independence in a five day trip. When they finally got back Protector Casdin took interest in him. Hughes was promoted in a matter of days after serving the Outcasts for months. Hughes was given a Gatling laser to use. He had always wanted one, but since they were short on supplies only the highest ranking Outcasts got them. Hughes also could now choose whatever missions he would want to go on. That is why he chose this mission. All he had to do was wait for his other teammates.


"I need volunteers." Protector Casdin's speaker crackled to the assembled Outcasts. Defender Ranik weighed his commander's request. He had his doubts, but after all, wasn't this what he was here to do? He had been following Casdin since they were part of Lyons' detachment. Casdin had saved Ranik's life at The Scourge, when a mutant had broken his leg and used him as bait to lure some Brotherhood Knights into a fire trap. He was young and stupid then. He led his small squad too far ahead of the main advance. The two Knights with him were killed when the three had entered a warehouse and Ranik was captured. He recalled the searing pain he felt as the mutants snapped his femur. They beat him and dropped him half an hour later in the middle of the warehouse. It was Lyons' squad that entered the building. Casdin was among them. As the fighting began Ranik screamed out. The mutants surged from all the dark corners of the structure. Two of them appeared directly above Ranik brandishing pipes and a sledgehammer, they raised them intent on finishing what they started. Ranik heard a whining noise as another figure appeared above him. The figure ducked and spun as his Ripper tore the mutants apart. Ranik closed his eyes. Next thing he knew, he was on an operating table in a field camp. Casdin was standing next to the doc. "Doc replaced your femur with aloy. You'll be on your feet in two weeks and starting rehabilitation. I've arranged for you to be moved to my squad so I can keep an eye on your progress. Use the second chance you've been given." The words echoed in Ranik's brain as Casdin now asked for volunteers for this mission. Ranik had but one answer as he stepped forward on a leg that was as strong as new: "I'll go."


Defender Hal Carter hummed along to the radio as he finished putting on his Armor, pacing up and down the virtually empty barracks of Fort Independence. He was moving so gently, but the several inches of metal around him was carrying him further than any man should've moved if they were walking that slowly. That was the beauty of Power Armor - always took you that extra mile, quite literally. It also told him that everything was in operational order, which was good. He pulled his helmet on over his head, adjusted it a few times until he could see straight through the visor, then quickly said "Testing" and nodded to himself as he heard it resonate throughout the room with a mechanical subtone to it. He smiled. Everything was up to scratch.

He collected his trusty Combat Shotgun and loaded a fresh drum into it, before collecting a few spares and dumping them in a small supply satchel. He then picked up a 10mm SMG and a Ripper, which he revved briefly for the heck of it, along with a few extra magazines for the former, which he put in the same satchel. To top it off, he grabbed a handful of frag and pulse grenades, before exiting the barracks, whistling a tune - which, decidedly, would have sounded better if he took his helmet off. As he made his way through the Fort, he got some odd looks from his fellow Outcasts who noted his rather "simplistic" choice of weaponry, compared to the flashy lasers most of them used. Carter, of course, thought they were morons, wasting the technology they were supposed to be saving for combat.

He'd heard Casdin was putting together a team for some sort of ultra-important mission. Maybe it was worth checking out...


Defender Ranik walked back toward his footlocker in the barracks. In the hallway he gave a helmeted nod to Defender Carter as he passed by. Other Outcasts thought a little too harshly of Carter for his choice of "simplistic" weaponry. Ranik respected the man. He liked Carter's style and choice of weaponry. After all, Ranik had similar tastes. He'd carried the same Combat Shotgun around since The Scourge. He lovingly maintained it with spare parts and kept it in prestine working order. Super Mutants, Raiders, wasteland creatures, even those Talon Company bastards had all met thier maker at the muzzle of Ranik's shotgun. Defender Ranik knelt down and opened his footlocker. The mission that Casdin had laid out was going to be dangerous. Ranik pulled out the cotton gun case inside, unzipped it and pulled out his weapon. He inspected it carefully. Not a speck of dust, spot of dirt, nor an inch of rust. Carefully he leaned it against his bunkpost as he continued finding supplies. A few extra drum mags, a Medic bag with enough Stimpaks and RadAway for himself and his squadmates, some rations, and a few frag mines.

One last thing: carefully Ranik moved his extra items aside. There, at the bottom of his footlocker was a tiny box with a small, tarnished locket. Inside was a faded picture of a girl he'd once known, back in California, where he first joined the Brotherhood of Steel. He didn't know, after twenty years of being stuck in the hellhole that was the Capitol Wasteland, if she'd lived or died, but he knew that once they had the tech, Casdin would lead them back to the real Brotherhood out west, and maybe, just maybe she'd be there. There wasn't much to be optimistic or hopeful about in these times, but a man, even an Outcast, needed something to hold onto. Defender Wallace Ranik had something and he figured he'd need it for the mission he just volunteered for.


One by one the members of this mission were entering the courtyard. Hughes recognized one of them. Defender Carter was an odd member of the Outcasts, always favoring simple weapons. Hughes idealized the more advanced weaponry. The two had opposing attitudes, but hopefully on this mission they could work together efficiently. Hughes saw Protector Casdin enter the courtyard. Him being here meant that this was all the Outcasts that were participating in the mission. Hughes knew the mission had to do with gaining access to Old Olney. There was supposedly a storehouse of advanced weaponry there. The only problem that they should encounter would be the many Deathclaws nearby. As long as they weren't swarmed by those monsters they would be fine.

Hughes had his new gatling laser and a laser pistol ready for the mission. He couldn't wait for the excitement ahead.

Brengarrett 00:05, 21 February 2009 (UTC)

A Man about 21 has been walking for a while when he spotted the Otucasts, his hunting rifle "Death Claw Bane" strapped to the back of his combat armor, and his long black hair was tied back

"Hmmm, maybe I should ask for or Water, maybe some work" He thought

He shifts his Vault-Tec Bag of items and begins to hike down the hill when they see him


"Three men?" Ranik said, half to himself. "Three men to take Old Olney?" Ranik walked point in the patrol. Defender Ranik knew from his numerous patrols throughout the Captiol Wasteland that Old Olney had become a breeding ground for Deathclaws. It made a little sense though, less men would be a smaller footprint for the Deathclaws to track. After all, if the Outcasts attacked Olney in force, how many more good men would be killed than just the three of them. Only Ranik resolved that he wouldn't be KIA on this mission. Nevermind all that. The tech was much more important. Ranik had heard rumors, reports that several squads of Enclave Troopers had tried to move into the city to capture Deathclaws. These men were subsequently overwhelmed and pulled out, with most killed. Maybe, in addition to the tech stores, they could recover the armor and plasma weapnry of these Enclave pigs. As the squad began it's trek northward Ranik thought of something. Something else from his years of patrol experience. Along the road that approaches Olney from the west, radiation levels were high near the disposal site, but there was something else, something that if confirmed, could ensure promotions for each of the men in the squad and bring back unimaginable tech for the Outcasts. Locals were ignorant, but for a stimpak and bottle of purified water, Ranik learned of a supposed crash sight of some kind of advanced vehicle. Possibly an Enclave Vertibird. Just then Ranik was jarred from his thoughts when he heard Hughes' gatling laser begin charging and the click of Carter's shotgun. Ranik raised his own weapon and took aim at the figure approaching them on the road. Great, here came some of the local wildlife. "Identify yourself local."

Brengarrett 23:13, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren held up his Rifle and bag in the air to show he isn't here to cause trouble

"My name is Bren Tenkage, I am looking for work" he shouted to them

He slowly walks to the outcasts silently praying that they don't use him for target practice

"I just need some work, I'm a crack shot with a hunting rifle" He said to them

He goes into his bag and pulls out some death claw hands, and holds them up to make his point


Hughes saw the deathclaw hands the man named Bren had lifted up into the air. Hughes walked up to the man and snatched the claws. He looked them over and even parted the skin.

"Looks real enough. So you a Deathclaw hunter or something, wastelander?" Hughes

Hughes realized that this man could be useful to them. None of them had too much experience with deathclaws. A seasoned hunter would be extremely helpful. Hughes looked at the others and then back at Bren.

Brengarrett 01:19, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

"Mercanary, names Bren Tenkage"

He takes the hand back and puts in back in his bag

"You see I need some work, I heard you guys do some tough missions. I want in on some jobs, maybe for food and water"

He looks around and still sees some of the outcasts training their guns on him

"Maybe I should back off and pray they are a bad shot" He thought


Defender Ranik lowered his shotgun. The Deathclaw hands did indeed look real enough. If a fellow Outcast thought so, then it was good enough for Ranik. "Where'd you get those Deathclaws? The Sanctuary?" Ranik referred to the Deathclaw Sanctuary to the northwest, which he had given a wide berth, for obvious reasons, during his patrols. "We got food, purified water, RadAway and stimpaks." Ranik offered. "You got a good shot and can help get us back safe, I think we can work something out."

Brengarrett 01:55, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

"I was near Little Lamplight, I make sure the kids can surive another day, sometimes I fing deathclaws near by" he says

His eyes widen and he clutches his chest

"Damn, not now" he moans

Bren's radiation posioning catches up with him and he throws up (his radition is up to 345 rads)


"Just hold still, you're going to feel a little sting. Not much compared to the stuff you've probably run into out here." Ranik advised as he started a RadAway IV. "You gotta keep yourself from getting radiation sickness. Those brats at Lamplight ever give you any of that fungus, it supposedly aborbs radiation. Ran into a couple of them on patrol a few years back. One kid talked real funny. Could barely understand him, but we traded him a laser rifle for a satchel full of the stuff. You should try to get some from them if you're protecting them. I'm one of the Independence medics, so I got enough RadAway for this squad and this trip from my supply, but we'll have to scavenge some more if you keep getting sick like this." Ranik finished the IV. "We need to get moving," Ranik said picking up his Combat Shotgun. "We have to find some shelter before nightfall."

Brengarrett 02:33, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren coughs a bit and gets up

"I owe you a bitt, so what mission you want me on?"

He draws Death Claw Bane

"I can take out any Death Claws, my payment will be any claws we find, anything else you can take"

He sits down still a little woozy

"oh and the kids, yeah they won't let me back in, say I'm a " mungo"


Hughes walked up to Ranik.

"Ranik, he may be helpful, but we can't waste our supplies on him." Hughes

Hughes looked over at the mess Bren made. The mess definitely had radiation sickness and Hughes normally wouldn't mind it, but this sounded like a long trip and they couldn't afford to waste anything.

Brengarrett 02:42, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren glares at Hughes then in one quick move he fires a shot that almost takes his head off, which of course promps the outcats to retrain the guns at him

"Don't count me out" he says, "I'm not weak, you guys live in machines, me I had to live without them, so tell me who is stronger?"

HE keeps the gun trained on him almost daring him to shoot him


Ranik swiftly raised his Combat Shotgun in response to the threat and aims it at Bren. "Listen local, you have to rememeber, we do have the tech, and the weapons, and the numbers in this fight. You got radiation sickness, and guts, which is good but unless you want to see your own guts splattered all over those rocks, you'd best be lowering your weapon. We've got no time for this business. You've got three choices, lower that weapon and help us, lower that weapon and move along, or fire one more time and become just another dead Merc out in the wasteland. Your call."

Brengarrett 02:56, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

"Just making a point, besides I need to reload"

He lowers the gun and hands Ranik some caps

" I owe you for the treatment, now as for the mission, let me guess, you need Tech, but Death Claws are giving you a hard time, I say one of you brings a missle launcher, some frags and maybe some sniper rifles"

Bren grins and removes his armor to reveal many scars, and they are from death claws

" I know the best ways to take out Death claws and I know the worst ways, if you want to live you would be best to listen to this advice"

He puts the armor back on

" You wouldn't happen to have any water for payment would you? I could also use some ammo for Bane here"


"You don't make a point by pointing a gun at the Outcasts, and I don't need your caps, got no use for 'em. You help us find tech, and we'll help you out with some food. As for ammo, we don't carry .32 rounds so you'll have to scrounge some. Here's a bottle of water. Make it last." Ranik tossed the mercenary a bottle of purified water. "The only weapons we have access to right now are the ones we carry. We'll have to make due. And Bren," Ranik said, removing his helmet to reveal a scarred and weathered face, and a head of scraggly brown and gray hair, "I've patroled these wastes as a Brother of Steel and now an Outcast for 20 years. I have an aloy leg from the Pitt. You aren't the only survivor in the wasteland. Remember that." Defender Ranik turned and put his helmet back on. He noted Hughes' posture. Clearly this local taking a shot at him did not sit well. It didn't sit well with Ranik either, but he knew Hughes was a brave and capable soldier in his own right and didn't need to be looked after. Carter just seemed to stare at the local. Ranik liked that guy, but he was odd. Not a word through all the commotion. "Let's keep moving."

Brengarrett 15:18, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

"You just hired one of the better mercs, glad to be apart of the team, and sorry for the little scare"

He stands up and sips the bottle of water

"Good stuff, better then the local water, so anyway what is the mission? And I will understand if you don't tell me some of the "hidden agendas" some employers have"

"That guy been in a lot of battle, and the Pitt, been their once, almost *bleeped* my pants when I went their, better not make him mad" BRen thought noting Ranik's face

"If it's Death Claw's worrying you, then let me be behind the guy leading, I can take care of any we meet" he added.

Location: FairFax Ruins, Less than one mile from Fort Independence


Protector Jackson limped through FairFax Ruins, helmetless and broken both mentally, spiritually, and physically. His entire detachment had been eliminated from a raider attack in a botched raid, and he was the sole survivor, wounded and half scared to death. In one hand, he carried an AEP7 Laser Pistol; in the other, a flare gun. He could hear raiders not far away, searching for him. Jackson continued to limp along, and struggled to continue on his way. The only thing that kept him going was the knowledge that he was so close to Fort Independence. Jackson, exhuasted and bruised, fell to the ground with a thump, his armor crashing against the ground. With a cry, he launched the flair, hoping that someone would come and perform a miracle.


They hadn't gotten very far today. All this nonsense with the local that happened across them had taken precious time. All day they'd been hearing gunfire to the south. Uncomfortably close to Fort Independence. Had the Raiders launched another attack on the fort? If that was the case then the squad had gotten out of there just in time. Fort Independence was very well defended. Robobrains and Protectrons as well as Outcast soldiers themselves. The Raiders hadn't taken it back in the year since the Outcasts occupied it, why would today be any different? As Hughes, Carter, and Bren rested, Ranik kept his watch, gazing out the window of the small power station to the north of Fairfax. As he did, a flare streaked skyward. That was odd, a distress flare. From the Outcasts? As he formulated this thought his comm broke into chatter.


Mission or no, the Outcasts came first. "Everyone up!" Ranik shouted to his squadmates, "There's a call from Fairfax! Our brothers are in trouble! Time to move out!"

Brengarrett 01:54, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren was up and he loads his rifle

" Time for some action"

Because he wasn't in heavy power armor he was able to run to the flare and he sees a raider who fires on him with a 10mm

"Moron, this is real fire power"

Bren fires on the raider and with 2 shots blasts the head right off

" HEY ANYONE HERE! IF AN OUTCAST IS OUT HERE DO SOMTHING TO GET MY ATTENTION!!" Bren shouted hoping that the outcast would answer

"This reminds me of Japan, I was a fool, they never shoudl have died" Bren thought, recalling his first real merc mission in Japan

Bren's thoughs are interrupted when he sees a Raider with a missle launcher aiming right at him

"This is gonna hurt" He says

//--Teh Krush 02:03, 24 February 2009 (UTC) \\

As the raider pulls the trigger, his missile launcher jams, and after attempting to unjam it the missile launchs at full speed at his own feet, killing him and another raider.

Seeing this, the injured Jackson crawls towards Bren yelling that he needs help.

Brengarrett 02:08, 24 February 2009 (UTC) Bren sees Jackson

" Glad to see that your alright"

Bren keeps his gun out and gets near the outcast

"Are you ok, can you move?" Bren said taking proper procedure.

//--Teh Krush 02:15, 24 February 2009 (UTC) \\

"What is this guy some kind of wannabe 'hero'?" said one of the raiders.
"Like, shit, he comes outta nowhere and ignores us and tries to save somebody he doesn't even know!"
"Fuckin' shoot the kid already!"

And with that all the raiders shot at Bren, and failed to hit him, Bren starts dragging Jackson away from them and behind a corner to continue the treatment well other outcasts finally come to his aid.

"Like you could have got him.."
"Ya, Fuck you." *Blows the other raiders head off*

Brengarrett 02:18, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren removes Jackson's helment and checks his face

"Alright, lets see....looks like your gonna live"

Bren pulls ou a stimpack from his pack and injects it into the cut areas and then puts some guaze on it

"Glad I found you, I may not be a doctor but I know if we didn't find you... well you know the law of the wasteland"


"Give me that Stimpak," Ranik snapped at Bren as the merc sprayed some of the fluid onto Protector Jackson. "Focus on laying down some cover fire and I'll take care of the Protector." (Stimpaks are injected :) ) Ranik knelt down and injected a fresh stimpak into Jackson's leg and readied a syringe of Med-X. He'd had plenty of experience treating other Outcasts in combat. To his left, Defneder Hughes was laying down a hail of laser blasts with his gatling laser. Enough to keep the Raiders' heads down while Defender Carter closed the gap enough for his Combat Shotgun to be effective. "Can you stand, Protector?" Ranik asked.

Brengarrett 02:30, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren moves out and throws a frag at some raiders and in the cover of the explosion shoots the legs of some of them

"So do this everyday huh?" Bren says in a joke like small talk

Bren takes a shot hitting his arm


Bren fires at the raider who shot him and he takes him out

Teh Krush:

About a few minutes after the area had been cleared of all raiders, Dr. Alex Vain of the Outcasts appears from Fort Independence.

"I'll take it from here, men.", Alex then carried Protector Jackson into Fort Independence, and Bren stumbled there aswell.

"Funny, Hughes is hiring another 'merc', lets see how fast this one dies." Alex thinks to himself well bringing Jackson back to the base.

2 Hours Later, Fort Independence Infirmary

"Alright, Jackson, you'll be fine, but I suggest staying off that leg for about two days. Atleast don't wear the Power Armor if you must use the leg.", Alex says to Jackson.

"Thanks, I thought I was dead. I outta go speak to Bren now though, I owe him alot.", Jackson replies.

"Oh, he is sleeping, in about two hours you can, just have some more rest."

Brengarrett 02:40, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

"Not quite" Bren is up and walking and he is looking at the now bed ridden Jackson

"I was hired to protect the outcasts, I was just doing my job, good to see that you will be ok"

Bren sits down on a chair nere the bed

" I was in Japan when I was sixteen, I lost my entire platoon becasue I wasn't careful"


Defender Ranik strode up to Dr. Vain in the infirmary. "Doc, I need more supplies. I was outfitted for a three man squad and now with this local, and combat, we've had to double back. I used up most of my Stimpaks and RadAway already. We are nowhere close to the objective." Ranik opened his Med bag to show the Doc his lack of supplies. The objective was still a long way off. "How's Protector Jackson?"

Teh Krush:

"As I have always said, feel free to take whatever you need, but not to much." says Alex well handing Defender Ranik a box of Stimpaks and Rad-Away, "Just don't waste it, as you can see we are low on supplies again."

"Ha, probably used all his stimpaks helping the poor local." Alex thinks to himself.

Brengarrett 02:57, 24 February 2009 (UTC) Bren is a bit peeved at the comment on the mission statement

"You're a bit off on the bad mission statement, I found this" He holds up a cartrage and plays it

Raider Voice: Hey Bill shut that thing off, I don't care you say we don't have to record this stuff

Bill: Come on, we may need to record this for future raiders

First raider: Fine, as I said before we saw the Enclave member get mauled by a death Claw, I think some of the Ripper raiders went into the ruins, saying somthing about a back door or somthing

" The Tape cuts off after that, you know what this means, there may be a way to get inside the ruins to the tech your looking for, and these riaiders, I have faced them in the past, the LEader of the Rippers, goes by Jack, and his bounty would be worth a lot of Tech to you if you trade in the caps"


"Doc you want me to see about getting some more medical supplies in Olney? We have to go up there anyway, maybe they had a small hospital. I'd be surprised if the Deathclaws would have no need for med supplies." Ranik said to Vain. He turned to Bren. "Hey local, we have no time to chase bounties and kill Raiders. We're out here for the Tech. You want to chase bounties, do it yourself. We Outcasts are not mercenaries like you. We have our mission and we're sticking to it. Now we have a long way to go and limited supplies to go on. The Outcasts thank you for assisting the aid of Protector Jackson, but we're not here to back YOU up. You wanted the work, and that means you follow OUR agenda." Ranik's voice boomed through the infirmary. Defender Wallace Ranik was a veteran of the wastes. He knew Raiders, he knew Mercs, creatures and mutants, and he knew locals. Ranik knew that the tech needed to be found. There was no way a local was gonna mess this up with a wild goose chase.


Jackson rubbed his head, his forehead throbbing in a mix of pain and confusion. He nodded at Bren, then looked at Ranik, who had just entered, nodding to his kinsman, who returned the gesture. "I can't tell you how grateful I am. We got jumped about about two miles into Fairfax Ruins en route to the D.C. urban area. Some idiot gave us fake info on a small cache of laser-type weaponary, and we were jumped by raiders. Killed my men; I'm the only survivor." Jackson leaned up from his positon of lying on the bed. He immeadiatly fell back down, pain coursing through his legs, right arm, and lower body. "Your not going anywhere, Jackson. The Doc says your in no condition to move, much less go on a combat sortie." Ranik said.

Brengarrett 03:12, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren gets up and sighs

"I was going to help you, the bounty could get you the tech, and I also have a little info, ever heard of an alien blaster?"

Teh Krush: (going offline after this, don't ask Dr. Vain anymore stuff cause he can't answer well i'm gone! haha)

"Heard about it." says Alex, urging the local to shut up and get out of his office.

"Oh and, before you ask, we're not recruiting, local, unless you want to be.. uh.. a lab rat?" says Alex rudely, "and yes Ranik, try to bring back any supplies you find!"

"Ranik before you leave, take these, 'Super Stimpaks', they'll keep you alive alot longer." Alex says to Ranik, handing him a bag of Super Stims.


"No local, we were helping you." Ranik was infuriated at the arrogance of this Merc. "WE gave you supplies, WE gave you food, WE gave you shelter here at Independence. The alien blaster, yes I know of it, somewhere to the west of Old Olney there's an entire alien spacecraft crashed. We were going to investigate it for tech on the way into Olney. You listen here, boy, there is not a single piece of tech that the Outcasts are blind to in this wasteland, so if you have something to offer, for once, you'd better come forward with it. We don't need bounties because we don't buy tech. We trade supplies for it. We are not bounty hunters."

Brengarrett 03:29, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren Laughs

" Oh really, you don;t have all the Tech in the Wasteland, the Enclave is the best tech, and you guys just want to trade tech, oh yeah here the payment for the food and medical gear"

He pulls out some energy cells

" I cant' use energy tools, it's like alien, now I guess Ishould go, or do you want some info on how to takeo n the death Claws you are too scared to face"

Bren is close to being shot at this point but he is making a point and showing that he is strong willed, if not pretty crazy


Jackson, weakened by his former ordeal, watched as Ranik and Bren went at it again, arguing to the point where it would only be a matter of seconds before either Ranik or Bren pulled out his gun. "Enough!!! We are not the Brotherhood. We are not the Brotherhood. We do not need assistance from anyone. Your agreement with Ranik was purely optional. If I hadn't been attacked by raiders, and had been here, you'd be dead, and your gear archived in the armory. However, seeing as you saved my life, I do owe you at least some form of gratitude. But make this known, wastelander, try it one more time with provoking Ranik here, and I will personally see you thrown into the Deathclaw Sanctuary in your shorts." Jackson finished with that, and sat back down on his bed, breathing hard.

Near Deathclaw Sanctuary

Teh Krush:

"So. Wheres that backdoor?" asks the first raider.
"How should I know!? Just look."

After that the raiders get mauled by Death Claws

Brengarrett 15:28, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren sighs

"You're right, I have bneen a jerk, I guess I will leave and find the tech myself"

Bren leaves the area

"Oh and thanks for the help, I will tell traders to stop by here to trade tech" He adds without looking back

So Bren leaves the area and the outcasts are silent to him, as he walks off to Old Olney, but after a mile of hiking he gets a ringing and he pulls out a radio comlink

Radio: Did you complete the mission?

Bren is silent

"I quit, I refuse to kill the Outcasts, the raidors you sent to kill them then "leave" the tape was a bad idea, I am going myself to find the tech for them, so if you want to kill me, go right ahead, but leave them alone"

The man on the other line is silent

Radio: Fine, but watch your back, the Talons will find you and kill you

"I know, but they can't fight the Death Claw man" Bren says

HE then throws the radio comlink into the air then shoots it down with his rifle and continues walking to complete the mission for the outcasts, why he did this, most likly to prove to them that he is stronger then he seems


"... Moron." For the first time in what could have been hours, Carter opened his mouth, recieving surprised glances from his fellow Outcasts as he spoke up. He'd merely observed in bemusement as this Bren fellow had repeatedly provoked his colleagues and generally made an ass of himself, and he was glad to be rid of him. Now the local was returning to his degenerate colleagues where he belonged, he thought. "At least he was wise enough to leave voluntarilly. Still, he seemed to think that everyone who wears Power Armor has time for that sort of crap..." he added, removing his helmet and shaking his head slowly. He looked at Jackson sympathetically for a moment and considered asking how he was feeling, but then decided that the answer was rather obvious and kept it to himself.


"The nerve." Ranik thought. He now remembered why he sided with Protector Casdin during the schism. These locals were two faced and ungrateful. Undeserving of Old Man Lyons' protection. Ranik, and indeed the rest of the Outcasts, knew full well of the Enclave's tech and it's superiority to thier own, but the nerve of some ignorant Merc to insult the Outcasts, by touting it in our faces was nothing short of total disrespect. To say also that the Outcasts were scared of the Deathclaws was another thing. It showed how ignorant this local really was. Ranik and every other Outcast, had fought more than a few of them in the many extensive patrols and actions that occur daily in the wastes. Ranik resolved that there would be no more dealing with Mercs or wastelanders on his end. If they were in need of assistance or in poor health conditions, they would need to fend for themselves like everyone else in this cursed hellhole. Ranik sat down on his bunk and removed his helmet. He looked around the room and resolved he was lucky in these times. He had tech, he had comrades, and he had a purpose. What more does a man need? "Defender?" Ranik looked up as an Outcast specialist called out to him. "Your squadmates are assembling. Looks like you'll be moving out soon." Ranik picked up his Combat Shotgun and other kit, including Dr. Vain's "super stimpaks" and walked out the door. "Thank you, Specialist." He thought to himself, wasn't it wonderful to have the Outcast specialists. Always doing repairs and developing new things in the technical and medical fields to keep him alive in the wastes. Wasn't Ranik lucky to be an Outcast. Ranik headed toward the infirmary. He had to make one stop before he met up with the others.

Teh Krush:

"Back again, i see?", said Alex to Ranik, "I remember when you were just an initiate and I wasn't a scientist."
Alex paused, "Well, what do you need now, Defender?"


Ranik grinned inside his helmet. "That was a long time ago and a world away Doc. I'm glad someone else can remember it though." Ranik said with a chuckle. "I was just coming by to check up on Protector Jackson before we headed out again. Make sure everything is going well and he'll be able to fight again soon. Our numbers are small. Also to see if there are any specifics you need on supplies. Forgive me for not asking earlier, brother. I needed to leave the room before I shot that Merc and made a mess all over your office. Also forgive my outburst. Wounded brothers need not listen to such matters." Ranik said.

Teh Krush:

"Just bring everything," Alex replied checking the medical terminal, "but if you find any Rad-Away, since you used a bit of it already, bring that."

"I can read out your supplies right now if you wish," Alex printed a list and gave it to Ranik, the list reads,

  • 120 Stimpak units.
  • 5 Super Stimpak units.
  • 113 Rad-X units.
  • 21 Rad-Away units.
  • 118 Med-X units.
  • 10 Buffout units.

"that list reads all the supplies I gave you for your mission, scav anything you find, bring it back, and please don't use it on some wastelander!"


Jackson, wrestled himself into his suit, struggling to put on the armor with bandages on his bunk hampering him. In the next room, he could hear Ranik and the Doc talking about supplies. Jackson winced in pain as he finally got his last piece of power armor on, the red-black colors a bold declaration of rebellion to Lyons. With a silent yelp, he limped towards the door, and continued out, to the suprise of Ranik and Alex. "Protector, your in no condition to go out into the field. You need at least a week's rest, plus recovery from your wounds---." Jackson raised im hand slowly, leaning against the wall. "I'm fine. The Scourge did more to me than those blasted raiders did." Jackson said, still leaning against the wall, his armor scratching the concrete surface. He retrieved his remaining gear from the footlocker outside his room, and walked out, limping all the while.

Brengarrett 22:08, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

After a day of walking Bren finally makes it to Old Onley, and he takes otu a few Death Claws that were sniffing the body of an enclave solider in full armor

"Poor Guy, well I guess I better give him some respect fighting some dEath Claws on his own"

Bren gets near the body and notices a tape that it is still clutching

"Now what do we have here? "

Bren plays the tape and it is the voice of the man

Tape: Damn it, why did I get this asinment, why didnt't I just go to Japan with Yuko, and Bren, I wonder if he is alright, damn Why did my life get to be like this? AHH DEATH CLAWS!1 *the sound of laser fire is heard in the back gorund then the tape cuts"

"No....this man is my father?" Bren says almost scarred

HE takes off the enclave solider's helmet and it reveals that he has long hair like bren, and in a pony tail, he is about 54 years old and his scars all over the body

"Father...." Bren says then he starts ti cry


"You can bet I won't be wasting it on some damn local anymore. Casdin was right about them. All of them." Ranik said, taking the list and the supplies from Alex and putting them in his Medic bag. "Bunch of backwards ungrateful..." Ranik was interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps and power armor scraping against the wall. Protector Jackson was up and walking! The man was back in his armor and and was not to be denied. How could you not respect a man like this. Ranik filled with pride knowing he served beside such honorable men. He turned back to Alex. "Thanks Doc. I'll make sure to bring back something good." Ranik left the infirmary and quickly caught up to Protector Jackson in the hallway. "Protector, I know you're still recovering, but there's this mission we're about to head out on for a tech store, rumored in Old Olney. It's going to be a tough one, but we'd be happy to have another set of hands." Ranik vaguely recalled fighting alongside then-Knight Jackson at the Pitt during The Scourge. He couldn't remember, for sure but some point shortly thereafter Jackson must've been promoted to Paladin, but it was so long ago and much had happened since then. Details are lost. "I'd be honored to fight beside you again, Protector."

Brengarrett 23:47, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren decided to to set up a base in a rundown building. so he first takes the box of tech that his father left and he heads int othe top of a run down 2 sory house and sets up on the top to wait for the outcasts

" now I lost you and mom" Bren Thinks

(so now I wait for you guys to arrive)


Jackson nodded to Ranik in agreement. "I'd be honored, Ranik. It would be a pleasure to serve beside you again." Jackson said. Ranik grinned in delight, and continued to walk with him down the hallway. Jackson rubbed his armored elbow, the pain aching slightly in his joints, as his legs were weakned like a newly born infant. "So what's the matter with this tech store? You seem very determined to get inside it. I would think that the wastelanders would picked it clean by then. Of course, they can't shoot a bloat fly for beans anyway." Jackson joked.

Brengarrett 00:25, 25 February 2009 (UTC) Bren pulls out a small pip boy 200 (it looks like a small raidio with a screen) it was old but it did the job, so he turned it on and Three Dog started up

Three Dog: This is Three dog, HAAAAAO

"Man this guy is good" Bren says, but he keeps his gun ready for anything, raidor, enclave, Death claw, even the outcast if they come and want the Tech over his dead body

"I wonder what the Outcasts would trade for this stuff? In fact, what is in this case, I can't get the lock open..." Bren said to himself wondering what it could be, little did he know the key to the Tech Cache was in it

Brengarrett 01:04, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren then notices from his view 2 Death Claws Chasing a small Yao Guai (about half the size orf a normal human)

"Eh better help it, could use some meet anyway" Bren says, he leaves and in 4 shots takes out both Death Claws, andh e is preparing to fire on the Yao Guai, bt it doesn't charge at Bren

"Thats odd, normaly they attack me"

IT walks to him and licks his hand

"Well arn't you cute? So have a family?" Bren says ina cute tone

The Yao Guai touches Bren, and it looks at him like it was His son

"So you want to bemy friend?" He asks

The Yao Guai seems to understand the question and it growls softly

"Alright, I could use a friend, how about I name you Ryo?"

He growls and smiles (or at least Bren thinks he smiled)

"Alright Ryo, come along little guy" Bren says as the 2 walk back up to the mackshift base


Ranik nodded to Protector Jackson. "The tech store is locked in the sewer system beneath Old Olney. Report is it's labelled with a Pre-War Company seal. Casdin said that the patrol that went through there could not find access point to get in, but stock was listed in a password locked terminal. They figured it out and re-locked the terminal with a new password so that any outsiders, locals, or mercs could access it for the tech. Only thing about it is that there is a key somewhere. Password needs to be entered and key needs to be had. The password we have, it's and Outcast sensitive word and only we'd know it or have it. Stock list included some pretty advanced tech. Suits of T-51b Power Armor, T-45x Medic Armor, the finished product, not that prototype that the scavenger brought in, Gauss weaponry, lost since the Great War, and specs for the VTOL Vertibird. If we can get ahold of those specs especially, we're that much closer to being able to rejoin the real Brotherhood, and ensure that the traitor Lyons gets his dues. Not to mention the obvious advantage of air superiority over the Capitol Wasteland." Ranik then hushed his voice. "I think that Merc who was 'helping' us earlier snuck off in the direction of Old Olney, so it's best we make haste and avoid combat as much as possible. If that Merc has arrived there ahead of us, he may be trying to do something rash. I think he was out for the info. If he tries to ransom our tech or make off with it, I will not hesitate to put a bullet in his head. Protector, I want to go home. We came to recover tech and this tech could be the ticket home, to our real home back in California." Ranik gripped the locket around his neck gently and hung his head, ashamed at what may be perceived as cowardice by Protector Jackson. However, the Protector was a very understanding man. Like Ranik, a veteran of much hardship, suffering, and combat in the wastes. He put his hand on Ranik's shoulder. "Defender, we all want to return home. Soldiers here in the Capitol Wasteland see more death and ruin in a day than another soldier might see in a lifetime." Ranik nodded understandingly. He just couldn't shake the feeling that between the wastes, the mission, and this rogue mercenary, home was going to be a lot harder to get to.

Brengarrett 15:31, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren sneezed (in Japan they say if you seeze it is because someone is talking about you without you knowing)

"I wonder what the Outcasts will do when they find out a "Merc" found the stuff they want...they would most likley say "MErc hand over the case or die" Bren said to Ryo

Ryo just grins

"Still I wonder, why they left the Brotherhood of Steel....maybe I should head to the Citial and meet with their LEader, maybe I could gte some info from them....that or a job, I am a Merc you know" Bren says to Ryo Laughing


Jackson finished his conversation with Ranik, and motioned him to wait, as he turned to enter the armory, giving the guard his identification. Jackson stepped inside the room, pausing to observe the scattered equipment around the room. Jackson grabbed some frag grenades, a .44 Magnum, and an AER9 Laser Rifle. He wasn't planning on getting up close and personal again ike his former squad did with the raiders. Jackson took a moment to adjust himself to the new weight, shifting his leg in pain. Jackson then rejoined Ranik outside the room, the door sealing shut behind him. "I'm ready when you are, Defender. Lead the way."

Brengarrett 21:17, 25 February 2009 (UTC) Bren sets up some frag mines up the stairs to keep himself safe while he sleeps (and to works as an alarm if someone comes up) and after a bit of lsitening to Three Dogs ranting on some Raiders (and hwo to avoid them) he turns off the Pip Boy and he falls asleep on Ryo, then after a small lick to Bren's hair Ryo falls asleep, unknown to him that the Outcasts are coming, and they want and need the Tech that Bren is unknowling guarding

Teh Krush: (oh yes, Vain gets action, read on.)

"Alright, it is time to go." Defender Ranik stated boldly, and with that they set off to Old Olney, Jackson with them regardless of his injuries. But, with his injuries Alex could not let him leave, so he secretly went with them, put on his old outcast power armor and activated a modified stealth boy, that would last the whole trip. Although it seems weird for an old doctor to go out into the wastes, for this one it wasn't, as before he became the outcasts doctor, he had the rank of Protector, Protector Alexander Vain to be exact. So he had the skills needed for the trip, and he packed extra supplies in the case of Jackson if he needed more assistance.

Brengarrett 00:45, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

About a Half of day later

Bren was munching on some bags of chips, while Ryo got some bits of squirl bits

"So like the meat?" Bren asks his small Bearl ike friend

Ryo growls in what Bren thinks is a yes. but then both pause and Ryo starts groling, he knows someone is here

"Well if that Bastard wants to fight he has to get past the frag mines" he thought(they are still up and activated)

Bren pumps his rifle and Ryo prepares to strike on sight.

Valic Istražite: 23:13, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

Location: Old Olney Ruins.

Jay P. Ramsey leaned against the plaster wall, his well-fit, yet out dated, Outcast armor clanked around as it hit the solid surface. At least he was alive, and he was damn grateful for that, but he couldn't go on like this for much longer. That was the second Death Claw he'd killed in his life, and he was ready to never see another one again. It was short of a miracle that he escaped the FairFax ruins in one piece. The raiders, who had overwhelmed the squad Brothers in dozens, swarmed Rasmey and his brothers, killing most everybody in the first few minutes. Protector Jackson had ordered a retreat, but he was just out of ears reach of Ramsey. He had been ordered to cover the squad in an abandoned barn near the FairFax ruins, Rasmey watched the whole battle through the safety of his scope. At first he was issuing the Raiders a severe beating with his Sniper Rifle, which he called Enigma. But the raiders quickly caught on to his position and shelled the place with missiles. How raiders ever got missile launchers, Ramsey didn't know, he didn't ask. He barley escaped the barn only to find the raider scum chasing him, he fled to Old Olney, knowing another squad was in that area. Ramsey regretted making that choice, quickly finding out Death Claws are much worse than Raiders. His brothers were not there.

