Zil A. Bus
Date of birth:With a big dick
Date of death:In a lady
Age:Is just a number, baby
Blood type:hot
Gender:More like Bender ZANGO!
Race:Haven't been in one lately
Occupation:A woman's vagina
Status:half chub

zil is god @ sex

Status UpdatesEdit

Overal morality - Good but lustful

shaft log as of april 23 7:45 PM - turgid and ready

shaft log as of may 4 1:16 PM - rock steady i be feelin da bass man

The LoungeEdit

While Zil A. Bus isn't above taking a woman in a dumpster during an impromtu throw of passion, he keeps an emaculate bachelor pad for the discerning girl. The place is a throwback to the wide eyed days of the 50s. A particular treasure is an electronic library which displays book pages on the ceiling.

Zil's "Accomplishments"Edit

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