A large organized group of bigots, opportunists and soldiers, the March is a sprawling empire dedicated to keeping the wasteland free of mutants.


The march was formed in upstate new york, which was infested with mutants and monsters of all type. Because of this, the humans came together and formed the March. After training for three daya they struck out and captured half of new york state in a week. The next week was used to capture the rest of it and secure their hold.

In the battle for the manhattan vaults, they found many enclave supply caches with blueprints as well, allowing them to make vertibirds. After that first month of 2276, they went on to purge every mutant from the state and broke into other states. New Jersey was glassed by constant nuclear bombings, leaving thr land clean enough to settle on. With the human ranks now booming, the March would expand into D.C. where they would almost destroy the Brotherhood but were stopped by Ben Honda.

President Eden thought they were strong so he signed an alliance, but doesnt help them. They would be decieved by the dirty wasteland mutants and forced out of the capital after three years and three billion dead. The few thousand that manage to escape returned to their base in the heart of New York state.

That would be ended by the launch of B.O.M.B. 2 and its nuclear payload of death. With no base and no clear leader, the remaining soldiers fell to in fighting amongst themselves, before being completely consumed by a horde of super mutant behomeths.


The lowest ranking members of the March are the grunts, they usually are armed with the worst gear the March have, marksman carbines and metal armor. The next higest are the specialists, who get to decided what branch of the March they want to go into. They can be armed with anything from a P94 plasma caster, to a M.I.R.V. launcher to ham. The ranks go up all the way to their leader God (Before he was destroyed trying to reprogram the sun to emit Z-rays).

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