Now he sits here, in the ruins of what used to be some sort of school, trying to stay hidden from Death Claws. The one that he had just fought, luckily it was already injured, went down fast, but not before inflicting a serious wound on Ramsey's left shoulder. Without any Stimpacks, he was sure he was going to bleed to death. He thought about FairFax, he didn't think anybody survived. Ramsey did remember seeing Protector Jackson slip away, but the man was probably just hunted down by the raiders as well. God knows what they did to him.

"Better die here than being clawed alive by those damn demons..." Ramsey mumbled to himself silently. Before battling that fucker though, he did witness some Wastelander wander in here. The bastard had one hell of a good shot with the .32 Hunting Rifle, Ramsey could have taken him out, but he resisted. He liked some of the locals here, even though most of the other Outcasts despised them, a damn shame in his mind. That local took refuge in some rundown building, dragging an Enclave body in with him. The guy probably just wants the Tech on the corpse, if Ramsey could live for a little longer, he'd go over there and take it, weather it be by force or not. He shook his head and slid down to a sitting position, it was time to rest, he just had to hope none of those Death Claws didn't barge into his resting spot and ripped him to shreds...

Brengarrett 15:20, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren Decides since he doesn't hear the walking anymore he calms the Growling Ryo then he looks out the window and he sees the Outcast sitting down, so he calls out to the person

"Friend or Foe?" Bren calls out to the sitting Outcast "If freind walk to the front of the building that has a window open, don't walk up due to Frag Mines, if Foe, then stay there and be sniped" He adds

"This one should give me some info, besides I need to talk anyway, and some help burying my dad's body" He thought


It had been several days since they had left Fort Independence and began their trek through the wasteland, battling raiders, various critters, and taking an occasional potshot at the random Enclave patrol. Jackson could swear something was following them, but Ranik assured him that it was his mind recovering since his ordeal at FairFax. Jackson paused to rubb his leg, which still ached, and continued at his marching, alongside, Hughes, Ranik, and several other Outcasts of various specialist roles. Ranik pulled foward to a cliff, and then motioned Jackson foward, while Hughes and the others spread out along the side into a horizontal spread. "There's .32 rounds all over this place. That damn mercernary must've been here. There's something else. Lots of blood, and a discarded Outcast helmet. Looks like one of our own came through here, and not two long ago either. Old Olney is right over the hill."

Brengarrett 22:02, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren notices from his postion some people are on a hill

"Must be the Outcast" Bren Thought" I better signal them, by the looks of this outcast, he must be hurt" HE also thought

Bren goes into his pack and pulls out a pulse Grenade

"This should do it" HE said to himself

Bren tosses the grenade into the air then he fires at it and the huge sphere of electricty creates a sorta flare

"The war experience really helped" Bren thought as he goes down and takes off the mines so they don't think he is a threat, then he makes sure the Outcast is ok

--Valic Istražite 01:58, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey awoke with his rifle loaded and ready to fire while having his back against a wall. What was that? It sounded like a Pulse grenade, Enclave? He peeked outside the window next to him to find that same Wastelander waving to him. This man must have been insane, you don't trust anybody in the Wasteland without knowing them first, Ramsey could have easily blown his head off, so foolish. This guy could also be playing Ramsey, attempting to make peace, then stab him in the back and steal his gear. Ramsey decided to fire a warning shot, tell this guy that he means business. He mounts his rifle in the window and peers through his scope. The fool was busy disarming his own mines, either this guy was crazy, or extremely committed. Ramsey fired one round about 10 feet from the local, the guy jumped.

"Stay back, I don't wanna have to put a bullet in your head, back off!" Ramsey shouted at the man, using the most energy he could. He did not want to seem weak. Weakness meant death in D.C.

Just after shouting, he realized how much noise they had made. Every Death Claw in the damn city must've heard them, that was bad. He already heard them, they were coming fast. Ramsey knew he couldn't survive this alone, he had to have help. Unfortunately the only help in the area was that damn fool across the road, but what has to be done must be done. He looked to the local, he was still disarming a few mines.

"You! Get your ass over here unless you want to be torn to pieces, hurry it up!" Ramsey knew his officials wouldn't approve of this, but life came before orders. The local's head perked up. Ramsey hoped he made it in time, for he could already see Death Claws charging down the street.

Brengarrett 02:19, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren looks at the Outcast

"Hey don't waste your Ammo, your Freinds are coming" Bren Shouts Back

"I won't let anyone die becasue of me" He thought to himself refering to his mission in Japan

Bren finishes taking awway the mines, then he runs down with Ryo

"Ryo, he is a friend, the Death Claws are the enemy" Bren tells Ryo and it seemsto understand the order

"I'm going to draw them off, get up to the building and stay there" Bren tells him as he runs off into the ruins and he draws some dEath Claws to him

"You want some you Bastards!" He fires some shots at the death Claws and they are mad, at least 4 of themare on him, and they have no idea that an OutCast is in the area.

--Valic Istražite 03:41, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

"What the fuck does this guy think he's doing?" Ramsey reaches for his Rifle, quickly cocking it back, "God Dammit." He bridges the rifle to his shoulder, causing stinging pain to course through him due to that Death Claw wound, but the pain would go. Ramsey sights onto the first Death Claw in line and fires. The .308 slug whizzes past the foolish Wastelander and strait into the neck of an oncoming Death Claw, the beast howls in pain, putting it's paws to its neck in some attempt to stop the rabid bleeding. Ramsey grinned at himself, he still had a damn good shot, even with an injured shoulder.

"Get the hell back over here man, you're gonna get yourself killed!" He shouted to the local, hopefully the guy had enough sense to listen. Ramsey propped up his rife once more to continue to help this damn Wastelander.


Jacob Vaughton stopped dead. He had just heard gunshots coming from Old Olney's ruins. He pulls out his Xualong Assault Rifle and checks the clip. He chambers a round and moves towards the ruined town.

"Its a win-win situation. If its scavangers, I can lend them a hand. If its raiders, I can lend the Deathclaws a hand." He thinks to himself. "Who knows, I might even find something worth selling, I'm running low on meds. Just like me to carry more bullets than Stimpaks."

He spots a Deathclaw, and takes a careful aim. It hasn't spotted him yet, so he looses a burst into it's head. A shot through each eye, and one right in between. The massive creature groans an all-too-human groan and slumps to the ground. He spots more Deathclaws moving in the same direction, and decides to follow.

"Whatever has these freaks riled up is definitely worth a look." He thinks to himself as he moves deeper into the ruins.

Brengarrett 15:17, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren looks back at the Outcast

"Ryo watch over him" Bren tells ryo and Ryo runs to the now sniping Outcast

"That Yao Gui is on our side, don't shoot him, he won't bite you" He shoputs to him so rthat there isn't confusion

After shouting Bren takes some shots at the Death Claws Taking a few out, and soon some of them relize that this isn't a fight to win and begin to waver

"Oh yeah, this is why I call this Death Claw Bane!" Bren shouts as he takes out another Death Claw

But one Death Claw was smart enough to get behind Bren and then Slash at his Back

"AHHHHHHHHH" Bren cries out as his back is now bleeding and he turns and smashes the Death Claw's face with the butt of his rifle, but the damage is done and more death Claw begin to run out of the crqacks

"Looks like this is the end of me, well at elast I died like a HEro...or a moron, either way I'm dying by putting up one hell of a fight" He thought to himself as he summons the strenght to keep firing at Death Claw


Suddenly the Deathclaw lurches forward as the roar of an assault rifle splits the air. The Deathclaw spins around and Jacob fires another shot into it's throat at point-blank range. The bullet rips through its throat and severs it's spine. The Deathclaw drops to the ground, blood seeping from its neck. Jacob walks over to the man, and after a quick recap on how to behave around people, he offers him a hand up.

"Eyes open boy, I won't be here every time some critter jumps you." He says to the man. Then he wheels around and opens up on another Deathclaw, putting nine shots into its chest before it finally falls.

"My name is Jacob Vaughton. Who are you?" He asks the wounded man, shooting at the Deathclaws at the same time.


Hughes prepped his gatling laser. He listened closely to Jackson and Ranik's observation of the area. It wouldn't normally matter if there were .32 casings on the floor, but with the Outcast helmet there as well Hughes just didn't feel right. Something happened here. Their investigation on this would have to wait though.

Hughes took point and walked down the hill they were on. He moved slowly, but still kept a sizable distance away from the others. The plan would be that if any deathclaws in the area attacked they would most likely go after the one that is isolated. In other words Hughes played as bait. Hughes looked around and had his hand on the trigger of his gatling laser. Old Olney was up ahead and in the next few minutes they would be there.

Suddenly what looked like a pulse grenade went off and then some shouts could be heard. Hughes then heard the distinctive roar of the Deathclaws. Hughes saw several of them attack the man who threw the pulse grenade up ahead. Hughes looked carefully and recognized the man to be Bren Tenkage. Hughes started to move towards him to help him, but then another man came out and opened fire on the deathclaws killing them with deadly precision. Hughes charged down and opened fire. He had hoped that the others would get down here quick.

Hughes fired at a group of deathclaws surrounding both Bren and the other man. Two of the deathclaws went down quickly. Another one was wounded in the leg thus decreasing its speed. Another deathclaw turned its attention towards Hughes. Hughes looked at his ammo and knew he would have to reload in a moment. He dropped his gatling laser and pulled out a laser pistol. He pulled the trigger as fast as he could at the charging deathclaw.


This was not going well. Jacob was in desperate need to reload. Then his chance came, an Outcast came charging down the street, firing a gatling laser as he went, clearing out a pair of Deathclaws, crippling another and distracting the rest.

As the Deathclaws turn their attention to the newcomers, Jacob takes his chance, the Deathclaw in front of him takes a sawed-off blast to the neck, not quite blowing its head off, more like turning it into a pez-dispenser, as he reloads his Xualong AR with his other hand, calmly moving it around in his grip to get the clip in place and cock the weapon.

He fires the sawed-off into the mouth of the next deathclaw, and then fires his assault rifle at the one running at the now pistol weilding outcast that had just saved his skin. The shots hit its back, and it staggers, and then just keeps plowing on. Jacob can only hope he's done enough damage to keep it from tearing the Outcast a new asshole.

Rasengod 17:05, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Hughes was grateful for the other man saving him. Now that the remaining deathclaws' attentions were divided Hughes picked up his big gun and reloaded it. He then aimed it and fired a volley of shots at the remaining deathclaws. The monsters scattered, but still stayed in the area waiting for another chance to strike. Hughes ran over to Bren and the other man.

"Thanks for the help local. Those deathclaws will be back once they reorient themselves. We need to find cover." Hughes

Hughes helped up the wounded Bren and ran towards a nearby destroyed house.


"Jacob Vaughton's my name, not sure about this one. Who the hell are you?" Jacob

Jacob followed the Outcast into the derelict building, covering his back and checking the rooms when they finally got inside. Nothing but skeletons and bloodstains. He nodded to the Outcast and the other man, his way of saying that the building was clear.

He slung his assault rifle across his back and reloaded his sawed-off, it would be more useful in the close confines of the ruined house. He sat down on a moth-eaten chair, and laid the sawed-off down on the table in front of him. It was in easy reach in case any Deathclaws tried to gatecrash their little party, and just in case the Outcast or the other one tried anything stupid. Then he calmly took out a large Arkansas Toothpick, and began to sharpen the blade. It didn't really need it, but he wanted a weapon in his hand, but at the same time, he didn'twant any of these people thinking he was some kind of psychopath, and sharpening a combat knife was the perfect excuse.

Rasengod 17:49, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

"I am Defender Hughes of the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts." Hughes

Hughes looked through the boarded windows. He couldn't see much movement outside. The sun's rays were blazing outside. All Hughes could see were blurs. Some of the sun's rays shined into the house. He lay his gatling laser on a wall and took off his helmet. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He learned that it was always good to relax after a battle. It would keep him focused for the next battle. Hughes looked at Jacob and noticed him sharpening his combat knife. Hughes felt uncomfortable around this man, but he did save his life.

"Listen both of you. My men can get us out of here, but may need to hold out a little longer. I am pretty sure that there are deathclaws outside and I doubt that these thin walls will stop them from getting in. I say we hold out downstairs until it gets to bad then if we have to we can run upstairs and try and wipe out the deathclaws on the stairs. We need to trust that we will watch each other's back." Hughes

A claw smashed through the wall behind Hughes and grabbed him. A deathclaw's head busted through the wall right above Hughes' head and opened its jaw revealing its razor sharp teeth. It bore its fangs at Hughes. Hughes tried to reach for his gun, but the deathclaw held him tight.

Brengarrett 17:59, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren takes a shot and splatters the Death Claw's face

"Names Bren, just a local Merc, adn the Yao Gui is named Ryo, and don't worry he is tame" Bren says to the 2 new mebers of "the party so to speak"

"Guess I wasn't so smart to play the hero huh?" Bren says almosty jokiingly, and it was true but he did save another person today "Oww..."

He moans from the slash that is bleeding on his bacvk


Jacob raised his eyebrows, damn but that merc was quick. Shot the Deathclaw neat as neat as his DI back in California would have said.

"Hero? You nearly got yourself ripped in half! That was playing the fool kid." Jacob

He handed the gatling laser to Hughes.

"Is downstairs really a good idea, we could just be cornering ourselves. And our hero here looks like he lost a lot of blood. Could be worse down there than trying a breakout" Jacob

Brengarrett 18:12, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren coughs a bit and looks pale

"Don't count me out yet, I can still fight" Bren says weakly, "besides what would my Dad say if he saw me?" he adds as he struggles to get himself back up with his rifle

"Just let me aim and I can fire at them" He says but then he falls back to the ground

Rasengod 18:15, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

"Thanks! I guess we are heading up." Hughes

Hughes thought about giving Bren his Med-X. It would help him deal with his pain making him more effective in helping them, but at the same time Hughes did not exactly like Bren. Hughes shrugged his shoulders, no point in wasting supplies, and ran upstairs. Another deathclaw burst through the same wall the other deathclaw did followed by another deathclaw knocking down the front door.

"We better get going!" Hughes

Hughes fired his gatling gun at the deathclaw at the front door forcing it back outside. He waved to the others to run upstairs.

Brengarrett 18:17, 27 February 2009 (UTC) Ryo seemed to undertsand Bren's Pain and helped him get up as a suport sothe 2 walk out

"folow me, head to my Safe house, it is stronger then this place" Bren says as he points to the house thhe was staying in

"I found a box of tech that I havn't opned, it may help us" he adds as he fires a shot but misses a Death Claw


Jacob jabs his Assault Rifle into a Deathclaw's face and fires stright into its forehead, splattering its meager allowance of brains on the ceiling. He grabs Bren and helps steady him. Then he roars as a Deathclaw stabs straight into his gut. He plunges his knife into its throat and rips out to the side before it can disembowel him. Then he runs to the edge of the building and prepares to drop down to street level, hoping he won't run out of adrenaline before theycan make it to the safehouse


"Don't look back but we got some Claws on us" Bren says as he fires a few shots then reloads his least 5 shots "After this I'm out of shots, so you better hope I'm a good shot" He jokes weakly as he fires the last shots taking out 2 out of 3 dDeath Claws

Rasengod 18:35, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Hughes ran upstairs and kicked open a window. He climbed his way on to the roof of the house. He kneeled down and aimed his gatling laser at the deathclaws outside. He fired clearing a way for Bren and Jacob. Hughes looked back to make sure the land mine he placed was in position. Once the deathclaws realized he was up here they would come charging through the stairs. Hughes continued firing. He watched as Jacob and Bren got closer to the other house. Two deathclaws ran quickly towards them. Hughes aimed and fired. The first volley of shots hit along one deathclaws spine permanently crippling it. The other shots hit the deathclaws legs. The deathclaw tripped over its crippled leg and fell short of Ryo.

Hughes looked around and didn't see anymore deathclaws. He breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly all the air in his lungs was knocked out. A deathclaw knocked Hughes off the roof. He fell from two stories and landed on the ground with a thud. Hughes opened his eyes and looked for his gatling laser. It didn't fall with him. He tried to get up, but he was too stunned from the fall. The deathclaw that hit him jumped down attempting to land on top of him.


"Move god damn it! Move!" Ranik screamed to the Outcasts with him. He had just seen Defender Hughes usher two wastelanders into a ruined house up ahead. The house was quickly surrounded by Deathclaws, attempting to force their way inside. Sporadic gunfire kept the monsters at bay but it was only a matter of time. Ranik and Carter were quickly outpacing Protector Jackson, but the man was recovering and Ranik hoped to ease the threat toward him a little, or at least as much as he could before the real possibility of being ripped in half became a reality. To his left another deathclaw trotted toward the same destination. A swift left turn and one shot from his combat shotgun forcible amputated the creature's leg. It only stopped thrashing when Protector Jackson casually but a laser blast through it's head as he jogged by. The Deathclaws were so preoccupied but their prey inside the house that the Outcasts took them by surprise. A hail of laser shots had sent the one at the door reeling. Ranik finished it with a shot to the back of the head that blew its skull and brains clear. He ducked under the backhand swing of a second one and buried the muzzle of his shotgun into it's gut. He fire twice blowing a hole through that disturbingly oozed gore and sunlight. He glanced to his left to see Defender Carter taking on another. The man was quiet, but a very skilled warrior. In one hand he held his Ripper defensively, blocking and severing the downward swinging hand of the Deathclaw and in the other he discharged his shotgun straight into the beast's face. A Deathclaw reared up behind Ranik but a single .44 magnum round pierced through the side of it's head spattering blood on the wall. Ranik turned to see Protector Jackson still pointing his smoking .44 Scoped Magnum his way. He nodded a thanks to Jackson and slammed a fresh drum into his Combat Shotgun. He turned and in one kick the door swung forcefully open. Ranik raised his weapon and charged in, but did not fire. The house was empty. He heard a commotion outside and an Outcast's body fell to the ground. It was Hughes. Frantically he grasped for a weaopn. Ranik swiftly drew and tossed him his Laser Pistol.

(Story changed before I could get my part in... haha... Ranik hasn't seen Bren)

Bren notices Ranik

"Here to kill me?" Bren says "IF you want to, go ahead I can't figure out how to open the Case" Bren points to the Tech Case and Ryo begins to growl at Ranik to which Bren tells to Calm down

Run4urLife! going offline after this, so I won't be here to fill in my stuff

Jacob stepped up back to back with Bren, his assault rifle shouldered, just in case.

Teh Krush: Omg, lots of things happened since this morning!

"Oh dear.." Alex says as he is watching from a nearby building, "I wonder if they need my help..?". Alex would be torn to shreads in seconds though, he knows that he can't handle a deathclaw, take it a group of them, "But to overcome death, I can use drugs.", he humors as he takes some Med-X and Buffout. "Haven't felt this good in.. 10 years!" he says as he runs from the building, with his stealth boy still over his rusted Outcast armor. He went right for the building that Hughes sent the Wastelanders and a wounded Outcast was in, hoping he could be of assistance. But, before he could make it, his stealth boy finally wore off and a deathclaw saw this and ran at him, Alex is unprepared and is brought to the ground. Luckily, as hes a doctor, he was carrying many, "poisons", and he stabbed the death claw with a concentrated rad scorpion shot. After he had recovered he made it into the building, to his unfortunate surprise, Bren was there.


Jackson hobbled along after his proteges, his leg limping along whilst he fired his laser rifle at charging death claws, their heads imprinting a view of hell inside him. He watched as Ranik kicked down aanother door and cleared thhe inside. Jackson motioned for his fire team to follow Ranik inside, and told the other fire team, comprised of several Outcasts with laser rifles and combat shotguns, to begin a systemicatic clearing of the block, with the weapons-free order on anything not openly allied with an Outcast. Jackson then threw himself into Ranik's former spot, diving through the doorway, just in time to see Ranik execute a deathclaw that had knocked down Hughes. "Ranik, the block should be clear. I suggest we get to finding that tech you were talking about earlier."

Brengarrett 21:55, 27 February 2009 (UTC) Bren sits down next to the Case that he pulled out to the room

"Hello, good to see you , let me guess, you want this case of what ever is inside?" Bren says tothe outcast Alex "If you want it, take it, I am out of ammo, Half Dead and weak"


Carter had just attempted to help Hughes by trying to get a decent aim the beast's head, when he suddenly heard rapid but surprisingly light footsteps behind him. He span around just in time to quickly note that he had problems of his own and Hughes would have to handle himself. He quickly shot at the advancing Deathclaw's leg - at a distance, this would have produced an incredible decrease in its speed, but it was already within three or four metres of him and limped on at an alarming pace regardless. He was about to fire again, but it was on him already. It swiped its namesake claw at him, knocking his shotgun from his grip and sending him staggering against the wall, whilst leaving a sizeable scratch on his chest armour which may have just breached the outer plating. He'd heard something crack as he hit the wall, and indeed, his leg was aching - he hoped his power armour could keep him moving at a reasonable pace until he got it seen to.

It seemed to stare at him for a moment, almost contemplatively, cocking its head slightly. He grabbed hold of his Ripper, took a deep breath and flung himself forwards with all his might, somehow managing to flatten it onto its back. It rolled over, about to get up, when suddenly he dived on its back and sat as though riding it, pressing his arm against the back of his neck. He was exerting the full strength of his armour's servomotors here just to keep it down. He had to be quick about this. With his free arm, he sank his Ripper deeply into its spine. It thrashed violently, its tail whipping around behind him. Its jaws snapped together repeatedly and it let out a strained, agonised roar which eventually dropped to a low, shrill whine, before quieting completely, its limp body twitching a bit. He paused for a moment, letting go of the Ripper's handle and listening carefully. It wasn't breathing. Carefully, he pulled his weapon free, sheathed it and stood up, picking his shotgun up again and looking to his side in time to see Ranik take care of the Deathclaw that had been troubling Hughes. He staggered to his feet, cringing in pain as he put his weight on his injured leg before leaning weakly against the wall.


Jacob sidestepped the Deathclaw that was lunging at him and he stabbed it in the throat, letting the creature'sown momentum drive the blade right up into its skull. The Outcasts were holding their own, but the Deathclaws were really piling on the pressure. He knew that they'd all have to fight back-to-back to make it out of this alive, never mind intact.

He fired his Xualong AR into its face just to be sure, then spun to another Deathclaw and put three into its face. It dropped like a tonne of bricks. He spun to another, slamming the stock of his rifle into its throat. It staggered back, and he shot it in the face. Then he doubled over, as the one he had stabbed made a last-gasp strike, cutting into his calf. He groaned as his vision blurred. The bleeding from his stomach was taking a toll. He knew that the stomach could bleed and bleed, but not with his heart rate up like this. It was going to take a miracle to make it out of this one. He jabbed a Stimpak into his chest and tried to fight through the agony.

Teh Krush

Alex took his helmet off, "Sure, I can take a crack at that old box," and almost as quickly as he said it, he cracked the boxes code. "Hmm, a key, and some notes, and some .32 rounds?", Alex said as he opened the box, "Heck, take this, I have enough," he then gave Bren a stimpak and med-x, and the .32 rounds from the box, "look, I don't like wasting supplies on some local, but you can shoot, sorry I was so rude back at Fort Independence, but I don't like you as company."

Alex then picked up one of the dead outcasts laser pistols and started shooting, "Yeah, you think that cause i'm old I can't shoot?", a death claw then was vaporized by the laser pistol, "Think again."

Rasengod 22:24, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

Ranik's pistol soared through the air and landed in Hughes hand. Hughes aimed up and unloaded on the descending deathclaw. After the fifth shot the deathclaw died, but it still landed on top of Hughes. Hughes' armor took the brunt of the fall, but nonetheless Hughes' screamed in pain at the top of his lungs. He lost consciousness shortly after.


Jacob keeled over. He saw Bren with some Outcasts and a box. He saw Hughes unconscious with a Deathclaw on top of him, and another one coming in fast. He drew his Blackhawk .44 and took a careful aim. The shot blasted clean through the Deathclaw's heart.

"Oh shit! I was aiming for its head." Jacob thought, as the battle swam in and out of focus. He reached for another Stimpak, but nothing was there. He snarled, that was his own fault, he should have stocked up at his safehouse before haring off into Old Olney like that. He tried to force himself to get up, but he just couldn't. He tried to shoot another Deathclaw, but only clipped its jaw, blowing off its chin. It turned towards him, but another Deathclaw fell between them. He was safe for now.


(Grr, Alex took the key, stop editting and saying Bren did!)

Bren looked at he notes which he couldn't understand (it was notes on the area but it looks like Child Scrall but it was really code)

"Hey need a stim?" He says as he tosses a Stimpack at Jacob and begins to Load up the rifle

"Damn what a mess Death Claws everywhere, Outcasts, a merc, and some wanderer all working togather, sounds like a bad Three Dog story HAHAHA" Bren says laughing


"This is a mess and then some." Jacob grunted as he Stimmed himself. He sat up and hawked a mouthful of blood off to the side.

He raised his Xualong Assault Rifle and shot one of the last Deathclaws dead. The anti-material rounds, designed to pierce armor and fortifications blasted enormous holes in the beasts and they fell, their lifes blood mixing with the grime on the streets of Old Olney. Jacob almost felt sorry for them. He was the invader here, and they were defending their homes. Then he saw one of them go for Ryo. It didn't make it two steps, as Jacob blasted it in the chest.

Brengarrett(Sorry didn't know, if didn't say he took the key, my bad)

"Good shot" Bren said to Jacob when Ryo came back

"NAmes Bren, just a locol MErc with a bit of a foolish mind" HE added just refering to the fact he tried to save a guiy he didn't knwo from some Death Claws

Act 2Edit

Brengarrett 23:32, 27 February 2009 (UTC)

"So you a Merc too?" Bren Asks Jacob as Ryo looks at JAcob wondering if it a friend or foe


"No. I'm a vigilante. You know, destroy that which is wicked so that the good may thrive, handing out justice with a gun and a bad attitude. Mercs do that if the price is right, I do it because its the right thing to do, even if it means killing. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with a little killing, provided the right people die." Jacob

Jacob stood up. He steadied himself and looked around. The Outcasts were mopping up by now, but who knew how many more Deathclaws there were in this godforsaken hellhole. So he reloaded his rifle just in case.

"Put simply, I'm a grey area in this world of good and evil." Jacob


Bren thinks for a moment

"Well I'm alone in this world, the Enclave solider around here...well he was my father, my mother died in Japan saving it's Values, so all I have is Ryo, you know I'm planning on creating a MErcary Comand, a company or MErcs that have honor, unlikethe Talons who fight for money and kill anyone in the way"


"I deserted the Enclave way back West, they weren't the heroes and saviours I thought they were. You fight Talon, I'm on your side." Jacob. His hands shake for a second.

He turned to look at the Outcasts. They seemed to be alright.

"The kid wants to fight Talon Company. He's not a bad shot himself, but that won't stop those animals giving him a Fairfax Smile (means slashing his throat). I can't just settle in with a crew." Jacob


"I understand, you have your own mission, I have mine" Bren says

"I want this wasteland to have some level of Honor, as for what you do, I hope you do alright" Bren adds as he Gets up to meet Ranik and Explain why they even met i nthe first place


"I'll map out a few of my safehouses for you, who knows, we might meet again someday. If we survive this." Jacob

He walked over to Ranik with Bren. He wanted a little bit of know-what on the Outcasts. Who knows, they might even wipe out a few raiders. He stood behind Bren, looming over his shoulder, looking Ranik right in the eye.

Teh Krush

"Finally some peace and quiet," Alex moans after the death claws are finally dead. Alex gets up and goes to Defender Ranik, with his laser pistol out just in case, "Didn't expect me did you? I came to make sure you would be alive on the way back..", Alexs says as he passes the living outcasts some stimpaks, "Well men, I think I know how to get into the Tech cache," he holds up the key he got from the box, "and, what are we going to do with Bren?" Then he saw Jacob and Bren walking towards them.

Brengarrett 00:16, 28 February 2009 (UTC) "Well for starters, not Kill me for the thing I am about to say, this means you JAcob" Bren says outloud, "You see...I was hired for a special mission by a man named York, I was rodered to Take out Fort Independence with a special exploive then plant evidence to blame the BrotherHood of Steel" Bren then goes into his PAck and pulls out a charge that upon further inspction could have infact done some good damage to the base

Teh Krush

"Damnit, give me that!" Alex takes the charge and puts it in his bag, "Well, thanks for giving that to us, do you still have communications with him??", "'Cause if you do, tell him this charge, and many more as i'm going to duplicate this tech, is going straight up his ass."

"Wait one second, this charge is on a timer, did you set this?", "Well, we have a minute to get to that tech store before this thing blows up, EVERYBODY RUN!"

Rasengod 00:24, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Hughes regained consciousness due to the treatment by his fellow Outcasts. Hughes looked around and saw that the area was quiet. Deathclaw bodies littered the floor.

"Is everyone okay?" Hughes

Hughes looked ahead and saw an Outcast holding Hughes' gatling laser and helmet. The Outcast tossed both items to Hughes.

"Thanks!" Hughes

Hughes got up and flexed his muscles.

Solbur: This post would have occured just as Alex snatched the charge from Bren. Curse my slow typing.

Carter gave an appreciative nod as Alex handed him a Stimpak, and removed his helmet. He plunged the needle into the side of his neck, presumably directly into his jugular vein. With any luck, that would get the healing goodness into his bloodflow quite rapidly and fix his leg up. He would have prefered to stick it directly into his thigh, but it took too longer to properly take off Power Armour - and on the field, especially with hell knows how many Deathclaws around you waiting to strike, a tactical liability which could equate to suicide. He took a series of deep breaths as he listened vaguely to what was going on around him.

And within a few seconds, he was staring at Bren with an expression of surprise and mild rage. In a blur of motion, he'd lifted his shotgun up and was staring down the ironsights directly at Bren's forehead, with the barrel roughly aligned with the mercenary's face. He said nothing.


Bren looks worried

"No way, I didn't set it" says and he was honest

" He must have activated it remotly, damn it" HE adds and he begins to run with the group

" This thing he told me has the strength of a mini nuke times 5" HE tells them while running " And before you say it, I didn't know why he wanted me to do it, but he also told me to add these to the rubble" HE pulls out some Brotherhood of Steel Dog Tags

Run4urLife! going offline after this

"What the hell are you doing with holotags?" Jacob

He went to grab Bren, but missed. Then he picked up the pace after the Outcasts, and got going away from the bomb.

Brengarrett 00:33, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren while he is running

"Hey he told me over the Com to find the items then to add these included Tags to the rubble, I was paid in advance, but now I refused to do it. I couldn't tell what his voice was because it was muffledor somthing, but in the end I smashed the comlink used to talk to him"


Jackson quickly waved foward out in the street, quite pissed off that the wastelander had set a nuke charge to blow up Fort Independence. What pissed him off even more was that the charge was two feet away from him. "Outcasts, we are leaving!!! Ranik, get us to that tech store!!! No way in hell will we ever get outside Old Olney before that charge goes off. Haul ass, everyone!!!" With that, Ranik took the lead, Jackson following at a limp. Behind him and ahead, Bren, Carter, Alex, Hughes, and the other surviving Outcasts sprinted to keep up with Ranik, who dove into a rather large building, motioning for everyone inside. Jackson waited once everyone was in, and then with the help of Hughes pulled the door shut, whilst Ranik smashed a utility control, floor panel metal spreading to the side, revealing a set of metal stairs. Jackson hustled down stairs, running, with everyone following, hoping not to be caught in another nuclear winter, albeit one of a much smaller scale.

Brengarrett 01:08, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren and Ryo are aorund the back of the pack

" HEy I didn't know it was set to charge, Honest" As he finishes and they make it intop the inner chamber agreta big rumbling happens and they hear an explosion

"Yikes!" he shouts


"You say you don't know!!! You probably just cost me half my men!!! Why should I even trust you?! Nowe we're stuck in some god forsaken hellhole in the middle of no-where, with Death-Claws above us, and who knows what is waiting for us down here!!!" Jackson said in an angry tirade, pulling his .44 Magnum on Bren. Instinctively, Bren pulled his rifle on Jackson. Jacob, the other wastelander, pulled his pistol on Jackson. Ranik then pulled his rifle on Jacob, creating a rectangle of pointed guns, while Hughes and the other Outcasts watched on.

Brengarrett 01:18, 28 February 2009 (UTC) "Now you know why I didn't tell you after I left, I'm not stupid as to do that, but since you found your tech I thought you might have wanted to know the real mission" Bren says with his gun still pointed at JAckson

"I don't want to shoot you, I'm not here to hurt you" Bren says as everyone looks at each other


"Don't give me that crap, Bren. We've got no reason to trust you; in fact, we should have shot you long ago. We're Outcasts; we don't deal with common blood such as yourself. If you value your balls, wastelander, holster that weapon and submit. Otherwise, be prepared to becomes swiss chesse, Bren. There are a dozen of us. You, that damn Yao Guai, and Jacob there don't stand a chance." Jackson said, his weapon still raised as the tension in the room rose. Hughes began to motion for everyone to calm down, but Jackson rose his free hand in a fist, silencing him in a second.

Teh Krush

"Anybody remember that damn bomb?" Alex remarks, remembering the bomb that he left up above him.. Then in a matter of seconds everything shook, it felt like it took an hour. When the explosion finally stopped, the front door was too irradiated to go near.. "Well, heres the key Ranik, its for the tech safe."


Carter merely stood and observed, his shotgun held ready but not aimed at either of the Wastelanders. The great thing about buckshot was you just had to point and shoot, so he didn't exactly have to be too attentive - especially against two average Wastelanders like these. He kept looking between Bren and Jackson expectantly, awaiting a resolution.


Jackson shifted his gaze for mere seconds to watch as Ranik took the key from the doctor, his rifle still raised at Jacob, unwavering. Ranik kept his rifle raised as he slowly pocketed the key, and opened the door for the utility tunnels that would lead to the tech safe and other equipment of value. "Your move, Wastelander. We going for that tech; either holster your weapon, or gain the sensation of death at our hands." Jackson said, his voice ever imposing.

Brengarrett 04:18, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Bren hands his Rifleto Ranik and holds his hands up

"You win, I'm your prisoner, go ahead take me back and then sentance me" HE says pretty calmly and Ryo seems to understand the situtation

A voice on Bren's Pip Boy (in the bag): Oh come now Bren,are you that weak (the voice is scrambled)

"No wya, that is the guy who.....hired me" BRen says as he pull ut the PipBoy

York: Bren, it wasn't hard to find the frequency, you are pathtic, can't even do a proper mission

"Why did ou want me to do that?" HE shouts int othe box

York: Why to blame the BrotherHood of Steel, if the Outcasts think the Brotherhood was attacking them, they would have attack them and either weaken or kill them

"You Bastard: Bren says


"Well isn't that just a twisted turn of events." Jacob

He holstered his pistol. There was no way he was handing all of his weapons over. Firstly because there weren't enough Outcasts left for him to be wary any more, and secondly, because it could take upwards of ten minutes to take out every knife, pistol and grenade he had on him.

"That was Commander York, Northeast Enclave, am I right?" Jacob

"This kid is looking less and less honorable every second" Jacob thought to himself.


The Outcast's radios pick up a new transmission.

"*static* ...another day, and I'll...Oh shit, it's working. *ahem* This is Specialist Hamilton. The rest of my squad is down. I'm holed up in the MDPL-16 power station. There has to be fifteen or twenty giant radscorpions outside. The building is sturdy enough to keep them out, but I don't have much in the way of supplies. Specialist Hamilton out."


"You gonna help the girl or what?" Jacob. He didn't mean to sound patronizing to these Outcasts, after all, they had just proven themselves as able combatants, it just came out that way.

The Outcasts just stared blankly at him. There was a tech store or something down here, otherwise they'd be up and gone to help one of their own before the transmission had finished.

"Thats interesting. Thats very interesting." Jacob thought to himself. Some of the Outcasts had their helmets off, and they were definitely worried. Even the ones with helmets on were shifting nervously.

"Well, if you're all gonna leave that poor Specialist dangling in the wind, I'll just have to join you in that endeavour. After all, a poor little wastelander like me doesn't have a chance against Hughes and eleven nancy-boy Outcasts, now do I?" Jacob said as he walked over to an upturned crate and sat down


Jackson flogged him across the face, kicking him before he was restrained by Ranik and Hughes. Jacob, bloodied, shakily got back up, grinning. "Hamilton knows her duty. By the time we have that tech, it won't be long before we rescue Hamilton. If she's a real Outcast, she'll be just fine." Jackson motioned for Ranik and others to search the pair for ammunition, then restrain them. "Don't mess with me, wastelander. I've been through more combat scenarios then the days you've been alive, sonny. I've lost entire scores of brothers; do you know what it's like to lose kin? Tell me wastelander, have your kin been executed right in front of you, died in ambushes right beside you, or fallen to the ill-willed features of the wasteland right beside you?"


"My wife, my son and my daughter, fed to Talon Company dogs, you arrogant son of a bitch." Jacob

He grabbed the first Outcast that went for him, pulled off his helmet and delivered a punishing headbutt before letting him slump, unconscious to the floor.

"You had better learn that there are scarier things than you in this world Jackson. I'm one of them." Jacob

Just as he finished, he delivered a vicious kick to the Jackson's gut, sending him sprawling backwards.

"Look man, it took guts to do that, but don't call me sonny, I'm not your son. And if you ever touch me again, I'll kill you, and the man standing next to you." Jacob. He then helped the Outcast back to his feet, dusted him down and walked back to the crate he'd been sitting on and sat down again.


