Vaultex is the corporation founded in Germany. It builds an underground vaults in all countries of Europe.It builded 421 Vaults in 20 countries of Europe and 100 in Switzerland.

History Edit

Vaultex was founded in 2060s in Germany by Lucius Zimmerman III. He wanted to protect his family and friends from Nuclear Wars, so he decided to build an underground vault for them. He knew that Vault-Tec is building vaults similiar to his, so he wanted to build 9 more Vaults in Germany. He founded a corporation Vaultex. Lucius's daughter Gloria thought that they need to build many vaults in every European Country. Lucius didn't wanted to but she convinced him do do it. It took 15 years to build 521 more Vaults. They were placed in all european countries.

Known Employees Edit

  • Lucius Zimmerman III-founder and Overseer of Vault X-0
  • Gloria Zimmerman-Sciencist, originator of 521 Project Protect
  • Hans Luffelbuth-Main Manager of German Vault Building
  • Janusz Gżegżółka-Main Manager of Middleeuropean Vault building

Vaults locations

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