The Lemon of Destiny wasa really good guy who was born a long time ago in a place called Vault 101. One day, he woke up andto his surpise, Amata wasn't in her place in his bed! instead, she was standing over him (clothed) saying that his dad Had run away outside the vault. TLOD was all "NOOOO" and ran out the vault, killing the oversear on the way out becuz that guy was a jerk. He found his dad in a computer and saved him by attacking the town with Chinese people, and then hie and his dad went away to fight hte Enclave, becuause the Enclave were being mean to the botherhood of Steal., TLOD and Dad of The Lemon of DXestiny went to the big building and turned on the power for the water thingy, but the Enclave was there DOTLOD had to kill himself. TLOD was mad, so he grabed his nuke gun and killed the big computer who was in chagre of the Enclave and then he jumped into the big robot and killed all the Enclaves. Then he made the sexy with that old guy's daughter, and they had some who-ha. Then TLOD got into his helicopter and flew around. He went to the Pit and killed the one guy cuz he was mean, then went and killed that pbrain thoing. he killed the Chinese guy in the computer even though the computer chinese helped him lol and then he flew into outer space aqnd killed teh aleins. Aftre that, TLOD went to Las Vegas for titties and beer but got shot beacuase some guy wanted the silver coin that his dad gave him a long time ago. TLOD woke up really angry and ran all around, killing people with his iron-hard inflection and got the coin back. Then he met Mr. Home, and Mr. Home said, "i am mr home, work for me if you want toi live" and TLDO said "hah lol no, I am mr hOme now" and killed him. Then he killed Seazer because thaqt guy was bein mean, then he killed all the NRCs and everyone lived happily ever after/ because TLOD was the chosen one and the vault dweller and was mr home and could have sex whenever he wanted.

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