"We're here now for the Tech," Ranik said, unwavering. "We have the means at this moment to access the store room and the Deathclaws are out of the area. If we come back later, we'll have to fight this battle all over again. The Specialist's building is secure for now. She will understand when we show up better supplied." Ranik hadn't removed his helmet. His voice was steely and tinged with bitterness at the insult this new wastelander had given them. Ranik turned away and looked at Jackson, Hughes, Carter, and Alex. "The tech will help us, then we go to the Specialist's aid." The room was only a few hundred meters down the corridor. They came to it. Ranik opened the keypad on the computer and typed in the code: ++MISSLAUNCHER++. A modified failure of a missile launcher that had been developed at Fort Independence. He inserted the key card into the slot. A hiss and the mag-locked doors slid open. Ranik's helmet concealed the look on his face. It was all here. One by one the Outcasts filed in. Three suits of T-51B Power Armor on one rack, three suits of completed T-45x Medic Armor on another. Yet another rack held four Gauss Rifles, technology thought lost since the great war. Around the chamber were scattered other smaller treasures: Some Laser Rifles and Pistols, a variey of grenades and mines, a medical cache of Stimpaks, RadAway, Rad-X, Med-X, and other drugs, and Microfusion and Energy Cells. Ranik clicked his Combat Shotgun into place on his back, alongside Bren's confiscated rifle. Ranik stepped into the room, the other Outcasts following as well, and finally Bren and Jacob. Ranik examined a suit of the Medic Armor, with any luck he'd be granted permission to don one of these sets into battle. He looked to his left. There they were, the most prized of all the treasures. Specs for the VB-02 VTOL Vertibird. Ranik knew what this meant. A new day for the Outcasts. New power and new superiority. They would soon be a force to be reckoned with. Quickly Ranik grabbed the specs and ran them through the wall terminal. All here. He took the cartridge and carefully secured it. The only way someone other than an Outcast was getting this was prying it from his cold, dead fingers. The other Outcasts just stared at Ranik as he turned to his brothers. "The tech is ours," he said "we'll take the most valuable and whatever else we can carry, then we make haste to MDPL-16."

Teh Krush

Alex took all the medical supplies and set them in his bag, he took off his rusted outcast power armor so he could carry more, he took one suit of T-45x Medic Armor and donned it, well he put another set in his bag, leaving the last one for somebody else. "It talks." Alex remarked after he put the armor on, "We have enough people to carry everything, if you can't carry a set of armor, take your rusty outcast armor off and put the better stuff on."


"I take it back. This sort of hardware is the kind of thing that can play with natural selection." Jacob

He ran his hand along a Gauss Rifle, but then put the hand back in his pocket at a dirty look from Jackson. He had a new found respect for that one, a man had to be very quick to get the drop on him like that. It was now Hughes, Jackson and ten nancy-boy Outcasts.

"This stuff doesn't mean much to me, I'll pitch in for carrying, unless you'd prefer to leave some of it behind for god knows who or what to find. Anyway, after all I said, I'd be a hypocrite not to tag along to help your specialist, so it looks like I'm headed to MDPL-16 too." Jacob


This was the permission Ranik had been waiting for. He smiled to himself as he donned the final set of Medic Armor. "Medic Armor reporting for duty, Sir! Keep me safe and I'll keep you safe," the armor said as he clicked the helmet in place. "These colors won't do." Ranik thought to himself. First thing he was going to do was re-paint this armor when they got back to Fort Independence. Ranik didn't want to be walking around getting mistaken for a member of the Brotherhood now did he? Ranik picked up his shotgun and re-stocked from a box of ammo that was laying in the corner and turned to the wastelanders. "Take any ammunition you may need. Energy weapons, all tech, and Power Armor are for the Outcasts. Thank you for your assistance with the Deathclaws. The .556 and .32 ammunition is your payment. Should the Protector permit it." The two wastelanders looked at each other, then back at Ranik, who was inserting Stimpaks, RadAway, Med-X, Rad-X and other stims into the alotted slots in his new set of Medic Armor. They were shocked, Bren especially, at this attempted act of generosity.

Teh Krush

"You can carry some if you want, just make sure we get it back." Alex said to Jacob, "I'll check the terminal, see how much stuff is in the place."


Jackson took as many parts of the T-51B armor he could carry, as well as a Guass Rifle and ammunition. Jackson also grabbed several other weapons until his weakened leg couldn't carry anything else. Jackson looked at the shelves. A couple more laser rifles, another Guass Rifle, and some other useful junk they could use, as well as some standard suits of power armor that were low-priority. Jackson looked at Jacob. He didn't like the idea, but they were of no use as dead weight just carrying the stuff. "You two; load those weapons. Your of no use with nothing but your fists to fight with." Jackson motioned for them to grab some ordnance, and waited by the door of the armory. Jackson brushed off his Outcast Armor. It was old, but he had worn it since before the Scourge, so it was almost like an extension of himself.

Teh Krush (Oh yeah guys, A-P4 Military Storage is the bunker we are in right now, feel free to edit the stuff that we found in it under contents!)

Alex saw something else he could carry, it was a certain laser pistol that looked a bit better then the rest, he picked it up, "I'm going to mod this up when we get home.." he said, "Alright, I think we got everything," he said as he looked around, seeing no armor or weapons left, and a bunch of old weapons on the floor, "I suggest we leave now, the deathclaws are changing shifts."


"Sounds like a plan. I'll give these peashooters back when we're done at the power station." Jacob said as he indicated the laser pistols that had filled the empty holsters sewn into the lining of his duster. Jackson counted at least twelve more holsters, and the cloth parts of the combat armor had holsters sewn into it too. This man was a walking arsenal.


Carter's eyes slowly opened as he became aware of a painful throbbing in his skull. Had that Wastelander asshole just knocked him out? He musn't have hit him very hard, since he could tell he hadn't been out all that too long - or it could have been the after-effects of the Stimpak he'd pumped into himself a while ago. He pushed himself to his feet and donned his helmet, his expression of annoyed embarressment now hidden. He peered over to his comrades and entered the room behind them, looking around.

Shaking off the initial awe, he approached a suit of Medic Armor on the wall and took his own suit of standard T-4x off, slipping into the new suit carefully. He paced back and forth for a moment, testing out the servos. They seemed slightly weaker than the ones in his old armor, but an automated Med-X feed was invaluable in a firefight. He made a mental note to get this painted back at Fort Independence.

"Alright, listen up puke! You are now wearing the..."

And maybe that voice turned off, too. Skimming through the weaponry, he scooped up a Gauss Rifle and carefully strapped it to his back. He picked up a few Laser Pistols and attached them to his waist, then grabbed as many Microfusion cells as he could fit in his hands and stuffed them in his supply satchel with the rest of his gear, stuffing a few grenades and mines in there afterwards. He then clipped a Laser Rife to his back alongside the Gauss Rifle and his shotgun. Things were really piling up on him.

"That's about all I can carry," Carter said, smiling absently underneath his new helmet as he felt the throbbing in his head ease as the armour's recorded voice told him to have some "juice" and tough it out, or something. "Let's move."



"Well, Pyle, no response. Looks like we're in for the long haul. Better get comfortable," Specialist Hamilton said as she sat down on her bedroll.

"Every day is a good day to die!" Pyle said, as he hovered closer to the door.

"Just shut up for a while."

Specialist Hamilton tried to open a can of pork'n'beans with one hand. After a few abortive attempts, she took the sling off her left arm, and opened the can. The pain made her lightheaded. She injected her last Med-X, and re-slung her arm, and ate her beans.


Ranik hefted a Gauss rifle and walked over to Jacob. It was the one he was looking at earlier. "Here Jacob," this was the first time in a very long time Ranik had referred to a local by name, "use this on the mission, but be sure you maintain and return it. This technology is very important to us. We can replicate it and continue on at Fort Independence. This tech was lost, so I am trusting you a great deal with it. You are a capable fighter and if you are joining us for this rescue, I would have you use this weapon to great effect as it was meant." Ranik turned to Bren and unclicked the confiscated rifle from his armor. "Bren, here is your rifle back. If you are to accompany us, then you'll need it," Ranik was still slightly wary of this Merc, "but I swear that if you fire any more shots at any of my brothers, even 'just to make a point' I will kill you on the spot." Ranik turned away from the two wastelanders, grabbed an AER9 Laser Rifle and clipped it across his back. Crossing over it he clipped his Combat Shotgun. He tossed Bren som .32 rounds and cliped an additional AEP7 Laser Pistol to his waist. The other Outcasts were doing the same and gearing up.

Teh Krush

When everything was finally on a person, they went back upstairs, luckily, with all the Rad-X, they could get outside to where the bomb had blown up, "Everybody put your helmets on, if you don't have a helmet, take more Rad-X", Hughes said to the other outcasts, and the wastelanders, "Lets go find that specialist now, shall we?" Alex mentioned.


Jacob blinked. Had an Outcast just handed him Pre-War tech? He really had misjudged these people.

"I'll do this thing proud, Ranik" Jacob said as tried to familiarize himself with the functions of the weapon. There was no contact between bullet and barrel, so reloading would cause the only wear and tear in the gun. He checked the scope, similar zoom to his own sniper rifles. He snatched up a few of the remaining Microfusion cells, pocketed them, and then put the Gauss Rifle across his back along with his Xualong Assault Rifle.

Then he pumped himself full of Rad-X and got ready to sprint for the safe zone.


Ranik moved smoothly in this new Medic Armor. He had seen Carter looking a little strange when he donned his, but Ranik resolve that each set of armor had it's own "personality" and maybe his was a little more smooth. Ranik switched on his comm unit. "This is Outcast Patrol Bravo attempting link up with Specialitst Hamilton, MDPL-16." Just static. Ranik wanted to let the Specialist know that help was en route. In the setting sun, the group made it's way clear of the smoking, Deathclaw corpse cluttered ruins of Old Olney.

Rasengod 17:38, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

Hughes tried to acquire a gauss rifle, but due to his injuries he could hardly hold his gatling laser. Hughes threw his armor on the floor and donned on the T 51-b armor. He took a single laser rifle and some ammo for it. Hughes already had a few medical supplies on him so he let the others claim it. Hughes stuffed all his ammo in his bag and slung it over his back.

Hughes followed the others outside the storage building. He looked around and saw that the area was clear. Night time was probably the worst time to be around Old Olney. They needed to find Specialist Hamilton quickly. The Outcast group along with the two wastelanders begn their trek to the station where Hamilton was.


Jacob walked along with the Outcasts, scanning the area for any hostiles. With the sun setting, the Deathclaws would be getting more active, and that was generally a bad thing. He thought he spotted something move off to his left, but on further inspection, it turned out to be Ryo, haring off after something daft, like a bloodfly, or a ghoul.

"Wonder whats going on down at that power station with all the damn Radscorpions around. Probably going to be a hell of a gunfight when we get there. With the station down in its little hollow, we'd have to be right on top of the Radscorpions before we can get a clear shot." Jacob said to Hughes.

He subconsciously spun his .44 around his finger as he walked. It was an impressive sight, seeing a Blackhawk pistol being spun, tossed, caught and spun again. He wasn't sure how or why he learned all this gunplay stuff, but it was somehow calming. And even with disputes solved, the atmosphere in the little group was thick enough to stick a fork in.

Brengarrett 19:14, 28 February 2009 (UTC) Bren had his hands tied togather with some rope they had and was watching for any hostlies, soon he would be tried for crime against the Outcasts, he also is the only member of the party without any form of new armer due to his refusal, Ryo was kind enough to stick near him (I will most likly be offline for a while so someone cover for me, I'm sure someone can act like me for aa while)


Jacob was finally starting to relax, he was sure the Outcasts weren't going to try and shoot him right now, and Bren wasn't going to be taking pot-shots at the Outcasts with his hands tied behind his back like that. He allowed himself his first smile in over a week, and was about to whistle a little tune when he realized: When everything seems to be going well, you've made a balls-up and haven't noticed yet. He went back to scanning the surrounding area, and sure enough, there was an Enclave camp up ahead. He grabbed Ranik and motioned toward the camp before any of the Outcasts got the wrong idea. They hadn't been spotted yet, but only Jacob had prevented them from walking a line not even ten yards from the camp perimeter.

"Do we go around, or do we go through?" Jacob asked the entire group. He had learned that Ranik wouldn't attack the Enclave without his entire unit being ok with it, so he just asked the whole group to save time.

Brengarrett 19:33, 28 February 2009 (UTC) Bren just glares at the Enclave camp, they were the soul reason his Dad died, they left him alone in a suicide area and didn't try to get the body back (Bren checked the date of the disk and it said he was there for a week)

"I say we kill the bastards" he grits through his teeth

Teh Krush

"Are you sure we should do this.. our tech is worse then.. wait.. nevermind." Alex says, almost forgetting they had T-51b and Gauss Rifles. "I'll sit back and snipe, they'd gut me." With that, Alex injected Psycho through his Medic Armor, and started shooting them with his laser pistol, "Oh, like that'll hit them!" Bren says to Alex, right before Alex gets a headshot.


Jacob drew his gauss rifle, and began aiming. He hadn't expected the Outcasts to open fire on an Enclave camp, never mind one a wastelander had suggested attacking. He was still getting used to having to replace the Microfusion Cell after each shot, but he was having no trouble plugging people with the gun.

He spotted the officer of the camp going for the Deathclaw Cage. There was no way he was going to fight another Deathclaw, so he shot at the man. The officer somehow managed to move his head and take the bullet to his shoulder. The officer then proceeded to open the cage.

"This is where I come in" Bren. He took a careful aim for the Deathclaw's knees and blew one of them away. Then he put a follow-up shot into its head, disabling the Mind-Control device it was wearing. "Lets see how you like Deathclaws now, you Enclave sacks of shit!" he roared.


Defender Ranik drew his Combat Shotgun as the rest of the group opened fire. He and Defender Carter were advancing to effective shotgun range. As the Deathclaw fell, the two Outcasts were into the camp mopping up survivors. Carter gunned down a fleeing Enclave trooper, while Ranik dismembered the already crippled Enclave Officer, who was begging for his life. "No pity, no remorse with these scum," Ranik said in a steely voice through his helmet. The best part was, even if the Enclave had gotten communications in to a dispatch area, the Outcasts were colored like Brotherhood of Steel members, due to their unpainted new armor. "Agreed," said Carter heavily. The rest of the group was now advancing into the camp and began scavenging the Enclave supplies. "To the victor go the spoils," Ranik grinned inside his helmet.


Jacob strode through the remains of the camp, casually executing the last Enclave soldier as he went. He ripped the lid off one of the Enclave supply crates and pocketed all of the Stimpaks. Then he tossed all of the Med-X to Bren. He wanted to be sure the other "local" got through this, as he genuinely seemed remorseful about the charge. As it stood, Bren was still technically in Outcast custody. Nobody was quite sure how he'd managed to get his hands free, but they'd all been glad that he'd frenzied the Deathclaw.

"Well fought Defender." Jacob muttered to Hughes as he passed

Bren surveyed what was left of the Enclave camp. Nothing but wreckage now. Since Old Olney, the Outcasts had gained a technical superiority over individual Enclave camps, and with surprise on their side, they had just eradicated a nest of Enclave scum without breaking sweat. He slid his scalpel back up his sleeve, away from the now severed cords tying his wrists. Jacob wasn't the only one with concealed blades.


Jackson gave everyone a minute to regroup, and then raised his fist, motioning for everyone to gather around him. "Nice work, everyone. Five minutes rest; load your weapons, get a quick bite to eat, and relax. We move in 5. Then it's is radscorp roasting time."

Run4urLife! going oofline after this

Jacob took a quick look around. He reloaded the gauss rifle Ranik had lent him, and cleaned the barrel of his .44 Blackhawk. That was almost reflex now. He had learned the hard way that bloody weapons not only look cheesy, but the iron in blood corrodes even stainless steel.

He looked over to Bren and Ryo, and they seemed to be doing fine, with Bren cleaning his weapon, Deathclaw Bane, and Ryo chowing down on the Enclave officer's carcass. He wanted to make sure that none of the hardline Outcasts were going to execute Bren over the incident with the explosives, which, apparently, he didn't even set off himself. Even if it meant killing off every Outcast on this little hil, he would be sure Bren would get away before any of these tin suit wearing nut jobs put a bullet in him for the sake of proving the point that nobody messes with the Outcasts.


Carter nodded and yanked out an expended drum magazine from his combat shotgun, slapping in a new one and slinging the weapon over his shoulder. He opened up an adjacent Enclave crate and stuffed what he could of its contents into his supply satchel, before closing the crate and seating himself on it. He removed his helmet and took a series of deep breaths, looking around what was left of the camp idly.

Teh Krush

"Too.. heavy..." Alex moans, note that he was carrying both the AER12 Laser Rifles, 3 Laser pistols, and wearing a full set of Medic Armor, not to mention the bag he was dragging along the floor full of ammo and meds. "I need some rest, just give me a few minutes." He wasn't used to being deep into the wasteland. He then handed Jacob two of the laser pistols, since he noticed two holsters empty on his jacket.


Ranik knelt down to examine the Enclave corpses. "Advanced Power Armor Mark II," he said, half to himself. The armor looked alien, insectoid even. No matter, it wasn't salvagable. A shotgun blast had ripped a hole through the back, utterly destroying the power core. Armor fluid and blood pooled on the ground. He looked at the next corpse. Nothing salvagable. And the next. Still nothing. The officer Ranik executed slumped against a barricade with a glazed over look on his face. Ranik noticed a dull green glowing beside him. "Aha," he thought. Ranik picked up the plasma pistol and examined it. Still good. Ranik walked over to Jacob. "If you've got a spare holster, keep this safe for me, would you?" Ranik knew the man was a walking weapons shop by this point. No matter, he'd shown a degree of respect to the Protector and that was good enough for Ranik. Defender Ranik didn't fear the man, but he was an imposing figure nonetheless. "You're a good shot with that weapon," said Ranik nodding to the Gauss Rifle. "You adapt quickly. Where'd you learn to use weaponry like that?" Ranik sat down across from the vigilante and removed his helmet, revealing a worn, weathered face. Ranik's blue eyes met the steely gray gaze of the vigilante unflinching. He was almost standoffish to Ranik, but Ranik didn't care. He'd faced Raiders and Deathclaws, Talon Mercs and Super Mutants, Enclave Troopers and Ghouls. There was nothing and nobody left in this wasteland for Defender Wallace Ranik to fear.


Jackson reloaded his weapons, brushed off his Outcast armor, and looked around, various men conversing with each other. What confused him was Ranik striking up a conversation with the wastelander, Jacob. No matter. It was time to leave anyway. "Alright everyone, times up, the tea-party is over. We need to get moving again." Some of the Outcasts moaned, and then began to hustle, picking up their gear. Jackson raised his hand in a fist, and the party shuffled out again a rough, loosely shaped column, with Hughes whistling some pre-war tune to keep the march not so dreary. 04:52, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Bren noticed that everyone had their attention focused elsewhere so he thought it was time to go "Well guys, it was fun, But I better go, I have a group to Start" He says, as he begins to run off with Ryo but to his surprise the OutCasts don't train their guns on him


"I know this tune," Ranik thought to himself. As he walked his place in the line, he began to softly sing along. "While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo, While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo, While goin' the road to sweet Athy, A stick in the hand and a drop in the eye, A doleful damsel I heard cry, Johnny I hardly knew ye." It was indeed a Pre-War tune, from some forgotten age. Ranik quietly enjoyed this moment of humanity. After all, moments like these were too few and far between in such an inhumane world. Ranik slowed his pace a little to walk beside Protector Jackson. He walked along carrying his Combat Shotgun. "How's the leg, Protector?" he asked quietly. Ranik didn't know why he was so talkative at the moment. Perhaps it was the hope gained from the recovered tech, perhaps it was the peaceful and quiet night and a quiet march with his comrades, perhaps it was the ease brought on by an old war tune. Defender Ranik, of course maintained his level of vigilance, a man couldn't be too careful out here.

Brengarrett 05:11, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Bren has ran off and soon is headed to Megaton to get some rest and suplies (I am asuming that Megaton wasn't destroye, and now I am out of this board)


Jacob lumbered awkwardly. He knew the Outcasts meant well, and that trusting him with all this tech was the greatest gesture of respect they could make to a local, but he was starting to feel like a damned pack-mule. One more Enclave camp, and he'd need a suit of power armor just to stand up straight.

He almost started whistling as he walked, but then remembered Ranik's question.

"Where did I learn to shoot like that?" Jacob thought to himself. He wasn't even through induction with the Enclave when he deserted. The Regulators hadn't taught him much, other than crime bad, law good. That question was starting to get at him, like a grain of sand inside your sock, or recognizing a face and trying to put a name to it. He had a vague notion he knew where he learned to shoot that well, but it was just out of his reach.


"He took off." Ranik said to Protector Jackson. "Sometime during the night, Bren just took off. He preached about honor, and what does he do. MDPL-16 is just 20 clicks north west, right over that rise." Ranik couldn't gauge Jackson's expression through his helmet, but he knew what it must've looked like. Luckily, the Outcasts' mistrust of the Mercenary meant he didn't have any of their recovered Tech. Jacob Vaughton was proving to be a good ally. "Maybe all wastelanders weren't as two-faced and cowardly as the Merc had been," Ranik thought to himself. "Let him skulk," Protector Jackson said sternly, "we have more pressing matters to attend to. Try to get the Specialist on the comm-link. "Yes Protector," Ranik said, opening a comm channel. "This is Outcast Patrol Bravo, attempting to contact Specialist Hamilton at MDPL-16. Acknowledge."

++++Good morni... This... Specialist Hamilton... o all Outcast reinforcement... What is your position?++++

"Protector!" Ranik called, relieved, "we've got her!"


Jacob jumped. The Outcasts were getting ready to move, just as he sat down to shave. This was the fourth day in a row, so maybe it was a sign that he should let his beard grow longer. That Specialist was in some hot water, and this lot were coming to pull her out of it. He was becoming attached to the Outcasts, and he genuinely wanted to help this specialist out of the mess she'd somehow managed to wind up in.

He stood up and started to move along with his power armored companions. This was going to be good.


As usual, Jackson remained both bored, tired and pissed, traits that stuck with him since FairFax. His leg wasn't bothering him as much anymore, but it still nagged at him, and he reguarly had the doctor check his right leg. They marched onward, slaughtering bandits, Enclave troopers, insects and other mutations, and even the occasional crazy wastelander. Jackson yawned, his Outcast armor itching all over. Jackson motioned Ranik to come next to him. "I believe that would be the source of the broadcast, correct?" Jackson said, pointing to a large power station surrounded by huge radscorpions.

Rasengod 22:19, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

"I have to be honest. Ambushing an Enclave outpost is one thing, but fighting an army of radscorpions and their bigger brothers the giant radscorpions is going to be kinda difficult." Hughes

Hughes surveyed the area looking for another way through. Hughes spotted a long rock bridge that seemed to lead to the power station. It seemed to be the safer route, but once they were spotted by the radscorpions they would swarm all over them. Hughes though it over.

"I think some of us should take that rock bridge to our right while the rest of us distract the radscorpions. I spotted a sewer grate a little bit behind us. The group fighting the radscorpions could retreat there if they are overwhelmed. The guys on the rock bridge should be able to get through hopefully. I'll volunteer to distract the monsters over there. I am carrying very little due to my injuries so I could probably make the run to the sewer easily." Hughes


"I'll go with Hughes. He saved my ass before, and I'd like the opportunity to return the favour." Jacob said.

Without waiting for an answer, he took aim at a radscorpion and fired, while circling off to the left, drawing a few of them away from the crowd.

"Reckless, Jacob, very reckless." Jacob thought to himself as more and more radscorps broke off in pursuit of him.


" *buzz* Is that you out there, Patrol Bravo?" Hannah radioed.


"That's the one, Protector." Ranik confirmed to Jackson. Hughes pointed out a rock bridge to the right and suggested a few Outcasts take that route into the power station and he volunteered to lay covering fire with his gatling laser from the overlook. No sooner had the syllables left his mouth did a bluish white burst of light hit one of the Radscorpions and explode, blowing a whole in it's carapace and a pincer clean off into the air. Ranik frantically glanced to his left to see Jacob darting for a small gully. If he could make it there, he'd be relatively safe, but more and more radscorpions were begining to follow him. There was no time to waste though. Without another word, Ranik surged to his feet and made a break for the bridge. A quick glance back saw the rest of the Outcasts opening fire and another glance ahead showed Gauss explosions and laser beams raking the Radscorpions. Damn there was a lot of them. Now they looked pissed.


Regardless of who was shooting, the situation was heating up. Hannah struggled into her combat armor, and re-slung her arm. She pulled out her .32 pistol, and waited to see if it was indeed Outcast Patrol Bravo outside.


As he sprinted, Defender Ranik heard his comm link. Ranik answered, "This is Outcast Patrol Bravo! We are attempting suppression of hostiles outside your location! Standby, one Outcast inbound!" As he finished his communication something hit him in the side of the head. He was briefly aware of weightlessness as his body was hurled through the air. He lost hold of his shotgun and landed hard against a group of rocks and felt the wind get knocked out of him. He looked up from his back and saw a Giant Radscorpion scooting towards him. Ranik instinctively rolled to his left. "Have some juice and tough it out!" Ranik heard his Medic Armor say. His vision focused as the Med-X began flowing into his veins. Enough to see he had just dodged the stinger of the giant arachnid. Ranik drew both AEP 7's and exhausted the energy cells into the scorpion's body. He turned quickly to avoid the stinger of another smaller one. He re-clipped the pistols and quickly drew the AER9 he'd been carrying. He slammed the butt of the rifle down, shattering the Scorpion's carapace. Sticky fluid oozed from the cracks. Then he felt a sharp sting in his forearm and his grip on the rifle slackened. He could see a barb sticking out of his forearm, dripping venom. "Have a huff of this and keep fighting pansey!" His armor squawked as his helmet's re-breather filled with Jet. He inhaled deeply and the pain was gone. Things became a blur again as he spun, tearing his arm free of the stinger. He fired the AER9 into the scorpion's tail and re-clipped it, blood flowed freely from his arm, staining the steel armor crimson, and leaving a trail behind him. Ranik resumed his sprint toward the rock bridge and power station. He scooped his Combat Shotgun off the ground and rattled off a few shots without breaking stride. The other Outcasts seemed to be holding their own, but there were a lot of Radscorpions still.


Jacob sprinted for the gully. The radscorps could only get at him from one side then. Unless they came from above. He stowed the Gauss Rifle and pulled out his Xualong AR. The HEI rounds he'd loaded into it made a right mess of the radscorps, but he already had to reload, and only ten radscorps were dead. He drew a long knife and sidestepped a stinger, and countered with a broad slash, cutting off the stinger barb. Then he slashed his knife down, clean through its carapace. It twitched unsettlingly for a while, then was still. He jumped back and began to scale the rocks at the back of the gully, evading the giant radscorpions. The small ones could still climb up at him, but the giant scorpions just couldn't manage it. With a wordless roar, he opened fire again.


"Pyle, clear the barricade over the door, we've got friends coming."

"Another glorious day in this man's army!"

Pyle pulled the barrels away from the door. Hannah took position nearby.

"Ready, Pyle? I'm gonna open the door for just a second to see our situation."

Hannah opened the door. She couldn't see the Repulsor through the hordes of scorpions. One giant radscorpion started a beeline for the open door. Pyle launched a volley of plasma at it as Hannah slammed the door shut. Half a second later, the structure rattled as the Giant Radscorpion slammed into the door.


Carter unloaded several helpings of buckshot into what he assumed was a Giant Radscorpion's face, which punctured the thing's exoskeleton quite easily and brought its attacks to a cease. He heard shuffling behind him and instinctively span around, to see that another of the creatures was already within striking distance. As its tail reared up, he hurried backwards, firing a few shots directly into its stinger. The tip of its tail seemed to fall to pieces, quite literally. It began backing away, and he followed it, preparing to fire again, and was caught off-guard and dragged to the ground when its pincer closed around his leg. With an angered grunt, he emptied the rest of the drum magazine's contents into the Scorpion, at which point the grip around his leg loosened. Glancing around briefly, he reloaded his shotgun and got to his feet.


"Well there's a good sign," Ranik thought to himself as a spray of plasma fire vaporized the Radscorpion headed for the door. He gingerly crossed the rock bridge to the door. Most of the Radscorpions were headed toward the Outcasts on the hill and Jacob was firing like a madman into the bunch surrounding him. Ranik swore he hadn't heard fire from the gully slacken in almost 5 minutes. The rest of the group seemed to be fairing well. Radscorpions were dying in droves and the ground was sticky and crunchy around the station with a trail leading toward the hill, which still writhed with pincers and tails. Ranik did not relish having to fight through it again to get back to his squadmates. He banged on the power station door. "Defender Wallace Ranik! Brotherhood Outcasts!" He announced.


Carter followed behind Ranik across the bridge, limping slightly from where the Radscorpion had caught his leg. He didn't feel anything, though - a testiment to how useful this new armour was, he thought. He kept watch whilst Ranik waited for a response from inside the building, aiming his shotgun around sporadically for any sign of a returning Radscorpion.


"That's them, Pyle."

Hannah opened the door again.


"Defender, there's a device I dropped out there that we've gotta disable. It uses a high frequency sound to repel animals. Works well enough on molerats, but it seems to attract the scorpions."

Specialist Hamilton started scanning the ground for the device built into an old lunchbox.

--Valic Istražite 03:34, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey's head swirled, that damn Merc abandoned him in Old Olney, leaving him to his death. To his surprise, he had found himself living after an hour or two of unconsciousness in the Death Claw infested ruins. Luckily it was due to his Brothers storming in and eradicating most of the Death Claw threat. If only Ramsey had the strength at the time to call out to them, then maybe he would be in a much better condition than he is now. He watched the whole cascade from the window of his building, unable to scream to them, help them out, or even wave to them. He watched the Local pull a gun on his Brothers, and then reveal his true intention. And with that he had nearly blown half the city to hell. Ramsey was barley able to get to some cover before the bomb went off, the blast had knocked him under a giant pile of rubble. Ramsey was sure he had died. He awoke what seemed like days later when it was only mere minutes. That damn Yau Guai had dug him up and nearly licked him to death, the smell was awful. Then the thing ran off, as if called away. Ramsey followed it, hoping to find some way out of this shithole, but the thing was fast, too fast. Ramsey lost the beast and ended up traveling in circles for awhile. That was until he came across a radio, it's frequency turned to local. He heard his brothers speaking, revealing their journey to MDPL-16 to rescue a Specialist. With that Ramsey was off, following in the tracks of his lost brothers.

Now he positioned himself across a rock, hovering about the Scorpion infested MDPL-16, watching his brothers fight them off in an attempt to save another Outcast. He put his scope to his eye, peering through the scratched lenses. He saw one of the Locals that his brothers had picked up pinned in a gully, fighting off the insects as much as he could. Ramsey fired 5 rounds into the fury, dropping 4 of the bugs. The local seemed surprised, looked around for a moment, and then went back to firing. For now Ramsey would remain hidden, mostly to not distract his comrades, but partly due to the uncertainty of continuing to be an Outcast. If he wanted to, he could easily leave, they all thought he was dead anyway. Ramsey shook his head, saving those thoughts for later.

He quickly reloaded and fired again into the swarm.


"Well, I'd rather fight Mole Rats than Radscorpions, Specialist." Ranik said. He turned back to Carter. "Thanks for the back up Brother, I'd hoped someone would follow. Are the Protector's men holding out on the hill?" Carter nodded. "We'll keep the Hamilton covered while she finds the device." Ranik turned back to Hannah. What's the condition of your Gutsy unit? Can he back us up while we back you up?" Hannah nodded to Ranik. "He's in fighting condition," she smiled. "The only thing better than dying for your country is making some other poor bastard die for his." Pyle said as he hovered out the door. "Carter, let's move out." Ranik waved to the door. With that the group departed the building. Outside the fire had begun to settle down. . The ground was littered with dead bugs. Ranik and Carter kept thier heads on a swivel as Hannah searched for her Repulsor. "Defender Ranik!" Carter called out. "Yeah Carter?" Ranik responded. "What's that on the overhang? It looks like a sniper scope." Man, that guy was observant. "Go check it out, Carter," Ranik said, "I'll cover Hannah with Gutsy here." With that Ranik watch Defender Carter begin scaling the rocks up to the unknown sniper.

--Valic Istražite 04:19, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

"Damn, they spotted me." Ramsey cursed himself for not being more vigilant. He had to guess that it was Defender Carter, Ramsey had heard many stories about that man. He fought alongside him a couple of times, once being put on patrol with him. One thing that stuck out with Carter was his uncanny ability to observe anything and everything. Ramsey should have expected this. He quickly pulled back and reloaded, what could he do? Run? That would only lead to his death in the Wasteland, he was better off staying with the Outcasts, even if it puts him in danger constantly. Ramsey saw one of his brothers, presumably Carter, scaling the rocky hill to get to him. Ramsey looked down at himself, a mess of dirt, blood, and armor. He quickly tried to wipe it off, but the blood had stained, another testament to his failure. Ramsey heard Carter's footsteps coming up the hill. Then, from where Ramsey was once sitting, came one of his brothers, aiming a fully loaded Combat Shotgun to Ramsey's head.

"Hello Defender, Jay P. Ramsey of the Brotherhood Outcasts, Omega Patrol. Field Sniper." Ramsey said while saluting to his brother. He smiled under his armor, he was finally with comrades.

--BortJr 04:39, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

"I'm not entirely sure where the thing is. Dropped it when a scorp got me," Hannah said as she indicated her arm. After a moment of retracing her steps, she found it near the chain-link fence. "Ah, here it is...oh, shit, the switch is broken." She busied herself trying to open the casing with one hand.

"You look like a Communist! I'll show you what I do to Communists!" Pyle yelled as two more giant Radscorpions and a few smaller ones crested the hill. Pyle peppered the landscape with glowing plasma bolts. Hannah vainly tried to pop the casing, but it was warped from the end of its sudden flight into the fencing. She fired three rounds into the electronics in the old lunchbox, shattering the vacuum tubes.

Act 3Edit


Carter immediately lowered his shotgun to his side and returned the salute. "Hal Carter, Bravo Patrol. Good to see you, Brother." He was not only glad to have Ramsey here - the man was an incredibly skilled sniper and a valuable asset to any operation, after all - but also relieved to see him again. "Honestly, I thought you were dead. Are you alright?" He asked with a tone of genuine concern. If he was indeed alive and hadn't been seen in hours, chances are he was wounded.

--Valic Istražite 04:54, 2 March 2009 (UTC)(Going offline after this.)

Ramsey went to ease, he was just glad to hear another persons voice again. "Good to see you too, and I'm okay," Ramsey failed to mention his wounded shoulder, that would have to wait until later, "I barley escaped FairFax, although sadly I don't think anybody else survived, not to my knowledge at least." Ramsey cringed at that sentence, if only he could have helped more. He suddenly remembered the battle below. Ramsey walked up to the ridge and loaded his weapon. "Come on Carter, this conversation can wait, we have to extract that specialist. I'll cover you."

With that Ramsey and Cater shook hands, and were back to the battle.


Ranik stood next to Pyle and pumped shot after shot into the advancing radscorpions. He reloaded and shot and reloaded and shot. Pyle's plasma gun vaporized scorpions and sent out a hail of shots that never ended. "I should take robots on patrol more often," Ranik thought. He glanced behind him as Hannah Hamilton put three rounds into the Repulsor and looked up to see Carter and another Outcast putting fire down into the gradually thinning mass of stingers, legs, and pincers. Ranik gave a wave to the two Outcasts and got a wave back from Carter who began helping the second Outcast along. It was time to re-group and make for Fort Independence. Ranik braced his Combat Shotgun on his bloody arm, which was now regaining feeling, and hurt, and fired again. "A little boost to keep a fighting man on his feet!" Ranik's medic armor said. Ranik felt the pain ebb away as more Med-X entered his system. "Specialist Hamilton!" he yelled, "we're going to regroup with the rest of the Patrol. Try to stay among us." There was much less fire now on the hill. Ranik could see a few radscorpions still floundering in the firing lines that the other Outcasts and Jacob Vaughton had created. To the far right of the formation there must've been some crippled radscorpions piled in Jacob's Gully, but Ranik saw nothing moving but Jacob himself, who continued to riddle the mass with .556 rounds. "I'm sure glad he's been on our side," Ranik said half to himself, "because that man sure does enjoy killing."


Jacob dropped down from his elevated firing position, crushing the last Radscorpion under his weight. For once, he was glad he'd been carrying all the pistols the Outcasts couldn't, otherwise doing something so stupid would have involved pulling a stinger out of his gut when the radscorp got back up.

He fired a burst into the crowd of arachnids, one of them bursting into flame spectacularly as the HEI rounds did their job. These Outcasts were pretty fun to be hanging around with, Jacob thought to himself as he regrouped with them.


Jackson ordered the men to continue to cover Ranik and the others as they broke into the power station. He was going to continue barking orders and yelling at Specialist Hank (just an NPC for RP use) about his gun always jamming, but then he heard something about the name Ramsey. Ramsey. Ramsey!!! He broke off towards the talk, spotting his former squadmate. "I didn't think you got out, you son of a bitch!!!" Jackson, laughing for once in several weeks. Ramsey stared at him, grinning. "Jackson? What the hell? Jesus, I thought the raiders had caught you, buddy!!!" Ramsey shook Jackson's hand, smiling. "Nice to have you back, Ramsey. It was starting to get bored around here without the local smart ass in tow." Ramsey stretched. "Well, I try." Ramsey said casually while shooting down a charging radscorpion. Jackson rolled his eyes inside his helmet.

--BortJr 15:44, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Hannah holstered her pistol, scooped up the smoking remains of the Repulsor, and tried to keep up with Ranik. His powered armor gave him a significant advantage in speed. Hannah, unused to wearing armor, struggled to keep pace.

"I'd guess the scorpions will quit swarming soon," Hannah said.

Pyle cooked another giant radscorpion that was getting too close for comfort.


Now going at full sprint, Jacob went hell-for-leather towards Ranik and the woman. That Gutsy of hers was making a real mess of any Radscorpions that got close, so he'd have to be careful what angle he came up the hill from. He didn't like getting set on fire the last few times it happened and he assumed that hadn't changed, so there was no way in hell he wanted to startle a Mr Gutsy that had no idea that he was on its side.

He took a pot-shot as a Radscorpion that was lunging at the woman, whom he presumed was the specialist, and splatteredit all over the grass.


