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Early LifeEdit

He was born in now disbanded settlement of Met on the east coast of the USA where he lived the first decade of his life in relative peace. The town which had been previously been ignored by raiders became a target because of a lucrative meat trading business the town benefitted from. The town’s hunters held back for the most part the small raider skirmishes but, the attacks were starting to be conducted with a larger force meaning the small hunter band was struggling to stem the tide of raiders. The group of hunters stopped focusing on meat and turned their attention to teaching every eligible person in the settlement to using a rifle. Everyone aged eight-forty five was schooled in the use of a rifle, this included Tenroy. The younger people were schooled intensively while the older people were given a crash course in shooting and then thrown straight onto guard duty. In his lessons he didn’t exactly excel at shooting quickly, it wasn’t that he couldn’t do it, it was just that he preferred to settle into the shot, nestle into a corner take a deep breath and aim. He would wait for “the perfect time” to pull the trigger, when the bullet would do the most damage. This quality got him selected for an “elite” squad. It was a group of the five best shooters in training that were pushed just the little bit extra that they need to keep ahead of everyone else. The little squad was formed to train the next generation’s teachers, the people that would take over at the death of the senior hunters. After six months of training the children were put into the guard lines. Out of everyone Tenroy was the only one not boasting about his shots, he kept a kill count but only of the shots he considered good. He heard people boasting about shooting people in the legs and arms. These shots he didn’t think counted, they weren’t even worth the shell. In his first battle he’d only got three kills, although he’d only fired three shots. The first shot smashed through a raiders jaw and up through the top of the skull, the second went straight into a man’s forehead and the last penetrated a raiders eye came out the other side and smashed into some ones arm.


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