"One of the most vile vaults that i have seen. Walls coated in human flesh, rooms filled with horrors, begging for their lives to end..."
―The Explorer on Vault 72
Vault 72
Vital statistics
Type Dangerous Location
Level N/A
Location Ontario Wasteland
Inhabitants Vault 72 Intelligent Super Mutants (2277), Intelligent Vixens (2287)
Vault 72 is a vault located in the Ontario Wasteland, situated below the irradiated ruins of the town of Gates. The Vault is a highly known location in the wasteland, and a highly dangerous one, too. More people in the wasteland know of the vault and it's dangers, than the hazards of Air Force Plant 51.

Purpose Edit

Vault 72 was advertised across the country, for a better future for twins. However, unbeknownst of the twins, one month after the vault was sealed, one half of the twins were abducted by Vault Security, and were promptly be experimented with a new strain of FEV. Every day after that, a half of the twins would be taken and be experimented on.

History Edit

Vault 72 was constructed in January of 2258, one month ahead of schedule. When the bombs dropped, and the four nukes hit the city of Rochester, 150 twins entered the vault, and the door was sealed, protecting the new vault dwellers from nuclear fire.

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