Ranik slowed up his pace when he noticed Specialist Hamilton was having trouble keeping up. The Radscorpions were mostly either dead or dispersing. As he looked back, he saw Jacob bearing toward them. "Stand down Pyle!" Ranik yelled as he saw the Gutsy's plasma arm swiveling into position. "Yes sir!" Pyle snapped back, before resuming his scan for any insects in the area. "Well fought Jacob," Ranik huffed as Jacob joined the group. Carter and the other Outcast had made their way around to the rest of the group and Ranik could see Protector Jackson greeting the man. Clearly they had regained a brother thought lost. Ranik was relieved at the thought of bringing home a lost comrade as well. Ranik's group finally reached the now unengaged group of Outcasts on the hill. "The Specialist is retrieved, Protector," Ranik reported to Jackson.


Jackson nodded, slinging his laser rifle. "Good work." He looked around. Everyone was exhausted. Hughes was wiping off dripping scorpion blood from his suit. "Damned insects..." Jackson could hear Hughes muttering. "Listen up everyone. We're holding here for night. It's almost sunset, and there's no way in hell we're going to chance deathclaws in the dark. Guard shifts; Carter, Ramsey, your on first. Me, Hughes, and Ranik will take second. After that, Jacob and Alex. Alex, see to Specialist Hamilton's condition, and administer as needed. Myself, I need to go take a piss." Jackson said. With that, he walked down the hill towards the dead scorpions, a limp still in his leg.


Jacob nodded. Then gave the Gutsy a disparaging look. He was sure it was watching him like he was a POW. Then he heard Protector Jackson's orders and gave a resigned sigh. He had no problem with Alex as a person or a soldier, he just had an irrational aversion to scientists and doctors. Just like his gunfighting skills, he had no idea where that came from. Being on watch with someone that gave him the sensation of hearing a blunt razor scratching on glass was going to be interesting.

Teh Krush (sorry, hadn't been on the RP for a while hehe)

Alex saw the look on Jacobs face, almost reading his thoughts "Oh, i'm not that bad.", he said to Jacob, then proceeding to Specialist Hamilton.


Jacob grumbled as he walked over to Hamilton to see if he could lend a hand. The least he could do was try not to look apprehensive about the squint.


Jackson grumbled as he readjusted his armor leggings walking back up to the camp. He had to admit that he was quite impressed with Jacob's skill. Of course, he was still rather pissed off about their earlier mexican standoff. However, he couldn't overlook the man's skill, especially without armor. Jackson walked past him, and took a gander at Hamilton, then moved past her, and expected the troops, conversing with his men. Jackson finally sat down. What he wouldn't give for a bunk inside Fort Independence right now.


Jacob handed Alex another stimpak, trying to hide the fact that he was unreasonably uneasy around the doctor. He kapt looking over at that goddamned Gutsy, Pyles.

"I could swear he hasn't looked away from me all this time. Paranoid jackass of a machine. Wonder how he'd feel if I did a little reprogramming. Wonder what the Outcasts'd think if I set him up to call anything living a meatsack or something." Jacob thought to himself, actually smiling, for the first time in too long. He immediately stopped when he caught the specialist giving him an odd look.


Ranik sat down and flicked his helmet lamp on. He quickly turned the light to dim, just enough to see what he was doing. He did need light to clean his weapon, after all, it's seen much action in the past few days. He ensured the barrel was clean, the firing mechanism was clear, and the shells inside were all good. He got up and walked over to Jacob and Alex, giving Alex a nod as he sat down. "If you want to lighten your pockets a bit, Pyle has a storage unit. He can carry some of the tech you've been carrying for us." Jacob gave Ranik a cockeyed look. "I'm not saying I don't trust you, I just figure that you're a better fighter if you can move more." Ranik said. "It's not that," Jacob responded, "that damn robot's been staring at me the whole time. Does he think I'm a prisoner or what?" Ranik chuckled in relief that he hadn't lit a fuse with their ally. "He's a robot. He looks at everyone that way. He's got three sets of eyes. We got his combat inhibitor programmed to our orders. He won't open fire. He's a soldier like the rest of us, and to try to kill you would disobey a direct order. Anyway, if he pisses you off I can stow the tech. It's up to you. We'll be headed for Fort Independence starting tomorrow. We can work out some compensation there for your assistance. If Casdin tolerated that Bren in the Fort, I'm sure he'd not give two shakes of a shit if you stopped in for payment. You're a good ally, my friend." Ranik extended a hand, "I'm not 'going local' as some of the Outcasts say. You're not one of us, but I'll be damned if you aren't the next best thing."


Jacob nodded, shook Ranik's hand and then started stowing the pistols in the freak robot's storage unit. He might just take Ranik up on that offer. He was in desperate need of medical supplies, ever since 2277 when one of his safehouses was destroyed. Raiders just weren't carrying as many Stimpaks with themselves any more. Either they'd heard of him and assumed they wouldn't last long, or they hadn't heard of him and assumed they wouldn't need meds.

He had to admit to himself, he was going to miss working with the Outcasts when all of this was over. He might have to start trading tech with them.


Carter strolled up behind Pyle, muttered what was probably a sort of greeting to the gung-ho Gutsy and opened up its storage unit, before depositing the several AEP7s and the AER9 laser weapons he'd collected from the weapons cache back at Olney. He held onto the Gauss Rifle though - if he was on night-watch duty, he may as well have something to dispatch threats from a range rather than waiting for whatever was trying to kill them to get into close quarters. He wasn't too keen on using the weapon much, though. Microfusion Cells used to propel slugs into animals' heads could be used to fuel a water purifier, or a heater, or a computer terminal, or something more crucial to surival, after all. Still, he figured that with any luck, he wouldn't have to use it anyway. He loaded a cell into the rifle and headed back up to the vantage point Ramsey was sniping from before, which gave him a decent view over the area. He seated himself on a rock and began casually looking over the Wasteland through his scope, vigilant for a sign of hostility.

Teh Krush

Alex put his two AER12 Laser Rifles in the robot before he went to sleep, he kept his two laser pistols under him though.

Hours Later

"...", Alex was muttering in his sleep, he knew he was going to be woken up soon, hopefully around the time Bren comes crying back, so he gets to shoot him. Then he got up, when to the robot, got a bottle of purified water from it, drank it, and went to sleep again.


Jacob laughed to himself. Not only was the doc sleeping on his watch, but he was talking. Jacob was, on the other hand, busy going through his downtime routine of calisthenics and shadow boxing. The marine push-ups were starting to tire him out, so he stopped for a second and sat downagainst the chain link fence. He saw movement out in the gully he'd been fightin in earlier, and decided to check it out through his rifle scope. Raider. He pulled the trigger. He couldn't help it, it was instinct by now. If it had been Talon Company now, that poor boy would've been left to bleed out in the darkness of that gully.

He started to hum that song Jenna, his wife, used to sing to Bobbie to get him to go to sleep. His hands started shaking. He couldn't sit still any more. He went back to excercising to burn off that frustration.


Ranik looked up as he heard a gunshot. We heard a muffled cry and a thud. Then silence. "Must've been some dumb bastard out on his own, didn't even know he was dead," Ranik thought. He shrugged and looked back down at his hands. He had had put his AER9 and one AEP7 into Pyles storage unit. The robot was now an armed, floating weapons depot. Ranik removed his helmet and set it down next to him on the ground. He gently took the locket from around his neck and removed it. The moonlight was enough as he opened and looked at the faded picture of a girl smiling back at him. Her pretty blonde hair fell around and below her shoulders. Ranik smiled, recalling, vaguely, her voice and his past. How he'd loved back California. How he'd lost by leaving. He had thought the Brotherhood would bring him back in a few months, maybe a year. He hadn't counted on wasting a life here for that idiot Lyons. Here he was though. Now an Outcast, yet still loyal to the Brotherhood. He'd be back there soon. With the VB-02 schematics, there could be hope. Ranik nodded to himself and closed the locket. Carefilly he put it around his neck, next to his now converted "Outcast" Holotags. His arm stung for a second and then numbed again as he layed down. No medic armor voice though. He'd finally figured how to turn it off. Ranik fell quietly into a much earned rest.


Jackson couldn't fall asleep. He knew he should try to get some rest, but he just didn't have the urge anymore to sleep. Jackson stood up, stretching. He grabbed a lamp, holstered his .44 Magnum, and walked out of camp, ignoring the guass rifle shot from Jacob, who was now watching Jackson. Jackson nodded at him, and continued out of the camp, holding his lamp up. Jackson didn't know where he was going. As far as he was concerned, his Fairfax ordeal had driven him all but insane and crazy. Jackson just kept walking in the direction he left in. The sweat on top his forehead was itching at him. Jackson finally sat down, his legs tired. Then he drew his .44 Magnum. Would they notice? He didn't think so. Of course, suicide had never been an option for Jackson. He threw his head into his arms, depressed.


Jacob kicked out at Jackson, catching him in the side of his head. As Jackson sprawled on the ground, Jacob picked up his .44 Magnum, cocked, with a full cylinder.

"Do I need to ask? Personally, I could never do it, always seemed too much like taking the easy way out. But you can do whatever you want, free country, after all." Jacob said as he tossed the big revolver back to Jackson.

He turned away and started walking back towards the camp, hoping to God that he wouldn't hear a gunshot as he went.

Teh Krush (Wow, it's Alexs shift? I thought it was Carters!)

Alex finally woke up, to notice he was supposed to be up, but Jacob didn't bother to wake him. In fact, when he got up, Jacob wasn't even there, instead he was walking towards the tower, with somebody walking somewhat behind him. "A raider? Yep, trying to stab Jacob isn't he? That won't happen." Alex went to the robot to grab a Gauss rifle, and shot the raider, Jacob jumped, thinking Alex was aiming for him, but then noticed what happened.


Jackson kept his hand on the revolver, rubbing his head after Jacob had kicked him. Jackson looked at the revolver. He'd carried it ever since the Scourge, when he liberated it from a raider who had attacked him. The revolver looked like the devil right now. He cocked the hammer again. It was ready. He put it up to his head, closed his eyes--- and dropped the weapon, crying. He hit the ground with a thud, his armor clanging off the irridated dirt. He collected himself, picked up both weapon and lamp, and began a somber return to the camp.


"Fuck, thought that was Jackson." Jacob thought to himself as he looked at the dead Raider. Should've known, like fuckin ants, where there's on, there'll be more. They'd probably been camping out nearby and heard the battle earlier. Greedy bastards were looking for loot that was rightfully Jacob's and the Outcast's.

Jacob pulled out his Assault Rifle, just in case. The HEI rounds were great for use at night, especially if they actually set the bodies on fire, instead of just searing them and burning out.


"Another shot?" Ranik thought, standing up, "I guess a nap is too much to ask for." He picked up his Combat Shotgun and headed for the noise. Alex was holding a Gauss rifle and Jacob was standing over a downed Raider. Ranik waved to Alex and walked over to Jacob who didn't even look up. "I guess the bookworm can shoot," he said, "and by the way, Jackson was over there trying to use the rocks as a canvas for a brain painting. Haben't heard a shot, but I gave him his gun back." "Damn it," Ranik cursed. He knew that Jackson had been warped by Fairfax. There was only so much a soldier could take. The noise, the pain, the screams. The killing and dying. Ranik trudged over to where Jackson sat slumped against a rock. His .44 Magnum was laying next to him. Jackson looked up at Ranik. "Protector," Ranik said as he knelt down, "we're gonna be back to Independence soon. We haven't lost anyone yet, so lets not begin here. This isn't the answer. You and me were both at the Scourge. Remember that? This has been a picnic compared to that. We get back we'll get some time off patrol. You can use it. Hot meal, warm beds, shelter, defense. We're a lucky group, the Outcasts, especially in this shithole wasteland. We got all that and the best soldiers around watching our backs. You saved my ass from becoming a Deathclaw's supper. We just pulled Hamilton out of a scorpion nest, and your guy Ramsey from Fairfax caught up with us. You've led a hell of a squad with a hell of a mission here, Protector. Don't let it slip like this. Let's head back to Fort Independence." Defender Ranik stood up and offered a hand to Protector Jackson.


Carter frowned. The Raider he was aiming at dropped dead at the sound of another gunshot in the vicinity. He looked down at the camp and caught a glimpse at Alex with a rifle of his own. He was surprisingly handy with guns for a man of his age, Carter noted. He shrugged and returned to his watch, only to notice that another few Raiders, a group of about four, were heading towards the camp from the direction the one Vain had just dropped came from. He settled his sights on one, held his breath to steady his aim, then fired. The Raider then sprawled to the ground, his head missing. "I'm not half bad at this!" He thought with a sizeable grin on his face as he reloaded his rifle and took aim at the others, who were now scrambling to get away...


Jacob looked up as Ranik and Jackson wandered back into the light of the camp's communal lantern.

"You heard the Raiders too then, eh, Protector?" Jacob said to Jackson. The last thing a suicide risk needed was everyone knowing about it and treating him like an invalide.

Jacob was already packed and rearing to go. He'd heard Ranik talking to Jackson and had assumed that they were leaving right away. In fact, with the Raiders lumbering around everywhere, leaving wouldn't have been a bad plan at all. Especially as this lot had the same clan tattoos as the ones in the Bethesda Offices with all the sniper rifles.

User:KuHB1aM (srry the entry is short i'll make a big one later)

Jackson stared at Ranik. Then he took his hand, and Ranik pulled him up. Jackson nodded at Ranik, silent. Then he moved back toward camp, Ranik flanking him. Jackson walked into camp, and looked around, the various Outcasts and Jacob watching him, then returning to their business. Jackson grabbed his helmet, and then his rifle. He still had a job to do. Ranik was right; he was an Outcast. What would future generations say if he chickened out of life after all he'd been through?

Run4urLife! goinig offline after

Jacob was keeping a close eye on Jackson. He was the first person to catch him off guard since. Ever, Jacob remembered. Nobody had ever caught him off guard before. If whatever happened in Fairfax was enough to make a man like that sink so far, it had to have been bad. Jacob could relate. He'd outlived his wife, and both of his children. He knew loss. Jackson just didn't have a reason to fight after Fairfax. Jacob had revenge. For years that was all that had kept him from going the same way. He wondered whether or not he'd be able to pass the sentiment on to Jackson. Probably not. Jackson was too philosophical, too much mind, and not enough matter to support it after Fairfax.


Between Ramsey and Carter, the distant group of Raiders fell one by one. Carter smirked to himself. Sniping seemed like an enjoyable past-time - although he imagined it would be quite different operating as a sniper in a combat scenario, as opposed to randomly picking off helpless Raiders in the wastes. This was actually more like big game hunting, really. He lowered his Gauss Rifle and peered down at the camp to see Jackson and Ranik walking in. They'd probably both taken a walk or something, to let off some steam, he thought.

He sighed slightly, removing his helmet to the protests of his new armour's irritating little voice, and retrieved a bottle of purified water from his supply satchel which he took a drink from. He then set his rifle across his lap and began examining it, taking mental notes for what modifications to suggest to the Specialists back at Independence. Some sort of magazine for the Microfusion Cells would certainly be convenient...

--Valic Istražite 23:57, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey shot the Raiders down along side Carter, about five in total. Ramsey felt some remorse for the unsettled minds, they were labeled as Raiders because of the insanity inside everybody had slipped out in them, causing them to totally loose any sort of decency. It saddened Ramsey, it always did. He skillfully shot down a passing Malfunctioned Protecotron, he had seen very many of those in D.C. Back in Austin, where the Brotherhood had picked him up, he never saw any of those robots, only Infected. In a way he missed Austin, even with the streets filled with the Infected, he still had family there. Ramsey often wondered if they still lived, maybe someday he would reunite with them, maybe...

Something in his sights straitened him up, at first it seemed just to be a few wild dogs, but then he saw what they really were. Centaurs, and where Centaurs were, Super Mutants were. He pulled back the cock of his rifle, they were still to far away to shoot, but always be prepared. Then he saw them, about 9 Super Mutants, including one with a missile launcher. "Shit, must be a captive squad, I've heard stories about what they do to the captives." Ramsey mumbled to himself as he got a better look with his binoculars. He slid off the rock he was perched on and looked to Carter, yelling, "Carter! We got a whole damn squad of Mutties headed our way! Go ready the rest of the squad!" He saw Carter nod and run to his brothers. Ramsey climbed back up to his rock and looked through his scope, then chanted a prayer forgiving any souls he might take. He was ready.


Carter paused to get a look at the squad through his scope, then swore loudly, picked up his helmet and hurried down to the camp. "Look lively, people!" he barked, grabbing virtually everyone's attention as he skidded to a halt. One of the benefits of being "the quiet type" was that everyone seemed to listen to you when you actually did have something to say. "We've got a group of Uglies en route to the power station! About eight of them, and they're carrying heavy munitions." Almost immediately he saw that everyone was responding accordingly, preparing for combat in their own ways. Carter himself put his helmet back on, slung his Gauss Rifle and pulled out his trusty shotgun again. Downing a few Raiders from a distance was one thing, but Super Mutants could soak up rounds like no tomorrow. He'd leave the sniping to the professionals, he thought.


Ranik cursed freely. He hated Super Mutants with a passion. For that matter he hated Centaurs too, probably worse. Awkward tentacle beasts that spit gobs of radioactive goo and looked like three peple mutated into a single mass. Fuck them. Ranik had served in downtown D.C. for seven years and seen the atrocities these Super Mutant bastards did to his comrades. Dismembering already dead comrades, feeding still-living Paladins and Knights to the centaurs, dragging away helpless Initiates screaming. Ranik turned back immediately to face the threat. Ranik readied some frag mines. "Protector!" he called out to Jackson, "get the group to the that rocky area. I'll rig the approaches and we'll lure the big dumb sons of bitches into a killing zone. Just like the trenches in D.C. We aren't losing anyone to these fuckers." Ranik thought he shouldn't be talking to a superior like that, but with muties around, he couldn't contain his hatred. He wanted them dead. He wanted them so dead. Every last one, more than just this group. He looked to the south and there they were. As he set up his traps, he wondered where they all came from, and wished to God that he could just nuke the source and end every one of their pitiful existences. A last look to the south and Ranik heard a single gunshot from the now concealed Outcast Sniper Ramsey. The mutant carrying the missile launcher's head exploded and Ranik noted the distant red mist. "Reading my mind Ramsey, bring them this way," Ranik said under his breath, "priority target too, the man knows his stuff. Glad he's with us." He couldn't see Ramsey anymore and figured he probably was on the move. A good sniper never stays in one spot, after all. No matter, if he couldn't see Ramsey than neither could the mutants. Ranik headed back to rejoin Carter, Hughes, Jackson, Jacob, Hannah, and Pyle in the defended positions among the rocks. Trap was set and mutants were moving. Ranik sneered under his helmet as he readied a frag grenade. This was going to be good.

--Valic Istražite 02:17, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey fired the first round of the battle strait into the leading Super Mutants head. Being caught off guard, the Mutant was not wearing it's customary helmet, spelling death for it. He watched as a fragment of the mutants skull broke off due to his piercing round, revealing it's pink brain. Dark red blood spewed out of the fatal wound, splashing onto his nearby comrades. The eight remaining Super Mutants all loaded up and spread apart, firing in Ramsey's direction. Although the sniper already knew that this was going to happen, stealthily sprinting to another location while the Mutties were still in shock from their leader's death. He was leading the beasts toward Jackson, Ranik, and the rest of them, for he was in the Outcasts long enough to know their strategies. Ramsey was leading them into a trap that his brothers had set up, a maneuver used all too often on these Mutants, good thing they were too dumb to realize that. Ramsey poked his head up for a moment, spotted his target, and fired 3 rounds into one of the mutants. He hit it's arm twice, ultimately crippling it, and hit it once in the chest. The monster howled ferociously, dropped it's weapon, and charged the trap, holding a makeshift sledgehammer. Ramsey heard a frag grenade go off only a moment after, then the dying squeal of the Super Mutant.

Ramsey reloaded and aimed for another one of the creatures, only then did he notice that he was missing one. He quickly scanned the area, nothing, that mutant had to be somewhere... Ramsey spun around to see a super mutant readying a chaingun, the veteran sniper rolled behind a rock, dodging a barrage of bullets. He looked back, his sniper rifle was laying about 10 feet from him and there was no way of getting it, he had to take this thing out with his side weapon, a machete. Ramsey unsheathed the blade, quietly whispering a quite prayer for his life. Then, as if controlled by somebody else, Ramsey's body sprinted over the rock and to the mutant. He heard the minigun rolling, preparing to shred Ramsey to nothing. It opened fire, one bullet slightly tearing through Ramsey's old Outcast power armor into the flesh of his side. He leaped to the side, rolled around the Mutant, going to fast for the slow thing to comprehend, and plunged the Machete into the beast's rubber-like skin. It yelped for a moment, then spun around, but not before Ramsey sliced up, cutting through many vital organs. The Mutant coughed up what seemed like a gallon of blood, twitched for a moment, and fell to the ground. Ramsey sighed, kicked the gun from it's dead hands, and returned to his sniper rifle. He could feel the blood seeping from the wound in his side, but for now he needed to help his brothers, he would get help for himself later. Ramsey returned to sniping.

//--Teh Krush 02:24, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Alex had his Medic armor give him Buffout, Jet, and Psycho, right before he got up, which, he was allergic to something in Jet, but not in a *bad* way, it made him better. He took out his two laser pistols, jumped out the broken wall of where he was sleeping in the tower (just assuming there was a broken wall, just above the ground) and started shooting well running sideways, eventually into a wall, the jet had that effect on him.


Carter watched as Ramsey downed the Super Mutants' leader, sending them into disarray. As Ranik threw a grenade, so did he in the direction of another, blowing its right arm and leg off - but not quite killing it. It sat there in the bloodied dirt, protesting incoherently to its comrades. Super Mutants were resilient enough to survive that, it seemed. Although the battlefield was no place for humour, he couldn't help but laugh a bit. Another one of the Mutants had became occupied with its crippled comrade, and Carter saw an opportunity, dashing forward with his shotgun ready. He fired once into the upright one's torso, span briefly to euthanise the limb-lacking Mutant, and then turned back to the one he'd already shot to see that it was relatively unscathed and indeed, had a plank with a nail in it raised over its head, ready to strike at him. Reflexively, he fired several times into its face, reducing it to meaty chunks and bits of brain. They were dropping like flies. Suddenly realising how open he was, he dived behind a nearby rock and waiting for one of the dumb brutes to try and follow him.

He heard heavy, lumbering footsteps coming from his left, and grinned to himself as he stepped out of cover to take a shot. The first thing he saw was the muzzle flash of an assault rifle as a dozen 5.56mm rounds hit his torso armour, penetrating it neatly. He sank to the floor, crawling weakly back behind cover. "Dying is for commies and commies only! Don't you go sympathisin' now, soldier!" His armour declared triumphantly. He could still feel the blood seeping down his chest, but he couldn't feel any pain soon enough. He swallowed, quickly catching his stutterng breath as he took hold of his Ripper and rose to a squatting position, leaning against the rock a bit still. He heard footsteps from his left again - the mutie was coming for him. He saw its metal-plated boot sticking out from around the rock. Then he saw it standing just to his side. He snapped.

Furiously, he rose to full height and shoved forwards, slamming into the Super Mutant before it could shoot him. He pressed his spinning Ripper into its lower torso until its oily skin was severed, and then its stomach and its intestines and-- eugh, what the hell was that? Without pausing to ponder the moment, he yanked the chainsword downwards, very nearly splitting it in half from the waist down. With a pained gargling sound, the mutant collapsed, dead. Carter sank back into cover, breathing heavily.

//--Teh Krush 03:00, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Alex ran into the wall and knocked himself out, thats the Jet in his system, about 10 second later he was picked up by a super mutant, and slammed into the ground, before Alex heard the sound of a gauss rifle hit the mutant. Alexs back was broken, he couldn't move. All he could do was lay there shooting the laser pistol blindly at anything he saw that was green. Alex could hardly see anything anymore, he did kill something, but he was pretty sure he was dead now, the armor gave him more Med-X, but that didn't hide the fact he was in the middle of a warzone with a broken back, he blacked out a few seconds later. (save me already! lol)


Carter had managed to evade the attention of any more Super Mutants so far. He fumbled in his supply satchel until he managed to grab hold of two separate syringe devices. He pulled off his helmet and rammed the first into his neck, slowly releasing the contents into his bloodstream. That was a Stimpak - he should be able to keep fighting for a while. But it wasn't continuing he was after; he needed a little edge, too. He knew he might regret this in the future, but there was a reason he kept a shot of it in his satchel. Glancing at the label stuck on the hypodermic briefly, he sank it into his body as he did with the Stimpak and gasped.

He could literally feel something external spreading through his veins and arteries. His vision blurred briefly, and his hearing seemed to go out of focus. All he could hear was the wild thumping of his accelerated heartbeat, which was growing progressively louder by the second. He reflexively gripped tight hold of whatever was in his hand - his Ripper. His breathing became rapid and he started to sweat. Then suddenly he could see properly again, but his heartbeat was still the only thing he could hear clearly. He felt what he needed to do. Leaving his shotgun sitting in the dust, he pulled out his SMG with his free hand and got up.

He sprinted out of cover like a madman. He could sort of hear gunfire going on all around him, but it was all drowned out to him by the sound of his heart. He almost ran right into a downed Super Mutant that appeared to have been shot in the back with a Gauss Rifle, yet still wasn't dead. He took a moment to stomp on its head repeatedly until it stopped moaning, then shot it a few times for good measure. He surveyed the battlefield for another opponent - but the first thing he noticed was a figure in Power Armor lying unconscious next to him. He didn't recognise him completely in this state, but he knew that he was a friend. Without a word, he shuffled over, grabbed the figure by the shoulders and effortlessly dragged him a good few feet away until he was safely behind a rock. Out of what seemed to be instinct, he stuffed his hand into his satchel and pulled out another Stimpak, removing the figure's helmet and almost violently injecting the contents into his neck. Then he moved on...

(There you go, Krush. If anyone's wondering, Carter's on Psycho and is having a fairly bad trip at the moment. Drug-fueled psychotic frenzy for the win.)

--BortJr 03:48, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

"Pyle!" Hannah yelled, and pointed to Alex. A mutant with a super sledge had spotted Alex, and was looking at the doctor and Carter like they were hot brahmin steaks.

"Pain is just weakness leaving the body!" Pyle said as he hovered towards Alex's position. Hannah fired all five shots from her pistol at the mutant, hoping to pull its attention from the broken doctor and the addled soldier. Only one shot was remotely near the mutant, chipping the rocky ground several feet away. The mutant's anger overwhelmed its hunger, and it ran past the doctor. Pyle opened with a volley of plasma, charring the beasts hide. The mutant gave a mighty swing with its super sledge, spinning Pyle around. One of Pyle's arms smacked into the sheer rock wall, shattering many of the delicate motors inside.

"Well, since you won't be a man and kill yourself, I'm going to have to do it for you!" Pyle whirled fast, letting loose a gout of flame onto the mutant. While the mutant was briefly on fire, Pyle moved away from it, into Plasma range. Two plasma blasts took down the Mutant.

//--Teh Krush 04:00, 3 March 2009 (UTC) (going offline)

"What are you, a coward? GET UP!" Alexs armor said to him, giving him even more Med-X and Buffout, he was awake again, crawling towards the door of the tower, he made it, and put his back against the wall. He then opened his bag of medical supplies, and injected one of the unused Super-Stimpaks that they brought. In a matter of seconds he was up again, not wearing the power armor anymore though, as the super stim needs to be injected into the heart. (ow) He took the gauss rifle of his out of Pyle and started shooting through the broken wall, prone. Popped one of the heads, and turned another to ash, there were about two left, and one centaur.


One of the remaining Super Mutants fired its hunting rifle at Carter, catching his armour on the shoulder-plate. Given the poor quality of the weapon, ammunition and the aim of the mutant, it didn't do much damage. The drugged-up Defender dashed a few metres forwards to close ground between them while it was trying to reload and emptied the remainder of his SMG clip into its chest, which at the range he was at, failed to significantly injure it. He began to walk forwards whilst he reloaded the weapon, only to be shot in the shin by the aberration he was fighting against. He knew it had pierced his armour, but he wasn't feeling anything - either the Med-X or the Psycho at work. Regardless, he fell on one knee, briefly unable to support himsel, then aimed and fired again, simply holding down the trigger until the Super Mutant fell down. He breathed heavily and lowered the weapon, then struggled to his feet again.

--Valic Istražite 04:47, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey watched Carter go on a rampage, killing everything in sight. "Must've used some Psycho, I hate that stuff, never trusted it." Ramsey thought to himself as he reloaded his weapon once more. Most of the Mutants lay dead or dying on the wasteland dirt. Ramsey counted, it seemed that their were 7 Mutants down, and all of the Centaurus. The last two must be hiding somewhere, it was strange though, Super Mutants were not known to hide or retreat. Ramsey looked down to his comrades, most of them were either tired or wounded. Ramsey walked up to a ledge overlooking the ridge where his brothers stood.

"Seven Mutants down, all Centaurus dead. Two still hiding somewhere, be on alert." Ramsey yelled into the crowd of Outcasts, including the one Wasteland.


Witnessing the events, Ranik had pumped shot after shot into the mass of Mutants. The buckshot wasn't telling, but the mines had helped stop and confused the Mutants enough to where they were easy pickins for his Brothers, particularly Carter, who was on a Psycho trip and very effectively acting incredibly Super Mutant himself. Ranik then heard Ramsey yell that two were missing. Ranik knew this one. Some rudimentary form of tactics, the two were probably "sneaking" around behind the position. Ranik climbed up and over the rocks dashed a few yards and looked down. There they were, predictable. Ranik lept off the rocks onto the first one, bringing the butt of his combat shotgun down onto the Brute's unhelmeted head. His momentum combined with the force of his arms left a massive dent in the beasts head and it fell to the ground stunned. The other swung it's nailboard at Ranik, the nail imbedding in his armor, but nothing more. He twisted unpredictibly, wrenched the board from the mutie's hands and fired his shotgun simultaneously into it's neck and chest until it's head was hanging on by a few sinewy muscle tendons, but life had all but left it's body. Ranik turned around as the other mutant staggered back to it's feet. He put two shots into it's leg, dropping it again but it raised it's arm blocking the third, which would've been a face shot. Ranik heard the click of an empty chamber but figured the mutant wasn't worth another mag. Ranik pulled the nailboard free of his armor as he walked up to it. He then raised his shotgun and struck it again in the head with the butt of it. A sickening crack. He hit its again. And again. And again. He struck it so hard and so many times with the end of the weapon that its head was unrecognizable when he finallyfinished. Years of hatred poured out of every blow. It's life had long exhausted itself by the time Ranik stood up. A few of the Outcasts had gathered on top of the rocks and Ranik felt a moment of embarassment at his excesses when he noticed them.

--Valic Istražite 05:49, 3 March 2009 (UTC)(Going offline after this)

Ramsey snickered at Ranik's embarrassment of the hell he unleashed on that Super Mutant, years of unbridled hate can do some pretty serious stuff. He then turned back to the vantage point, scanning for the remaining mutant. After a few minutes of looking, he found it. It was a coward, fleeing the battle, abandoning his comrades. Ramsey shot one round, that round piercing into the cowards spine, crippling it. It laid there, too far away for Ramsey to hear it's screams. Ramsey then finished the job, firing another round into it's neck. He was aiming for the head, hoping for a quick death to the beast, but his aim faltered. Ramsey muttered a short prayer for the lost souls, even if they were tainted. He then rose, facing his brothers.

"All Tangos down, area clear. Another victory against the Super Mutants." Ramsey rolled his fist around, signifying a victory cheer. He then retreated towards camp, it was time for some Stimpacks.

--BortJr 10:15, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Hannah examined Pyle's broken arm. She decided it'd probably be easier to replace it than to repair it.

"Another day in this weakness leaving the body! Communists!" Pyle exclaimed. Specialist Hamilton opened a hatch on the metal sphere. She sighed. Only one of the vacuum tubes was damaged. Without the schematics, she couldn't tell if it affected anything else but the speech bank. She hoped Pyle would make it back to the Fort.

She gathered her gear from the building, making sure to grab the holotapes of information she'd retrieved from the terminal. She hadn't had time to study them thoroughly, but they looked like they might give the locations of hundreds of substations across the wastes to the north, in what used to be Maryland.

"Defender Ranik, Alex still looks bad. We should get him back to the Fort. Those superstims can cause damage," Hannah said.


"You'll need to immobilize him first. A broken back's nothing to be careless with." Jacob said as he sat down and started lashing a set of nailboards together with some belts salvaged from the mutant's corpses, making a crude, but servicable stretcher. Then he tied one each side of Vain's torso to keep him from moving.

"There's more to fieldcraft than what you can and can't eat doc." He laughed to Vain as he saw the puzzled expression on his face.

--BortJr 19:11, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

"There's some old boards in the substation," Hannah offered. "I'll strip that protectron of useful parts. You want me to bring you some wire to bind those together?"


"Yeah, they'd come in handy. And something a little bigger for a backboard, anything handmade just won't be sturdy enough" Jacob said absently as he tried to figure out how to move Vain without damaging his spine.

"Any thoughts on how we should move you Vain?" Jacob

Teh Krush

"VTOL transport would be nice.." he said sarcastically, "but, really, just have one person carry me..".


"Not if you ever want to walk again. For God's sake, you're a doctor, you should know this shit hands down. You may be trying to make as little fuss as possible, but you're gonna land whatever poor bastard that has to build you a wheelchair because you didn't want a stretcher in a big-ass bucket of shit when you get back to Fort Independence." Jacob snapped.

Teh Krush

"Wow," Alex replied to his outrage, "I can walk, only if I take Super Stimpaks every 3 hours, which then my assistant could fix me up permenantly when we get back.", Alex said, "Oh the wonder of drugs, but, these things have side-effects, when we get back it will cause damage, but that can be fixed easily."


"As far as I can tell, the only upside to drugs, other than meds, I mean, is that the labs that process them burn like there's no tomorrow." Jacob said as if he was explaining that water was wet. "That and most of the assholes inside are so high, they don't even try to fight back when you show up to clean up their mess."

That was the ex-Regulator hard-line vigilante coming out in him. That was why he never considered himself a hero, he was just as callous and cold-hearted as those he hunted, but it was his ideals that meant he fell on the right side of the fence. He didn't mean to insult the Outcasts, using drugs was a whole other story to making and distributing them, after all, if it wasn't for a fortuitously placed pack of Psycho, he'd have wound up as the new paint job on the walls of Evergreen Mills Foundry about a year and a half ago.

--BortJr 23:14, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

"We could always strap you to Pyle," Hannah said as she was sorting through the few salvaged vacuum tubes. She found one that looked almost the right size, and started working on repairing Pyle's damaged one.


Jackson finally spoke up. "Your wasting time. We can't wait for this. The super mutants will be back soon, and god knows how many of them will try to get into this little hell hole. Alex, either take some of those super stim thingys, or be prepared to be man-handled. Hannah, do your best on Pyle, and then get him back in operation. Ranik, Hughes, scout ahead. Double time. Jacob, Carter, watch our rear. Your the vanguard unit. Take Ramsey with you." Jackson said, taking charge. He grabbed his .44 Magnum again, feeling it's cold handle. He had work to do.

Run4urLife! going offline after

About time the Jackson that decked him back in Olney showed his face Jacob thought to himself as he checked all of his weapons. It was a good five minutes of moving his hands around inside his duster, but he didn't want to pull a gun and find out that it wasn't loaded as he walked toward the back of the slowly mobilizing group with Ramsey and Carter.

He scanned the surrounding area for any sign of Frankensteins. Nothing. He scanned the horizon. Still nothing. Either the Muties were still running scared, or they were trying to be sneaky. And he didn't see any crouching Super Mutants with branches held in front of their faces, so they were probably still on the run. That or they were flanking the group and intending to ambush them up ahead.

--Valic Istražite 23:42, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

"Ramsey! Come on, we're gettin' the hell out of here!" Somebody said from down in the ravine. Ramsey felt delighted, it was about time they got the hell out of there, more Super Mutants ought to come any minute now. He grabbed his satchel of ammo, binoculars, and strapped his sniper rifle around his back, dusting off any dirt on them. Ramsey took one last glimpse at the barren wasteland, looking for anything still lurking around, yet there was nothing. Always nothing.

Ramsey made his way down to the group, they were moving out. He walked up to Jacob and Carter, giving them a slight nod. With that they were off, Jacob, Carter, and himself on rear, making sure nothing creeped up on the group. Nobody really talked, they were all too concerned with their surroundings, a good thing. Ramsey was a little suspicious about the local, how he ended up here, Ramsey would have to figure out later. He looked to Protector Jackson up ahead, the man had been through hell and back, as did Ramsey. He wanted a chance to talk to Jackson, about FairFax, about their lost brothers. But that was for another time, once he was safe again in Fort Independence. He looked to Jacob, whom was deep in thought, Ramsey decided to see what was on his mind. He nudged him with his elbow.

"Hey man, you're looking a bit concerned. You see something?"


"Pretty uneventful trip," Ranik thought to himself as he walked beside Defender Hughes, "thank God. We deserve it." There had been a little bit of action. He and Hughes had scouted ahead and got the jump on a couple Raiders near the Grisly Diner, as it was known, but other than that nothing. Ranik breathed calmly and easily as he walked. His vision tracked side to side, up and down. Every peice of terrain, every rock, every gully. You just never knew out here. Ranik and Hughes decided the route would be best to circumnavigate Bethesda, due to the city and it's suburbs being infested and contested by Raider and Enclave factions. They were too close to home now to make any mistakes. If they moved west they could cross the intact bridge to the south and move through Big Town. The locals there were dumb as rocks, but stayed in their pathetically "fortified" town and would not harry the Outcasts passing through. Then they could move south through the Jury Street Station area and finally back east into Fort Independence from the reverse side, without going through Fairfax again. A perfect route and it would take about 18 hours. Ranik smiled inside of his helmet as he thought of a hot meal and a night's rest in the safety of Fort Independence.


"Its what I don't see that has me confused. Muties never wait this long between attacks." Jacob

They'd be passing near Big Town. Mutants from Germantown usually dropped by every day or two to take pot shots at the locals. Once he considered clearing the place out, but he wound up tracking a few raiders in Hamiltons Hideaway that were processing Jet. He might get a chance to fix up some of the Sentry Bots in Big Town's pathetic junkyard.

But he still couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't alone in these hills.He looked over his shoulder, expecting to see some Super Mutant lurching over one of the distant hills. Nothing. This place was completely empty. Which meant they were heading straight toward where everything that had been here went. After all, nothing except some Feral Ghoul would go toward Old Olney after the little incident with the bomb.

User:KuHB1aM (read the entry. you guys want to fight crusade or enclave?)

Jackson agreed with Jacob. "It's too damn quiet out here. Something's wrong." Jackson pushed his way through the column to the front, pausing at the top of the next hill. "Son of a bitch." Jackson said. He waved foward Ranik and Jacob. "Take a look at that." Ahead of the, the corpses of super mutants littered the valley, their outdated weapons lying right beside them. IN between, power armored soldiers could be seen filtering through the corpses. "Ranik. Tell everyone to get down now, and keep quiet. Jacob, follow me, and keep your damn head down. Time for alittle investigation."


"Keep your heads down, keep them fucking down," Ranik half crouched, ran in beween the Outcasts. Up ahead was the aftermath of some sort of battle between the Super Mutants and an Enclave Detachment. (My vote is for Enclave... I wouldn't think the Crusade spread so quickly... but let's see what everyone else thinks...) No heavy equipment but there were a lot of corpses. If the area was clear there would be a prime opportunity to scav some more ammo and meds. Then they could mark the area, head back to Fort Independence, unload the massive cache from A-P4 and return for the tech here. IF the area was clear. Protector Jackson and Jacob Vaughton had moved ahead to scout the battlefield out and Jackson had left Ranik in command. Ranik hoped it was clear. They needed to get back to Fort Independence in a bad way.

Solbur (I think the Enclave is a bit generic, and a Crusade first encounter with the Outcasts would be interesting. However, fireman does raise a point about the speed of them spreading out. Hm.)

Carter had overheard Jacob and Vain having a conversation about certain drugs. He was beginning to agree with Jacob's point. After that hit of Psycho, he was feeling tired, weak and sluggish - he'd heard that this was called a "downer", or something like that. He could vaguely recall something a Scribe in the Order of the Word had told him on the subject of Chem "culture" back at the Citadel a few years ago. Some unsuspecting Waster finds some dangerous chems without knowing what they are and pumps himself with them out of curiosity, is pleasantly surprised, and after the initial thrill, feels like Carter was feeling now. Their primitive response was, of course, to inject themselves with more, until eventually they became dependent on it. Dumbass locals for you.

It hadn't concerned him until now. Unlike the Waster in that little tale, he had the facts and the brain. He wasn't going to follow that example; he wasn't going to fall to that level. He made a mental vow to avoid using Chems from now on, unless they were force-fed him by his armor.

His chain of thought was interrupted as he heard Jackson say something, which Ranik repeated slightly louder, and he immediately dropped to the ground, propping himself up on one knee and holding his shotgun ready. He hadn't quite seen what was going on, but got the idea they were in big trouble if Jackson was concerned about it. For now, he patiently waited for something to happen. He only hoped he could properly fight whatever was coming whilst feeling like this.

--Valic Istražite 03:04, 5 March 2009 (UTC)(I vote Crusade)

"Power Armor? Could be Enclave, or even some Brotherhood of Steel guys, seems strange that they'd be this far out though." Ramsey though to himself quietly. If it's Brotherhood, all they'd have to deal with is an argument and maybe a fistfight, but Enclave, that would mean some serious firefighting. Ranik nudged him, getting Ramsey's attention. He told Ramsey to cover Jackson and Jacob as they scouted ahead to see what was going on, the veteran sniper nodded, obeying the order. He hurried up to a small hill, although big enough to get a clear view of Jackson and Jacob. He couldn't see the Power Armored strangers very well, but he didn't need to, that was the scout's job.

Ramsey watched them for a bit, they were going slow, trying to avoid detection. Every once and awhile he would glance up at the guys on the hill, most of them seemed to be sitting and conversing, maybe cleaning their weapons as well. I was sort of hard to see due to the intense dust in the air, dust was sometimes a sniper's worst enemy. For a second he thought he saw something moving, did they see him? Did they see Jackson or the Local? Ramsey looked down to them, they were inching forward, still unable to be seen by the unknown forces. The dust was clearing, maybe Ramsey would get a good look at his opponents.

He saw definite power armor, still couldn't tell if it was Enclave or whatever. But they were doing something, it looked like they were moving out.

User:Run4urLife! (My vote on the Crusade, it could be interesting)

Jacob spotted power-armored shapes through the smoke but couldn't tell if they were Enclave or not. Maybe it was those nutcases from that bunker. What was their name, Holy War, the Crusade? This was not the time for distraction! He drew a bead on one of them and prepared to fire on Jacksons order. Why he was taking orders, he didn't know, but it would be a nice change not to be the one to start a firefight for once.

fireman0504 Ah what the hell... why not Crusade. Although I read in their history that they trade with the Outcasts and have a "love/hate" relationship. Hopefully this gets ammended.

Ranik poked his head up above the rocks to attempt to see Protector Jackson and Jacob. To the west he could see the ruins of Germantown. It looked as if the unknown force had carried out an assault on the town, and judging by the Power Armored silohottes just outside the town had taken it, though at great cost in their own lives. Who knew how many more men had fortified the town though and just waited for some force to try to take it? To the south he could see the road home, it wound through Big Town and up the hill to Jury Street. Ranik knew beyond that one distant rise was Fort Independence. Ranik turned his attention back to the task at hand. They needed to find out who these soldiers were. In the wastes, you can't just walk up and say hi. Thats an express lane ticket to God. Ranik looked around him. He'd sent Ramsey higher up to get a better look and he could see the sniper prone peering through his scope. To his extreme left, Carter had taken a knee, and, ever vigilant, was scanning the immediate vicinity for possible threats. Specialist Hamilton and Defender Hughes were to his right, Hughes on one kneee, tracking his gatling laser left to right and back again. Hannah was looking after Alex Vain, who desperately needed to return to Fort Independence. Pyle hovered slowly and crookedly to the rear, having been damaged, and his voice persona switched off in the last battle, as well as carrying several sets of Power Armor and laser weapons. Ranik opened the inter-helmet patrol comm channel to Protector Jackson. "Protector,," he whispered, "remember we have all been wounded in our Patrol, as well as having armor and our robot in need of repair. If it's a significantly larger force, we might be best making for Fort Independence and re-arming and healing our wounds before gathering strength to claim all the tech on the battlefield. It's a wonderful trove, but we must put the needs of our men first." Ranik hoped that they would be able to avoid more bloodshed for today.

User:KuHB1aM (i just amended the crusade enemies section to fix our problem. they guys ain't a garrison, so they're hostile to everything)

Jackson agreed with Ranik. Too many of the damned soldiers. Even if they could fight them on equal terms concerning training, they could never hope to fight off that many men. More or less, it would be a hazard just to try and get out of this area without being spotted. "Ranik, pull us back. Me and Joacb will meet you a mile south from here. It's too dangerous to risk being spotted moving back up the hill." He heard Ranik respond, and then turned off his COM unit. "Jacob, be ready to fire in a moment's notice. There's a good chance we'll be spotted. Now, we've traded with these boys on occasion before at settlements, but out in the wasteland, we've had to shoot them more than a couple times" Jacob nodded. Jackson then began the difficult task of figuring out a way down south. It was almost sunset again, and they'd have to wait under the cover of darkness.

Crusade Sergeant Rolland Mohr stepped in between the dead bodies, occasionally kicing over some of them to be sure the super mutants were dead. Fucking mutants. He hated their guts. The nly thing he had hated more was other humans; specifically humans with weapons. They all bleed, though, so it was enough for Mohr. He finally found a straggler. The mutant lunged at Mohr, and it's head exploded as Mohr put a shotgun shell in it's face. The Dignitary walked towards. Stupid junior officers, acting like they always know more than the men actually fighting. "The Captain wants you to set up south of here with the rest of your squad on top of that hill, and create a small perimeter. The other squads will be placed to the norther, where the muties came from." Great. More guard duty. The only thing over that hill was more dead grass. There couldn't possibly be anything over that hill.

Act 4Edit


Jacob skidded down a grassy bank with Jackson right behind. They had to find cover before they were spotted. Then, under cover of darkness, they'd meet up with the rest of the group. He rolled down next to the rubble of a collapsed overpass. Jackson was down with him in a second. Jacob had never regretted sticking with the Outcasts until now, with the prospect of drawing fire from at least a dozen Crusade soldiers. The fact that his all-black uniform stood out from the pale concrete of the rubble like bloodstains on a white shirt didn't help.

He moved around a piece of rubble and leaned against it, trying to make himself as small as possible. He held his gauss rifle tight in his hands, ready fire on Jacksons signal.

--BortJr 20:16, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

"Ranik, should we radio the Fort for reenforcements?" Hannah asked. She peered over the ridge, clutching her .32 pistol. She hadn't seen anyone wearing powered armor that wasn't Outcast or Brotherhood, though she'd seen the Enclave's armor in the lab.


Jackson hated the Crusade's guts. More often than not had he found himself in a situation such as this. Of course, it was just another score to settle. Maybe he could talk to Casdin after this about leaving the Outcasts temporarily to pursue a vendetta against his former rival, Crusade Captain Frederick Thomas. That bastard had caught him more than once in a game of cat and mouse before he had eventually been reassinged to New York. But that was another matter for a different time. Jackson poked his head over the rubble, spotting several soldiers moving south to their position. "Their going to go right over this hill. At that point, they'll discover Ranik and the others. Ranik and the boys are accomplished soldiers, but with that squad and several others less than several hundred yards away, they'll be dead in seconds." Jackson whispered to Jacob. Jackson had never liked the idea of self-sacrifice, but like suicide, it was a way to get out. "On three, I want you to make a bee-line for Ranik and the men over the hill, and get them out of here. Do not come back for me. Understood?" Jackson said to Jacob. Jacob hesitated slightly, and nodded. Three... Two... One...


"Live long, die well Jackson. I'll make sure they raise a glass for you at Fort Independence." Jacob

He handed Jackson a mini nuke and a nuka grenade.

"Don't spend it all in one place." Jacob said jokingly, then took off at full pelt toward the hill, drawing some fire, but then Jackson opened fire. Caught by surprise, three Crusaders were dead before they could react. Jacob laid down some fire, cutting down two more as he crested the hill.

He slid down the hill to Ranik. "Lets go, lets go!" Jacob roared as he came to a halt. Hardcases incoming. We have a few minutes at best."

Ranik looked up behind Jacob, and then into the Wastelander's face. Jacob just shook his head solemnly.


Jackson opened fire, his laser rifle searing into three different soldiers, their armor melting in the face of intense heat. With this, Jackson fired again, causing the other soldiers to scramble for cover. Jackson ducked as lasers and bullets slammed into his cover, chipping away at the rubble heap. Jackson immediatly primed the Nuka-Grenade, counted to three, and threw it, watching as the explosion smashed into and engulfed Crusade soldiers. In response, another hail of gun-fire slammed into Jackson's position, this time hitting him in the shoulder and left arm. Jackson bared his teeth in pain, ripping off his helmet, the balaclava underneath, and jamming a stimpak into his shoulder and left arm. He then drew his .44 Magnum, clicking off the safety. He counted the bullets. Damn. He hadn't thought to get some of the ammunition stored inside Pyle. Twenty bullets. He'd kill twenty soldiers, and then himself. He wouldn't be taken alive.

--Valic Istražite 23:17, 5 March 2009 (UTC)(Going offline)

"Shit, dammit Jackson, you dumbass." Ramsey commented to himself as he fired into the garrison. There was no time to pray, he would have to hope God, or whatever s out there, would forgive him. He plunged a round into a Crusade officer arming a mounted turret, always take the officers first. Then, as he was looking for his next target, found himself staring into the scope of another sniper. His reaction, although usually fast, was outwitted. Ramsey felt a massive spike of pain in his chest as the opposing sniper shot, then nothing. He fell off of the hill he was on and then into a gully of rocks. He couldn't breath, speak, or even see. His whispers for help fell on deaf ears, all he could do now is wait. Wait for an angel to save him.


"Son of a bitch, Ramsey." Jackson said, watching as Ramsey came down rolling from the hill and into a nearby gully. Jackson counted for three, threw his mini-nuke that Jacob had handed him, waited for the massive explosion, and darted for Ramsey, grabbing him by the collar with his good arm, and dragged him to the top of the hill, taking several hits to the back and jerking in pain. He grabbed his last stimpak, jammed it into Ramsey's chest to stop the bleeding, and unceremoniously rolled him down the hill towards Jacob, whom Jackson was wondering why he had not left already. Jacob nodded one last time, grabbed Ramsey, and started sprinting. Jackson collapsed. He was wounded to the point where he couldn't think rationally. He pulled out his .44 Magnum one last time.


"Oh no you don't you fuckin' bastard," Ranik said, as he kicked the .44 Magnum out of Jackson's hand. When he heard the firing and saw Ramsey drop, he had ordered the others to start toward Independence double-time. He left Hamilton, Pyle, Vain, and most of the tech in the capable hands of Defenders Hughes and Carter. Those boys had a ways to go. They were young, proud, and strong. Ranik figured if someone had to die trying, it should be him. He felt bullets whizzing by him as he knelt down. Jacod returned fire, scattering Crusade soldiers with his HEI rounds. "We aren't losing anyone, Protector." Ranik yelled. Jackson's head lolled to the side and he looked around weakly, still breathing but losing consciousness. Ranik injected his last Super Stim into Jackson's neck. "we're all going back to Independence, even if I have to drag you the whole fuckin way!" A round glanced off Ranik's shoulder, another off his helmet. "Lucky bastard," Ranik thought. He felt the servo motors on his power armor kick in and strength as the Medic mechanism injected Buffout. Ranik pumped his legs as hard as he could for about a hundred meters to where Jacob was firing. "Lets get the fuck out of here," he screamed, hoisting Jackson onto his shoulders, "I gave the others orders to contact the Outcasts at Independence. With any luck, Casdin will send a detachment or two to help us the final way to Fort Independence." Jacob nodded, fired another clip off and heaved Ramsey onto his shoulders. Then the two were up and back down the hill. Ranik could see the others about 1000 meters ahead. They had gotten away clean. "Thank God," he said as he trudged forward towards safety.


"Ya know, Ranik, you always were the stubborn kind." Jackson said weakly, coughing up blood. Ranik took a moment to inject Jackson with buffout and another stimpak, and then continued to drag Jackson through the dirt. Behind them, Crusade soldiers could be seen in the darkness, searching. Gun shots rang out; a nearby brahmin fell, laced with bullets. "Ranik, be realistic." Jackson said, smiling. "I've got seven bullet wounds, aswell as laser burns. Even with that fancy super stim thingy, I'll never live long enough to make it back to Fort Independence." Jackson said weakly. Ranik turned, staring at him. "You'll make it, dammit." Ranik said angrily. Jackson had long since let go of his revolver, which had slipped from his grasp, the handle covered in blood.

--Valic Istražite 04:31, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey blurred to life, he was... upside down? He looked over to see the Wastelander, Jacob's, face. Ramsey was being carried. He tapped the man on the shoulder, he looked to Ramsey as if the dead returned to life. "I can run man, just let me down, we'll go faster that way." Ramsey smiled under his helmet, he was bleeding internally. There was no way he was going to let this innocent man die carrying Ramsey, he had more dignity than that. Jacob looked to the wounded Outcast as if he were insane. "You sure? You've got blood seeping out of your armor." Ramsey chuckled for a second, it hurt him. "You should see the other guy, now lets spend more time getting out of here than complaining about it." Jacob let Ramsey down behind a rock, still giving him an uncertain look. Ramsey stood up, he could feel the slug inside of him, scraping against his insides. Jacob was firing into the "Crusade" soldiers, giving them one hell of a beating with those HEI rounds. He saw Ranik and Jackson sprinting towards them, taking quite a beating themselves. Ramsey turned the corner of the rock and hoisted his Rifle to his shoulder. He fired two rounds into a heavy soldier who was readying a Gatling gun. Jacob turned to Ramsey, "Come on, we've got to get out of here before they surround us." He looked a mixture of desperation, fear, and vengeance. Maybe he had a past encounter with these bastards. Ramsey took one last look behind him, Ranik, carrying Jackson, were almost to their location. "We wait for them," Ramsey pointed to the two Outcasts, "We wait for my brothers." Jacob looked Ramsey strait in the eyes and nodded, he understood the meaning of honor.

Ramsey and Jacob darted to another rock closer to his brothers, Ramsey felt the massive pain coursing through him. He was amazing that he hadn't collapsed by now from the blood loss, maybe it was that Stimpack Jackson put in him, although Ramsey never trusted those things. He shook his head, telling himself to concentrate on the battle. He keeled and peered through his scope, he would have prayed for the souls he was about to take, but for once in his life, there was no time. Ramsey fired once again into the fray.


Ranik layed Jackson down with a heavy thud. "Just leave me here," Jackson pleaded. "You stay, we stay, Protector," Ranik said, drawing his shotgun. Ranik looked at Ramsey, stunned as the man dropped target after target. The Crusade's numbers were begining to thin now. Jacob was there also, he slammed another clip into his Xuanlong Assault rifle and kept a steady base of fire. "Jacob," Ranik said, "can you stay close and cover us? Ramsey is wounded, but at long as he can walk he and myself can drag Jackson here. There are other Outcasts en route to our aid now, so hopefully we won't have to go too far." Jacob nodded. Another burst of his weapon felled another Crusader. "Ramsey, help me out here," Ranik said. "JUST LEAVE ME HERE DEFENDER, THAT'S A DIRECT ORDER," Protector Jackson became suddenly stern. "With all due respect, Protector," Ranik said, "fuck your order." With a heave, Ranik and Ramsey began pulling the gravely wounded Protector Jackson, as Jacob Vaughton shuffled alongside of them, firing as he did. Ranik took a quick glance back. The Crusaders were still firing, but it looked like they were giving up pursuit. Hopefully Carter and Hughes had gotten Hamilton and Vain to the Outcast reinforcments that were en route.

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Ranik heaved and pulled with Ramsey. Jacob layed down a hail of gunfire. It looked like the Crusaders behind them were giving up pursuit, then suddenly, gunfire from a second direction, Ranik felt a hot sting in his neck as a bullet hit him. "Fuck!" Ranik gasped, instinctively applying pressure to the wound. He dropped to a knee and Ramsey did, as well, drawing his rifle and firing. Ranik layed down beside Protector Jackson. "Ranik, you have to get clear," Jackson implored. Ranik pulled off his helmet. "Not without you Brother." Ranik gasped. The Crusade troopers had flanked them and now moved over a ridge to the west, hoping to cut off the retreat. Ranik rolled over and drew his Combat Shotgun. From a prone position with one hand he fired shots off that ineffectively hit the dirt well before reaching their targets. Everything was silent and seemed as if in slow motion as he looked over to where Jacob Vaughton was firing. He looked towards his feet where Ramsey had gone prone and began firing. He looked back up to where the Crusaders were firing and advancing over the ridge. Slowly, a missile streaked towards the Crusaders. An explosion and the noise and panic resumed. "Do not interfere with security operations." Ranik heard a metallic voice say as he watched a Sentry Bot, painted in familiar black and red, roll up beside him. It sprayed the advancing Crusade troops with gatling laser fire and let another missile loose. Ranik rolled over to see two helmeted faces staring down at him. The ridgeline exploded with sprays of bullets as three more Outcasts brandishing gatling guns joined the Sentry Bot. "Defender Krumm, November Patrol, NPC" one said, "Defender Finley, Whiskey Patrol, NPC" said the other, "Casdin put out an All Hands on this area. We were the closest patrols here, we have confirmation that three detachments have departed Fort Independence an hour ago and are en route to this location as we speak. We're here to extract you and meet up with them. Can you walk?" Ranik heaved himself to his feet. Fire from the ridge had all but ceased, yet the Outcasts of Whiskey and November Patrols still fired, riddling long dead Crusaders' bodies with bullets. "Who's the wastelander?" asked Defender Krumm. "Jacob Vaughton," Ranik answered, "a hell of an ally. He gets no grief or mistreatment from anyone." Ranik told the him. "As you say, Defender." the other Outcast obeyed. Ranik applied a bandage to his neck and injected a stim pak. "Scanning, threat level... green," said the Sentry Bot as two of the fresh Outcasts picked up Protector Jackson and Defender Finley helped Ramsey to his feet. Reinforced, the group began to move at a faster pace toward safety. Ranik put his helmet back on and looked at Protector Jackson, who shook his head in disbelief at Defender Ranik. "Ranik, you've got to be the luckiest son of a bitch I've ever met," He smiled weakly. Jackson knew he was going to make it back. "I am," Ranik nodded, "I'm an Outcast."

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Ramsey thought it was over, after Ranik got hit, he was sure that there was no way out. He just tried to take as many as possible. But, as if it were a sign from god, our saviors, our brothers, came to the rescue. The Crusaders retreated, probably assuming more Outcast's were coming. Ramsey watched in awe as his brothers ran in, picking off the last of the Crusaders. The Sentry Bot, firing missiles into the retreating crowd. For a moment he was in complete ecstasy, still shocked that he was going to live. Then it all hit him at once. The laser burns all over his body, the shrapnel embedded into his skin, and the gaping bullet wound in his chest. He tour off his helmet, throwing it to the ground. He doubled over and threw up some mix of blood, and what he last ate. He started to fall back, but was caught by Jacob, who was already next to him. He lifted Ramsey to his feet, "Thanks, I just got a... a stomach ache-" Ramsey leaned over and coughed up more blood. Jacob hoisted him back up, shaking his head. "You need some medical attention Ramsey, weather you like it or not." Ramsey had to agree, he just never felt right leaving his life in the hands of pills and needles.

"I can still walk, just grab my shoulder, and thank you Jacob." Ramsey uttered as he tried to find balance, he looked over to Jackson and nodded, both of them were going to be okay. With that the Outcasts were on their way back to Fort Independence, back to home.


Jackson woke up with fuzzy, dark vision in the medical room of Fort Independence, to the smiling faces of Jacob, Ranik, and Vain. "Am I dead?" Jackson said weakly. "No, but you were close. You've been in a coma for three days now. Same with Ramsey, although he woke during his operation and threw up some more. All of your gear has been removed to your quarters." Ranik said. Jackson tried to get up, and fell back down. "There's something you should know, Protector. One of the bullets entered through the front of your skull, and grazed your head. It wasn't serious, but you'll notice that well... your missing an eye. But you've got a cool new eye patch now!!!" Vain said. Jackson felt for his left eye, noting it's hollow crevice. "Dammit." Jackson said weakly, and fell back asleep.

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Defender Ranik sat on his bunk. He never enjoyed the taste of YumYum Deviled Eggs more. He had just gotten back from the infirmary and talking to Protector Jackson. The man had been in a medically induced coma for three days and had just awoke this morning. He had lost an eye, but Dr. Vain informed Ranik that he'd fight again. Ranik looked down at his helmet. He was wearing his newly repaired, fully med stocked, and freshly repainted T-45X Medic Armor. His Combat Shotgun was leaning on his bunkpost, freshly cleaned, oiled, and repaired. Specialist Hamilton walked into his room. "Defender Ranik," she said proudly, "down on the tech floor, the schematics you brought the Specialists are complete. We will be able to produce our own Vertibirds." Ranik smiled. The Specialist hustled off. Ranik stood up. He picked up his helmet and put it on, then clipped his Combat Shotgun to his armor. He walked out to the courtyard where Outcasts were once again assembling. Three whole companies were assembled and Ranik was taking his place in the ranks of the 4th. He noted Hughes and Carter among the other members of his company as well. Other Outcasts, Specialists, and robots bustled around the compound, preparing fortifications and turrets. Protector Casdin had ordered all patrols recalled to Fort Independence. Not since the Schism had all the Outcasts in the Capital Wasteland been assembled. Reports from the field said that Crusade Forces were mobilizing and moving towards Fort Independence. Casdin was ordering the Outcasts to prepare for a siege. It wasn't the rest Ranik had hoped for, but at least they'd have the advantage of defending. He'd have his comrades and plenty of food, ammo, and shelter. Sentry Bots were being programmed to man the outer defenses, and Outcasts would remain inside the Fort. Casdin was just briefing them on the situation. Ranik hoped that the Raiders in Fairfax would put up at least some fight to Crusaders there, but those psychopaths weren't good for much more than dying anyway. Ranik looked to his far left and gave a nod to Jacob Vaughton. Who nodded back. For his heroism alongside the Outcasts, Casdin had granted Ranik permission to not only establish trade with Vaughton, but allow Vaughton access to Fort Independence at will, and let him keep the Gauss Rifle that he had used after Old Olney. Two signs of unparalelled respect from the Outcasts. Ranik stood at attention. The next few weeks were going to be tough.

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Jacob nodded to himself, they'd drawn a lot of attention to themselves at Germantown, and now the Outcasts were going to come under fire from the Crusade. The siege was going to be some serious work, but he felt like he should hang on and give a hand in defending Fort Independence. After all, it was the least he could do after they treated him as one of their own. It had been years since he felt like he belonged anywhere. He had passed on the simplest formula of the four he had for his HEI rounds to the Outcasts, but their squints were working on enhancing the rather crude version of Jacob's own bullets, instead of pushing the bullets into action.

"That could be a big mistake against the Crusade. Those shots'll still punch through power armor, but those whitecoats think it's not good enough. Maybe I should have given them the sabot version after all." Jacob thought to himself, referring to his own ammunition.

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Hannah flipped down her welding mask. Sparks flew as she worked on Pyle's limp arm. The flamer was damaged beyond repair, and there were just no parts for it anyway. She'd barely slept the past three nights. Between sorting the Verti-bird schematics, adding the MDPL-16 archives to the main archive, and working with the HEI formula, the specialists had been busy. Late last night, Hannah had an idea to fix Pyle. They'd need all the support they could muster. She'd made the weapon during her rack time last night. She attached it to Pyle. When she'd finished, Pyle's arm had a shotgun and a 10mm SMG mounted to it. Unfortunately, Pyle had no way of reloading them himself, but if he survived the upcoming siege, she'd work on it.

--Valic Istražite 22:06, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey smiled at the nurse treating him, she was a nice lady. He watched her stitch up his wounds and apply RadAway to the areas that were affected with radiation. She was a lot younger than Ramsey, probably around 18 or so, but she reminded him so much of his little sister Jenny back home in Austin, or whats left of it. It made Ramsey feel good. "All done sir, just come and see me every other day for a check-up. You are very lucky that bullet didn't hit your heart, it was mighty close to doing so." She said as she took off her medical gloves. Ramsey sat up in the bed, still feeling the pain in his chest, arms, and shoulder. He looked to a desk beside him, it had a single .308 round on it. She must have seen Ramsey looking at it, "Yes sir, that's the round we pulled out of you, strange isn't it?" Ramsey turned his head towards her, "How so?". She looked to him for a second, then chuckled. "Well, I think it's pretty strange that your sitting up, looking at the tiny piece of metal that nearly took your life." She stared at Ramsey, he felt embarrassed. He got up and stretched, feeling small spikes of pain. "Thanks for the help ma'am, but I've got to get back to my post, see you in two days." He bowed and left, barley hearing a "goodbye" from her.

After about 2 hours of repairing and refitting his Outcast armor, Ramsey grabbed his .308 Sniper Rifle and headed to the front of the building, Casdin was announcing something big. Ramsey hurried up to see everybody already in attention, Ramsey saluted and ran up to Hughes and Carter, who were assembling with the 4th rank. He saw Ranik farther up, it figures considering he was a higher rank. Ramsey nudged Carter with his elbow, getting his attention.

"Sorry if I missed anything, I was getting stitched up. What's going on? Casdin hasn't called this many Outcasts together for a long time now. Something bad?"


Carter was standing in formation near Hughes when he felt something lightly touch the outer plating of his recently repaired, painted armour and immediately looked up, noticing Ramsey next to him and speaking. "Bad? Oh, yes. Apparently, the Crusade is going to launch an assault on Independence. They weren't too happy about what we did to their camp, it seems." He responded, weighing the R91 Assault Rifle he'd picked up from the armoury in his hands. He had his normal equipment with him as well - his shotgun was clipped to his back and his SMG and Ripper were each stowed at his waist, next to his supply satchel. His shotgun did well in close-quarters skirmishes, he'd thought, but something more suitable was required for a proper military battle. "But we can take 'em," He continued to say, after a pause. That, of course, depended on the size and armaments of the Crusade force, but still, he dearly hoped he was right.


Jacob had left the courtyard and was now walking through the workshops, for some reason, industrial noise had a soothing effect on him. He saw Hamilton fixing up Pyle. She was looking at the SMG's extended clip, and the shotgun. She looked even more pensieve than usual. Then he had an idea. He walked over and crouched next to Hamilton. He tapped on her shoulder as she weighed the SMG clip in her hand then pointed at a Specialist repairing a minigun.

"How do they prime ammunition?" Jacob asked. He knew how they worked, but he didn't want to come across as a snide know-it-all.

"The ammunition feeds on a continuous chain from a large drum toward rear of the weapon. Why?" Hamilton asked. No godmodding intended

"Just curious." Jacob said as he stood up and walked away as a look of sudden realization crossed Hamilton's face. The SMG could run off a hopper inside Pyle's bodywork. Now she just had to find something to deal with the shotgun.

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Near Jacob, a pile of rubble could be heard stirring. This rubble pile was moving; no, not like there was a group of Mole Rats beneath the surface, but real, glorified moving. Digging.

The digging eventually revealed a hand. The hand proceeded to clear off several man-sized cement blocks and shove the full length of its arm into the clear. The arm was followed by a shoulder, and then a brown-haired, dust-coated head. The head was followed by another shoulder, another arm, then a torso, then one leg, then another leg. Gradually, this mysterious man pulled himself slowly out of the hole that he had just somehow miraculously crawled from, and only now had he taken notice of the fact that there were other people in the area. Crawling slowly out of the rubble pile, he noticed signs of light in the building within the fort he had previously struck off as "abandoned". Sparks flew in prodigious amounts from behind a previously closed window, piquing his interest.

Slowly, carefully, and clutching a loaded Grease Gun, the man headed to the building and knocked heavily against the door with a gloved fist.

"Open up! I'm friendly, I promise!" The man shouted. "I swear, I was in a sewer and when I was climbing out a prodigious amount of shit fell down on my head, and the next thing I knew I was stuck down there! I've been digging for at least a day, now! My name's Roland Rockfort, I'm a trader!"


Jackson was adjusting slowly to his remaining eye site, brushing his hand across his eye patch. Waking up to the sounds of running throughout the hallways, Jackson grabbed his overcoat and sidearm from his quarters as he struggled out of the room. In the hallway, outcasts could be seen setting up sentry bots. Jackson hobbled his way past them, and made his way to the main indoor courtyard, where he spotted Casdin. "More fighting, eh?" Jackson joked, coughing. "Glad to see your up, Jackson. Your excursion pissed off the Crusade; we're moblizing for a seige. I'm going to have the men positioned around the entrances and outside to support the sentry bots. Jackson didn't agree. "They'll attack with airborne, Casdin. You know aswell as I do that in urban and close quarters combat, the airborne will make mince-meat of our men." Jackson said. "You need to position them in more spread out corridors, or maybe move them onto the plains and hills north of the Fort. Otherwise, we'll be cut up in seconds, especially since they have air support. You know aswell as I do from obeserving that battle between them and the rebs at Capitol Hill." Casdin still disagreed, and they descended into argument, as they the other Outcasts in formation watched on.

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Ranik hated seeing Outcasts argue. He respected Jackson and Casdin the same. They were both Protectors and both accomplished and hardened soldiers. Ranik stepped forward to speak. "Protector Jackson," he said, "Casdin has ordered us to fortify Fort Independence. After that is done, our four companies will be moving out to engage the enemy. The fort is not big enough to support all the Outcasts at once. The Sentry Bots will stay with the Fifth Company here at the fort and defend the Specialists. This fort will stand, even if we die fighting in the fields." Ranik stepped back into formation. Casdin swung his gaze back to Protector Jackson. "At Capitol Hill, the Crusade were not the agressors. They were the defenders. Here, at Fort Independence, we are the defenders. We will not be fighting in the D.C. ruins. We will be fighting in the open, on our terms. The reformists were disorganized and overconfident. Taggart had that battle won from the outset. Defending a static position is always preferred to attacking. You know this Jackson. We've mounted gatling guns and missile launchers and adjusted them to a higher arc of fire. We are aware of thier airborne and air support. These weapons are mounted around Fort Independence and have been heavily fortified to be strongpoints. If they hover their VB-02's for any period of time over the fort they will be shot down. Airborne troops disembarking will be killed as they leave the doors or killed while dropping in on the lines. In the city, yes, they will have the advantage, but any attempt to take Fort Independence by drop assault will result in disaster. They will have to attack the fort by ground." Protector Casdin turned fully to Protector Jackson. "Protector Jackson, you are wounded and I will not have a man of your value leaving the Fort, however, I would have you appoint a field commander, and take command of the four companies of Outcasts that will be operating in the field. You have knowledge of the Crusade and thier methods of war. The majority of thier forces are concentrated in York, and we know this, and if we can strike a crippling blow to the Capital Wasteland Crusade faction the will not be reinfored. Perhaps the forces in York will abandon this area altogether and it will be one less threat to us. So, Protector Jackson, will you coordinate our field companies?" Ranik remembered this side of Casdin. Trusting in his brothers, charismatic, yet calculating and strategic. Too often Casdin was couped up in Fort Independence, away from combat, dealing with tech and overseeing patrol routes, recovery missions, and tech trade. Ranik knew that Protector Jackson was an Outcast, he knew that Jackson had served alongside Casdin at the Pitt, just like Ranik, and he knew that in the begining, he had faith in Casdin. Defender Ranik just hoped that Protector Jackson had faith left in himself to see the Outcasts crush the Crusade. "Well Protector Jackson," Casdin said, "I'm open to your suggestions."

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Ramsey was assigned to scout out good vantage points for the siege, most likely cliffs and hills. He had a bad feeling about the Crusaders, a feeling that stuck to his gut. Was staying with the Outcasts worth getting himself killed? He joined in the first place to get help for Austin, to rid it of Enclave rule, but it's been ten years now and still no confirmation from Casdin. Maybe Ramsey could return to Austin himself and attempt to retake the city with his fellow Austinites, or at least what was left of them. Rasmey shuddered at the remembrance of what happened to those who resisted in Austin, he prayed every night that Jenny was never found by the Enclave, that the resistance was never found. Ramsey would find out one day, most likely soon. As he was drifting again into thought, he heard something rumbling around near him. Ramsey turned, rifle armed and ready. He saw nothing, just a pile of rocks and rubble. Ramsey slowly made his way towards it, occasionally glancing behind him. Then, as if from a horror story, an arm emerged from the rubble. Ramsey pulled back, clearly disturbed. What was it? A ghoul? Or was it just some unlucky wastelander who got trapped. Ramsey decided not to take any chances, especially considering he was not wearing a helmet, making him vulnerable to radiation. He stepped behind a broken piece of wall, giving him good cover and a good view.

He watched in disgust as a man emerged from the rubble, simply brushing himself off afterward. Ramsey was confused, the guy looked normal enough, at least as normal as it gets here. The unknown local looked around for a moment, then called out to the Outcasts in the distance. Ramsey decided to take his chances and greet the man. He came up behind the person, putting his rifle to the man's head. "Stop now. State your name, business, and any weapon you have on your body." Ramsey tried to sound as demanding as he could.

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"Hmm, this will do fine.. and that.. Sam would you pass me the laser pointer?" Alex said to his daughter, "Sure, it doesn't work though.", she replied, "Then pass me the bag of energy cells." "Fine, since your so interesting in making that gun, i'm going to go shoot things, bye." Alex was modifying one of the laser pistols he found in Olney, he already had the hand guard removed, but he needed to power the laser sight, which was a laser pointer on the bottom of the gun, he also needed to find a way to switch the projectile between laser and plasma, which he already had mostly done.

Four hours later he had it done, on two guns, he made the second one for his daughter, but she declined since she likes bullets more. He instead brought the second one to the Specialists for duplication.


"Casdin, you do know how many men and vehicles they have, correct? They will squash us like bugs. You aswell as I know that we can't possibly hold this position for more than few hours should they attack in force. There is no chance that we will make it out of this alive. You need to trust me in that we should spread the men out in FairFax. If we're all here, either the airstrikes or the artillery will get us. If not, it will be airborne or simple lack of ammunition." Jackson said.

User:Radiation King

Roland hadn't been expecting such a hostile inception upon his arrival. His primary pass had revealed no-one around; save a few isolateed Wastelanders and a Yao Guai (which wasn't too happy to find Roland had intruded in his den), but suddenly he realized, after climbing out of the tunnel, that there was, in fact, a gun at the back of his head.

"I'm Roland Rockfort," he identified himself, and added, "I was exploring the area yesterday night when I fell into a sewer system. I've been crawling for the better part of twelve hours and found a cistern entrance. When I pulled it open, about 200 years' worth of debris came down on top of me, and I had to tunnel my way out. When I tunnelled out, I found myself with a gun suddenly appearing on the back of my head."

"As for weapons?" Roland said, opening his jacket. "An M3A1 Grease Gun, and some sort of knife with knuckle-dusters as a hand-guard. If you expect me to suddenly lay siege to this place, I have no quarrel with you. Granted, I'm not too happy that there's a gun to my head right now, but by the looks of this place I thought it was abandoned."

Without turning around or lowering his hands from their positions raised high over his head, he asked, "Now could you please pull the gun away from my skull? I don't like the feeling of guns on my head..."

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Casdin hung his head. He knew that Jackson was right. What he didn't know was what to do with their recovered tech. The weapons and schematics, the year's worth of hoarded tech. Casdin did not want to leave this for the Crusade. The experimental weapons, the ammunition, the lost tech dating back to Pre-War eras. Casdin knew, though, that the lives of his soldiers were just as valuable. "Very well, Jackson. We shall hold the whole of Fairfax. What do you suggest we do about our Specialists. They aren't soldiers. We need them to make sure our armor is strong and our weapons are stronger. Lay us down a plan, Protector Jackson, get us out of this alive." With that, Casdin went to the door of Fort Independence and went inside to begin preparations for the Evacuation of Fort Indpendence.

Defender Ranik heaved a heavy sigh as he looked at Jackson. He knew that many of his brothers would not survive this engagement. He wished it could be different, but Defender Wallace Ranik had stood on the eve of too many battles to know otherwise. He just hoped that, like so many other engagements, his name wouldn't be among the dead at the end. He looked at the man to the left, and then to the right. Ranik did not want the tech he and the rest of his patrol had given so much to secure falling in the hands of The Crusade. He hoped Jackson had a better plan than he did at Germantown and hoped even more that Jackson hadn't been warped to the point where he'd risk the lives of 5 Companies of Outcasts just to bring about his own demise. He also hoped that Carter, Hughes, Ramsey, Hamilton, Jacob Vaughton, and Alex Vain would be there at the end of the fight.

User:KuHB1aM (anyone want to do Taggart for alittle while? we need an enemy.)

Jackson called foward the company commanders towards the battle map table, and motioned around different points of FairFax. "1st Company and 2nd Company will be positioned to the east of Fort Independence in the two large buildings to the east and west of the main road. 3rd Company will be stationed directly behind them to serve as a vanguard unit and to prevent flanking. 4th ompany will be stationed as an outermost ring perimeter. They'll get the first glimpse of the enemy coming from the D.C. urban area. We'll hold that position until their VTOLs come in, and then I want the specialists to arm our future minefields in the main roads and alleys. As soon as the airborne drop in, they'll hit the minefields as their drop pods hit the surface. There will be no chance of them surviving. I want the sentry bots and any other tech we've got stationed on the roofs as anti-air. It's better than nothing. If they land on the roofs, 2nd Company and 3rd Company will and can hold them for at least a half hour, more than enough time if we need to evac completely. 5th Company will be charged with evacuating our general staff and remaining unassigned specialists." The 5th Company commander began to speak up, and Jackson stopped him. "If we don't make it out, you are our ticket west. Get the men and women there, and tell the Elders of our story." The commander nodded in disagreement. "You know your orders. Get to them. Now. If you encounter raiders, we're not taking prisoners today."

//--Teh Krush 21:52, 9 March 2009 (UTC) (Ill do it, but who is he? lol)

User:Fireman0504 Who are the Company Commanders?

Casdin stood beside Jackson in the War Room. Jackson knew what he was talking about. Jackson had been with the Brotherhood forces during the Battle for Capitol Hill. Casdin would remain with the 5th Company and the Outcasts and Specialists holding the salvaged equipment. If only there was time. If only the Crusade had been avoided at Germantown. The Outcasts would have completed Vertibirds and would be able to begin their trek westward to the Elders. Failing that, Casdin had heard rumors from York, and the fabled Manhatten Order of Steel. Maybe these Brothers, who were obviously also intolerant of Lyons' bullshit, would accept them as allies. No matter. There was much to be secured and much to be done before the day was out. Casdin gave Jackson a hearty pat on the shoulder and hoped the Outcasts could hold out.

Ranik walked away from the meeting with Protector Lawrence NPC of the 4th Company to address his squad. "1st Squad on me," he said, gathering his men. "Here's the deal. Our Company will man the trenches and dugouts around the perimeter of Fairfax. As soon as we see the birds coming we pull back into the city. The airborne have no chance dropping directly into the city, so we will pull back and allow them the roads and alleyways, which are being booby trapped by the Specialists as we speak. Our whole company is assigned to this task. Once we're in cover, the traps will be armed. Mines, grenade bouquets, tripwires, you name it, it's out there, they've been rigging cars and buses with remote devices and observation teams are set up in hidden posts to observe the bottleneck of Crusaders into these areas. 1st and 2nd Companies will cover us from the buildings, which are also being heavily fortified and cleared of Raiders. 3rd is the reserve company. I believe they'll be stationed underground in Metro station." The squad nodded. "What about the Outcasts at Bailey?" asked Defender Colby NPC. "Casdin ordered McGraw's men to fortify and stay put," Ranik answered, "and it sounds like Taggart is more worried about striking a decisive blow here anyway." Colby nodded her head. Most of 4th Company was lightly armed with AER9's for ease of movement, as they would need to be the most mobile. A lack of speed would cost the lives of most, if not all of the company, and possibly the entire force of Outcasts. Ranik knew that the fate of the Outcasts rested on the warning and speed of 4th Company. "Remember, the airborne is our main concern. They have the Power Armor, the birds, and the know how. Jackson knows his stuff and if his plan works, it'll mostly be lightly armored infantry that we will have to worry about up close and personal." Ranik looked around at his squad. All he saw were the faces of T-45X Power Helmets staring back at him, but he knew the Outcasts had no fear. Each was a veteran of a dozen years in the wastes, some, such as himself had even more than that. They weren't a bunch of wastelanders in power armor like Lyons' rabble. They were veterans. Ranik knew that Jackson was aware of this and that Taggart's arrogance could play right into the Protector's plan.

Valic Istražite 22:45, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey lowered his weapon, this Roland Rockfort seemed legit enough, but this could also be Crusade spying. Why the Crusade would put their spy under a giant pile of rubble is beyond Ramsey, but it never hurt to be overcautious. Roland turned toward him, seemingly studying his armor. Ramsey sighed, "Well, you seem okay, but I'm not trusting it. I'm bringing you in for interrogation, weather you like it or not." Ramsey put his plated hand to his shaved head and rubbed it, Casdin would be on his ass if this were a waste of his time. "Come on, just do as I say and don't talk, got it?" Roland nodded, he seemed too cooperative.

Ramsey and his captive reached Fort Independence in a matter of 20 minutes, everybody was still gearing up. He saw Carter and Hughes talking to each other, he'd join them later. Ramsey reached the War room, entering a heated discussion between the company commanders. He spotted Jackson and Ranik in the crowd, along with Casdin. They seemed too busy to deal with a captive about now, but then Defender Rockfowl seemed to see Ramsey standing in the doorway. He walked over, Ramsey's captive struggled a bit. "Defender, you better explain to me now why you brought this Wastelander into our establishment." Rockfowl looked more curious than angry, he was never the angry type. "Found him lurking around the outskirts of Independence sir, could be a Crusade spy." Ramsey looked at Rockfowl in the eyes, they were nearly the same height. "You could have a point soldier, give him to me. I'll take him to Jackson, if anybody would get the info out, he would." Rockfowl took Ramsey's captive from him and left, Jackson would get the info out of the local. Ramsey left the War Room, saluting before departing. He walked over to Ranik as he debriefed his squad, Ramsey quickly joined Carter and Hughes as they listened to the battle plan.

This was going to be a hard fight, Ramsey just hoped he would enter the same way he would leave.


Jacob was performing his pre battle ritual of shadow boxing. It looked a lot more Eastern than boxing, closer to kata, really. It was calming. He looked at his duster and armor lying on a nearby bench. He had painted a red stipe on the chestplate of his armor in honor of the Outcasts. This could be his last battle. It would be an honor to die with Ranik and his men.

"Those of us who are about to die salute you, he muttered into the sky. I'll be with you all soon" He said to his family, who he was sure were up there watching over him. "Sentiment, Jacob. Don't let self-pity stay your hand. Not now."


"What is it, Rockfowl?" Jackson said impatiently. "Ramsey found this man breaking into the fort, sir. He wasn't armed with anything suspicious when we found him, but we assumed he could be working for the crusade." Jackson nodded, and stepped towards the man. "Name?" Jackson asked. "Roland Rockfort, at your service." The man replied. "Shut up. Rockfowl, this man couldn't possibly be working for them. Besides, I couldn't really give a damn. What is there to spy on? A few hundred men in rusting armor with crappy energy rifles?" Jackson said, reprimanding Rockfowl. "Take him to Jacob. Their both wastelanders, and I can't deal with him right now. He doesn't even look like he's worth dealing with in the first place." Jackson said, and turned back to the war room table.

User:Radiation King

"Crusaders?" Roland cocked an eyebrow, turning back towards Protector Jackson as he walked in reverse, partly letting Rockfowl lead him. "You mean the paramilitary group the Crusaders?" He seemed to half-growl and half grimace at the same time.

"Hate those guys. They're partly the reason I'm here. They shot The Grey Lady full of lead and put her up in dry-dock in Rivet for the better part of a week now, and she won't be sailing again for at least a month. I was out scavving for parts to repair the old girl and ended up here." He lowered his hands, continuing to backpedal as Rockfowl led him out.

"We appear to have many of the same problems. I may be able to make a deal with you."


Ranik knocked on the door to the barracks. "Come on in!" he heard a familiar voice call out. He opened the door and saw Jacob shadow-boxing. "Jacob," he said, "good to see you. I hope you are well-rested and our accommodations here have suited you. This was all we had to offer for such a dedicated ally." Ranik noted the red stripe painted on Jacob's armor. "You honor us and we honor you. I've talked to Protector Casdin, and he has granted you a singular honor." Ranik pulled a small patch from his satchel of equipment. It had the red cog and sword logo of the Outcasts. "We don't have any power armor to offer you, but it would bring honor to us if you accepted the offer to become an Honorary Brotherhood Outcast." Ranik offered the patch. "It's not much, but you may bear our symbol. Fight with it proudly and bring it honor, come what may." Jacob took the patch. "And one more thing, on a personal note," Ranik said, taking the locket from around his neck, "I will be out in the front trenches with the rest of 4th Company. There is a very likely chance that I will die there. I was wondering, if you'd hold on to this for me?" He extended his hand and placed the locket into Jacob's hand. "Who is this?" Jacob asked. "Her name is Ashley," Ranik said, "she would've been my wife, back in California, before we were sent here. I don't want to lose her to the Crusade. When the battlefield falls silent, would you kindly return her to me?"

Defender Ranik marched with his Company to the front. Amid the bustle of preparations he gave a nod to Specialist Hamilton and Pyle, who were busy rigging traps. He threw a friendly wave to Ramsey, who waved back. He and another sniper were headed to some vantage point. Ranik assumed that they would be one of the observation teams responsible for detonating one or more of the bus traps. He sent up a wave to Defender Hughes who'd taken up residence in a building with a heavy weapons team made up of his comrades from the 1st Company. He glanced over his shoulder to Defender Carter, whose own squad would be fighting alongside Ranik's. Ranik gripped his Combat Shotgun and looked down at it, running over a brief visual inspection as he marched. Finally, he sent a wave to Dr. Alex Vain, who was on his way to Metro Station with medical supplies to set up a hospital area for the wounded. He was followed by a heavy cadre of medical Specialists and escorted by two Outcast squads from the 5th Company. It was a short walk to the fortifications. Ranik's squad, as well as the rest of the 4th Company dug in as the Engineering Specialists and other members of the 5th Company began moving past them toward the interior of the town. On the horizon to the east, Ranik could see the distant D.C. ruins. That was where The Crusade was headquartered and that is where they'd be coming from. Ranik knew the plan. As soon as they saw Vertibirds, he, as well as the rest of the squad leaders, and Protector Lawrence would give the evacuation order. The trenches would be booby trapped to wait for the Crusaders to occupy them, and the Outcasts would fall back immediately to Fairfaix, which was a roughly 100 yard dash away. Ranik took a page out of Ramsey's book and offered up a prayer to God for courage and protection, as he began to watch for the attack.

Valic Istražite 13:02, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey waved to Defender Ranik as Ramsey was climbing a hill to the observation spot with his spotter, James Gordon. Gordon was a good friend of Ramsey's, he'd vouched for him to come to D.C with them. They reached the hilltop in a matter of minutes, Ramsey was half-expecting to already see Vertibirds flying from downtown, but there was nothing. They set up quickly, placing a small barricade and moving rocks out of the way for better view. They laid in silence, everybody did. All of them waiting for the bitter taste of death from their overpowered opponents. He had let Ranik have his Bible for the fight, Ramsey already memorized the prayers. But that meant something, it meant that Ranik was expecting to die. Ramsey knew that, he had seen it all his life. He hoped that the opposite would happen, that they would all get out alive, win the battle, and regroup back at Independence and have a nice drink. But he knew better, and so did Ranik. They were going to die here, Ramsey was going to die in D.C, hundreds of miles away from his little Jenny, and his spiteful brother Aaron. All his promises that he would return, that they were going to liberate Austin, all gone. They would never see Ramsey again.

Ramsey sunk his head into his arms for a moment and whispered a prayer, a prayer he never wanted to mutter. "Please merciful God, In your mercy and love, blot out all the sins I have committed through human weakness. Take me to your sanctuary, where I can watch over what lives below. In this world I have died: protect my loved ones," Ramsey paused for a moment, he felt a small tear roll down his cheek and splash within his helmet, "and my Brothers."

//-- Teh Krush 22:10, 10 March 2009 (UTC) (Were just going to pretend the Fairfax metro isn't caved in yet, and there are some rooms left.)

Alex and the rest of the medical specialists and scientists were heading towards the nearby Metro station in the middle of Fairfax. Once they made it there, Alex set up a table, light, and various med-kits, well the others were setting up mines, barricades, and a turret.

"DeAnders (NPC), you go over there and set up the sandbags, but first place mines outside the metro gates. Fairmen (NPC), you bring your squad over to DeAnders and guard her and the sandbags. Sam, you and Beckmen (NPC) stay inside at the front entrance." Alex ordered the troops and specialists, "And all Specialists, set up lights and take these boxes and put the in the bathroom behind me, don't worry, 200 years has worn off the smell."

Alex could hear some rustling in one of the unoccupied rooms, Mole rat? Crusade spy? Specialists?, he thought. He took out one of this DDs (Laser Pistol) and waited.


Jacob spoke the prayer to Saint Michael as he walked towards the defences in Fairfax. He was taking out of context, this being a physical battle, but it helped. For what it was worth. He knew he wasn't on good terms with God, but he felt more at home with the Patron Saint of the warrior.

He had fixed the patch Ranik gave him to his armor. An honorary Outcast. He really was getting too attached to these people. But, for once, he didn't care about that. He wanted to see the Outcasts through to another day. Not likely, but with a defensive position like Fairfax, a massacre would become a battle. A winable battle. If they played their cards right, they could come out on top. He finally reached the parapet and flexed his fingers around the grip of his assault rifle. The deep breath before tha plunge.

"And thrust into Hell Satan and all the foul spirits who prowl about the Earth seeking the ruin of souls.

Amen." He finished.


Jackson was growing impatient. Something was wrong. Very wrong. The scouts outside of D.C. should have reported in by now. More or less, it wouldn't really matter in the end. Jackson's role now was to preserve the lives of as many Outcasts as he could while defending long enough so that they could escape. Jackson radioed in to 1st Company, which had sent a distress beacon. "What is it?" Jackson said. "Sir, roof top units are reporting a whole lot of activity to the south of us. The Crusade are coming in behind us, sir." The man radioed in. "Hold position, soldier. Put everyone on alert and sound out the broadcast to the other companies." Jackson said, and clicked off his ham radio. Jackson grabbed his weapons, and left the war room without another word, since he was the only one still inside.

User:Radiation King

"I swear, just give me a chance to-" Whump. There was a rough hand smacked across the back of his head as he was thrown to the ground in front of the wall. "You want to prove yourself?" the Outcast said, "You stand the line here with the rest of us." And before Roland could respond, the man was gone again. Sighing, Roland climbed the parapet, drawing his Grease Gun and tightening the straps on his breastplate as he adjusted his trenchcoat, pulling the buttons into place over one another and successfully hiding the breastplate, giving him a tough, barrel-chested appearance.

After a second, he stood at the parapet, alongside Jacob. The man exuded an air that was the polar opposite of Roland: cool, detatched, professional. He had a look that could kill a man by itself, and that wasn't counting the numerous weapons he had on his person. He looked over at the man.

"You're pulling defense too?" Roland inquired, cocking his head a bit. "I just turned up here a little while ago, so I guess I'm along for the ride." He turned towards Jacob. "Roland Rockfort, trader."


Jacob gave him a sidelong look. Trader? Jacob gave him five minutes once the firing started. He decided not to be rude, now was not the time to be making enemies.

"Jacob Vaughton. Vigilante and honorary Outcast. And you picked a fine time to show up. We need all the hands we can get up on the firing step." Jacob said, almost amiably. Almost. The calmness and prescence of mind he spoke with just served to rattle the man even more.

User:Radiation King

"Pleasure. And don't think I'll go down too easy, Jacob, just because I'm a trader." Roland said, almost as if reading the vigilante's mind and, in his own special way, attempting to allay them. "I survived a fair amount of time in a Commonwealth reasearch facility, and now I'm more robot than man."

As if to prove the point, Roland actually lowered the collar of his jacket and removed a portion of the armor on his back, revealing (among other things) a small cavity filled with wires, a large fusion battery and some sort of clear gelatin. Quickly covering the battery up with the flap of false skin, the armor component and the cover of his jacket, he smiled cautiously. "See? I'm like that guy, Robby the Robot. 'Cept I'm not all metal; I still got a good old fashioned brain and heart to keep me alive."


The comm units chattered to life. Defender Ranik looked to the south. There they were, The Vertibirds had veered southward in an attempt to catch the Outcasts by surprise. No dice. The only thing in the sky for a thousand square miles was these Vertibirds. Before them, Ranik could see his brothers from 4th Company begin falling back. They armed mines and trip wires as they went. A massive dust cloud to the south meant onlyone thing: enemy infantry. "The mines on the roads are armed, use the alleyways," Ranik informed his squad. "Defender Ranik how long do we hold?" asked Defender Colby. "Remember the plan Colby?" Ranik replied. "Begin arming the traps." The squad was quickly at work. "Let's fall back!" Ranik called out and his squad broke cover, making for the alleyways into Fairfax. "All squads, fall back, I repeat, all squads fall back," Protector Lawrence Barked over the comm. Ranik looked up as he heard the whirl of the Vertibirds overhead. He ducked and covered his head as one swung in low for a strafing run. The pavement was torn up around him as he turned to see two of his squad members and several other Outcasts dropped by 5mm rounds. Some were wounded. Ranik heard the sounds of multiple gatling guns open fire and watched tracers from the rooftops light the air. Missiles streaked out, one catching the tail of a bird, sending it spinning into the wasteland dirt. Ranik doubled back to grab the outstretched arm of a screaming Defender Colby. She'd taken a hit to the thigh and was incapacitated on the road. He ducked another strafing run again and pulled her into the alleyway. 5mm fire returned to rake the bird, striking the engine, Ranik watched the smoke trail disappear behind a building and heard a loud explosion to the south. More birds came overhead, but these weren't firing. They were moving slowly as shapes dropped from them. It was the airborne. Taggart was committing the elites right now. He wanted a quick and decisive victory. Ranik watched as a Sentry Bot raked the fusilage of a bird with a gatling laser. A small internal explosion and Ranik saw two flaming figures jump clear before the bird hit the ground and skidded in a explosion of debris and fire. Ranik smiled to himself grimly as he hauled Colby into the alley. "Take her to Vain," he told one of his squad members. He turned back to the rest of his squad, who were moving into a large, heavily constructed building. Other members of 4th Company were already inside. This building already spat fire at the Crusaders. The Outcasts would not be taken so lightly. Ranik unclipped his Combat Shotgun and went inside. "Crusaders be damned," Ranik spat to nobody in particular, "today is a day that we go down in history! Brothers now is our time! For the Outcasts!" Ranik cried. A cheer went up inside the building.

Valic Istražite 03:33, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

Ramsey clutched the grip of his .308 Sniper Rifle as he saw the menacing Vertibirds sore in, the battle had begun. James turned towards him, "Ramsey, looks like their commin' from the south, trying to flank us. Do we still set off the bombs?" Ramsey shook his head, they won't be needed if they aren't coming from the north. Both their heads turned towards Ranik as he shouted the fallback command, it was time to get to FairFax. Both of them packed up and started running within a matter of seconds, this had to be a quick movement. They were sprinting, Ranik and the rest of the squad a bit ahead of them. Ramsey saw Defender Colby get hit in the leg, Ramsey quickly dropped to a knee and traced the shot. A Crusader sniper high in a building, must have dropped down from a Bird onto it. Ramsey skillfully fired two rounds aimed for his head. One hit the cement walling in front of him, the man jumped, but it was to no avail. The second round his him squarely in the forehead, Ramsey watched as he stumbled over the edge, falling many stories down into the street. He doubled up and looked to James Gordon, who was busy firing his Laser Rifle into a squad of Crusaders. He got hit in the side, causing him to drop his weapon. Ramsey bolted towards him, hoping to save the man. Then, from the distant ruins of FairFax, a rattling laser hailed upon the Crusader squad, killing one or two of them instantly. The other three ran to shelter, but only to be picked off by Ramsey and another passing Outcast. Ramsey quickly looked back to James, who had taken cover behind a old car. He was about to go get him when Ramsey heard an explosion from the sky. He looked up, a Vertibird had been hit. Ramsey watched in awe as the airborn weapon twisted and circled the skys, emitting flames from it's damaged side. He saw two poor Crusaders emerge from the flaming aircraft, rather risking the fall than a fiery explosion. One of them fell to his or her death, splattering onto the road. The other landed on the fifth floor of a nearby building, he may have been dead, or he could have lived, Ramsey didn't know and didn't care. Then, as if only in seconds, he witnessed the falling Vertibird wreck right infront of where James was sitting. Ramsey fell backward from the shockwave, feeling a large piece of debris slam into his arm. He gasped, and then blacked out.

Ramsey regained consciousness within 30 seconds, suffering only a very minor knockout. He was luckily the debris didn't hit his head, or he would be nothing but a corpse right now. He stood up, pieces of dirt showered over him. He looked towards the crash site, it was a burning heap of twisted metal and broken glass. Then, under a piece of wing, James laid. Ramsey ran to him, resisting the heat from the flames. He checked the mans pulse, nothing. James had died. Ramsey curse for a moment and grabbed his holotag, mourning would be saved for later. He looked back, the battle was still raging as it was before. He saw Ranik enter a building that the 4th Company occupied, Ramsey decided to follow him. As he ran through the fraw, he tried to keep and eye out for any sign of Carter, Hughes, Jacob, or Jackson. So far, he hadn't spotted them. He hoped they still lived. Ramsey entered the building, greeting the team on the first floor, then ran to the highest. He saw each floor, every one with Outcasts occupying it. One of the floors had Ranik in it, he quickly told him his position, Ranik nodded. He reached the top floor where what used to be another sniper sat, now he was nothing but a dead body, a bullet through his heart. Ramsey moved him aside and placed his rifle out the window. He muttered the prayer for the sins he was about to commit, he just hoped that still mattered.


Jacob pulled back behind cover, pulling Rockfort withhim. He was slightly annoyed with the trader. More machine than man. Fat lot of good that'd do you if you stood like a rabbit in the headlights. The annoyance faded a little when he saw the man shoot down a soldier with his archaic, but effective grease gun.

Jacub spun from his position, taking cover behind the wreckage of a garden wall.Hefired a burst into a Crusade unit. Power Armor was no good against HEI ammunition. Two of them burst s[pectacularly into flames, while two more fell, gaping holes blown through their chests. The last man fell to the ground screaming, his arm hanging on by a thread. Jacob felt his usual satisfaction with the kill. He was running on adrenaline now. He spotted a small group of fledgling Crusaders trying to come up the flank. Between himself, and Rockfort, the men didn't make it another ten feet.

User:Radiation King

Roland had seen a small crusade group coming from the right of the parapet, just a little bit out of reach of his M3A1. Quickly snatching an extra clip of ammunition, the merchant held up the Grease Gun in his robotic hand and supressed the squad one-handed.

"Jacob," He said calmly. "Group of four up the right side. I'm suppressing them, but they're too far out to hit with the Grease Gun. You think you can get 'em?" While firing, he pointed out the position of the Crusaders with his non-gun hand.

//-- Teh Krush19:57, 11 March 2009 (UTC)// Sorry, it had to be done. Samantha is my main RP character for this now.

"We already have four injured Outcasts?" Alex said as a fourth one entered the metro, "I can deal with two now, DeAnders work on the other two." Alex had his laser pistol drawn since he heard ruffling in one of the back rooms a moment ago, so now he started to walk towards the room and said "Who's there?", no reply, so he moved further and shot a laser, no reply still, he moved into the room, and found nothing. The door then shut behind him and the stealth boy of a Crusade soldier wore off, Alex aimed his pistol upwards to have it hit out of his hand, with that Alex had to resort to brute force, but to no prevail, the punch Alex threw was used against him and he was thrown upwards, and down to the ground. The Crusade soldier then took out his Trench Knife and and stabbed downwards on Alex, but he held it back long enough for him to yell for help. But before help could arrive he was overpowered and the soldier stabbed him in the throat, "Goodnight, Doctor. That'll send the Outcasts back a bit." the Crusader said, "Time to radio in," but before he could, Sam barged through the door, slamming the Crusader into the wall, she then unloaded her full clip of HEI (from Jacob, who gave some to Specialists) into the Crusaders skull, she then turned around to see her father on the floor with a knife in his neck, dead.

Act 5Edit

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson drew his .44 Magnum, firing twice. The rounds caught the the airborne soldier in the chest, piercing his overcoat but not killing him by penetrating his armor. The airborne, slowed by the bullets, charged Jackson, who immeadiatly engaged in a fist fight with the veteran soldier, who matched Jackson punch for punch and parry for parry. Jackson shoved his full body weight into the man, shoving them both down. With that, he reached for the only weapon he could find on his armor; a grenade. Jackson pulled the pin, dropped the grenade, and scrambled off the soldier, diving for cover. The grenade went off, killing the airborne instantly. Jackson brushed himself off, grabbing his revolver from the floor. "Protector Lawrence, status?" Jackson radioed in. "They're all over the place, Jackson!!! Right now, they've probably killed more of us then we've killed them!!!" Lawrence said. "Hold them, Lawrence. I'm on the ground in the streets. Most of the mines have already detonated; they dropped in ordinary soldiers first, not airborne. Taggart tricked us; must've knew what was coming." Jackson said, noting the many soldiers fighting in hand to hand combat against airborne troops who had arrived in the 2nd and 3rd wave. Most of the men were from the trenches, having been arming mines when the men from the crusade had hit the ground. Jackson fired another shot, which hit an airborne soldier in the neck. The man grasped at his neck, but managed to draw his own revolver, and fired twice, one of the shots hitting Jackson in the leg he had wounded at FairFax. "Dammit!!!" Jackson said, hobbling in pain, and finished off the airborne

//-- Teh Krush20:49, 11 March 2009 (UTC)// Just made a major update to the Alex Vain page, contains all RP info to this moment. (Under Missions)

Sam came crying, trying to hide her tears, from the room her father just died in, after she had finally stopped, she said "DeAnders, Alex is dead, a Crusader was in here from before we came in, he killed him." DeAnders then replied, "I'm sorry, do you know anything about medicine though, we still need to help the wounded." Sam then said, "Yes, I do, I can help."

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson weaved his way through the various close-quarters wrestling matches and shootouts, making his way to see the metro station defenses. In front of him, he could see dead Outcasts and Airborne littered throughout the area. The fighting in the sector had died down to sniper duels, with various .308 rifles spitting their deadly cargo through the air. Jackson continued on his merry way, moving through different buildings until he could get closer to the entrance. An Outcast soldier could see him from behind his sandbag entrenchment. The woman motioned for him to get closer, with Jackson leaping over the sandbags and landing on his butt. "Jackson?" The woman said. Jackson nodded. "I thought you, Casdin, and Lawrence were all inside the Fort." The Outcast said. "Me and Lawrence are out in the field. Casdin is moving all our equipment and reserves out west, away from danger." The Outcast nodded. "My name's DeAnders, field medic specialist. The last attack caught us off guard. Alex is dead. His daughter is downstairs, patching people up." Jackson didn't want to think of Alex. The man had patched him up one too many times, and had saved him more than once in the operating room. "Hold this position. I'll see if I can get Ranik and his boys over here, if they aren't stuck somewhere." Jackson said, and turned on his inter-helmet COM. "Ranik, you there?" Jackson asked. "Yah, chief. We're stuck with Lawrence inside the main building in the east. What is it?" Ranik said. "I need you to get to the metro medic station. The last attack killed Alex, and we've got alot of wounded here. See to it you get to this sector as soon as possible." Jackson said, and abruptly ended the conversation. "Help's on the way." Jackson said. "I'll wait here until they arrive, and then I need to move to check on the other sectors."

//-- Teh Krush21:29, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

"I'm going to move out, I must kill the bastards that killed him." Sam said to Jackson as she left the metro gates, "Wallace, this is Defender Samantha Vain, i'm moving towards your position, i'll give you cover fire from the east." she said into her radio, she then started moving to the west with her rifle and her fathers laser pistols, she then gunned down a airborne squad that was shooting at Ranik and his men.

"Wallace, Jackson is just down the road, we should move, watch for snipers."

Valic Istražite22:59, 11 March 2009 (UTC)// Sorry if I may have taken too much control of Ranik, but it was just like 2 sentences.

"Shit, I think that one saw me," Ramsey said to himself. Two rounds pierced through the dry wall next to Ramsey, throwing plaster and wood at him. Ramsey ducked, "Yes, yes he did." He reloaded quickly and raised back up, that was that snipers last round, he was reloading. Ramsey fired 3 rounds into the wall where he suspected the sniper to be behind. Ramsey heard a yelp, then nothing. "Gotcha, damn guy nearly beat me." He chuckled to himself almost hysterically, being a sniper can do some weird stuff to a person. He looked to the valley and other buildings around him, all Crusaders and Outcasts on ground level were either in buildings or dead, he looked for stragglers. He saw one, it was an Outcast. His leg and half his arm were blown off, along with a jagged shard of metal erected from his chest. His helmet was off, Ramsey didn't recognize him, but he knew the injuries were fatal. With a short prayer and a wincing face, Ramsey ended the man's misery. It was part of the Outcast code, if you knew they weren't gonna make it, don't make them suffer. "Worst part of the job..." Ramsey mumbled as he studied another building for survivors. nothing. Every once and awhile he would hear the couple of shots go on, a muffled scream or curse, then it was back to silence. From behind him he heard laser shots, they were pretty damn close. Ramsey went to the stairs and heard a faint female voice, then Ranik's. He listened for a bit, "Wallace....Jackson for snipers" That was enough for Ramsey, he packed up and ran down the stairs.

Ramsey was greeted by Ranik, who gave Ramsey a pat on the back, "Glad to see your still living, I was worried for a bit." Ramsey nodded, "Same with you brother, now whats the plan?," He spun his head over to the female voice he heard from upstairs, he bowed. "Ma'am, Defender Jay P. Ramsey, I don't believe I've seen you before." She was about to speak when an Outcast from behind them spoke up, "Sir, we better get moving, don't know how long till' these Crusaders start remobilizing." Ramsey nodded again, the man was right. He turned towards Ranik once more, "I'll cover you guys. Awful lot of snipers out there. We'll meet back up later, okay?" Ranik looked at Ramsey for awhile, then grabbed his plated shoulder. "I'll keep your word on that," He let go and turned towards the rest, "Outcasts, lets move out!" Then, with a nod of the head, Ranik and the other Outcasts were outside. Ramsey ran to the second floor to cover them.

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson was bored. Reduced to whistling, twiddling his thumbs, and getting shot at by snipers, Jackson was restless. He was also doubting his abilities as a leader. How many men had died today because of him? Jackson tried to rectify his mind with reasoning. If they had stayed in the Fort, the Crusade simply would have smashed the base with air support. Jackson pulled his revolver, thinking he heard something. Deciding it was nothing, Jackson sat back down. That was his mistake. He felt gloved hands grab his helmet, ripping it off and placing him in a choke-hold. "Is this the one?" A voice-masked man could be heard. "I don't know. His tags read at Protector, but I don't know if he's Casdin, Lawrence, or Jackson. Still, we need to get all of them anyway." A second voice said. Fucking airborne... Jackson thought, before his sidearm and holster were confiscated.

//-- Teh Krush00:33, 12 March 2009 (UTC)// Short, but got real bored.

DeAnders stepped out of the Metro to see that silence filled the street, Sam, Ranik and the others were heading towards them, and that Jackson was gone.


Ranik cursed as he crouched down with Sam Vain alongside Specialist DeAnders. The four Outcasts with him took up watch positions. He clipped his Combat Shotgun. "Where's Jackson?" he snarled. He's supposed to be running this fucked up defense." Ranik was livid. "Fuckin' airborne is here and the man leading the defense is MIA." Ranik listened as a crash of explosions and guinfire filled the air to the south. "Fuckin fanatics." he turned back to Ramsey and Sam. "What's the status up here?" Sam asked, "Jackson said they've killed more than we have." "Well then he couldn't've made it to the front. Infantry has been stopped dead," Ranik said, "Each time those birds come over, the fuckin infantry trys another assault. The 1st and 2nd Companies hold those two big buildings there." Ranik pointed to two battered, ominous structures overlooking the southern trenches. "They've been hammered with arty rounds, but Protectors Gavin and O'Haire are holding out like a fuckin stone wall. Goddamn Irishmen. Every time the shelling stops, they figured that an infantry assault is coming. That's when they go to the windows. They got gatling lasers and miniguns mounted. Few sweeps back and forth and those ground pounders don't hold up. Only thing beating us up is the fuckin airborne. That building there, by the road," Ranik pointed to a smaller structure that gunfire was pouring out of, "that's The Gate. That's where 4th Company is holed up. We're the fuckin Gatekeepers and nothing's gotten in. Morale is high, so we let out no news of Jackson being MIA slip out to the Outcasts. We've repulsed the attacks so far. We can't let this slip." Sam nodded. "Send word to Casdin, tonight we're making a sortie into the Crusade held trenches. Tell him the situation, and it's confidentiality. He'll understand and figure out an excuse. I want O'haire and Gavin to have their Companies on high alert, all snipers standing by. I know that the Crusaders switch out their teams. Our boys know this area." Ranik got on the ecure comm channel, "Ramsey, send on the secure channel I want all snipers on alert. When they're bastard snipers are changing out, they'll be exposed. I want as many of those fuckin assholes dropped as can be done. They are priority. We got the home field advantage here, let's take it. Just then the whirl of propellers and more Vertibirds overhead. The antiaircraft weapons opened up. "Goddamn airborne. At some point those bastards numbers gotta start wearing out." Weapons chattering and explosions. "With me Outcasts. Back to The Gate." With that, the group hustled back to the stronghold of the 4th Company.

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC)// going offline

Jackson was pissed. Taken by suprise, and stuck inside one of his own trenches occupied by dammned airborne, Jackson was pissed to hell. An airborne walked into the small dirt bunker, his camo-colored power armor glaring. "Well, we've got you. Taggart's got one of the leadership, and now, we only need to get Casdin and Lawrence. He doesn't care for Gavin and the other irish-man. For all he cares, they can burn. What he wants is you and the other two protectors. He figures he can end this pretty fast if he's got all the leadership. Anyway, I'm here because I was the one who ordered you taken first. More of luck though that we got you." Jackson was annoyed. "Stop with the bullshit." Jackson said. "Well, aren't you fiesty. Just sit tight. We'll have control of the ground within the next day, since we've already got the air. I need to head back to the field HQ. I forgot what I came in here for." The airborne said, and walked back out. Jackson slammed his gloved fist against the dirt wall of the small bunker room.


Ranik heard a loud rumble and lots of commotion as he entred The Gate. "Drop pod just hit the roof. Elite 2nd airborne markings! They're trying to take The Gate." one of the Outcasts yelled to Ranik. "Well what are we waiting for, let's get the fuck up there!" Ranik urged about two dozen Outcasts into a rage. on the ground floor and they stormed to the lift. "You stay here with the rest of them." Ranik told Sam and DeAnders. There were still about a hundred more Outcasts fighting from this building, scattered on all three floors.

The doors opened on the lift and Ranik watched as two Outcasts dropped in front of him. The rest surged forward into the squad of airborne. The Outcasts outnumbered the airborne 2 to one. Ranik noted the three smoking Sentry Bots. Their roof defenses. All destroyed. No time. Ranik discharged his Combat Shotgun into the first airborne trooper he came across. The combat was fierce and quick. Amid the fighting Ranik noted a Crusade officer. His overcoat swirled aroundhim as his Ripper swooped and spun. With no effort he eviscerated two Outcasts opposing him. Ranik shot another airborne trooper and rushed for the man. Ranik put his shoulder down and drove the man into the cement wall, and the officer lost his grip on the Ripper and it fell over the ledge. The man countered with a punch into Ranik's visor that shook Ranik. Ranik countered with a helmeted headbutt into the man's face. Ranik's visor was smeared with blood as the man's nose shattered. He slumped to the ground, but attempted to stand. Ranik smashed him in the side of the head with his Shotgun. When he awoke, he was looking down the barrels of the weapons of the 14 surviving Outcasts. His men layed butchered around him. Ranik reached down and pulled off the exposed set of dog tags. He read them aloud to his men. "Taggart, Andrey," Ranik looked back down at the man. "You won't survive this engagement, Outcast. My father already has one of your 'leaders.' Our numbers are greater and our tech is better. You'll all die." The man spat on Ranik's boot. Ranik looked at it, then back at the man. He crouched down and removed his helmet. "Daddy's got a lot of faith in little Andy, don't he? Expecting you can take The Gate with ten men? What does he take us for?" Ranik smirked, his blue eyes glowing. "Scum and rabble. Unfit to don the armor you were and unfit to breathe the irradiated air around you." Taggart scoffed. "Yeah?" Ranik laughed again, "well we now have Daddy's little boy. A bargaining chip. We get Jackson back." "I'll be a martyr," Taggart snarled, "my father will never bargain with you for me! You're Protector will be executed, and you with him when this town is taken." Ranik stood up. "We'll see what Daddy is willing to bargain for." Ranik chuckled as he looked over the side to see another Crusade attack floundering. "Oh look," he said mockingly, "guess you really do teach them to die trying." He turned back to Taggart, "If daddy won't play he game, I'm going to enjoy killing you." Ranik turned back to his comrades. "Break his arms, and his legs. Femur, Tibia. Forearm." Ranik turned to leave, then turned back at Taggart's laugh. "You must have some honor to kill an already wounded prisoner." Ranik looked him square in the face and smiled. "Why do I need honor? I'm scum, remember?" Ranik turned around and walked to the lift, listening to the agonized screams and sickening snaps of bone as his men followed thier order.

Run4urLife!17:48, 12 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob spun around towards a Crusade officer. The man pushed the barrel of Jacob's assault rifle to the side. Jacob let the weapon go and delivered a crushing kick to the officer's midriff. The officer countered with a hook punch, and a spinning backhand. Jacob blocked the backhand and put a joint lock on the man's wrist, snapping it. The officer landed another punch on Jacob with his other hand, but at that angle, there was no power in it. Jacob, completely unfazed heard a crackle over the intercom that Vain was dead.

"This is not your lucky day son." Jacob growled at the officer.

He delivered a vicious punch to the man's flank. Jacob felt ribs splinter under the impact, and he could well have done some damage to the kidneys. The officer staggered, and Jacob followed up with a spinning kick that shattered the officer's femur, a straight punch to his chest that cracked his sternum and a roundhouse kick that snapped the humerus of the officer's good arm. Jacob finished the savage beating with a haymaker punch, snapping the officers neck.

He picked up his assault rifle and ran for cover as a sniper took a shot at him, narrowly missing his head. These Crusaders were good. Too good. This would be one hard-fought battle. He rushed to the gate, meeting up with the majority of the Outcasts holding out. He saw a Crusade officer lying in an undignified heap on a flattened cardboard box. Jacob drew one of his pistols and prepared to fire. Ranik grabbed his arm just in time to stop him.

"Shoot him and you're a dead man. He's the bargaining chip to get Jackson back." Ranik snarled

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson sat in his little prison cell, waiting. It was almost midnight, and he was still pissed stuck inside his cage of dirt. Jackson twiddled his thumbs, waiting for something to happen. Of course, that might take ages. Jackson crept towards the door, and slid back. Outside, four airborne were waiting. The first one looked at him. "Don't even try it, Jackson."

Airborne Sniper Bill Ferdenand looked again, scanning the small building. That last shot had to have gotten the sniper. Bill reloaded his his DKS-501 sniper rifle, and looked for another target. His gaze briefly stared at the crusade trenches. That was where they were holding Jackson. Bill had heard reports that the opposition had Andrey, but that was bullshit to him anyway. He knew as an airborne Taggart wouldn't even think of giving up an objective for his own flesh and blood. Taggart was just that cold. Bill didn't have time for philosiphizing. He quickly went back to his scope. Then he saw something. Bill had been observing the main Outcast building for quite sometime now. What he saw was where Andrey and his fire team had gone down. At the roof, several Outcasts and another man could be seen. Bill cocked his rifle, and zoomed. "Hmm..." Bill said, and clicked off the safety. He centered his scope on the first figure, who was unarmored, carrying an assault rifle. Bill slowly squeezed the trigger... and squirmed out of the way as a sniper on the roof fired at his position. Dammit. The Outcasts had some good snipers, but not as good as Bill. Bill moved to a different part of his little abode. He needed another chance at the men on the roof.

Radiation King15:32, 12 March 2009 (EST) 

As it were, Jacob may have been a hard man to keep up with. Either way, Roland was now forced to nearly sprint to keep up with Jacob. A pair of Crusade soldiers attempted to stop him, but one recieved a kick that would crush steel plates, and the other one was pumped full of bullets from Roland's Grease Gun. Without slowing down, Roland finally managed to catch up with Jacob.

"You're a hard man to keep up with, Jacob," Roland said, and added: "Area around the parapet's clear. Where're you going off to so fast?"

Run4urLife!19:51, 12 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Ranik sent me after some sniper. Thinks i might kill his hostage. Damn right too." Jacob grumbled.

He could see the building the sniper had been shooting from and sprinted for it, pulling away from Rockfort again. The building was an ideal sniper nest, three floors for relocating, and a commanding view of the Outcast defences. And it was about to get a brand new, bright red paint job, courtesy of Jacob.

Radiation King15:54, 12 March 2009 (EST) 

Damn, he's fast! Roland thought to himself as he took off running after Jacob. Even with cybernetic legs, Roland, topping out, could just barely keep pace with the mercenary. The two sprinted for the sniper's building.

"Alright, Jacob," He said once the two arrived, "You go in first and I'll cover you. Other than that, you go ahead and think up a plan."

//-- Teh Krush22:49, 12 March 2009 (UTC)// Halo ftw.

"What ever happened to that suit of MR-6 you brought back with you from Olney?" Sam asked Ranik, "Specialists." he replied, "Don't that thing have energy shields or something?" she asked, with DeAnders cutting in, "Yes.. but without a decent power supply it can only operate at 30% efficiency," Sam then interrupted, "But isn't that enough for a decent bullet reflecting shield?", "True, true. Our only copy, the one Ranik found in the AP-4, is in Independence right now." DeAnders said, "Wallace, maybe we should go retrieve that.. would help."

(What is wrong with the comment part of the rpt, I can't put anything more then a few letters. And Ranik loves that Sam calls him by first name lol.)

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson was getting bored. Extremely bored. Most annoyed and bored. (lol break me out and rescue me dammit)

Bill dropped his sniper rifle, pulling out a silenced 10mm Pistol, loading the clip and turning off the safety. It was night time, and the two figures who had sprinted towards his building could be anywhere. Bill, his training kicking in and his adrenaline spiking, raised the pistol and began to clear rooms on the third floor.

Run4urLife!23:58, 12 March 2009 (UTC)// going offline

Jacob was on the second floor of the sniper nest now. He heard movement upstairs. He raised a fist, signalling to Rockfort that there was one person upstairs.He pointed Rockfort to the door and moved up the stairs himself. He pressed himself to a wall as he heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. He spotted the man, walking past a door, a silenced pistol drawn.

Jacob took his chance. He lunged through the door, knife first, but Bill had heard him. Jacob pushed Bill's gun aside and thrust his knife at his gut. Bill caught the guard of the knife and held firm. He was using all of his strength to keep that knife out of him. Then Jacob pulled off the knife's party piece. He fired the spring loaded into the handle, launching the blade into the sniper's chest. He pulled the blade free and let Bill fall. (he may or may not be dead, thats up to KuHB1aM)

User:Fireman0504 // Working on it Jackson buddy!

"MR-6. The Enforcer? It would definitely help." Ranik thought. He'd ordered his men not to go near the windows of the gate anymore. Unless there was an infantry assault. Too many snipers out there. The battle was down to an assault every few hours, and sniper duels. Crusade snipers would only stop firing during an infantry assault. They'd pop off soldiers here and there, but most did not want to give away their positions. The Outcasts were holding splendidly, however. Protectors Gavin, Lawrence, and O'Haire were proving to the Crusade, with their masterful defense, that the Outcasts were still a force not to be taken lightly. Only problem was that the Outcasts still had no idea that Jackson was missing. The battle was down to nameless, faceless combat. Then Ranik got an idea. A way to get Jackson back, by force. It had been there the whole time. The MR-6 armor. It was perfect for turning one soldier into a juggernaut of death and destruction. "Who will don the MR-6, Specialist? None of us are trained to use it. Hell, I've scoured the wastes for 20 years and thought it was just a rumor until we brought it back. Thick enough to shrug off sniper rounds, heavy enough to crush a power armored opponent's skull with it's boot. It would definitely be a help in the trenches. Assuming we can get to it, and assuming we get to go on the offensive. I handed it to the Specialists, far as I know they brought it to the Metro. I know they're still held up there with 5th Company. Do any of them know how to use it?" Sam could read Ranik's quizzical look through his helmet. "Wallace, I can use it." she said proudly. "You?" Ranik said. "Yes, and with a little engineering, I think I can increase power." she brimmed. "OK," Ranik said. Let me gather you an escort. " Ranik turned around the room. "Martin, Brink, Lazlo, Faulk, Edwards, Kelly, Pedersen. You're with me. We're going to get the Enforcer." Ranik said. The called Outcasts began to assemble for the run to the Metro. All Ranik needed was for this sniper fire to die down. "I want nobody exposed." Ranik said. "We'll let our snipers do their job before we go."

//-- Teh Krush00:22, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Enforcer? Just call it the MR-6 haha.

They soon arrived down the street that the Metro base was in, which contained the MR-6. When they had got down, they found one of the Specialists working with it, with a completed schematic near the armor holder, "Shields up to 40%, a 10% upgrade, it can take two and a 1/2 missiles before you are exposed.", the Specialist said, "Thanks, now let me take it from here, go assist Ranik, they may have woundeds." Sam replied, "I can't use energy weapons hardly, might as well," she thought as she apart her fathers laser pistol (Doctors Diagnosis) in order to have parts to increase the shielding. With one laser pistol she was able to get the shields up to 45%, but she would never be able to get it up to 100%, the mysteries of the Army and its tech was too lost. The Shields were now at 47%, the max she could get it to, can withstand 4 and three quarters of missiles now. She quickly put it on, noting the A.I. integrated into the helmet, (I so wanted to say Cortana, but I'd be going WAY to far.) "Hello, this is Annie, your personal A.I., your shields are damaged. I suggest going to the Raven Rock base and getting repairs," it said, "You are currently in the Fairfax City metro station, possibly defending against communist attack, how may I assist," It asked again, "Mute" Sam said, and the A.I. didn't speak again.

Solbur01:25, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Controlling Rasengod's character a little bit here, so sorry if I'm doing anything particularly outrageous. Creating three NPC Outcasts as well, so yeah.

"Don't leave any of these commie bastards moving, soldier!"

Even in the current situation, Carter could not help but laugh at his armour's declarations. Calling the people who believed themselves to be a continuation of the US Army (or whatever these whackjobs thought) "commies" was brilliantly ironic and a grave insult to boot. He couldn't really see any reactions from the opposition, sadly.

His squad was nestled in a large, surprisingly sturdy building on the outskirts of Fairfax. Himself and Defenders Richards and Mercer (NPCs) had the barrels of R91s sticking out of ground-floor windows, riddling Crusade infantry with bullets, whereas Defender Hughes was upstairs, raining little glowing red bolts of Hell from his Gatling Laser on any Crusader who'd managed to evade death at the hands of the three Outcasts downstairs. Specialist Lucas (NPC) had finished rigging the building with traps and mines.

Carter fired a burst of rounds into an approaching Crusade PFC's leg, then ducked into cover as he fell to one knee and returned fire. Carter peeked back up after a moment and was surprised to see the Crusader sprawling backwards after a large laser discharge hit him square in the chest. "Good ol' Hughsie!" Richards cackled, and between the two of them they downed a Power Armored Crusader with concentrated assault rifle fire. They were heavily entrenched, and virtually unstoppable at this point.

Carter cringed as he heard an unmistakeable wham and felt the whole building shake slightly as dust sank from the ceiling. Then they heard somebody barking commands above them, followed by heavy footsteps. "We've got Airborne! Whole squad!" Lucas cried as he hurried down the stairs, followed shortly by Hughes. Carter responded by swearing loudly. "Alright, fall out. We're abandoning this position." Mercer said hurriedly, and although he had no real authority over the rest of the team, nobody really argued and quickly obliged. At this point, Carter was fairly certain that they were separated from the rest of their company and had to move, immediately. The squad retreated out of a hole in the rear wall, but not before Carter had dropped a Plasma Grenade down as he ran, which seemed to melt an already uneasy support beam in the building and started a chain reaction through all the mines inside, leveling the entire structure and presumably crushing the poor Airborne soldiers left inside.

"This is Defender Carter!" Carter bellowed into his helmet's integrated radio as he moved. "Five man squad, four Defenders and one Specialist, requesting a rally point! Over!"

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Bill reeled as the knife pierced his power armor, striking his chest. The man let Bill fall, who was clutching his chest. "Jesus Christ, your strong." Bill said, coughing up blood slightly. The man raised an eyebrow. "It's in the family genes, airborne." The man said, and retrieved Bill's sniper rifle, snapping it in half. "Get out of the town." The man said. "I'm unsusually merciful today." Bill raised a weak eyebrow. "Don't give me that crap. Some new private might run away, but I'm airborne, buddy. Either kill me now, or see my later on with another sniper rifle." The man raised his other eyebrow, and hit Bill on the side of the head, knocking him unconscious. (i'll post again as Jackson once you guys rescue him)

//-- Teh Krush01:54, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// I'm giving them squads with the experimental BCR-4.

"Retreat to the Metro Med Base, I can move to your position," Sam said over the comm, "Ranik, you can hold here right? Time for a test drive," she said to Ranik. She started going down the street with a 10mm SMG in one hand, and her Zhu-Rong in the other, she saw a Airborne squadron, they were carrying a, what was that? "Shit, Ranik, they have a strange new weapon, iv'e never seen that before." she said to Ranik over the comm, well firing the Zhu-Rong, igniting two airborne, the big gun was charging at her, she quickly did a roll behind cover and the weapon fired at her, almost destroyed the cover. She started blind firing the SMG their way, she heard it charging again, maybe she could use the charging to her advantage? Hopefully they were dumb enough to fall for it. She ran towards one of the Crusade officers that was infront of the holder of the weapon, she rolled as he charged it, and she did it, the Airborne killed his own guy. He won't fall for that again, she thought. She then was behind cover again, waiting for the charge to where she would run behind a car, she heard it, it was her signal, she ran to the car, jumped and slid over it, behind a bus, which then exploded, and she didn't even feel it. She then ran towards the Crusader and dropped her weapons and jumped to give him a kick in the face, he dropped the weapon, and she stomped on his hand as he tried to get it back. He then reached for his plasma pistol, for that she picked him up, threw him into the wall, and crushed his skull into the wall with her hand. She picked up the strange weapon to find out it was a BCR-4, experimental Enclave tech, she holstered her other two weapons and began charging it at two incoming Crusade Airborne, and, like that, she got two in one shot.

She met up with Carter and his men, and began moving back to the Metro. Once they made it back Carter questioned the strange new armor, and who was under it, "MR-6 Plasma Armor, shields charged to 47%, and I'm Defender Samantha Vain, nice to meet you too."

Valic Istražite02:21, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Long post, I know.

Ramsey cursed, whoever this Crusade sniper was, he was skilled. Ramsey had been battling him for hours now, neither of them got one shot on each other. Ramsey was running low on ammo, he had to regroup with everybody. Last he checked, Ranik was at Independence, Jackson was near the Metro, and Carter and Hughes were somewhere out west. 5th company was held up in Metro, he hoped they still held their position. From what Ramsey had gathered, he was nearly the only Outcast left in the heart of FairFax, besides maybe the occasional wounded soldier. It was nightfall now, Ramsey was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and out of will. The opposing sniper had stopped, maybe someone got him, he didn't know. Once again he peered through his scope to the abandoned ruins of the streets of FairFax, bodies lay scattered across the roads. He looked to an old grocery store, he saw movement. Ramsey striated up, he felt the adrenaline run through his vain's. Three, maybe four targets in the building, they defiantly weren't Outcast, that red paint stood out like a sore thumb. One poked his head out, looked around, then went back inside. They were going to make a run for it, too bad they didn't know who was watching them. Ramsey took the spare time to pray, he'd been praying for hours now. How could anybody forgive him for the souls he took? They were just men, other people trying to survive, just like Ramsey. The veteran sniper shook his head, thinking got you killed in a battlefield, never think, just shoot. The Crusaders made a run for it, Ramsey cringed, and squeezed the trigger. The bullet hit the ground next to the leading soldier, Ramsey cursed and reloaded. He was thinking again. They fired at his window, one round ricocheting off of Ramsey's helmet. He scurried back into the room, it was time he relocated. Ramsey's radio just then crackled to life.

"This is Defender Carter! Five man squad, four Defenders and one Specialist, requesting a rally point! Over!"

Ramsey exhaled a sigh of relief, at least Carter was still breathing. He stood up, his legs aching from sitting for so long. Exhausted, he loaded his weapon and headed towards the window. Ramsey crawled out of it, standing on a small ledge, and jumped. His heavy armor scraped against the rusted roof of the building he jumped to. Ramsey pulled himself up as quick as he could and ran along the building's top, then, using excellent Parkour training, he jumped to the next building. He repeated this until he was near the outskirts of town. On the last building he slid to his stomach, slowly crawling to the ledge. Ramsey peered over, he saw Carter and the rest of them going through the city. Ramsey noticed an infantry unit preparing an ambush for his brothers, he gritted his teeth. The Crusaders began to set up positions when Ramsey fired a round into the leading officers head. The man's head was halfway blown off as he fell to the ground, his comrades scattering. Carter's squad immediately opened fire, taking advantage of the situation. The Crusaders dropped like flys, one of them was readying a RPG. As he turned to fire it into Ramsey's brothers, Ramsey took the man out, hitting his shoulder. The Crusader spun to the ground, bleeding intensely. His RPG slid across the street, it was only them Ramsey noticed it was raining. Carter looked in his direction. Ramsey buzzed into his radio.

"Good to see you Carter, it's Ramsey. I've got you covered, keep moving, Ranik is down the way." Carter gave him a thumbs up and moved on, as did Ramsey. The rain fell softly onto the wasteland ground, shining in the moonlight. Ramsey smiled.

//-- Teh Krush02:56, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Just controlling u for a few seconds, so your post doesn't contradict mine haha

He turned the corner to see a power armored soldier walking towards another Crusade ambush, the soldier plowed through them before Ramsey could take a shot at him, Carter was just around the corner. The group of Outcasts then started moving back towards the Metro. (I think Ramsey should go down with them?)

User:Fireman0504 Doing a little Carter here... sorry in advance if its too much.

Ranik had moved his squad back up to The Gate. Crusader activity in the city had been hampered beyond belief, now that Sam Vain was armored in the MR-6. Ranik watched her wade through two squads of Crusaders in a heartbeat before heading out into the city. Ranik moved his squad unopposed back to The Gate. As he entered he heard Ramsey over the comm. "Defender Ranik, Carter, Huges, four Outcasts and a Specialist inbound on your position. Covered them in from the OP." "Copy that, great to hear from ya Rammer!" Ranik replied. He turned to his squad, "weapons ready, Outcasts inbound." A minute later and Carter and the others trudged through the door to the welcome handshakes and backslaps of The Gatekeepers. Ranik greeted Carter with a hearty backslap. "Good to see you Carter. Glad you boys and girls could make it in." Carter nodded. "Whats the status, we were pinned in the OP all day, couldn't make it back in. Held it when the fighting started, and wiped out an airborne squad when we evaced." "Excellent work." Ranik replied. "You're at The Gate. 4th Company holds the road into Fairfax. we got Protector Gavin on the left with 1st and Protector O'Haire on the right with 2nd. 5th is held up in Metro with the docs, 3rd headed into D.C. with Casdin last night. They got a good deal of tech and I confirmed they met up with McGraw at Bailey this morning. Jackson's missing. Crusaders caught him today we think. Protector Lawrence is running the defenses here. I am going to lead a squad into the trenches tonight to get Jackson back. We got a new weapon here. I think she can wade in there. Especially with those Crusade pukes in combat armor holding the trenches. Statistics say we've wiped out roughly half the airborne today. That's dead and wounded howeer, so expect them to recycle troops. We got a long way to go before the battle is won. We also have one more thing: Taggart's son." "His son?" Carter was surprised. "Yup, broke his arms and legs. Jackson turns up dead, so does little Andy." Ranik beamed. "What's with the MR-6 moving around out there? Who's in it?" Carter asked, pointing out the window, to the armored figure stomping on wounded Crusaders. "That?" Ranik chuckled, "Enforcer Sam Vain. Alex's daughter. Alex was killed by a Crusade spy. Turns out she's the only Outcast who knows how to use the MR-6 Power Armor we recovered at Old Olney. She is gonna help us get Jackson back." Carter turned back to Ranik. "So what about this rescue?"

BortJr06:56, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

It was well after midnight when the squad crested the hill near the derelict RobCo facility. This squad was Plan B. If the Outcasts lost the fort, or were wiped out, this small contingent would start the long trek home. For now, they were to hold this building, and if they had time, salvage. Defender Zinn opened the door.

"Welcome to RobCo!" a protectron shouted.

Two separate hails from gatling lasers, one hail of 5mm minigun rounds, and two shotgun blasts all hit the protectron simultaneously. Three armored soldiers stepped over the sparking, smoking husk, and started a sweep of the building. The rest of the Outcasts set up a defensive area in the first room. The other two active protectrons were luckier than the first. When the soldiers saw that the protectrons were not hostile, the specialists were called over to reprogram them. The squad would need all the help it could get if they had to walk to California.

"Waypoint Able secure. Zebra Squad out," Hannah radioed. Pyle hovered silently nearby. Hannah never did have time to sort through the old vacuum tubes to repair his voice. He carried tens of holotapes in his cargo compartment, and one mininuke. The holotapes had copies of all the new technical information the Outcasts had retrieved. Each of the Outcasts in power armor had a heartbeat sensor, and if they all stopped, the nuke would blow the holotapes. No unworthy wastelanders would get the information.

Run4urLife!14:15, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob watched as someone charged around at street level in that MR-6 Armor the Outcasts found in Old Olney.That stuff really did turn you into a tank. It was shrugging off the sporadic fire the Airborne were laying down and crushing them up close. It was also using the wounded Airborne as a carpet. The screams were unsettling to say the least.

"I reckon we should get back in touch with Ranik and Carter, see if we can lend a hand. Not that they need it with that dreadnaught of a thing running wild like a Brahmin in a junk store." Jacob said to Rockfort as he came back up the stairs.

//-- Teh Krush18:35, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Made the Samantha Vain page.

Sam saw a building, pretty small, but weak. And, it was controlled by the Crusade. "Was this where they were holding Jackson?" she thought as she moved forward, not knowing that Ramsey was giving her sniper cover. She moved in from the front door, not a tactical decision, but tanks don't need tactics. She set off a floor trap that sent baseballs flying at her, "How original" she thought. When she made it to the second floor, Ramsey took a shot and killed a Crusade soldier that was going to ambush her from around the corner, and she kept moving upwards. She made it to the second to top floor of the building when she heard a Vertibird landing (wow I so wanted to say she hijacked it.), she moved upwards to see 5 airborne units and the Vertibird flying away. She took cover behind a broken vent well Ramsey picked off two of them, she then armed a plasma grenade and threw it into the crowd, sent one off the building, there were two left. She jumped up and landed unto one of the Crusaders well firing her SMG (like in the "Monsters" cutscene in Halo Wars. lol), well firing her Zhu-Rong at the other one, "Building Clear Ramsey, thanks for the support." but right after she said that, the Vertibird fired missiles into the building, sending the building to the ground, with her trapped under rubble.

After about 30 seconds off being dazed, she armed a frag grenade, on herself, which damaged her shields but sent the rubble flying. She then proceeded to return to the Metro, with Ramsey jumping from roof to roof to keep up with her on the ground.

Radiation King15:35, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

"What the hell is that thing, anyways?" Roland said with a curt nod, rejoining Jacob at the top of the stairs. "Your adage pretty much summed up its skills, but where the hell did it come from? A space-ship or something?" Shaking his head, Roland continued, "Anyways, yeah. We probably should head down to the metro and see if the others need any help."

Run4urLife!19:59, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

"MR-6 Power Armor. Its a heavier design, with its own shielding system. Looks more like divine intervention right about now." Jacob said, amazed at the carnage the suit's wearer had caused, with no noticeable effort.

He crouched and prepared to take a shot at a sniper on the far roof, who was lining up a shot at Ramsey. It took three shots to take him out at that distance in the darkness. He'd need to tune his assault rifle up a bit after this battle, to rectify its shortcomings.He prepared to take a shot at another sniper, but Rockfort beat him to it. He shot the man in the throat and all, preventing a scream that could have given away their position.

"There's more to this trader than meets the eye, then." Jacob thought as they moved back towards the stairs.

//-- Teh Krush20:27, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Lol she r so tuff.

But before she could make it, she couldn't help but notice the activity in one of the buildings to her left. She aimed her gun upwards towards where she saw two locals (she hasn't met either Rockfort nor Vaughton yet.) "Who is that before I load you with lead?", she then noticed that one of them had a Outcast patch on his shoulder and red stripe on chest plate, "Ally or Corpse?".

Run4urLife!20:39, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob stopped. Was that Hamilton in the MR-6? Couldn't be, it didn't sound like her.

"Friend, Outcast. Good to see someone can use that tin suit, you cleaned house pretty well." Jacob said. "I am Jacob Vaughton, honorary Outcast. Can I trouble you for your name?"

//-- Teh Krush20:42, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Oh, your the one that made this ammo? Nice." Sam said, "I am Defender Samantha Vain, you may have known my father, who is dead." she paused, "But, you can also call me Enforcer Samantha Vain, as Ranik does, unofficial promotion I guess." she paused again, "Whos he?" she said, pointing to the other person.

//-- Radiation King  

"I," Roland said in a practiced manner, "Am Roland Rockfort, Purveyor of priorities, curio connoiseur, trader extraordinaire, the King of the Seven Irradiated Seas!" Smirking, Roland shook his head a bit. "I also do a little bit of freelance ass-saving."

He turned towards Jacob again. "All points aside- where do we go from here? The Metro tunnels seems like the obvious answer, but a straight path through th ecenter seems like a suicide run for anyone but Sam and her juggernaut suit. So... What do we do now?"

//-- Teh Krush23:16, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Grr, the //-- r my sig thingy lol. The MR-6 is EOD for anybody that cares how it looks.

"You could always just come with me." she laughed inside her helmet, "I could stand in front well you two provide cover fire from the back, either way, we get through them." she paused, "Or, we could take the easy way, and go around." then she remembered Ramsey, "Either way, we have Ramsey up there giving us sniper support." she pointed to Ramsey, who waved back, "And, we have some car bombs by the Crusader, we could blow them up." she pointed to the cars that Crusaders were near, "Your choice."

Run4urLife!23:20, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

"In short, he's a trader that can shoot the eyes out of a Feral Ghoul in the dark. Seems like an odd combination. GNR'll probably make a radio drama about him." Jacob joked to Sam as he dropped to street level.

He landed flat and straightened up. Samantha just stared. Had he just dropped two stories and landed on his feet? Without turning his shins inside-out? No wonder he wasn't wearing power armor, he was made of the stuff!

"Where's Ranik, I think it's about time we rescued Jackson, right?" Jacob said. It wasn't the words that made Sam shiver. It was the way he'd said them, and the look in his eye. That and he just dropped two stories with no damage at all. This guy would have been scary even if he was reciting nursery rhymes. Sam shivered again, thankful that the MR-6 hid the movement.

"Well, what're you waiting for? An invitation?" He shouted up to Roland.

//-- Teh Krush23:28, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

She just stared, "Well, Ranik is obviously at the Metro, we have to make our way there." she said, "Jackson, I believe is in one of our bunkers, which the Crusade took over." she pointed to the east, "That is Crusade territory right now, we have a few bunkers over there, my bet is that Jackson is there." she wondered for a second, "I also bet the three of us could take it our selves, I'll call the Outcasts incase though." "This is the Enforcer, I have Jacob and Roland with me now, I know where Jackson is, move to my location and we'll take him back, bring your bag of bones with you (Taggart)" she looked back to Jacob, "So, your cybernetically inhanced, and Roland is a tin-man." she laughed, "This helmet lets me see your metal arms, Roland, and Jacob, I just know that your not completely human." she paused, "Lets move. But first, who can carry this big gun?" (BCR-4 Laser Cannon)

Run4urLife!23:34, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob shrugged. He had blank patches the size of continents in his memory before 14, that had only really showed up after Ranik had asked where he'd learned how to fight. He felt human anyway.

"I'll take it, unless Roland is better with the big guns." Jacob said. Roland was still charging down the stairs.

He looked east, the Crusade were already filling the trenches. The three of them could get into that bunker, but he had doubts about all three of them getting out, plus Jackson, especially if he'd been injured.

//-- Teh Krush23:40, 13 March 2009 (UTC)// Controlling Ranik, and Carter a little bit here.

"I hear you, we're moving towards your position." Ranik said into the comm, "You four, you stay here, we still need to defend this base, Carter and his squad, come with me." They then started to move towards the position, with Sam, Roland and Jacob waiting, "My belief is that they are in those bunkers over there, as there are alot of Crusade troops there." she said, "Lets split up, i'll go with Roland and Jacob around the other building well you guys head straight, we'll meet up around the corner of that building." she pointed to the building Ramsey was currently on, he was watching over the Crusade trenches, "Also, that gun might tear your arm off, but you, I think you'll do fine." "Lets move."

Run4urLife!23:51, 13 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob hefted the heavy Laser Cannon. This sort of firepower belonged in Pre-War fiction books. What the hell was it doing, sitting on his shoulder, literally larger than life.

He moved off to the right with Samand Roland, aiming through the cannon's scope, and took a shot at a Crusader lurking behind a car. The shot hit the car and detonated it, vaporizing the soldier and the rest of his squad with a satisfying boom. Jacob slid another ten MFC's into the breach and prepared to fire again. Damn but this thing was a guzzler.

The firepower more than made up for it, though, as he let off another shot at a group of crusaders inside one of the buildings, clearing the entire room. Only then did Jacob realize that the snipers had stopped.

"Enemy infantry inbound!" Jacob roared as he rushed to cover to avoid the hail of assault rifle shots coming at him.

//-- Teh Krush00:01, 14 March 2009 (UTC)// Taking control of Jackson for like, half a second.

Sam was just running them over like a tank, literally, running over them. She jumped from over a car, landing on a Crusade officer near the trench exit, "Whats that sound? Battle? Rescue?" Jackson thought, she fired a round from the Zhu-Rong into one crusade, setting him ablaze and igniting the squad, she kept running towards the next one she saw, almost round-house kicked him but Ramsey head shotted him from behind, "How the hell did he get to that building so fast?" Sam thought as the Crusader died, a Crusader appeared behind her, which, she then turned the Zhu-Rong right next to her heart and said, "Feeling.. chilly?", then ignited him. Once all of the Crusade soldiers were dead, they barged through into the bunker door to find Jackson in a small cage, and two Crusaders aiming guns at his head, luckily, Ranik was behind her with a gun to Taggarts son's head. (KuHB1aM, post what happens now.)

Run4urLife!00:08, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 
going offline

This was just embarrassing. Jacob had run out of Microfusion cells after three shots. It made an excellent club though. He slammed it into another Crusader, and finished him off with another strike as he fell.

He moved into the bunker with Ranik and Sam, Laser Cannon lowered. He didn't want anyone thinking he was about to fire that thing in a ten foot by ten foot bunker. This was going to be interesting. He slipped a knife out of his sleeve, ready to skewer the next man to come within five feet.

Roland had finally managed to make himself useful in a close quarters fight, admiring the handiwork of a hastily-acquired fusion core from a burnt-out car and the lower torso of a Crusade soldier- what was left of it, anyways. He sprinted off after Jacob.

"Well then," Roland said when he arrived alongside Sam, Ranik and Jacob, "It appears we've found one of the Crusade's prisoners. I'm guessing he's fairly important to be cooped up in his own little birdcage?"

"You're goddamn right he's important!" Ranik announced, right before he killed the two Crusaders guarding Jackson. He gave Jackson a hearty slap on the back. Roland gave Ranik a crooked look. "This, my local friend, is Protector Jackson. Jackson gave a welcoming smile back to the Outcasts who'd just stormed the bunker he was in and greeted even Jacob with a handshake and a smile. "What took you guys?" he said. "Well," Ranik said, "there are a couple hundred Crusaders out there who want our heads. I guess you've been locked in here too long. The line holds, Protector! The Outcasts, under your command have held. "Who's in the MR-6?" Jackson asked. "Protector, Alex Vain is dead. There was a Crusade spy in the Metro when we set up there. He killed Dr. Vain. This is Enforcer Samantha Vain." Ranik introduced her. "I already knew Alex was dead, but.. Enforcer?" Jackson said. "Yeah, she's the only one who knew how to use the armor, she boosted its power to effectiveness." "Enforcer indeed," Jackson said, satisfied. "4th Company has stood firm at the building overlooking the road into Fairfax. The men call it The Gate. Nothing's gotten past. 1st and 2nd Companies have been holed up in the buildings you started them in. They have suffered minimal casualties despite repeated sniper fire and artillery and airborne assaults. The brunt of the fighting happened during the first assault. 4th Company got beaten up pretty bad before rallying at our building. 65% casualties. That's what makes us holding The Gate so astonishing. The men there are in the highest spirits. They've been hit with artillery, sniper fire, airborne, and infantry. I am proud to be a Gatekeeper of 4th Company. In the meantime, Casdin escaped to Bailey with most of the 3rd Company and a group of Specialists, and Hannah Hamilton escaped with a two squads from the 5th to the RobCo building. She has the VB-02 plans. She's going to try to get one up and running. There's plenty of parts there, and you know Hannah. She's a genius." Jackson looked at the man being held up by two Outcasts. "Who's this?" Jackson couldn't recognized the man's beaten features. "This," Ranik said, "is Andrey Taggart. We were going to use him to bargain for you, but, with Sam here, it didn't need to come to that." Jackson nodded. "I see. He comes back with us. Having Taggart's son prisoner might still be useful. Good work, Defender Ranik. Let's move out." Within minutes the group of Outcasts was entering The Gate, greeted by Protector Lawrence andthe rest of The Gatekeepers. Ranik smiled to himself, knowing that, for now at least, the battle was back in the Outcasts' control and his good friend Protector Jackson was safely back among his Brothers.

//-- Teh Krush01:51, 14 March 2009 (UTC)// Edited the above post, you had to kill the two guards before you could get to Jackson, and Jackson was the first soldier to know Alex was dead.

"Hold that thought, Vertibirds coming in, they aren't Crusade either," Sam said, "My helmet identifies them as friendly, meaning they are the Enclave, stupid Army tech.." she finished, "Guess the Enclave heard all the commotion and came to clean up," Ranik said. The Vertibird then landed behind the building Ramsey was on, shots were fired, silenced shots, "Not friendly." Ramsey said over the comm.

"This is Lieutenant Ford, with RCN-1, we are investigating now, will update you further in a while," John said, "Dead Outcasts and Crusade, and some of our BCR-4s, damn the Crusade for taking these." he said, "Sir, enemy units on the roof, identification, Crusade. They don't seem to notice us." Ryan mentioned, "Well, we have silenced SMGs, fire." John said, raising his SMG, "..well, fire." They all then pelted bullets into the Crusade, the other Crusaders hardly noticed.

"Should I take a shot..?" Ramsey said over the comm, "Do it," Ranik said, after whispering a short prayer, Ramsey fired at what he thought was the leader, missed, and alerted the squad to his location. "Get over here, I need help, four Enclave." Ramsey said.

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson nodded, and relieved that he was still alive, caught his revolver as Ranik tossed him the gun and two boxes of ammunition. "It was all we could scrounge. High Morale and high levels of ammunition are slightly different." Jackson smiled at the sarcastic comment, and started thinking, which he knew was bad for his health and had almost gotten him killed. He needed to pull the men out. He knew the men were holding great, but at this rate, and with the amount of airborne among the Crusade's numbers in the city, they wouldn't last much longer. "I want everyone still alive at the Med Bay out of here and to get over to 5th Company, and to start moving south. I'm going to spread word personally that we are withdrawing within the next few hours. Ranik, assemble what's left of 4th Company and meet up with 5th. I'll get 2nd and 3rd Company headed towards Bailey, and we'll move as a group down south, and maybe hit friendlies near some UAF bases. No matter what happens, we're setting the rendevous after getting south to Austin, regardless of that bullshit I've been hearing about infected bitches. You have orders. Get to them." He looked to Ranik, who dissaprroved of his orders. "Ranik, no matter how strong morale is, you know aswell as I do that they outnumber us ten to one."


Ranik was disheartened. All this and they were still going to abandon the city. Ranik felt sort of betrayed. He'd lost dozens of Brothers, fought tooth and nail, and now they were going to retreat, in defeat, anyway. "Protector. I won't order the men out. They've fought long and they've fought well. If you will order them out then do what you must. If this is to be my end, then let it be. We named this place Fort Independence. We held this place for a year. They held at Capitol Hill and we've held here. How can you doubt us? Pull everyone back if you must. Pull my entire company out. I will defend this position to my dying breath." The whole room went silent at Ranik's impassioned speech. "Defender Ranik," Jackson said, in a hushed voice, "you are a man of conviction, of honor. I respect you. Those things are hard to come by in today's world. You are my riend. You've pulled me out of shit, more times than I can count. I will not allow you to give your life needlessly here. We will live to fight another day." Ranik hung his head. He knew that Jackson was right. "If we are abandoning this our headquarters to the Crusade, then I will leave Taggart a parting gift." (sorry... edit out if this is crossing a line. Ranik is seriously pissed.) Ranik unclipped his shotgun, walked over, and fired a slug into Andrey Taggart's head, killing him. He turned to Defender Colby and Defender Martin of his squad. "Hang his body from the roof. He didn't take The Gate, but we left him here in control of it." (End of edit area) With that, Ranik followed his orders, loyal to the end, and began evacuating the Gatekeepers.

//-- Teh Krush02:15, 14 March 2009 (UTC)// Just reminding ya that there are Enclave here lol.

Ramsey, instead of fighting, came down to the bottom floor to where the other Outcasts were, "Iv'e got four Enclave on my ass, they will be here in seconds, but they are just carrying small arms."

KuHB1aM02:43, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson motioned for several Outcasts to follow him, and started for the 2nd Company and 3rd Company buildings, grabbing as many holotags as he could. These men would be remembered. The Outcasts on the second floor windows of the 3rd Company building saw him, and opened the doors for Jackson. "Protector Gavin, we're leaving. Evacuation is starting now. Get your men out as soon as you can dis-engage." Jackson said. Gavin, smiling with dis-content, gave a crisp salute with his good arm, rubbed his other arm, which was in a sling, and ran off. Jackson drew his revolver again. He need an entire regiment to get to the other side of FairFax and 2nd Company. Thinking again about the task at hand, Jackson ran out of the building.

//-- Teh Krush02:47, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Wow, so we are just going to give up just like that?" Sam was outraged, "We are quitting..?" she said again, "After all the fights, won or loss, we quit?" She said, once more, "Where will we go..? Where will the tech go..?" and finally, "What about the bodies."

User:Fireman0504 How are we supposed to get to Austin? If we go that far, we mght as well just keep going to California. I doubt the Outcasts would make it to Austin though...

Ranik turned his head quick as Ramsey came storming through the door. Ranik could see figures and hear shouting behind him. He levelled his shotgun and fired at the first figure twice, hitting him first in the shoulder, then in the guts, sending him tumbling into the ground. Other Outcasts opened fire too, killing the other two Enclaver troopers. Sam Vain, in a fury, lunged toward the Officer. Ranik had turned and was up the stairs before he could see the outcome, but he trusted the Enforcer had the task well in hand. Ranik gathered the holotags from expired Outcasts. The rest of the men gathered everything they could carry. Weapons, armor, explosives, meds, food, everything. Within minutes, the Gate was empty. Ranik took one last look at the building he'd fought so hard to defend. 4th Company met up with 1st Company and headed for the Metro. Protector Lawrence told Protector O'Haire of Jackson's plan. O'haire was going to take 1st Company and support Specialist Hamilton's progress at the RobCo Facility. 4th Company met up with 3rd and Protector Jackson, who was half way to 2nd Company's position anyway. "Another day," Ranik thought, "we'll live and be back here another day." At least he hoped. How were they supposed to make it to Austin on foot? They had maybe one Vertibird at most, depending on what Hannah had accopmplished at the RobCo facility. They were better off occupying another area. Perhaps they could move north and occupy Fort Constantine. Ranik also knew of a SatCom Array ear there where there'd been a lot of recent activity. A few weeks prior a patrol had reported clearing the building of Talon Company Mercs and some ghoul scientitsts. They'd recovered passcodes to launch a stale nuclear strike from and old American orbitting space capsule.If most of the Outcasts could go to ground at Fort Constantine they'd be secure, re-supplied, and well armed. A team could be sent out to the SatCom array, arm the codes, and hit The Crusade with something that would really count and get the Outcasts some peace and quiet after all. Then they could go back to the way things always are. Sacv their tech, improve more captured tech, find a way back west out of this hellhole, which was doable now that they had Vertibird schematics, they just needed some downtime to work on them. Fort Constantine was a prime place to do that. Ranik pushed his way to Jackson. "Protector, I have an idea." he said.

Run4urLife!12:12, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob handed the holotags he had picked up on the battlefield to one of the specialists. After everything, Jackson was just going to run off to Austin. Jacob remembered being in Texas once, tracing a raider crew from the stronghold that had destroyed his Regulator chapter. It had been almost four months travel. And Texas wasn't as welcoming as it had presumably been in happier times.

"Ranik, I can only go so far, my place is here. I can go to Austin with the Outcasts, but no further. I still have work to do. Perhaps we will meet again. Be sure to come back to DC someday. And remember to bring more soldiers next time!" Jacob finished on a joke, but his heart wasn't in it. He handed Ranik his locket back. "You'll be needing this back."

Then he reached into his coat, and handed Ranik a holotape.

"This is the formula for the sabot HEI rounds. I've never been able to find enough magnesium, or tungsten to make them myself. Maybe the Outcasts will have better luck." Jacob said. It was a feeble gesture, but he had nothing else to give. "So, on to Austin then. I'll go that far. Be sure to tell me where you'll be setting up shop. And keep the old radio frequency active. After all, who knows where my travels will take me after this."

KuHB1aM20:24, 11 March 2009 (UTC) 

(Austin is just a pit stop on the way to Cailfornia and Lost Hills)

Jackson knew his decision was impossible to fathom for most of the men, but to some of the others, it was treasonous. Jackson knew he wouldn't be in command much longer. Somebody would probably knock him off, and he wouldn't be as lucky as McGraw was at Bailey. Still, the men were thinking with their rifles and not their heads. Jackson knew they were capable of holding the Crusade, but not much longer. He wanted to stay, but he had caused the deathes of too many men today. Jackson, finally arriving at the 2nd Company building, came just in time to see a few Outcasts executed by the Crusade outside in an attempt to cause a surrender. The officer motioned his hand, and the soldiers fired into the backs of their captives, blood seping from their wounds. Jackson cut them down angrily, ran to the bodies,smashing his fist into the ground. "O'Haire!!!" Jackson cired. The man ran from the building. "Yes sir?" O'Haire said, flanked by two other Outcasts. "We are leaving. NOW." The protector nodded, and without his usual wity comment, ran off to spread the word. Jackson himself got up, drew his revolver and started walking towards the crusade trenches. He was just too pissed.

User:Fireman0504 I see that Jackson has some fight left in him. Time for the climactic battle?

Ranik took his locket back from Jacob. "Thank you, Brother," he said to the wastelander. Jacob had become a good friend, and loyal ally to Ranik and the Outcasts, but his days with their group were limited. No matter, as long as he bore the symbol, he'd be an Outcast, wherever his travels took him. Suddenly there was commotion up ahead. Ranik witnessed the execution of his captured brothers. "This is too much," he thought before remembering what had had ordered done to Andrey Taggart back at the Gate. Ranik watched as Jackson, in a fury, butchered the Crusaders. They hadn't suspected it. As O'Haire's men began emerging. Jackson began walking toward the Crusade trenches. "Where's he going?" O'Haire asked." "Looks like he's headed for the trenches," Lawrence said back to him. "Ah, he's going to pick a fight." Gavin added. "Well, today's as good as any." Said O'Haire. "We have everyone here, we could capture some Vertibirds," said Lawerence, ever caculating. If they could secure the Crusade Vertibirds, they could head for Austin with greater ease. They just had to survive this fighting. Smoke and dust was so heavy in the air though, there was a good chance they could make it to the trenches and in the early morning take them by storm. "Men of the Outcasts" Lawrence cried out! "Today is the day. You've suffered the predations of the Crusade for the last time." Ranik and the rest of the Outcasts turned to listen. "Now, behind Protector Jackson, we will march to glory. These Crusaders have all but broken themselves on our defenses. You've met them in battle and proven that fighting spirit and will to win outlasts numbers. You have proven that the Outcasts are more than just traitors in exile. We return to Lost Hills, we will be treated as heros. One final stand. One more day. Now is our time!" A tear ran down Ranik's cheek. One final stand, one more day. He drew his Combat Shotgun and begain the march through the smoke to the Crusade trenches behind Jackson. He broke into a trot, then into a run.

Crusade PFC Hayes stood his morning watch over the southern trenches. He had heard some small arms fire in Fairfax this morning, but it was nothing unusual. He did wish that the smoke and dust would settle. It made it very hard to track movement from anywhere. Then he noticed something. A shape moved in the fog. And another, what were those? Hayes squinted to see it. A moment later, a shot rang out and the sentry down the line fell. They were Outcasts. It was an attack. Hayes headed for the alarm. A two steps later he knew no more as he slumped to the ground, a .44 round in his head.

Ranik jumped down in the tenches. The Outcasts had entered them unopposed. 4 Companies in one grand assault. Ranik ran down the line until he came to a door. It was a bunk room. Inside 10 Airborne troopers slept, unarmored and unaware. "Martin," Ranik whispered, "front and center!" Defender Martin came trudging forward with his flamer. "Light 'em up!" The flames drowned out the screams as the soldiers burned alive. Small arms fire and muffled grenade blasts could be heard up and down the trenches. No counter attack from the rear trenches came. So accustomed to war were the Crusaders, that the sounds of battle did not wake them. The front trenches were a smoking ruin, littered with dead Crusaders. If one tried to surrender, he was given no quarter. The Outcasts knew to expect none in return. They swept through the rear trenches, what was once a doomed assault, was becoming a bloodbath.

Run4urLife!15:20, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Victory or Death!" Jacob roared as he dropped into the trenches. He had left the laser cannon back with the specialists at the gate, and was back to using his Xualong. He crouched under a sudden lunge from a Crusade PFC, and came up under the man's guard with a headbutt that left his face an unrecognizeable pulp. He blasted the man as he lay on the ground choking on his own blood.

Jacob drew his shortsword-like Arkansas Toothpick and charged along the trench, blade in his left hand, assault rifle in his right, using the shoulder strap to balance it. He sprayed an Airborne Lieutenant, with HEI shots, completely dismembering him, and spun around, disembowelling another private with his blade. He wheeled back, and plunged his knife through the lenses of a Templar's helmet.

Two PFC's grabbed him and kicked his legs out from under him at the same time. He hamstringed one and stabbed the other man's femoral artery. He stood up, drenched in blood, and drove his knife into the lower back of the hamstrung soldier, severing his spine.

"TODAY IS A GOOD DAY FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DIE!" He roared to Ranik as he spotted him further down the trench.

//-- Teh Krush16:01, 14 March 2009 (UTC)// Epic Battle

Sam threw the lieutenant to the wall and went to assist the other Outcasts. Picking up his two silenced SMGs, she made her way to the trenches where an epic battle was happening, Ramsey on a roof, Ranik and Jacob in the trenches, Carter and Hughes holding the street, epic.

"I need air support, i'm wounded in a small bunker, the rest of my squad is dead.." John said on his comm unit, "We're sending support, eta two minutes."

Sam ran towards the trenches, jumped over, started walking and shooting the two silent SMGs in two directions, killed two squads. She ran towards one of the Crusade buildings, when a Crusade officer snuck up behind her. So she ran at him, did a wall run off the truck to the right and landed on him, crushing many bones, then she dropped her weapons and punched him at least twenty times. "Dead?" she said, "" the Crusader said, and he armed a plasma grenade, which, killed himself but not Sam. She then ran back to the trenches.


Ranik roared his approval to Jacob Vaughton as the assault went on. Ranik vaguely remembered a situation similar to this from a history book. Not that far from here, around 500 years prior, George Washington had lead a similar morning assault against a force much better trained, much better armed, and much better conditioned than his own. He had crossed the Delaware River and in a sudden early morning attack had defeated his foe. Now, 501 years later, Protector Jackson was doing the same thing. Perhaps in 500 more years, generations would look back and revere this battle for the valiance of Jackson and the Outcasts. Ranik hoped as much for his friend.

The alarms in the Crusade trenches never sounded, such was the swiftness and ferocity of the attack. Ranik stormed into another bunker, spattering a groggy airborne trooper as he sat up in bed, a PFC threw his hands in the air, but was subsequently gunned down by Defender Colby. Several other troopers were slaughtered as Ranik left the bunker, which was now more resembling a butcher shop. Through his helmet, Ranik was getting scattered transmissions that the Outcasts were capturing command posts and battle plans. There were very very few casualties and another report said that 1st Company was already securing the landing zone, where the Vertibirds were located. Ranik stormed into another bunker, peppering an officer with buckshot. Another officer reached for his weapon and turned to Ranik before receiving a kick to the side of the head from Defender Colby. He sprawled to the floor and she stomped her heel into his throat, crushing his windpipe. Defender Martin shot another officer with his AEP7 as Ranik grabbed all the holotapes he could from the officers' desk. They contained maps, plans, locations, weapon schematics, troop concentrations and dispositions, personal mail, everything. Ranik could hear the mortally wounded Crusade Major gasping on the floor for air he'd never get and bleeding from inside his mouth, thanks to Defender Colby. Ranik had no pity for the man. These Crusaders were merciless in their ways of war. So why should the Outcasts show pity or remorse to them? Without another word the small squad was off again. There was plenty of work to still be done. Ranik threw Jacob Vaughton another wave as the morning slaughter continued.

//-- Radiation King  

Roland was hot on Jacob's heels the whole way into the trench network. Having seen every last bit of what the crusade had thrown at him thus far, Roland was unsurprised on varying levels as the doors flew open and groggy Crusade soldiers attempted to pull their guns up on the ship captain and his mercenary mate. So, bored of Jacob having all of the fun, Roland moved over to another bunker.

Kicking the door down hard enough to send it rocketing across the room and into a bunk, crushing it like an accordion, Roland smashed a Crusade soldier across the helmeted head with a vicious right hook from his cybernetic arm. Watching the soldier go flying across the room, Roland, satisfied, took out his M3A1 and levelled it on the remaining Crusade Major, pulling the trigger-

And recieving the disturbing "click click click" of a depleted magazine. Watching in slow motion as the Crusader rolled off of the mattress and pulled up the Assault Rifle next to his bed, Roland ejected the empty magazine from the Grease Gun and pushed another one into the reciever. As the first bullet whizzed haphazardly past him, Roland fumbled with the slide, attempting to cock the gun as fast as he could, succeeding as the third bullet pinged off of his chestplate. Aiming carefully at the man's armpit, Roland levelled the Grease Gun with both hands and fired a six-shot burst straight and true into the weak spot of the T-4x. The man was sent reeling as his arm exploded in a flash of blood and pain. Sparing the man a death by mercy killing, Roland sprinted out of the bunker and reunited with Jacob.

"Well," the merchant-turned-militant said, "If we can't get the Vertibirds to run, you can tell Jackson that we can always use the Grey Lady- my ship- to make a seabound journey down to Austin. It'll take a bit more time than going by foot and a lot more than by Vertibird, but I can't just leave the thing behind here- it's my livelihood."

Act 6Edit

BortJr20:07, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Good morning, chilldren, Three-Dog here, AWOOOOO! Today's weather in Fairfax, excessively violent, with a 90 percent chance of all-out war. Stay tuned for our Five-Day Forecast! But no, seriously, a whole flock of whirlybirds moved in from the south. Firefights raged through the streets all day yesterday, and through most of the night. Sources say that both sides in the conflict are wearing tin can power armor. So, if you were planning on vacationing in Fairfax, you might wanna just stay at home. And now, a public service announcement. Never forget the importance of periodic weapon maintenance; rifle, pistol, police baton, I don't care which. If your weapon is falling apart, the only wasteland asshole it's going to kill is you. So be smart. Salvage those parts and make repairs whenever you can. And now, some music..."

Run4urLife!21:51, 14 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob burst into another dugout. This time the men were awake, gambling. The bunker was smaller than the others to boot. He ducked as a man swung an assault rifle at his head. He dropped his own rifle to the ground, and smiled as he went hand to hand.

He lunged upwards, slamming the heel of his hand into the closest ones face, spun and elbowed another in the gut. He went on like this, spinning and whirling, punching and elbowing as he beat them all to a pulp. But this was getting boring by now. He decided to end this. He rounded on one and crushed his windpipe, then spun to another, crushing his head against the wall. The third was downed by a hook punch to the face, breaking his neck. Jacob saved the best for last. As the fourth man stood back up, trying to ignore the pain in his head, Jacob kicked out, compressing his chest and crushing his heart against the back of his ribcage, putting it into fibrulation, and then cardiac arrest. CPR in reverse.

He walked out of the bunker into the cool morning air. He fired his assault rifle into another Templar's chest as he went.


Ranik peeked up over the trench wall. To his surprise, not shots rang off his helmet, or even close to it. He could hear gunfire still, though there wasn't as much of it. Colby and Martin were scavenging ammunition off dead Crusaders. He could see dozens of other Outcasts doing the same. Across the field and all along the trenches and in all the dugouts and bunkers there were corpses. Blood pooled at the bottom of the trench system. It all belonged to the Crusaders. The assault was so unexpected that the Crusaders hadn't managed to mount any type of tangible defense. Each Crusade squad was limited to it's bunker, and the combat armored troops asleep in the trenches stood no chance. The Outcasts had killed at least four times thier number in thier breakout southward. With virtually no loss to themselves. Ranik looked to his right and saw three Outcasts ushering about fifteen Crusaders, airborne, infantry, power armor, combat armor, officers and soldiers alike. They dropped them to their knees and all were executed. Jackson watched over it. The sight the sight of twenty Outcasts from the 2nd Company had stirred his fighting spirit, or so it seemed to Ranik. Either way, the assault had carried. Here and there Outcasts were hobbling about. The few wounded in the morning assault. Daylight was just barely breaking the horizon Up ahead Ranik could see wounded Outcasts being loaded or helped into captured Vertibirds. Communications were cut from the southern Crusade trenches and snipers were setting up along with captured artillery to cover the evacuation. The area was still heavily fortified, and the Outcasts had captured a great number of the D.C. Crusade's Vertibirds. Ranik went back into the trench and looked inside a dugout. He picked his way past the stripped bodies of five Crusaders and opened an ammunition box. He grabbed as many more shotgun shells as he could carry for himself and brought the rest of the box outside. The Outcasts were taking everything from the southern trenches. Ranik walked over to Jacob, who along with Roland Rockfort were gathering med supplies for themselves. "Well fought, my friends," Ranik said, shaking Jacob's hand. Jacob gazed over at Jackson, who was about 50 yards down the line, overseeing another round of executions. "We're resupplied, we have Vertibirds and artillery," Jacob said. "We've held our own," Ranik replied, "taken nearly half of the Crusaders that beseiged us, still, I don't think it'll be enough. Not for Jackson." Ranik hung his head, knowing that, even with the glorious outcome of this assault, Jackson would still have them retreat. Ranik wanted to get back to California, but not in defeat. That was no way for a Brother of Steel, especially and Outcast, to return. He hoped that with the defeat of this larger Crusade force, Taggart would begin pulling his men out, hopefully to York, where they were heavily concentrated, and weren't a threat to the Outcasts. That would be the ideal situation. Then the Outcasts could begin their journey west carefully, bringing all that they'd recovered with them. Only then, could Ranik be content with the return of the Outcasts to California. These men, who'd fought so well and so hard, just to survive, deserved a victorious return.

KuHB1aM01:05, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jackson was still pissed, as he ordered another set of officers executed. This time, he joined in, shooting an officer in the leg, and then in other various body parts. He didn't finish him off; rather, he went on to the next officer, and repeated the process. Jackson wondered how many men he'd lost in two days of fighting. The captured equipment was very nice and all, but if he had the chance to avoid this battle, he'd gladly take all his men back over all the verti-birds in the world. Jackson gazed at his revolver. His trusted weapon since he'd been wounded at FairFax, in this very spot, weeks earlier. Jackson still contemplated suicide, but now more than ever. Maybe he just needed a drink. Jackson shot another officer, kicked his groin, and walked towards the temporary bar, formerly Andrey Taggart's quarters.

Run4urLife!01:33, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob walked among the dead, eating a mutfruit. Some of the Outcasts were staring in disbelief that he could eat among the bodies, and covered in blood as he was. He crouched and closed one Crusader's eyes. Even these dogs didn't deserve to stare into oblivion for eternity. He winced as he saw Jackson torture the Crusade officers. Torture, man's greatest cruelty to his fellow man, and a tool Jacob had used himself more than he would like to. He walked over to a captured sniper. It was the man from the building.

"I thought I told you to fuck off." Jacob said to him.

"And I told you you'd see me again with a new rifle. Killed four more Outcasts. Shot 'em like animals. You should have heard the screams." Bill said. He spat on Jacob's boots and smirked as Jacob looked at the spit, and then back up at Bill's face. The look in Jacob's eyes told Bill what a mistake he had made.

Jacob growled, at the smirk more than anything else. This sadist was proud that he had killed those Outcasts. He looked at a pool of blood collecting in the trenches. He punched Bill in the gut, knocking the wind out of him, and threw him face first into the blood. As the Crusader tried to get up, Jacob applied a boot to the back of his head and held him down as he struggled for almost four minutes. Then, ignoring the shocked stares of the Outcasts who had witnessed the gruesome act, he turned and stormed off toward the field bar. He needed some strong liquor to calm himself down after doing something that brutal.

Ramsey01:37, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Ramsey leaned his back against a trench wall, they had won. The Crusaders had stopped swarming in, they rescued Jackson, and they were going back to Austin. It's been ten years, ten years since he'd seen Austin, or his family. He could see it now, Jem would run into his arms, crying. Aaron would try to hold back tears, but it wouldn't matter, they would be together. He would never leave them again, never again. But then, in the back of his mind, he knew what could have- most likely have happened. His family, his only family, could be dead. Ramsey put his hand to his head and shook it, that couldn't happen, not to Ramsey. Why would it happen? Ramsey has done nothing in his life but help people and pray? Why would he receive such horrible loss? He slid down the dirt wall to a sitting position and put his head in his arms, it didn't happen. "Their still alive, they haven't died, I would have known, I would have been there..." Tears started forming in Ramsey's eyes, he was glad that his helmet hid his sorrow, what would his fellow Outcasts think? A brother showing weakness? Brotherhood of Steel never shows weakness, no matter what. But what kind of life is that?

Ramsey lifted himself from the ground, grabbed his rifle, and started walking. He saw Jackson executing officers in the distance, Ramsey shook his head again. Those men didn't deserve that, they could have families just like Ramsey. Ramsey stopped, thought for a moment, then started towards Jackson. Before he reached him, the disillusioned Outcast walked to the newly reformed officer tent, now a bar. He saw other Outcasts starting to pick the bodies up, they were going to mass bury them. They did not deserve that, everybody deserved a proper burial. Ramsey sprinted to them, pushing one Outcast off of a particularly young officer, he looked like he was in his twenties. The Outcast looked to Ramsey. "Drop him." Ramsey said in a monotone.

"What the hell is your problem buddy? Back off." The Outcast returned to throwing bodies into the ditch. Rasmey grabbed the man's shoulder, spun him, and kneed him in the chest.

"I SAID FUCKING DROP HIM!" Ramsey screamed, quickly realizing what he had just done. Other Outcasts were staring at him, the one he just kneed was getting up. He looked at Ramsey and punched him across the helmet, knocking it off. Rasmey fell back, tripping over his rifle. Ramsey looked up, he had at least five other Outcasts surrounding him. He slowly got up, walking backwards. Once out of the circle, he looked them in the eyes. "You're all monsters, fuckin' monsters," He spat to the ground, "You kill without remorse, without pity or mercy. You say it's a warrior's code, bullshit!" Ramsey paused for a moment, noticing some of the Outcasts getting angry. "And then, then you have the guts to not even give your 'enemies' a proper fucking burial!" He started to turn, "Fucking despicable, you all disgust me." Ramsey started to leave, about ten feet away when one of them yelled, "Oh yeah, well fuck you too buddy!"

He walked away. No matter how he tried, he couldn't even help a dead man, couldn't even give him a burial. Ramsey returned to a small corner in the trench, next to him was a dead Crusader. Ramsey looked at him for a moment, thinking deeply. He then removed the mans armor, Ramsey was shocked to find that it was a woman. Luckily she had clothing underneath. Ramsey found a nearby shovel and started digging a grave, he would at least do some good today, even if it is bitter sweet.

Run4urLife!01:49, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob stepped out of the bar, finishing off his third bottle of whiskey in five minutes. He could still walk in a straight line, he wasn't slurring his words. As long as nobody noticed that his reactions had gone from cat-like to those of a quadripleigic turtle, he'd be fine. He saw Ramsey heaving up and down in one of the trenches. Was he vomiting?

Jacob walked over to check, and saw a tearful Ramsey digging a sizeable hole, using a small trench shovel. Jacob picked out the trench shovel he had taken from a dugout from under his duster. He had been planning on sharpening it, as a weapon that was easily concealable, but that could wait. He dropped down next to Ramsey, disguising his lost balance by grounding his shovel in the trench wall.

Ramsey looked up at him. Jacob looked around, and saw a woman's body, lying next to a suit of Crusade Power Armor. It dawned on him what Ramsey was at when he looked further down the trenches and saw the other Outcasts digging a mass grave. He pulled his shovel out of the trench wall and helped Ramsey along with the grave. It was the least he could do to make up for the brutal way he had dealt with the sniper. He was glad Ramsey hadn't seen that.


Ranik sat down at the bar next to Jackson. "Fine day, Protector." Ranik said. "Indeed it is," said Jackson, downing a shot of whiskey. "Still," he continued, "at what point does it stop?" "Does what stop?" Ranik said, signalling to a Specialist for his own shot. "All of this?" said Jackson, "the war, the pain, the killing and dying. We've lost 152 men dead and 247 wounded. Killed and wounded four times that just this morning. I have 201 able-bodied men out there. Most are turning the trenches into mass graves. It's inhumane." Ranik looked down at the bar, remembering what he'd done to Andrey Taggart. "Protector, this is war. I'm not at all proud of much I've done in this battle. Executing Taggart. That was a loss of control on my part. It's something I can't take back. Would that I could. If it weren't for war, we'd never be in this mess. If China hadn't dropped those bombs, if the Brotherhood hadn't sent us out here." "We're trying to save humanity, Defender." Jackson turned to Ranik. "Protector, we have. At least a little bit. Think of the Brothers we still have because we won this battle. If they'd not held the line, the Crusade would've swept through and we'd be on the receiving end of the mass executions. Only they'd be in here celebrating and we'd be rotting in the city. At least, even in mass graves, we have the decency to cover the dead. Think of the people out in the D.C. Wastes who'll endure less predations of these animals because of what we've done here. Think of the men who won't die of exhaustion because we've captured these Vertibirds. The fighting won't stop until we return to Lost Hills. There'll be more fighting in the irradiated ruins of Austin. Here though, in the D.C. Wasteland, our days of fighting are over." Ranik then downed his shot and stood up. He headed for the door. He had some work to do coordinating equipment, loading wounded Outcasts and rorganizing squads into the Vertibirds. Casdin and McGraw were almost back. He'd gotten word from Hamilton that (edit begins) they had rebuilt and reprogrammed almost a dozen Protectrons at the RobCo facility (edit ends). He wondered to himself, when they returned to Lost Hills, would they still be "Outcasts?" Ranik hoped so. The names, the colors, the memories of the stand at Fort Independence. They all belonged to the surviving Outcasts. Ranik knew that with the tech and a complete mission, the Western Brotherhood would accept them back with open arms, Ranik just wondered now, whether they could, to a degree, keep the independence that so many of his Brothers had fought and died for. "Defender Ranik," Jackson said, handing Ranik another shot, "to humanity." Jackson said, raising the glass. "To humanity." Ranik returned the toast.

//-- Teh Krush14:48, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

Sam was on the roofs looking for any remaining snipers, or now, stragglers. Four roofs and none, just dead bodies. Wait, what was that? Finally. She found a straggler on the fifth roof, he had no gun, "So.. how many Outcasts you killed?", the Crusader spat, "10.", "Well, that deserves a punishment, don't it?". She began to lift him off the ledge of the roof, "What, do you think I'm gonna drop you? I'm not that mean," she said, with him hanging off the roof, "I'm worse." and then she threw him to the next roof, he hit his back on a corner. "Dead."

//-- Radiation King  

Roland was heading along the trench network, watching the Crusaders being rounded up by Outcasts and mauled. Roland often had to turn away from the sight of a soldier with his guts splattered across the wall, missing whole limbs, face-down in a pool of mud. He feared that the sights, combined with the smell of blood, gunsmoke and guts would make him vomit all over himself.

He wasn't a soldier. No matter how much he fooled himself with fancy gunplay and machismo, Harrison could never admit to himself that he would be able to kill professionally as these men did every day. He fought because he had to in order to survive and make his livelihood; these men were fighting a war; fighting a genocide- seeking to totally wipe out the other side before the other side wiped them out.

He couldn't stand the walking anymore. Shielding his eyes from a soldier impaled on a lawnmower blade, his face half-buried in mud, he sprinted away down the trench network, towards Jacob. His face was ashen by the time he arrived next to the mercenary.

"How do you put up with this... This madness? It's cruel, inhumane, psychotic! I can't even take seeing the executions afterwards... And we're just going to Austin to do this all over again?" He inquired from his comrade-in-arms.

Run4urLife!21:31, 15 March 2009 (UTC) 

"I fight because I must. I know that there is no place for me in a peaceful world. The future I want to build will brand me a monster. I do this because someone has to." Jacob said solemnly. He had finished helping Ramsey bury the Crusader, and had left him to be alone with his thoughts.

Jacob finished another mutfruit, drawing a strange look from Roland. Then he drained another bottle of whiskey. He really was going to feel this in the morning. Or evening. That all depended on how much longer he was going to be drinking. He hoped he'd be able to shoot straight in case a Crusade counter-attack came and steamrolled them. He leaned on the trench wall. He couldn't stand up without swaying. What was it? Five bottles by now?

"You weren't cut out for this Roland. What made you such a good shot when you can barely stand the sight of blood?" Jacob said. Roland stared as he pulled out yet another mutfruit and started into it.

Brilliant Serenity reference at the beginning, there.

Roland yanked a bottle of whiskey from a nearby table and pulled the cork with his teeth, hopping back down into the trench. He started heading for one of the Crusade's abandoned bunker, his shoulders sagging. "You want to know why I'm such a good shot?" Roland said as he passed into the bunker. "You'd better find a seat."

When the two were comfortably seated in the bunker, Roland took the first swig of his whiskey. "So... It all began back in the Commonwealth, as you people down here seem so fond of calling it. I was from a Vault..."

And so Roland disgorged his entire life story to Jacob. He told him everything he could remember- those few first minutes outside the Vault, his life on board a battleship, his imprisonment by the Institute, the horrible medical experiments he was submitted to, his midnight escape, everything up until the point the two had met on the parapet of Fort Independence. Along the way, a small pile of glass bottles piled up at his feet. Roland, finally at the end of his story, heaved a mighty sigh and looked at Jacob.

"That's why. Those Commonwealth bastards changed me into something I didn't want to be, forced a gun into my hands and told me to go ahead and kill whoever they wanted. I wasn't going to be someone's lapdog; the thought of killing had always made me sick- but now someone wanted me to do it just because they said so? Now I really couldn't do it. I killed so many people that night; I was so completely out of control..." He sighed again, looked at his feet. "I just never want to lose it again. That's why blood and guts make me sick."

Signing off. Hasta manana, folks.

BortJr00:41, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

Specialist Hamilton finally passed out at dawn. She'd hardly slept since the MDPL-16 rescue. With the help of the other specialists, the Outcasts had ten new Protectrons in their ranks. It would have been eleven, but one caught fire when they turned it on. Radio chatter showed the fighting was nearly finished in Fairfax, but no-one was sure if the Crusade would hit again. The trek home to Lost Hills was still a real possibility.


Ranik stood in the rotor blast and watched as more wounded were loaded into the Vertibirds. "Defender, what is the status here?" Ranik turned as Casdin approached. Ranik turned and gave a sharp salute to the Outcast commander. "Protector Casdin, we've captured the whole of the southern trenches. Crusade resistance was crushed in this area and we've captured southern artillery and the southern airfield." Casdin surveyed the area as McGraw marched 5th Company past. "How many Vertibirds have we captured?" Ranik surveyed as well. "Fourteen. Not nearly enough to transport all the wounded Outcasts and tech. Walking wounded will be on the ground with us. We've secured six flatbed fusion trucks from the airfield and added to the two at base means that other wounded and tech can be loaded onto them. The rest of us will march. We have a clear lane southward and the Crusade has not made an attempt to pursue. Observation teams report them moving men and equipment back toward the D.C. area. O'Haire and the men from 2nd Company have taken the southern artillery position and they have enough trucks to transport the guns and soldiers during the evac." 1st, 4th, and 5th Companies will march supported by the Robobrains, Sentry Bots, Gutsies, and Protectrons. Specialist Hamilton just returned from RobCo reinforced with ten more Protectrons. We should be ready to move out within the hour." Casdin nodded in approval. "Excellent work Defender. Protector Jackson has led a legendary defense. His actions here will be remembered in the Great Codex." Ranik turned back to his tasks as Protector Casdin walked off. Ranik listened as O'Haire's men opened fire with the artillery again. That and sattered sniper fire to the east were the only shots being heard anymore. They were harrying withdrawing Crusade troops. Jackson had given careful orders not to be drawn out into pursuit. Everyone was going to be leaving. The trek westward would begin shortly. It would be a long, tough journey, but Defender Wallace Ranik smiled to himself because finally they'd be going home.

Run4urLife!19:09, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

Jacob walked up to Ranik, and extended a hand. As they shook hands again, it dawned on Ranik just how much Jacob had drunk back there in the bar. He stank of booze. Ranik was amazed that he could still stand. But the look in his eyes was a stern and sober as ever.

"It seems, Ranik, that this is where we part ways. You have your locket, and a formula for sabot bullets. Now I can give you one more thing." Jacob said.

He handed Ranik a key.

"This opens a Safehouse I set up about seventy-five clicks southwest of Arlington library. There's a few Pre-War guns in there, about three of each. Feel free to take one of any that catch your eye. My personal favorite is the Galil assault rifle, and the Barret M107. Both Pre-War. See if the Brotherhood back West will reproduce them. They'd add a certain sense of flair to their forces." Jacob said. "Maybe, someday, we'll meet again, Wallace, but for now, farewell."

Jacob turned and walked slowly away. After some time, he stopped on a hill overlooking the evac route. The least he could do was watch over them as they left. After all, they were the closest thing to family he had since his own were killed.

Jacob Vaughton, Exit Stage Left. He's headed West in another RP I'm using him in. Maybe he'll collide with the Outcasts sooner than anticipated

KuHB1aM20:24, 16 March 2009 (UTC) 

"Let's role, boys!" Jackson yelled, gathering most of the men's attnetion. The Outcasts immediatly roled into gear, packing equipment and supplies, while another detachment covered the men not in active patrol duty. Next stop, Austin. That bloody hellhole, from what he heard, had infected crazies running all over it. Whatever, Jackson thought. It just meant more target practice. Jackson guzzled the last of his whiskey, threw the canteen to the side, and stepped into the growing column.

"Well then, Protector," Roland said as he approached the Outcast, strapping the Grease Gun to his back again. "I guess this is where we part ways." He looked to the horizon, where the sun was just beginning to peek over the plains.

"Ship's ledger said I was due to load with a weapons shipment to Austin earlier this morning, but doubtless you'll have moved on by the time I've even entered the Gulf. So..." Roland nodded as he started walking towards the southeast, towards Rivet City. Towards home, a hot meal, a comfortable bed and a certain future.

"I guess you'll see me around. Or not. Either way, that's how things go." And with those parting words, he was gone.

I guess I'll have Roland and the Grey Lady meet up with you guys at Austin, by chance. If that's alright.


The Vertibird touched down at he Safehouse and Ranik stepped off. Ranik looked down at the small key he held in his hand. Given to him by Jaco Vaughton with the promise of Pre-War weaponry. Ranik walked to the door as the bird idled on the ground. The rest of the squad looking around for signs of trouble. Ranik walked inside a bombed out building and down into the basement. Revealing a button code lock. Ranik typed in the code and with a hiss the doors opened. Lining the walls were guns, swords, weapons of all make and construct. An arsenal that would make the most technical Specialist weak at the knees with its wonder and rareness. Ranik walked to a closed case. Jacob Vaughton was a Brother Outcast. Ranik would not dishonor his Brother by taking anything more than what was offered. He slid the key into place and turned, opening the case. There were three Pre-War rifles inside. Ranik's eyes lit up as he picked one out. He read the inscription on the barrel. "Barrett M107." Ranik tested the sight and smiled at the thought of this sniper's cannon bringing death to the Outcasts' enemies. Ranik closed the case turned out the light, and locked the door behind him. Jacob Vaughton was truely a Brother Outcast.

The Vertibird approached the moving column of the Outcasts. They were on their way westward. Ranik watched with pride from the air as Vertibirds darted too and fro over the column of trucks and men. Trucks were filled with men riding, some towing captured Crusade artillery. Full of tech, and Specialists, and Outcasts ready to face the dangers of returning home. The trip needed to be undertaken. Robots bustled along with the Outcasts, untiring, unwavering, not needing food or rest, perfectly capable of keeping pace. Ranik smiled as his Vertibird touched down near the front of the column. He walked to Protector Jackson. "Protector," he said, holding the rifle up, "a gift to the Outcasts, to be reproduced by the Western Brotherhood of Steel. Compliments of Jacob Vaughton."

Ramsey04:52, 17 March 2009 (UTC) 

Ramsey sat silently inside of the metallic, yet astonishing Vertibird. Two seats down sat Ranik and Jackson, both in some heated discussion. Rasmey had only gathered bits of the conversation, but enough to generalize what it was about. They were speaking of Austin, and the dangers of the Enclave presence there. Ramsey had considered it himself as well. True, they did have the guns, the armor, and the newly rewarded Vertibirds, but was it enough? He leaned his head against the vibrating seat wall, were they going to win? Ramsey subdued deep into memories of growing up in Austin, the horrors he and his siblings had faced, the terror. He remembered well what it was like, living in buildings once belonging to early settlers, now destroyed and looted by the Enclave. He remembered the Enclave Capture Squads, constantly searching for unknowing citizens to take captive and bring them to the Capitol, where only God knows what happens. And even if he knew, Ramsey guessed he would wish he hadn't. A sudden chill ran down Ramsey's spine as he remembered the Enclave Biosoldiers, or Demons as he had come to know them. With vivid detail, he saw every speck and notch of it in his mind, slowing wishing he had not remembered such horrors. From time to time he would question their existence, wondering why the Enclave would produce these monstrosities. So far, he had come up with nothing but the lone purpose to put fear in people's hearts. Ramsey shook his head and got to his feet, gaining the attention of his comrades.

"Something wrong Ramsey?" asked Jackson, his voice only with concern. Ramsey waved him off, he seemed to have a lose of voice. The Outcast then grabbed a bottle of water and sat back down, letting the cool liquid sooth down his weary throat. Ramsey coughed once, then stopped. He set the bottle down and returned to his previous position. It was going to be a long ride.

BortJr05:44, 17 March 2009 (UTC) 

"There. I think it's ready," Hannah said to herself. She'd captured an eyebot, and had just finished reprogramming it. She inserted a fresh holotape. She hesitated, then pressed record.

"This is a message for Paladin Helen Hamilton. Mom, if you're still alive, I just wanted to let you know I'm heading to Lost Hills. All of us are. I....I'm sorry I couldn't see you again. Scribe Hannah Hamilton out."

She stopped the recording. She flicked on the comm, and said "If any of you want to send a message to anyone at the Citadel, this might be your last chance. I'm gonna send this eyebot back."

She gave the eyebot a fresh coat of paint in red and black. She hoped the Brotherhood would be smart enough not to shoot it down.

//-- Teh Krush03:30, 21 March 2009 (UTC)// Posting as if we were still in Jacobs safehouse.

Samantha held up a manual, written by Terrance Vain, the creator of the MR-6 Power Armor, and put it on a table in the safehouse, with a holotape saying,

"Hello Jacob, here is the training manual for the MR-6 Power Armor, next we meet, I will have a gift for you, a lesser version of the MR-6, we will have copies developed by then. Until next time, this is Enforcer Samantha Vain, signing out."

That's all, folks! For the continued antics of everyone's favourite techno-zealots, please see Forum:The Exodus.

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